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You know that feeling you get when you think about your last fuck? That moment in the middle of your morning, when suddenly your mind wanders to where you were last night, or last week? Yeah, that’s right. Your heart skips a beat and before you know it your panties are getting moist and you’re breathing just a bit deeper than you were before.

That’s the feeling you give me. All the time.

I’m sitting at my desk, minding my work and then my nipples are hard and popping out through my blouse. I wriggle in my seat just a bit, thinking about how your hand feels on the small of my back. I’m remembering how your lips feel against my neck and my hair stands on end.

I go back to what I’m working on, but it doesn’t last. There you are again. This time, your tongue is licking my sweet pussy lips and you’re pulling me close to you. I cross my legs and try to focus.

Do you remember that night you restrained me? Do you remember how you made me scream? It was all pleasure. Every last bit of it. And I remember it in full detail as if I were hovering above us at the same time as I was in my body, seeing and feeling everything. The intensity both overwhelmed my senses and set me free. You did that to me.

Now I’m sitting at a cubicle barely able to think of anything else but the last time we kissed. And that ache begins to grow inside me. Knowing I have to wait for it, makes each moment feel like an eternity. It’s like a tether constantly pulling at my gut, drawing me toward you. I am somehow bound to you.

I tell myself to snap out of it and get up from my desk to catch my breath. Damn, I’m wet now and it’s only 10 am. I feel the slickness between my thighs. You did that to me without even knowing it. Now I am walking down the hall, stretching my legs and I am reminiscing about the night you walked me to my car after dinner, knowing you were watching my casino siteleri ass as you walked behind me out of the restaurant. I felt your gaze.

I think about your lips pressed against mine and how quickly that became your body pressed against mine and how that became your hand moving up my thigh and under my skirt. That first moment your finger reached my wet center is burned into my mind. The pure electricity that I could not at the time understand. You knew my secret. You knew what you did to me.

One memory bleeds into another and I find myself leaning against the wall. I have to focus and get back to work. I take a deep breath, and walk back to my desk, head held high. I got this.

A little while later, I get a text from you. It says, “Good morning sweetheart.” It makes me blush. Those simple words make me blush as if they have never been said to me before.

I smile to myself and reply, feeling foolish about my wandering thoughts. “Good morning sunshine. I hope your day is going well.” You’re kicking ass of course. You always do. And somehow this inspires me to refocus. I get some work done.

Before I know it, it’s 1 pm and I realize I’ve been thinking about how you take me from behind and ride me. I love the way your cock fills me and the sudden charge from your slaps on my ass. I’m ever so inconspicuously bracing myself against the desk as if I can feel you behind me. I can feel the sheets under me, almost feel your breath against my neck as you lean over me and whisper in my ear what a good girl I am. My eyes are closed and I am glad it’s time for a lunch break.

I cannot take the agony anymore. If I can’t have you right now at least give me some release. I desperately need a quiet place to play with myself. I decide on the ladies room. It’s not the best place, but it wouldn’t be the first time.

I enter the empty room and hurry to slot oyna the corner stall, glad to have some privacy. I unbutton the first few buttons of my blouse, reach in and pull out a breast, exposing my nipple which is standing at attention. I pinch it between two fingers and enjoy the sensation, remembering how you do it, sometimes pinching, sometimes biting. I pull up my skirt and place a finger over my now very wet panties. I smile, so pleased with what you have done to me. Then I slip my fingers under the elastic waist and reach down to feel my very wet, very hot pussy. I caress the slick lips, imagining how you have done it before. But what really turns me on is the idea of you somehow watching this show. I have this thought that you know what you’re doing to me and you’ve been in control all along. Perhaps you know that your good morning text messages set me on fire and you’re picturing this moment.

I reach in to find my clit already swollen and sensitive. It takes no time at all to start moving in circles over it, lightly at first, teasing the way you like to. Then I’m curious about how I taste. So I pull my fingers up, and they are dripping in my juices. I lick my finger slowly as if you were watching. I imagine that you would taste it too and know how delicious it is. I take a deep breath because I realize my time may be short before someone walks in.

There is not much control at this point. I reach back down and continue to work my clit. My hips start to move from the sensation paired with these hot memories flashing in my mind. I can feel myself getting close and place a finger inside my pussy for the extra sensation.

As I work myself, my mind wanders to when you used ice cubes to arouse my senses. The music was building and every sensation you gave me built up an amazing anticipation toward my inevitable climax. I feel myself growing flush, perspiration canlı casino siteleri beginning to coat my brow.

Then footsteps. I freeze, terrified of being found out. A pair of heels walks into the stall next to me. I wait, paused at a moment of pleasure but unable to continue for fear of being found out. I know that moving my fingers around my wet pussy will make that gorgeous, sloppy sound that would give me away. I wait.

“A little help,” says a voice behind the stall wall. A hand is reaching under the wall, begging for toilet paper.

Oh great, my fingers are all wet, handing over toilet paper. This is just fantastic. I take the first bunch and wipe them dry, then roll up more for my unsuspecting neighbor. I hand it over, hold my breath and wait. She finishes up, heads to the sink and quickly leaves.

I breathe a sigh of relief and go right back to my task. I need release or I will never get you out of my head today. I work my clit in little circles, this time adding more pressure and recall how I adore the way you fuck me hard, my legs wrapped around you, arching to pull you closer. I think about your cock buried so deep inside me as I cum all around you, screaming in your ear.

That does it and I feel the first wave of pleasure approach. I move faster, eager for it, eager to cum. I brace myself against the wall as it hits. My lips pursed tightly to keep the pleasure silent, my breath catching as it hits me. I throw my head back, remembering the taste of your cum as it paints my face and falls across my lips, sweet and salty. I slow down my fingers to ride out each wave, each contraction as long as I can until I come to rest.

Wow. I smile broadly, so damned pleased with myself. I take a slow, deep breath and clean myself up. Button up my blouse and pull my skirt down. I leave the stall feeling accomplished. No one is the wiser as I wash up and fix my hair in the mirror, ready to tackle the rest of my day.

You look at me and make me wet. You touch me and make me wet. I think of you and you make me wet. This is what you do to me. You know my secret.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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