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Story Of Arpita – Part V – Mr. Richard’s Fuck ToyArpita tried to understand what his husband was telling. She knew about Mr. Richard, the owner of the company. She also knew that he was coming over to India during the Diwali when he will confer some key promotions. She knew all of this because Rahul was among one of them expecting a promotion.Rahul expected to become a Vice President, while Unmesh was expecting to become a Director. But what that has to take with her revenge, she didn’t understand.And Pritam was starting to feel irritated on having to explain her everything in details. But yet he gave it a try.Mr. Richard, 49 years old, used to stay in a posh apartment in London. He was the sole owner of this multinational company, head quartered at London. He was widowed and was succeeded by a son who manages the operations of the companies New York branch. But even then, it was rumoured that Mr. Richard was quite a colourful man. Arpita had heard it from Rahul and Anjan, he is known for his interests in women of various ethnicity. A lot of people talked a lot about him and his illicit relationships with various women, since his wife’s death. But nobody knew anything more than that.Arpita and Pritam too had known that, and if there was any opportunity for them to get even with Rahul, Anjan, and Unmesh, it was through them. “I am sure Rahul would want to please him with a woman” said Pritam, “I know him too well for that. He is going to do that to secure his promotion” he added. Arpita was listening intently, still not understanding the plan fully until Pritam came to the last bit of it – “I want you to get back with them, so that you get to be the one whom they present to Mr. Richard”.At first Arpita was furious with the idea of getting back with Rahul and others. But then when Pritam explained to her, his plan in details, only then she understood the actual intention behind it. Pritam’s plan would mean, giving herself away yet again, to someone else. But this time she was ready as she took strength from the promise of revenge from the plan.***Two weeks later. Arpita was in a taxi, heading towards the same resort she had met her bosses for the first time. It was 8 pm and already very late, and perhaps it was the best time for the kind of meeting she was going for. Since the day Arpita had seen her bosses with the new girl, she had not gone back. She had found consolation in the arms of her husband – Pritam. And the others too weren’t much inquisitive about her. Perhaps they thought it was best that she stopped coming herself.What the bosses weren’t aware of was the planning she and Pritam had been doing for revenge. And so when Arpita called them a week ago and wanted to meet them, they weren’t too suspicious. Rather they tried to avoid her first. But then when she looked determined in her efforts to meet them, they decided best to meet her rather risk her taking any rash step. But they were cautious enough to ask her to come and see them at the office, and so they had asked her to meet them in that resort.Arpita realised that too. She realised that her bosses no longer trusted her and wanted to meet her as discreetly as possible. And meeting in the same resort was also a very carefully planned insult to remind her of the whore she was. Bubbling with all these thoughts she headed towards the resort. Old memories coming back to her, but those no longer weakened her, instead strengthened her resolution for revenge.The taxi reached the resort by 8.30, and she quickly headed to the reception. She didn’t knew their room number so had to inquire at the reception first, and then headed towards the elevator after they informed her about the room number which was booked in the name of Anjan. It took her another ten minutes before she stood nervously outside the room. She thanked god that it wasn’t the same room in which she met her before, nevertheless she couldn’t help feeling nervous. And then carefully going through the plan, in her mind, once again she finally decided to knock at the door.Anjan opened the door and led her inside. It was a large suit with a living area and an adjacent bed room, just like the other room where she had met them for the first time, a year ago. Arpita looked around the room and saw Rahul and Unmesh sitting at the couch, and then there was another girl in between them. Arpita looked at her carefully; it was the same girl she had seen with them some weeks ago. But she no longer felt the same rage as she had experienced on that day. Rather she behaved calmly and greeted all of them.Anjan too took his position, leaving her to be the only one standing in the room. She felt a strange hostility from them. They, who had been such a passionate lover of her, had so suddenly turned into a group of complete stranger. Apart from a customary greeting, she didn’t found any warmth in the way they were looking at her. It was now left on her to direct the communication. And just as she had rehearsed before coming, she started pleading to them to take her back in their favour.Arpita stood in the middle of the room, humbly pleading with the three men. At first they looked unmoved, but then slowly they seemed to soften up. Unmesh and Rahul discussed something in soft voices, and the Rahul whispered it to Anjan as well. And then all three of them looked at her with a warm smile, even the new girl who was sitting beside Unmesh and Rahul seemed to know what they discussed and she too had a smile.“Well since you are so keen to be used by us again, I think we know what to do with you” said Rahul. Arpita looked at her in hope. She wished that the arrow had stuck home. And as Rahul continued, Arpita realised how well her hope had succeeded – “As you must know, our boss Mr. Richard is coming to India for a couple of days to attend the AGM” said Rahul. “You can be useful then to keep Mr. Richard happy during his stay” he said with a chuckle.“Earlier we were thinking to ask Geetika to take care of him” Unmesh said, pointing towards the new girl, “But she is so exclusive to share with others, even Mr. Richard” he added and then wrapped his hands around Geetika and squeezed her little frame. Geetika blushed but didn’t say anything. And while Arpita listened she found a renewed energy to hate all four of them.“So, in a way you made yourself useful by showing up here” Anjan intruded her thoughts, “But we cannot allow you to join office and let the rumours roar up again”.“Yes it took lot of work to get rid of those gossips. In a way your disappearance helped too” confirmed Rahul, “And we do not want Mr. Richard to know any of those” he said. “He will be here next week, and stay for a couple of nights. You will be required on both of those nights. If you perform well…” and before Rahul could finish, Anjan stole his line “We will have two sluts to play with” and all the four but Arpita laughed out.“Now show us whether you are still that eager and efficient in pleasing us or not” said Rahul. Arpita didn’t understood what he meant and stood idly in confusion. “Take off your clothes bitch” barked Anjan, and she was immediately taken aback by the tone of it. Neven before they had called her by that name. It stung her like a barbed arrow, but she was determined to go through anything to succeed in her little plan.And Arpita slowly started stripping off her clothes. She had stripped in front of them many times before, but never before in presence of another girl. So she felt a little awkward as well as humiliated. The girl, Geetika, was after all sitting where she was supposed to be. She cursed her destiny silently and then went on taking her clothes off.None in the room seemed excited in seeing her naked again. They had seen her naked for so many times, it was nothing new. All four kept sitting in their position, unmoved. Arpita dropped the last piece of her cloth and then stood naked between them.“Good!” said Rahul, “Now get on your knees” he ordered her. Arpita was prepared for any kind of insult. She was ready to do anything to get through
for her little plan to succeed. She immediately got on her knees and waited for further command. “Good! Now come crawling towards us” commanded Rahul. And Arpita immediately started crawling towards him, and Unmesh.“Have you met Geetika?” asked Anjan. Arpita looked up and saw the girl smiling proudly at her. And Arpita felt a pang of insult being naked there in presence of a younger girl. “Don’t worry she will come to know her well today” said Unmesh and all four of them laughed. By that time Arpita too had reached them and knelt waiting for her further command.Anjan then stood up and then started walking towards them, “You know, Geetika is much more cautious than you were, she had been with us for long now and nobody in the office seemed to have noticed. Not like you” he said, reminding Arpita about the gossip which finally resulted in all of these. To some extent Arpita rued it too, but it no longer mattered she was determined in what she wanted to do.Geetika leant further back and relaxed a bit. She crossed her leg in a way that her feet dangled quite close to Arpita’s face. She looked at Arpita and gave a pitiful smile at her. “Let’s test if the slut is still dedicated to us” said Unmesh and Arpita looked up at him. Unmesh had a devilish grin on his face, and Arpita looked at the others, they too chuckled.Arpita looked back at Unmesh, as if to expect her next order from him. Geetika’s foot was still dangling awkwardly at her face. Unmesh looked back at Arpita, as if she may have already realised what he was going to say. “Come on, don’t be shy” Unmesh started with a calm tone, “Kiss her foot” he said pointing at Geetika’s foot.Arpita was stunned. She didn’t hope that the meeting would come to this. She wanted to get back to their good books so that she can work her way to Mr. Richard. But now with Geetika’s presence it seemed like matters are going to turn ugly, atleast for Arpita. But then she couldn’t afford to lose. Getting through this was very essential for her overall plan to succeed, and so she decided to go through whatever insult, sportingly.Arpita leant a little forward and Geetika’s sandal clad foot was just inches away from her face. And then she swallowed a bitter pill and kissed on her sandal. She avoided looking at the girl, but looked at Unmesh and saw a grin on his face. “Take that off, and kiss her foot properly” Unmesh told her.Arpita then gently removed the sandal off Geetika’s foot and the kissed on it again. “Don’t be so abrupt, come on, suck her toes” ordered Unmesh. And without stopping to think, Arpita started sucking Geetika’s toes. “Very good” said Unmesh, and Arpita realised that while she was sucking her feet, she was busy kissing and being loved by the others.Arpita felt disgusted but she was determined. She continued sucking Geetika’s toes while Geetika enjoyed with the bosses. At least for ten minutes or so, Arpita continued worshiping Geetika’s foot while her bosses enjoyed Geetika. “Enough, stop now” Rahul’s voice stopped her and Arpita lifted her face to look at them.Geetika suddenly stood up and then silently took off her skirt. Arpita noticed that she was not wearing any panties, exactly how the bosses liked their slut to be. Geetika then sat back at the couch and leant towards Rahul to take his cock out of his pants and into her mouth. Arpita watched in silence but then suddenly she was asked to do something more degrading for her.“Don’t just sit like that, come on, use your tongue, suck her cunt you whore” ordered Anjan, and Geetika spread her legs as if from instinct. Arpita took a deep breath and then leant forward to bury her face between Geetika’s legs. Geetika spread her legs further to slowly open up her cunt for Arpita. Arpita winced a little from the strong odour, but then stuck her tongue out to slowly massage around her clitoris.Geetika started breathing a little heavily as Arpita started licking around her cunt. She had Rahul’s cock in her mouth while her free hand played with Unmesh’ cock. Anjan was standing right behind the couch and was enjoying the sight. Soon Geetika was able to bring Rahul to the edge. The feeling at her own cunt helped her to give the canlı bahis şirketleri same feeling to Rahul. And within a few minutes Rahul was at the edge.The 2 stood up – Rahul and Geetika, forcing Arpita to take her tongue off her cunt. And she watched as Rahul and Geetika walked towards the bed room, hand in hand. Arpita once again felt a sudden pang as not so long before it was her who had the same privilege as Geetika’s. She once again felt determined.She was lost in thoughts when Unmesh’ voice once again brought her back to the present – “What are you waiting for? Have you lost the sense of your duty bitch?” asked Unmesh in a stern voice. Arpita immediately turned back at him and saw he was still sitting in his place with his cock erect, and out of his pants. And then she nodded immediately and took his cock in her mouth and started sucking it.“That’s gooooooooooooooood” Unmesh closed his eyes and sat back to enjoy her skilled tongue on his cock. They couldn’t deny how wonderful Arpita was in giving pleasure to them. While Unmesh sat back enjoying a suck, Anjan too came around and settled beside him, occasionally probing at her body with his foot. Arpita ignored it and focussed on Unmesh’ cock.For atleast the next 20 minutes of so, she continued sucking the cocks. She switched between Unmesh and Anjan to give both of them the equal pleasure. Both sat back and enjoyed the tongue of the bitch. None of them had the desire to come, so they held back as much as possible, asking her to switch to the other as soon as one reached the edge. And then after 20 minutes of sucking and switching, she heard Rahul’s voice from behind.Arpita turned back and saw Rahul standing behind. He just had a towel wrapped around his waist, and was alone. Geetika was still inside. And as Rahul walked up to the couch, Anjan stood up and headed for the bed room. Arpita understood why Geetika haven’t come out, she was waiting inside for the rest to go one by one and fuck her. She looked at Rahul blankly, not knowing what to say, when suddenly Anjan called her from inside.Arpita stood up hastily and then headed for the bedroom. She didn’t know why Anjan wanted her inside as well. In the bedroom, Arpita saw Anjan sitting at the edge of the bed. Geetika was in the middle, still naked. The effect of being fucked recently was still visible on her. She was looking at Anjan in a pleasing way, and Arpita didn’t know why they wanted her to be there.“Come here Arpita” said a gentle Anjan. And then as soon as Arpita climbed on the bed, Geetika opened her legs, and before Arpita could guess, Anjan told her what to do. “Go ahead and clean her for my turn” ordered Anjan, and Arpita didn’t felt the need for translating it in a more simpler language.Geetika opened her legs further, exposing her pussy which still had traces of Rahul’s cum on it. Arpita was ordered to use her tongue to clean Geetika’s pussy of Rahul’s cum. Arpita felt repulsive seeing Rahul’s cum strewn in Geetika’s dirty cunt. But she had to swallow her pride in order to get back into the favour of her lovers. She calmly stuck her tongue out and started licking Geetika’s pussy clean.Fighting a strong urge to cry and puke, she continued licking Geetika’s pussy. And then she was done, Anjan politely ask her to get out and wait outside while he fucked Geetika. Arpita found it really hard. She came out and had to please the others by dancing for them. And then when Anjan was done, she was once again summoned to clean Geetika’s cunt and then once again after Unmesh was done. She was continuously tormented with insulting acts while the others took pleasure in breaking her pride. Finally by the end of the night, they were assured that Arpita was a loyal bitch of theirs.***Arpita was glad that the episode was finally over. She had not felt so humiliated and insulted ever in her life. Though they still despised her from coming to
office, she was glad that she was included in their plan with Mr. Richard. And through Pritam she had all she needed to stay undated.Soon Pritam told her that the office had started preparing for Mr. Richard’s arrival. The plan was managed by Rahul himself, and even it was a full week to go before he would arrive, everyone started to rehearse to present themselves to the big boss. The preparations were in full swing – choosing the venues of the lunch and dinners for those 2 days. Then the presentations they would give him about how the business was going in the country. The promotion lists – and the 2 key ones at that, Rahul’s promotion to VP, and Unmesh’ as a Director.They wanted everything to be perfect. Even with Arpita, they had called her and met her to explain what she needs to do, how she needs to behave, so that Mr. Richard would be completely pleased with them. They didn’t knew much about Mr. Richard’s likes of dislikes, but they were sure that he was bound to be pleased in the company of such a sweet and pretty girl like Arpita. The rumour about her was now off the hook too, and nobody in the office spoke about her any longer. They felt proud of this achievement. And to some extent they were also relieved that Arpita herself sought them out, or they were not too sure about Geetika’s prospect of succeeding with Mr. Richard. She was still a little amateurish. Though she was a good fuck without any doubt, but still a little immature for that kind of a work. And of Arpita, they knew what she was capable of, and so she was the perfect thing that could have happened to them at that time.One week later –Mr. Richard arrived in his private jet. And the entire executive management was present in the airport to greet him. At 48, he was one among the few billionaires in the world. With properties and companies all across the world, he was very rich as well as powerful. He had married 3 times in his life but none of the marriages lasted for more than 2 or 3 years. Some says that he prefers some kinky ways in his personal life. But none of them were any close to him to have said such with any surety.But if any of that was true, Rahul, Anjan, and Unmesh were sure that their trick will work. And any way Arpita was too good to resist even if the old man didn’t turned out to be the one the rumours said he was.Mr. Richard arrived in the morning and headed straight for the office. There he spent with his branch heads – Rahul and Anjan among them, in discussing business, strategies, and general well-being. Then he addressed a little wider forum of all departmental heads during lunch, where he shared his vision of the future of the company, and the news of the impending promotions. More meetings followed in the afternoon which was rounded off by a formal dinner at a five star property.And by the time the clock ticked 8, Mr. Richard felt exhausted and wished to end the rather tiring day. “Definitely sir” responded Rahul. “We have infact booked your accommodation in this same hotel, and have also arranged for a little surprise for you” Rahul completed and then smiled politely. Mr. Richard looked at him with a raised eye brow, and then quietly followed him towards the lobby.A presidential suite was booked in Mr. Richard’s name in the same property. And Arpita was already present in the suite as detailed by the three bosses. Rahul escorted Mr. Richard to the 9th floor presidential suite, and upon reaching the door he rang the bell. Mr. Richard looked in surprise as a stunningly beautiful girl opened the door and welcomed them inside.“Sir!” said Rahul, to divert Mr. Richard’s attention from Arpita, “She is Arpita, she will take care of you during your entire stay” he finished while Mr. Richard continued looking at the girl. Arpita looked back at Mr. Richard and smiled. She was wearing a purple coloured silk robe. The two sides were pulled together and tied at the waist, allowing a little intentional peek at her cleavage. The coat finished much before her knees and her legs looked waxed and smooth down below.“Very well, thank you Rahul” said Mr. Richard, and Rahul felt a heavy weight lifted from his chest. He was still unsure how Mr. Richard would take that little gesture, and all the while had been sweating profusely. “I will see you tomorrow then” Mr. Richard said in order to indicate that he must leave. Rahul realised the meaning immediately and he quickly wished him a good night and started leaving. And before he could leave them alone, he looked at Arpita and Arpita looked back at him with a reassuring smile on her face.Rahul’s heart beats were fast and he couldn’t bear the heavy palpitation of his chest as he hurried back towards the lobby where his friends awaited. And subtly he realised what Pritam must have felt when he had come to that resort, a year ago, to sacrifice his wife for his job. Arpita was not Rahul’s wife but yet he clearly understood how Pritam must have felt that day.***Mr. Richard was sitting on a couch, taking off his shoes, and socks. “Long day?” asked Arpita, she was a little far away and doing something near the mini bar. Mr. Richard looked up and saw her from behind. ‘So beautiful’ – he thought for a moment before replying to her question. “Yes, quite tiring” he answered back with a shrug. He continued looking at her – her long black hairs, smooth legs, and he immediately remembered how much he desired an Indian woman. Their jade black hair, wheatish but smooth skin, dark alluring eyes, had always attracted him greatly. And Arpita was an exact impersonation of his perfect Indian woman.Arpita turned around – she had a glass of white wine which she poured from the mini-bar. “This will help” she said and started walking towards him. All the while both stared at each other’s eyes. Arpita wanting to provoke and seduce him while Mr. Richard was honing the beauty she was. And by the time Arpita reached near him, he was still looking at her intently.“What are you looking at?” she asked imploringly. And without removing his gaze, Mr. Richard replied – “Just appreciating my luck” and then both of them chuckled.“Then why don’t you take a closer look” Arpita said and then slowly moved forward and climbed on his lap. Holding the glass of wine carefully in one hand, she placed her knees at both side of him and then facing towards him, sat on his lap.Mr. Richard likes such slutty behaviour in a woman, and so he continued looking at her with a pleased reaction. Arpita then took a sip from the glass of wine, and then without any warning moved her head forward to put her lips on his lips.Mr. Richard put his hands around her waist in order to keep her balanced on his laps, and then leant his head backwards while Arpita placed her lips on his. He then parted his lips a little, and pushing his tongue on to her lips. Her lips parted slightly too, and she started passing on the wine from her mouth to his.Mr. Richard swallowed the wine which came from Arpita’s mouth, and the she started kissing and sucking his lips. Putting the glass down on the table beside, she held his face with her two hands and started kissing and sucking his lips. Mr. Richard responded in the same manner too, and soon the room was filled with wet sound of kissing and smooching.His hands were still at her waist, and as she lifted her up to reach to his lips, he grabbed her ass and started pressing them gently. Arpita continued sucking his lips, and he marvelled at the softness of her lips and the firmness of her ass. But then, Arpita suddenly drew herself back and climbed off his lap. Mr. Richard too tried to follow her, but she pushed him back on the couch. A naughty smile was still playing on her face.She then slowly started fondling with the belt of her gown. And Mr. Richard picked up the wine glass from the table beside and prepared himself for the show. Arpita then slowly untied the belt causing the two sides of the robe to move apart. She was wearing a set of black lingerie inside which complemented her toned body perfectly. Mr. Richard took another sip from the glass.She
then held the two sides of the robe and held them further apart, which in turn revealed more of her stunning body. She was wearing a push-over bra which made her breasts appear bigger than they actually were. And it was complemented with perabet giriş a sensual bikini which barely covered her love hole. Mr. Richard took another sip from the glass.Arpita however didn’t take the robe off immediately. After teasing him for some more time, she turned around so that she no longer faced him. And only then she let the robe slip off her body. A two inches thick netted strap ran across her back, just beneath the shoulder blades, and which were held into place by two thin straps which ran parallel towards either side of her neck. Then there were just a couple of strings around her waist and one more which started at the centre and then disappeared between the fleshy mounds of her buttocks. Her ass cheeks were completely bare and looked gorgeous. Mr. Richard took one more long sip from the glass.She rubbed her hands on her ass cheeks, slowly bringing them upwards and then turning around to face Mr. Richard she ran them on her breasts. She continued moving her hands all over her body, and also moving her body in an alluring manner – this time facing towards Mr. Richard. He quickly put the glass down without removing his eyes from her. She continued rubbing his hands on her breasts, pussy, and moving her body seductively.The bra was secured by three hooks in the front – between the two breasts. And Arpita slowly started undoing those one by one. And as Mr. Richard looked on anxiously, she took it off, exposing her round and firm tits. The nipples were already hard and stood erect – noticed Mr. Richard. And once again she started moving her body rhythmically accompanied with her hands rubbing all over her body. This time, she often pressed her breasts together and shaking them for the desired effect.Slowly she shifted her attention towards the last remaining piece of cloth. At first she was rubbing her hands over the panties. But soon she lifted the panties slightly and pushed one of her hand inside. Then she took it out immediately, but soon again she pushed it in. She kept teasing him like that for some moments. Then finally, she turned around once again and bent forward showing her ass to Mr. Richard.Mr. Richard let go a deep sigh while Arpita was not looking at him. And then Arpita slowly started to pull her panties down. Quickly she took it off and then spread her ass cheeks and held them for a moment for him to gaze at. But then she quickly stood upright and stepped couple of steps back and slowly sat down on her lap. And the leant back as much as possible on his body. Mr. Richard leant back at the couch too, taking Arpita’s body along with his.And soon his hands were on her – rubbing and feeling her breasts, and other parts of the body. Her breasts were full and firm, and he enjoyed pressing them. “Must say, Rahul knows how to please his boss” he remarked while his hands explored her naked body. Arpita’s breast were rising and falling rapidly as she was breathing faster in order to control her state of arousal.“And I must also say, he has a very good eye for beauty” he praised her while his hands reached between her legs. Arpita automatically opened her legs and he rubbed his hands on the smooth, hairless skin over her cunt. “How long are you going to be here?” he asked, curious to know what arrangements Rahul had made for him.Arpita closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Already his hands were massaging her vagina, and she had to draw a deep breath in order to respond. “Throughout your stay sir, I am to take care of all your needs and pleasure in this period” she responded and then bit her lips as a spasm ran through her body, starting from her cunt.“And you will have a plenty of opportunity to do that” he responded and then slowly helping her to turn around and face him. Arpita turned around on his lap, facing him once again. And the two kissed each other again. Arpita then slowly started unbuttoning his shirt. After taking the shirt off, he held her closer and hugged her tightly. And then he started kissing on her neck and shoulder, and ears in a mad frenzy.He held her tightly in a hug for some time, and at the same time kissed all over her body, wherever possible. But soon after he put her off his lap and she stood up. Mr. Richard too stood up, still looking at her naked form in an appreciative way. “Come, I will teach you some rules” he told to her and then led her towards the bedroom. Arpita too followed her like a little puppy.***Inside the bedroom, Mr. Richard was sitting at the edge of the bed and Arpita was kneeling right opposite to him. She was listening to him calmly – “I love women who are always very horny, and who are always keen to please me” he said, and Arpita nodded in agreement. “While you are with me, you will have to remember that you are nothing but a toy of mine” he added further, and once again Arpita nodded her head anxiously.“I enjoy when someone sucks my dick” and then he paused for a smile. Confused, Arpita thought he wanted her to suck him. But then he waved her off and continued speaking. “Not now, but tomorrow you should wake me up with a nice massage and blowjob”, and Arpita nodded her head once again. “And while you are with me alone, you will always remain naked. You may wear a cloth only if there is someone else too – but that too without any underwear”, Arpita was slowly getting nervous, but still she managed to nod her head.“Good then, one last thing for today, since I am very tired you will have to ride me and fuck yourself” after saying this, he smiled at her and then climbed further on the bed and lied down ready for her. Arpita too climbed on the bed, and then placing herself above his cock she started adjusting it properly. She held his cock upright and then started lowering herself – further and further until his cock was pushed firmly in her pussy. And then she started moving up and down stroking his cock with his cunt.Mr. Richard smiled and closed his eyes in pleasure. And Arpita continued stroking his cock with her cunt. She continued doing it with increasing passion and vigour. And soon both of them were breathing heavily or moaning. Arpita worked his cock really hard, and soon after, both of them were ready for orgasm. She didn’t let her pace slackened a bit and continued pumping his cock with the same intensity. And soon in a few moments, she felt her cunt filled with an unknown warm liquid.There was a calm smile of Mr. Richard’s face. And slowly he drifted off to sleep, finally surrendering to the need of some sleep. Arpita headed quickly to the bathroom to wash herself. And then she too lied down, naked, beside Mr. Richard and quickly fell asleep.***The following day, Arpita was the first among the two to get up. Mr. Richard was still in a deep sleep – partly due to the time difference between the west and the east, and partly because of the exhaustion of the last day. Arpita used that time to take bath and get ready. But she didn’t put on any clothes – she remembered that Mr. Richard told her to be naked when they were alone. And so after a cup of tea, she decided that it was time to wake him up.It was almost 8.30 am, and he was still asleep at the same state he had fallen asleep yesterday. That is naked. Arpita once again climbed on the bed and lied down beside him. She looked at his cock and smiled. Mr. Richard was almost fifty years old, yet he had a very firm dick. Arpita gently put her palm on his cock and Mr. Richard winced a little. Arpita smiled at his response, and then quickly brought herself in position to lick his cock.“Get up Sir, It’s already morning” she said and then started licking his cock. “See, I am waking you up exactly how you wanted” she said in between. Slowly his cock was getting erect, and more she licked it, more it became hard. Then after sometime both Mr. Richard and his cock was awake. And he was pleased seeing Arpita had obeyed his earlier command. “Good” he said wi
th a smug, but kept lying on the bed while Arpita started sucking his cock.It was a wonderful start to the day. Arpita woke Mr. Richard up with a nice blowjob, and then at his insistence she swallowed his cum as well. After that they had gone to the restaurant for some breakfast and found Rahul waiting for them there. Mr. Richard looked quite pleased with Rahul for such a wonderful gift. And Rahul too looked very elated knowing how pleased Mr. Richard was. The three had breakfast together, and then Mr. Richard and Arpita had left back for the suite so that he can get ready for office.Back at the suite, Arpita helped him in taking bath – nicely soaping him and rinsing his body, followed by another quick blowjob which ended in a steaming sex in the shower. By the end of it, Mr. Richard was completely refreshed and looking forward to the day. He then met Rahul at the lobby and he escorted Mr. Richard for the office.“Rahul, my boy, I am quite pleased with your little gift” Mr. Richard told in the car. Rahul was further elated, and he was now completely sure about the promotions. “Sir, actually this idea came from three of us – me, Unmesh, and Anjan’” he mentioned about his partners in crime, so that they do not miss out of their boss’ generous mood. Mr. Richard smiled back and said that he will ensure that all of them are equally rewarded.Mr. Richard’s joyous mood quickly rubbed on to his other colleagues as well. And there was a joyous mood everyone in the office. Everybody was very enthusiastic in doing whatever they were doing. But soon the joyous start became a mundane affair of back to back meetings and reviews. And by the lunch time, Mr. Richard was completely bored and already looking forward. He was no longer interested in petty office matters, and though he was present he wasn’t listening much to what was being told to him.Regularly, his thoughts were diverted towards Arpita. He had not seen such an amazing woman for a long time. She was beautiful, had a nice figure, exactly what he had craved for years now. And he was always so horny and so good at giving the perfect pleasure. Not that he hadn’t been with any woman lately, but most of them were after his status or money, or both. And he could always feel that they were pretending to be pleased with a man of his age. But Arpita was different, there was no pretence in her, and did everything from her heart. It could be possible that she too was just another hired escort – doing all of this in exchange of a hefty sum. Whatever it was, he wanted to know. But above all, he wanted the girl very badly.Finally, after what seemed like ages, the day was over. And Mr. Richard was relieved to be back at the hotel. Once again he was surprised, and utterly pleased to see Arpita. She was naked, exactly how he had told her – to be always naked while they were alone. And Arpita seemed to have followed that without any question or shame. He always adored women who were so bold and always so keen to please the men.He felt so aroused seeing her waiting naked, he immediately pulled her closer and started kissing all over her body. He literally carried her on to the bed, and kissed and adored her entire body. Arpita kept giggling and encouraging him even further. A mad rage was taking over him, something he hadn’t felt for years, and he quickly took his cock out of his pants. Arpita knew what he wanted and immediately opened her legs, ready for his cock to drill her. “Aaaarrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh” he moaned out loudly as he pushed his cock all the way inside him.That mad rage prevailed for some fifteen to twenty minutes, until he had fucked her really hard and emptied his entire load in her. Yet she lied down, and moaned like the perfect bitch, with further raised the level of his arousal. But at the end, the two went to the bathroom together, and took a long shower together. Arpita went down on her knees, cleaning and sucking his cock. And half an hour later, they were back at the bed, snuggled under a bed-sheet and still naked. Mr. Richard had a glass of wine as he leant at the head rest. Arpita had her head on his chest, which was gently rising and falling with his chest. And Mr. Richard played with her hairs with the fingers of her free hand.***“Do you know why Rahul wants you to please me?” Mr. Richard perabet güvenilir mi asked suddenly. He wanted to know what kind of a deal she had with Rahul.Arpita nodded her head, and replied without looking back at him, “So that he and his friends get the promotion this year”.Mr. Richard was surprised, ‘She can’t be a hired escort’ – he thought. “And how did he came across you?” he asked. But for a moment Arpita didn’t replied. He waited for some more moments, and when she still didn’t replied he sat up and turned her face to him.Arpita didn’t meet his eyes, but there was a strange sadness in her eyes. And a slight hint of moisture at the corner. For the first time, the girl has shown any other emotion apart from a raw appetite for sex and pleasure. “What happened? I want to know how he came across you?” he asked again.“It’s a long story” she said. “It’s Ok, I have time” he now really wanted to know what was going on. And after a little more insistence Arpita started telling him all. Everything right from how they had forced his husband to give her away to them. Then how they exploited her innocence, and how she had fallen in love with them and sacrificed her old life. And then everything that followed – the rumours in the office, the how she was used to stop those, and then how easily they removed her from the scheme of things. “And I want revenge” she said at the end. Her face was flushed in red, and she looked at the verge of crying.Mr. Richard was deeply moved. He was astonished by the amount of cruelty and corruptness that was filled in his three executives. But more than that, he was surprised at the nature of Arpita – her love, her sacrifices, her loyalty, and her devotion moved him the most. She was not only pretty, bold, and horny. She was also the one who could do anything for the one she was devoted to. He felt pity for her husband, but at the same time, a deep desire of possessing her filled him up. But first there was something else he wanted to know.“You said you want revenge. Then why are you doing their bidding now? It won’t be much of a revenge if they get their promotions right?” he asked, still puzzled what she was doing with him, if she wanted a revenge on those guys.Arpita nodded, it was now time to reveal her plan. Which she had plotted with his husband – to please Mr. Richard as the bosses wanted, and then when Mr. Richard is pleased with her then she could manipulate him against them. And as it looked, he was quite pleased and impressed with her. But she didn’t knew how to approach him regarding helping her in her little revenge. Nor she knew what exactly she wanted as revenge. And so she decided to be honest, and told him what she intended.Mr. Richard smiled. Her life at that point was as screwed as one can get. But still he wanted to possess her. “Do you like me?” asked Mr. Richard suddenly. Arpita looked at him in surprise. He was rich, influential, and who would not want to like someone like that. She nodded her head slowly. Not because he was rich or influential, but because he was the only one who could fix her life at that point. And even Mr. Richard realised that.“Good” he remarked calmly. “Even I like you, and would want to keep you with me. Will you come?” he asked.Once again Arpita looked at him in surprise, “With you, to your country?” she asked in amazement.“Yes why not!” he remarked, “Listen my proposal carefully then. You must have already realised how screwed up your life has become here” he continued and Arpita nodded her head in between. “And I would not be able to fix your life, but can give you a completely new life”. Arpita again nodded her head. “Even for your husband, I can transfer him to another country as the branch head, and he too can start a new life, away from the social stigma which has
been already haunting him here.”“And for your revenge, we can arrange something appropriate too. Are you ready for all that?” he pushed the ball on her court. Arpita who was listening and thinking intently, looked up at him and asked what she was required to do in return.Mr. Richard smiled at her bluntness and then went on to reply. “You will have to give yourself up to me completely. I don’t intend to marry you but you will be my property. Your goal will be to obey me and please me whatever way I wish.” And she looked a little concerned, “Don’t worry I will never give you up like your husband or those bastards, you will always be my property. But you must always obey me. Can you do that?” and Arpita nodded her head in agreement.Then throughout the night they continued talking about the various aspects of his proposal. It was a big thing for Arpita. Though she had no better option, yet she wanted to make sure it was not going to be another mistake. Mr. Richard was very patient in replying to all her questions and concerns. No matter what, he wanted to possess that girl at any cost. And so, by the morning, they were all agreed. Arpita had also called Pritam and he too was quite happy with the arrangement. Mr. Richard too had made some calls to ensure that Arpita can travel back with him.He was slated to travel back on the next morning, i.e. after the AGM of the previous day. He had good connections at the consulate, and Arpita’s visa will be arranged within hour so that she could travel with Mr. Richard on the next day. She too had carefully put her part of the bargain – that is the revenge she wanted. There was no way that Mr. Richard could fire all three of his executives at a go, but he assured her, within a year she will get a fitting revenge. And finally Arpita was satisfied, and she looked forward to her new life. Mr. Richard had told her clearly, she was going to be nothing more than his “property”, and her sole objective must be to obey and please him.***The Annual General Meeting didn’t go as well as everyone had expected. And everyone was surprised by the outcome, especially by the promotions list. Rahul’s face coloured in anger when the coveted Vice President post went to Ashok, his arch competitor, instead of him. Even Ashok was surprised. He was a hard worker but lacked the guile of Rahul. But when Mr. Richard announced the promotion, everybody looked at each other and shrugged in surprise.Unmesh too, not only missed the promotion, but he was transferred to a completely different department where his authorities were greatly reduced. Anjan, who was not expecting a promotion after just getting one, last year, too was made to suffer. He was demoted back to his previous post, siting reasons of non-performance. And by the time the AGM was over, the three were silently fuming over their unexplained misfortune.“I want to get hold of that bitch as soon as this bastard left” whispered Unmesh, but Rahul calmed him down. But he too knew that there must be something to do with Arpita. Mr. Richard was so happy just the previous day, and it cannot changed so drastically so soon. Mr. Richard was supposed to leave the next day, and they would have ample time to seek some explanation from Arpita – thought Rahul.Arpita was elated when Mr. Richard gave her a narrative of the AGM. “His face must have been red with sulking, isn’t it?” she commented with curious questions in between. That was not all. Mr. Richard had convinced her that more harm would be done to them within the next hour. And by the end of it, their career will be completely ruined. If he would have fired them, then they would have easily got a similar job in other companies – and that would not be a revenge she had wanted. But for now she was happy that their ambitions were crushed, that provided her some sort of satisfaction for the time being.Mr. Richard had also brought Pritam along with him. He was secretly handed over his promotion letter and transfer to the Singapore branch. And Mr. Richard had also made a generous donation of a big sum of money so that he can start a comfortable new life there. “Don’t forget, as soon as the divorce papers are ready, I will send them to you for your signature” said Mr. Richard. His counsels were trying to obtain a legal divorce between Pritam and Arpita. Mr. Richard didn’t want her to be linked with anyone else, legally or i*****lly. Pritam nodded his head in agreement – “Yes sir”, he too knew there was nothing left between Arpita and him. But yet, both felt a subtle pain and guilt when they looked at each other for the last time. There wasn’t love in their eyes, but genuine feeling of guilt and care for each other. Finally Pritam got up to leave. He was not going to see Arpita ever again. Once again he looked at her, for one last time, and then nodded his head in a silent prayer of her safety. Arpita too tilted her head in a silent acknowledgement. Tears pricked at her eyes just like that time when he left her with those three scoundrels. But she fought back and responded with a smile.There was a strange silence for some time, after Pritam had left. Mr. Richard realised that she needed some time alone and hence didn’t disturbed the silence. But Arpita had already made her mind. She was now Mr. Richard’s property, and his alone. She had already memorised most of the rules he had mentioned, and one of them was to be naked while alone with him. And so she slowly stood up and took off her dress. Mr. Richard looked at her naked body and smiled his approval.“Good. You are a quick learner” said Mr. Richard, “But it’s time for another lesson”. Then he asked her what she wanted to have for dinner. After which he called the room service and ordered the food for both of them. And then they headed for the bathroom so that she can help him in taking shower.Twenty five minutes later, Mr. Richard was sitting on the couch and surfing through the television. Arpita too was close by, and packing his clothes in his suitcase. Mr. Richard was wearing a house coat while Arpita was naked as she was supposed to be. It felt a little awkward at first but slowly she will get used to it – thought Mr. Richard. He stole a glance of her, and marvelled at her features, when the doorbell rang suddenly. “Must be the food” said Mr. Richard.Arpita went and checked through the peep-hole, “Yes, the room service” she said after returning back. “Go open the door” he told her in a casual manner. Arpita nodded and then reached for a robe to hide her nakedness. “Stop” Mr. Richard said suddenly, and Arpita stopped abruptly before reaching the robe. “No need for that, go as you are” he said, and Arpita looked at him with a deep sense of anticipation. “B-but sir…”; she struggled to find words and her heart started beating faster. “No arguments, just obey” he said in a placid tone.Arpita took a deep breath and then proceeded to obey her owner. She went back to the door, naked, and then after a moment of steadying her nerves, she opened the door.The steward was completely taken aback, and his hands started trembling seeing the naked lady. Arpita avoided looking at him and prayed for it to get over as soon as possible. “Wh-where shall I put these M-ma’am” the guy stammered, while looking at her gorgeous naked body. Arpita pointed towards a table, and the guy took the food towards it. He placed the food on the table and started walking back towards the door, as slow as possible so that he can enjoy the unexpected show to the maximum. Arpita shut the door as soon as he left, and then marched back in the bedroom. She looked hurt with what Mr. Richard made her to do.Later during the dinner, he explained what lesson it included for her. “You are my property, and I am your owner. My wish and pleasure is everything for you. You must think there is nothing else in this world. Even your pleasure and emotions do not exist. The world no longer exist for you, I am your world. And hence it shouldn’t matter whether you are naked in a closed room, or in a crowded stadium. If I please
you to be naked in public then you should only think about my pleasure and not about anybody else in this world. Did you understand?”Arpita nodded her head. “Yes sir, I will no longer care for the world as long as what I am doing pleases you” she said. “Good” Mr. Richard said with a nice pat on her shoulder, “You are a quick learner, and as a reward, I will make love to you tonight. And then we will leave this country forever tomorrow.” Arpita smiled back as she felt the warm adoration in his voice. And yet her heart beat faster in a silent anticipation of a completely new chapter in her life. A new story for some other time perhaps.End of the Story

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