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Room 417 – Chapter 1
Everyday I would show up to work and everyday I’d leave disappointed that I haven’t been taken and fucked like the whore I am. I was a virgin but I wanted to be used. Or so I thought.

At 5’3 and no more than 120 lbs I was the perfect slut for any willing dick. Pale, with light freckles and curly brown hair, I was begging to be used. I wasn’t even picky. I worked with 5 other guys and I would happily suck every dick until my jaw was numb. And working at a hotel there was ample opportunity to make it happen. After a year of working there my fantasy looked more and more like a reality.

“ Hey T, what’s for lunch today bro? I’m thinking McDonalds “ Russell, a housekeeper strolling by the front desk asked me. He knew it was close to my hour lunch that I took everyday.

If there was anyone there who I wanted more than the others, it was Russell. 6’4, 260 pounds, he was the perfect candidate to fuck my asshole until I felt paralyzed. I loved how he shortened my name, Todd, to T. It felt like he already had a pet name picked out.

“ I brought some leftovers. Probably gonna go sit in my car and eat while I watch Netflix. “ I lied knowing I was gonna sneak into one of our unoccupied rooms.

“ Sounds like a plan, T. “ he said smiling and walking away. Could’ve been me being a slut, but I swore he wanted me. He would always adjust his pants while I was near, giving me a glimpse of his thick print. I wanted it in my mouth but I was starving, so that could wait.

I laid there relaxing on a king sized bed comfortably in my underwear and socks. Call me strange but I like to be comfortable when I eat. I was so into my food and phone that I didn’t notice the door open.

“ This doesn’t look like the break room and that definitely isn’t uniform, T “ Russell said in his baritone voice.

I was shocked. I panicked and started to roll off the bed.

“ Lay your faggot ass down, T “ he commanded. It was strange. He didn’t say faggot in a disrespectful way. He said it smoothly as if that was my name.

I obliged. I got flat on my back and stared at the ceiling.

“ What you nervous for, faggot? güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri “ Russell asked me again in a smooth concerned voice approaching the bed.

“ I- I’m ju- “ I attempted to tell him I was nervous but I was cut off by his the sound of his zipper being unzipped. After a couple seconds of hearing clothes being taken off I saw his face staring over me. He was grinning as if he had some sick plan.

“ Speak faggot “

“ I’m just a little nervous “ I managed to say in my trembling feminine voice. Despite thinking I always wanted this l, at this moment I was scared as to what would come.

Russell grabbed me by the throat aggressively, pulled my close to his face and licked his lips before shoving me back on the bed.

“ Lay on your stomach, faggot “

I quickly did so unsure of what a punishment would be for not listening.

I felt his smooth, cool hands grab the waistband of my tight underwear. He quickly pulled them off of me without saying a word.

“ Faggot, don’t move unless I say so. Don’t speak unless I say so. “

He put one hand under my stomach and one flat on my back and he slowly guided me to put my ass in the air. I started to lift my upper body so that I was on all fours.


Russell backhand slapped me.

“ I just told you not to move without my say so. Follow my rules, Faggot “ he said, again , smooth and in a comforting manner.

He pressed my face down on the mattress and walked to the edge of the bed where my ass was. His cold hands grabbed my tiny ass and spread them.

“ Tighter than I expected, faggot “ he said.

I expected him to shove his dick inside me but unexpectedly I felt his long, wet tongue flick my hole. Then again. He slowly and seductively began to eat my ass. I had seen this hundreds of times in porn and wondered if it really felt as good as they made it seem. It did. I whimpered as quietly as possible in fear of him slapping me again. I felt my little dick harden and precum began to form at the head. He continued to eat my ass and occasionally stopped to stick his massive middle finger in my hole. güvenilir casino I winced as he twisted and turned his finger inside of me but I was loving it at the same time.

“ You ever suck a dick, faggot? “

“ No “

I felt a sharp pain and quickly realized he had shovee two fingers in my asshole. I tended and groaned in pain.

“ I didn’t say answer yet, faggot. But I’ll take that answer. Get on your knees. “

I got off the bed and on my knees, when I looked up I almost said “ oh my god “ but remembered my punishments. It was almost insulting to say Russell had a big cock. With the air condition blowing freezing cold, he was easily 9 inches soft. His dick was easily as thick as a beer can and the veins might have been bigger than my dick completely.

“ Without your hands, put my dick in your mouth and I better not feel any teeth. “

I did what was asked. Leading with my mouth I took the head between my lips and started to suck his cock. I twirled my tongue around the head and made my way down the shaft. As I began to gag halfway through he grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock down my throat. I gagged for air and could feel my face turning red. He dick was growing inside of my mouth. After roughly 25 seconds he pulled my head from his cock.

“ Yeah nice and wet for that hole, faggot “ Russell said smiling.

At this point he was a solid 11 inches and fully erect. I had no idea a dick that long could even get that hard. I knew the inevitable was here. He was going to fuck me and there was nothing I could do about it.

“ Get on the bed and lay on your back “

I did so and he quickly followed me onto the bed. He reached underneath and made sure my whole was still wet and loosened for him to fuck me.

“ Look me in the eye “ he ordered. He noticed me. He stared at me and it seemed like eternity but I felt his warm hard dick press against my hole. I started to turn red again and I accidentally let out an “ ouch “. He grabbed my face and said “ DID I SAY YOU COULD SPEAK FAGGOT? “ in an aggressive tone? I was frozen. He made an evil smirk and suddenly rammed his cock in casino firmalari my whole. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and my mouth opened wide but no sound came out. The only sound being made was the heaving breathing and grunting of Russell as he vigorously penetrated my whole. I felt a mixture of extreme pain and extreme pleasure. My cock was still hard and leaking. Russell took notice.

“ Oh, you like that dick faggot? Answer me “

“ YES I LOVE IT “ I yelled without even thinking. It was what I always imagined. I felt him reach down and stroke my cock as he slowed down and went in and out of my hole with all 11 inches. This went on for maybe 2 minutes until my cock erupted with cum. I moaned continuously as I felt my legs being lifted onto Russell’s shoulders.

“ Enough of that shit, Faggot “ he told me.

He resumed his original plan, roughly fucking and stretching my hole for the next 5 minutes. Every 5 seconds I drifted in and out of consciousness until I felt him speeding up to come. He slapped me in the face and told me one last time to look at him in the eye. I started as he grunted and released an endless amount of cum inside my hole.

I couldn’t believe what just happened.

“ I’m putting fresh towels in the bathroom “ was all Russell said as he got up and got dressed. Shortly after he left I got up and cleaned myself. I was flexible enough to bend over and look at the damage done to my asshole. It was stretched to the size of a 50 cent coin. Although it felt like forever it probably took 30 minutes of my hour break. I had plenty of time to rest and gather.

I made my way down to my desk at the front office and Russell was standing nearby with another housekeeper, Kenny.

“ T, how was the leftovers bro? “ Russell asked casually.

“ Amazing “ I told him with a shy smile.

“ That’s good. Hey when you get a chance can you show Kenny what you showed me in room 417? “ Russell asked with a blank face. He looked over his shoulder and saw another janitor coming.
“ Actually, I’m gonna take Donovan too. Probably a two man job. “ Kenny said with the most evil smile.

“ Sure “ I told him “ follow me. “ I turned around and led the two of them to the elevator as Russell walked away. I felt Kenny reach out and grab my ass.

My heart sank. This was the beginning. My daydreaming might have become a nightmare…

Or maybe it was a dream come true.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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