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Sirs Cane
School always had a profound effect on me, By nature I’m a people pleaser so if I displeased anyone I always took it to heart.
I was never one to actively seeking trouble but it seemed to find me even when I was trying to be a good boy!!
In that respect I always took whatever punishment was coming to me as it was always just but never unfair….

Years later I realised that I missed the structure of being mentored and also occasionally disciplined to keep me from “coming off the rails” as once I was free of parental and educational restraint I freely admit I started to chance my arm and little things like petty theft..drinking..gambling started to become an everyday occurrence.

I knew I needed to nip these tendencies in the bud before my behaviour and lawlessness became a downward spiral and led to debt..jail and misery!!

I happened across an advertisement placed in an adult magazine an acquaintance had left in my flat it read…


the ad signed off with a contact number and the ominous name of SIR.

I mulled over my choices stick with the path of petty crime and wasting money never really giving much thought to others and just becoming a selfish individual.

The guilt I started to feel for my wrongdoings was starting to eat away at me I needed the short sharp shock to pull me back from the edge!!

I took the plunge and made the call
The türkçe bahis answerphone message instructed me to leave my name and details of my sins
And I would receive a call back at Sirs earliest convenience.

I let it all out all of the badness I had been bottling up inside it was cathartic just spilling all of it.

I had been out the following day and when I came back home the answerphone message light was on…I pushed play and listened to a man’s voice explaining that if I was serious about correction for my atonement then I should visit him and he left details of his address and time expected.
I felt like it was a chance…a chance to redeem myself.

The street was very unassuming quite nondescript it could be any town in England apart from it being unnaturally quiet with little through traffic.
My heart was in my mouth as I approached the door and rang the bell at the day requested even though I was a little late….

The door opened and a short plump lady with a kindly face asked if she could help?
I blurted nervously that I was expected but apologized that I was a little late.

The lady smiled sweetly “Straight through to the end door and knock and wait”
I said a weak Thank you and walked the narrow passage to the dark painted door.
My memory stirred to the past and the dreadful walk to the headmaster’s office and that same dread feeling returning of impending punishment.

I knocked meekly twice….

A male voice came from behind the door “ENTER”
I gulped and pushed on the doorknob a dry canlı casino creak came from the door as I went in…
“SIT” said the gentlemen.
The room was sparse with no natural light and no windows just a table of which the gentlemen sat behind and a chair for me to sit on.
I sat quietly while the gentlemen appraised me looking me up and down…it seemed an age before he spoke…I found it difficult to meet his stare and then the awkward silence was broken as he spoke…
You will address me as Sir and you will disrobe completely…I will in due course administer the just punishment to you…I alone set the level of punishment once the punishment commences you will stay in position you will not fuss and you will not obstruct the punishment…if you a agree to this I will start as soon as you have disrobed…. if not you must leave now I will not ask again….
I heard my voice say Yes but it sounded far away…

Sir left the room for me to undress he said he would return shortly…
When he returned he held three punishment canes in his hands.
He placed a cushion from the chair on the table and told me to bend right over with my stomach on the cushion.

Sir instructed that once in position I was not to move until he had told me that I could.
I weakly murmured that I understood.

There was nothing to focus on in the room the furniture was pictures it was like a cell.
I heard the sound of Sir moving the canes as he selected the first one….

There were no practice swings or swishing
The kaçak casino first stroke was rapid and it came as a complete surprise
Just the initial smack on flesh my body jolted and then that unnatural searing line as the wood had imprinted a rising forming welt across both buttocks
Sir waited for the results of the first stroke to take full effect before he applied another and when he was satisfied he layed another a fraction under the first…
The heat generated by the impact of such a thin piece of wood is incredible
Only two strokes in and my buttocks twitched as the pain seeped deep into the flesh and muscle
Sir repeated his patient pause as the hurting intensified
He let fly with another which landed with a resounding crack.
Again my buttocks spasmed with intense pain my teeth gritted and eyes wet
Sir whipped into me again with gusto. ..

I was back at school a red faced Headmaster barking at me ..spittle from him landing on my face
as he listed my shortcomings….

The cane why was it such a needed thing in my life?
Why did I feel I deserved such treatment?
Why did I seek to be beaten harshly?…

Sir changed sides so he could rest his right arm
There was no let up in the ferocity his left arm was as strong as his right as he brought each stroke down the loud report from the cane as it met with soft flesh

I let a loud moan escape ….my skin felt incredibly taut from the almost continous beating.
And you could fry an egg on the surface of my buttocks they felt so hot and sore….

Three thicknesses of canes across my aching cheeks later and my thrashing was done
I shook hands with Sir and the lady who had greeted me showed me out
As I turned She uttered “See you again dear?”

I think so…..and I limped away

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