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Prostituting myself? At a party with eight black gMy Husband Asked Me To Do Him A FavorMy husband and I recently made plans to celebrate my soon to be 30th birthday this coming weekend. He booked in advance, a large suite at our local Marriott where we would check-in on Friday night, checkout on Sunday. I was looking forward to it, until! My Husband came home from work Monday night with a problem related to his new construction company. My Husband has a crew of eight black guys working for him renovating a small apartment complex here in town. He told me that if his crew could finish the job before the upcoming weekend, he would get a huge bonus plus two more apartment buildings to renovate. He had promised his crew that if the job was finished before this upcoming weekend, he would rent a hotel room, buy them a few cases of beer and a couple of bottles of scotch, tequila, vodka, and whiskey, and hire a sexy hot white prostitute for them to party with.Well, the good news is, the job was finished on Thursday. My husband will be receiving the final payment and a huge bonus, but not until the end of the following week. The problem was, my husband does not have the needed cash amount of $2,000. in advance to hire a prostitute and the only one he knew that might be willing to do it, a big surprise to me, would be me…maybe! If the party fell through, all eight of his crew of black guys would quit and my husband would be out of business. That’s not good for both of us and I don’t make nearly enough money to support us working at home for an online marketing firm. He told me that if I could be the hired “white prostitute, and since none of my guys met you before, we would be saved” He said he would greet the guys, introduce the hired prostitute to them and leave. The most he would have to see was me getting a little friendly with some of the guys before things really started to heat up. I told him this is a lot for me to think about before I agree to do this. For one thing, as you know I never had sex with more than one guy at a time. Secondly, you’re asking me to pretend that I’m a prostitute. Thirdly, I never had sex with a black guy, eight no less your asking me to have sex with.Even though we have somewhat of a half-open marriage for the past few years, “I can, he can’t” fuck other people. I should never have told my husband about my fantasy of fucking a bunch of hard body young black guys, all strangers in what would eventually turn out to be a gangbang for sure. After a few hours of discussion, I agreed to do it, as long as he books another weekend at the Marriott just for us and I get paid $2,000.00 to be the “hired” prostitute at the party for his work crew. My Husband agreed and thanked me for coming through for him, for us. For the next few days, all we did was talk about the upcoming party this coming weekend with me prostituting myself for his crew. I asked him if there was anything I should know about them before the party. He told me “his guys are all in their early to late twenties, in great shape with hard bodies and single.” I replied, “OH OK, That’s cool, sounds exciting enough to me!” I told My Husband I wouldn’t allow him to fuck me, leading up to the party night. I told him I wanted to be really horny so I wouldn’t back out of it. Plus, I wanted my husband’s balls to start aching knowing what I would be doing on my 30th birthday, getting fucked and whatever else his crew of eight black guys were going to do to me and laughed about it.Our minds were racing just thinking about all kinds of things like what I should wear? How to get into pretending to be a prostitute so the guys wouldn’t suspect that I’m really not a prostitute.I spent hours every day trying on different outfits to wear. I guess you can call it my game plan as a way to get my head into the role of being a real prostitute. Friday came, My Husband had gone over to the Marriott to check-in. As promised he purchased a few cases of beer, a few bottles of tequila, vodka, rum and soda mixers. He told me he also ordered three, six-foot hero’s that would be delivered to the room by the food caterer at 10:00 pm Friday night. He dropped everything off he could in the hotel suite, then came home to pick me up. I said to myself, “OMG I can’t believe I’m actually going through with this, me a prostitute about to party with a bunch of black guys”The plan was, My Husband would drive me to the hotel, take me to the room, introduce me to his work crew as “Candy”, stay for a little while to thank his crew for finishing the job early and to let them know he got two more apartment complexes to renovate starting Monday morning. Then leave before his crew begins to take advantage of me, their hired prostitute, my husband’s wife. Early that day I took a long hot bath and shaved myself silky smooth. I let my husband apply body lotion on my legs making sure he noticed my freshly shaved pussy. He tried to play with my pussy but I quickly snapped back at him and said “Don’t touch the merchandise! My pussy is reserved for tonight’s paying customers!” “Wow, ok cool your right”. He replied. The only thing he could do now was to continue applying the body lotion on me with a hard-on! After that, I got dressed and went out to get a pedicure done then my hair, cut and styled to perfection. I was feeling pretty psyched out and a bit nervous, as the hours drew closer to the main event. When I looked at myself in my full-length mirror I was pleasantly surprised how hot I looked. I knew my husband would agree I was the right choice to do this party for his crew. I don’t really know what to expect other than a lot of sex, but I’m really excited that I’m actually doing this, prostituting myself at a party with eight black guys that work for my husband. One of My Husband’s guys Lamar called to ask him if it would be OK to take pictures and videotape all the hot action doing whatever they wanted to the hired prostitute. My Husband, muting his cell phone asked me if I was OK with that, I replied yes that it was totally ok with me as long as we get a copy of the video. My Husband told Lamar that it was OK to videotape and take the photos at the party as long as he got copies of both, On speaker Lamar replied, “Thanks, Boss, you got it” I have to admit I was very nervous about doing this but felt confident about me being able to hide behind the role of being a prostitute acting like I have done this many times before. If they only knew the truth!All I know now is, my pussy was pulsing, wet from the time I woke up on Friday morning thinking about me, now just hours away from getting fucked by a bunch of hard body black studs tonight, happy birthday to me! It was now 6 p.m. I was still busy in the bathroom fussing around with my outfit and preparing my makeup. When I finally emerged, My Husband said I looked smoking hot! I was wearing a silky sheer short red halter blouse. Under my blouse, you could see I was also wearing a black 1/4 cup open bust halter bra. I’m sure My Husband could see my nipples were hard easily shown clearly through the flimsy red fabric.My outfit was completed with a short black leather mini skirt that barely covered my freshly clean shaved pussy and ass that’s clearly visible when I bent over! The remainder of my “hooker outfit” included a black leather garter belt, black seamed thigh-high stockings and my favorite 5” fuck me pumps. On purpose, I wore heavy makeup to look the part and my favorite cheap perfume I only wear for crazy hot wild sex, “Taboo” that I found men really like the scent of that cheap perfume, go figure. I was happy to hear my husband telling me how gorgeous I looked. Like a real high priced call girl! I asked him again, “ how much money am I getting for tonight?” He replied “$2,000. bucks. ” I smiled back at him and said, “I should get much more than that looking this good, don’t you think” He nodded his head yes, smiled back and said “Honey, do your best, have fun and enjoy if you know what I mean, If there’s any problems or something you don
’t like, text me and I’ll be right there and thanks again for doing this for me, us” I replied, “that’s good enough for me, your welcome, now stop talking and take me to the hotel!” I took a deep breath, had another quick drink, ready to take the short drive over to the hotel. “On to my adventure,” I said! My husband got in our car, started it up as I locked the front door to our house. I looked around as not to be seen dressed the way I was by our neighbors. When he gave me the “all clear” signal, I hurried on over and quickly got inside the car. We both laughed! “I still can’t believe I’m actually doing this”! My husband replied “me neither but I’m really glad you agreed to do it. It’s been a fantasy of yours for a long time”. I replied, “Yes it has and thanks to you helping us make this fantasy come true for me”. He just smiled back at me and agreed. We pulled out of our driveway at 6:40 p.m. expected to be there at about 7 p.m. The drive there would only take us about fifteen minutes depending on the traffic, after all, we have been to this hotel a number of times before, me especially with a few various other guys I got fucked by over the past three years. With and without my husband being there to watch me. I could tell my wife was feeling pretty excited during the short drive for what lays ahead because she kept flashing me her shaved bald pussy, parting her legs and fingering herself on the way to the hotel. I almost got in an accident when my wife wiped her pussy scented soaked wet fingers under my nose and on my lips but I kept my composure. All I could think about was, here she is, my wife, the evening’s entertainment about to be fucked by all these unsuspicious black guys that work for me. If they only knew the truth!When we arrived at the hotel on purpose we entered right through the main lobby. There were stares from everyone there from the desk clerks, the bellhops, and a few guests. I think it gave me the kind of confidence I needed by getting stared at dressed the way I was, it turned me on that’s for sure. Down the long corridor and into the elevator we went on up to the second floor. We stepped out of the elevator and proceeded to walk down the long hallway to the room. I take that back, My Husband walked, I strutted my stuff! We paused a moment, I took a deep breath and said, “Let the party begin”. My Husband knocked on the door and one of the black guys, a good looking guy opened the door and said, “Hi boss, wow boss she’s gorgeous” I replied thanks for the compliment, my name is Candy, nice to meet you! My husband told me his name is Lamar, his crew foreman.As I walked in the room Lamar introduced me to the rest of the guys as “Candy” their entertainment for the weekend. “The weekend?” My Husband smiling, looked at me and shrugged his shoulders at me. I whispered to My Husband, “WTF, you didn’t tell me I’m doing this for the entire weekend, are you k**ding me? Eight guys is enough for one night for me but all weekend long? Without making a scene I told my husband, “that’s OK but it’s gonna cost you double!” My Husband replied, “No problem, I’ll be back Sunday to pick you up” He didn’t have to say another word, he smiled and gave me a pat on my ass! I said to myself “Oh boy all weekend, my poor pussy” As I walked into karaman escort the large room it was a bit cool, my nipples stood erect as my breasts swayed with my steps! My god I said to myself, I still can’t believe it, a room full of black guys and I’m the entertainment! There were guys in every chair and on a large sofa, all very aware of my presence. I could feel their stares burning into my flesh. One guy said, “Wow boss, you really came through for us man”. You could hear the others saying things like, “Damm she hot boss”, She’s is one really fine looking white piece of ass” Another guy said, “She’s perfect, you did well boss, I can’t believe you actually came through for us”. After that, I took a very strong drink and sat down on the couch in between a couple of guys. My Husband gave them a speech about how he appreciated all the work they did on this project and how he was able to get two more apartment building renovations for them to begin next week. One of the guys said, “Just give us the work and we’ll do a great job for you boss”As I finished my drink my husband gave me another one. He asked me if I would dance for the guys before he left. He said, “he would love to see what they were going to enjoy and what he paid four thousand dollars for.” I told him, “ok, just one more drink and I would be ready.” He gave me another drink and I drank it down quickly.One of the Black guys turned on some dance music, right away I picked myself off the couch and moved to the center of the room and began to dance to the music but not just normal dancing, I made sure to show off my assets to all of them while I danced. When I bent over grabbing my ankles my pussy and ass was now totally exposed for all to see. I was happily amazed how all the guys looked at me with such drunken lust, a real confidence boost. They all whistled and cheered me on. I heard one of the guys say “I’m gonna fuck that white Ho’s brains out first” One of the other guys said, “Me next, she’s fine!” I looked at My Husband as I was dancing, he was smiling and said, “Take your clothes off, Candy”, I thought to myself this is happening a little to fast for me but I knew I had to take something off, I took of the red blouse and tossed it on one of the black guys lap. How did I ever talk myself into doing this I’ll never know, it was to late now no turning back as my mind drifted off with thoughts of what I know would come next. I relaxed, took another deep breath and said to myself, “OK self, be brave and let’s get this party started” My Husband came behind me and pulled the zipper down in the back of my mini skirt, as it dropped to the floor I stepped out of it and I tossed it over by my husband just to show him I wouldn’t disappoint his choice for having me here so I could act out my fantasy. He returned a smile of approval! They all applauded as I stood there dancing wearing only the bra, garter belt, stockings and high heel shoes. My Husband gave me a quick smile and walked over towards his crew.The handsome black guy Lamar that greeted us when we arrived at the suite walked over to me, gave me a long wet kiss and doing so he unhooked the bra while he was still kissing me. When he stopped kissing me I took a step back with my bra in hand exposing my natural 36D breasts for all seven of the other black guys to see. I felt myself blushing but instead, I teased the guys by lifting up, showing off my tits with both hands. My Husband said, “Guys, I think this gorgeous white hooker is ready for you all to fuck her good and hard until I pick her up on Sunday prior to checkout time. So do a good job on her guys, she cost me a lot of money. She looks like she wants it, and needs to be fucked right now, guys. They were out of their clothes in no time. At the same time, my husband walked towards the door, getting ready to leave.I felt a nice buzz coming on after drinking all that tequila, I needed that kind of confidence knowing I’m about to get fucked by all these black guys tonight, actually all weekend long. I was surrounded by eight naked black guys that started to play with me. I became more aggressive by letting those now naked black guys fondle my exposed tits. Lamar, grabbed me and started kissing me again, another guy came over and I felt him put his hand between my legs playing with my pussy, his mouth sucking on my right nipple. Lamar stopped kissing me as another guy handed me another drink, it was another cup of straight tequila on the rocks. I drank most of it down and then went back to kissing Lamar again, he’s hot!The guy that was rubbing my pussy spread my lips and began finger fucking me. I was so light headed and very excited with this kind of foreplay. I felt him put several more fingers in my pussy as I was standing there legs
spread still kissing Lamar. At this point I didn’t care who was fondling and fingering my pussy I was simply enjoying being pleasured by all these black guys knowing this is only the beginning of what I’m sure will come next in a few more minutes, my heart racing in anticipation.Lamar took me by the hand and walked me over to the couch. Before I knew it, they were all over me in a flash, taking turns finger fucking my pussy, licking my tits. I was getting hotter, wetter by the second. I took a deep breath and decided to just lay back and go with the flow. Two of the guys knelt on each side of me as I went from one to the next happily sucking on each of their big hard cocks.I could hear both of them moaning from the pleasure I was giving them and that encouraged me on, even more, to suck on their big cocks until they came in my mouth. As I was sucking their cocks I felt someone positioning himself between my legs and spread me apart. From the corner of my eye, I could see It was Lamar and happy to know he gets me first. My head was beginning to spin and I was losing all control. It wasn’t long before one of the cocks I was sucking on started to cum in my mouth. Another guy got in front of me and shoved his cock down my throat. Soon after that he came, squirt after squirt with his hot cum. When he removed his cock, I happily licked my lips and thanked him. Then I felt Lamar’s cock head pushing deeper and deeper inside my pussy. At first, he began fucking me slowly as I wrapped my legs around his back. He worked that slow pace into pounding my pussy deep and hard. It wasn’t long before I felt his cock shooting a huge load of cum deep inside my pussy. He wasn’t even wearing a condom! I said to myself, “Oh fuck it! Cum in me”Then I squeezed Lamar’s big cock with my cunt making sure to drain all of his cum from his big cock and balls inside of me, he felt so good fucking me for the first of what would be many more times over this three day weekend.I heard a few of the guys laughing and saying nasty things about me and how they were going to use me like a dirty fuck whore all weekend long. I let them know they were not wrong about me by dipping a finger inside my cum filled pussy, then I tasted Lamar’s cum and replied, “Who’s next”!Another guy gave me more tequila, I took the cup and drank some of it to wash down all the semen in my mouth. Right after that one of the guys carried me to the bedroom and put me down on a big king size bed. Another different guy climbed up on the bed, spread my legs and started to pound my pussy hard and very fast. I came again and after a few minutes, he shot his load in my pussy. As soon as he climbed off me he was replaced by another big cock fucking me hard but this time in my ass. Something I never do with my husband or anyone else for that matter. My tits rocked and swayed with each thrust getting fucked in my ass for the first time as his big black cock slid inside me. I screamed out, “OMFG!!!!!!! Fuck this dirty whore, fuck my ass!! Fuck it harder! Harder! Oh, fuck yes!!” Then he gripped hold of my hips and thrust deep and hard as he pummeled my asshole to my first ever anal orgasm. I’m sure my screams of pleasure could be heard by the adjourning rooms, who cares! That was so intense for me getting fucked in my ass having an anal orgasm, my first and more to come. Had I known before I should have had anal sex with everyone else that I had sex with, including my husband. I like this, getting fucked in my ass! I’m looking forward to more of that for the rest of this weekend. The bedroom was filled with the sounds of skin slapping and me moaning as I begged to be filled with black cock cum in all my holes. Each guy took their turn fucking me taking a lot of time by going from one position to the next. A couple of guys used my mouth to milk and drain their cocks.I lost count a number of orgasms I was having, multiple orgasms with just about every guy that fucked me in my pussy. And if you think they were nasty, I said, “Keep fucking my fuck holes with those black fucking cocks mother fuckas!”, I screamed at the top of my lungs. Causing these black fuck toys to slam my stretched ruined pussy and ass hard and deep. I heard one guy say, “You love this big black cock don’t you, ya nasty white fuck slut, don’t you?” I replied “Yes, “I am a nasty slut. I want all of you black studs to do as many nasty things to me as you can.” I’m a fucking black cock loving white whore, don’t stop fucking this cunt, my ass, and my mouth!”. I was in Fuck heaven and to the point that I didn’t want this night, ok weekend to end. Each time one guy would fill my pussy or my ass with his load another would take his place. Every time the guys shoved their black cocks deep inside me, dumping their loads of hot cum inside my ass, pussy, and my mouth, I loved it! I want to do this again. I must tell the guys before this weekend is over that I’m available for parties and group fun anytime they want me. They repeated fucking my pussy, my ass, and my mouth without stopping what seemed like forever drowning all my holes full of their cum. They continued to give me tequila and I kept drinking it, on an empty stomach full of all that cum I swallowed. By this time I was pretty sloppy with cum running out my pussy, my ass and sticky with cum all over my face, hair, tits my whole body for that matter. I had fucked and sucked them all many times over these past few hours. To me, my group initiation has turned me into a pro. No stopping me now!I just had to take a break! I think they did too. I picked myself up, legs wobbling I headed straight for the bathroom to freshen up, actually clean myself up. I locked myself in the bathroom, feeling so dizzy drunk I couldn’t help myself and threw up a stomach full of tequila mixed with all that cum I swallowed.I was a mess from head to toe! I couldn’t believe how I looked when I finally saw myself in the mirror. My makeup was smeared, hair a mess. I was totally disheveled!I took a quick body shower cleaning myself up. My pussy, my behind and everywhere else I felt sticky from cum. Quickly I fixed my face, brushed my hair and added a dash of fresh perfume, done! Good enough, not to bad I thought considering what I looked like before I fixed my self up. Then I put my garter belt, stockings, and heels back on and left. When I walked back into the large suite I was pleasantly surprised. When I got there I found them all eating the heros that must have just arrived. Lamar was nice enough to offer me a paper plate with two escort karaman slices of that hero. I thanked him for that saying I was very hungry after the work out the guys gave me, he laughed and said, “more to come, Candy, so eat up!”I felt weird, relaxed and comfortable being around all those naked black guys eating that delicious hero as I stood there in only my garter belt, stockings, and heels. I was also surprised how respectful they were towards me while we all ate some much-needed food. I even glanced in a nonchalant sort of way at their well hung cocks, not one erection did I notice. I finished eating an told the guys I’m going to relax for a while in the bedroom if they didn’t mind. Lamar told me to go ahead, get some rest since we have you all weekend long, we’ll see ya later Candy. When I walked in the bedroom I hit the mattress with my well-used body and fell into a deep sleep. I was awakend by Lamar and one of the other guys about two hours or so later feeling so refreshed. Lamar handed me another mixed drink, I took a few sips of it and felt the other guy running his hands over me. He told me to kneel on all fours on the bed. I love getting fucked doggy style so I got on my hands and knees, he got behind me and slipped his huge cock into my pussy and slowly stroked my pussy deep and nice and slow.I was enjoying this slow deep fuck while he was stroking my breasts from behind. I felt him pull out of my pussy without cumming in me but then I felt his cock head rub up against my ass hole. Real slowly he slid his big black cock deep in my ass but this time he began pou
nding me hard and deep until he came in me. Another guy walked in the room and got behind me pushing his big cock into my upturned ass fucking me until he dropped a load in me, then another guy, and two more guys after that all cumming in my ass. After all that ass fucking again my ass was so full with cum spilling over onto the bed sheets.I thought it was over until one of the guys wanted seconds having fucked me in my ass what felt like only moments ago. After he fucked my ass I took a short break and went to the bathroom to relieve myself. When I returned the guys to my amazement all had rock hard erections again. I said to myself, omg I can’t believe it, how’s that possible the guys I fucked around with the past few years, all white guys came once and done, here we go again! Once again they all took turns fucking me in my ass, my pussy while I went from sucking on one cock to the next cumming in my mouth, my pussy, and my ass. One of the guys flipped me over on my back and began fucking my pussy until he came, then another guy fucked my mouth until he came down my throat, then another guy fucked me until he came in my well-fucked pussy. This went on until everyone had me many times over, cumming in all my holes until I passed out from all that pleasuring I just received. I have vague memories of Friday night since they continued taking turns gangbang style fucking me and kept giving me more tequila to drink. Between all the fucking and sucking, the tequila I fell into another deep sleep again. I woke up naked in bed with crusts of cum all over me. I looked at the clock and it was 10:15 am Saturday morning.I got up and staggered into the shower. I remained in the shower for a while letting the hot water run all over my aching body as I washed all the cum off me, some still dripping out of my ass and my pussy.As I washed my pussy and ass I couldn’t believe how stretched out I am. I never felt like this before having my pussy and ass so stretched wide open like this. I stepped out of the shower, dried myself off without bothering to put my garter belt and stockings back on, only my high heel shoes.When I walked out of the bedroom I saw Lamar still naked eating a sandwich and drinking a glass of soda. When he noticed me he said good morning gorgeous, are you hungry, thirsty? I said yes, I’m both, hungry and thirsty. He was nice enough to hand me another sandwich on a paper plate again with a cup of soda.I was surprised how comfortable I was both of us naked eating some food making idle chit-chat. He said how much fun he had with me last night. I asked him how many times he had me. He grinned from ear to ear and said: I think three times in your pussy, twice in the mouth and three more times in that gorgeous ass of yours. “Wow,” I said, “a dynamo aren’t you?” Yes! he responded and started to caress my exposed nipples. I looked down and saw that his big cock had a full erection. “Now?” I asked. Yes! he answered me. Besides, there’s no one else here but you and me so, why not? I have you all to myself. I said OK but where did all the other guys go? He told me they all went home soon after I fell asleep. They’ll be back later well rested and ready for more I assure you. There was nothing I could say after he told me that. I guess that’s because I expected it knowing I’ll be used and abused by “The Crew” all weekend long.I could still feel myself how very stretched my pussy and ass is and with another day and a half of this, no way can I take my husbands offer up for us coming back here next weekend, maybe next month! All I know is, when I get home every day I’m going in our hot tub jetted jacuzzi hoping my pussy and ass shrink back to some kind of normalcy whatever that was. I finished the sandwich and the cup of soda. After that, I led Lamar by the hand back to the bedroom with me where we fucked and sucked one another for at least two hours. I was very confused because what just happened between Larmar and myself felt more like we were making love to one another, not just raw hot sex. I tried to slide off the bed only to be pulled back by Lamar, he grabbed me and began kissing me again, I responded by kissing him back. Kissing one another like lovers do and that scared me, a lot. What’s happening to me I thought to myself, am I falling for this guy Lamar, is he falling for me, a prostitute? After we broke what was a very long kiss I took his hand and walked him into the shower with me. I lathered and washed his body, he did the same to me. Lamar turned me around facing him leaning me up against the shower wall as he pressed up against my pussy. He lifted me up mounting me on his big hard cock balls deep, that felt so good to me. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he held my legs up wrapped around his waist against the shower wall. We kissed and fucked like that until we both came together in mind-blowing orgasm. Then I heard Lamar say it, I really do like you Candy, I told him I felt the same way towards him. He asked me if we could get together again after this. I told him I’d like that very much and if your thinking about the money part, forget that but let’s just keep this between us, no one has to know anything about us getting together, especially not even your Boss. He lifted me off his cock and gently put me back on my feet. As we stepped out of the shower I heard the guys talking in the other room. As I came out of the shower I was greeted by two well hung black guys, both naked ready to fuck me. I approached the bed and settled down on it, one of the two guys got into position to fuck me, as the other guy’s cock was now close to my mouth. Well fuck me he did as I sucked on the other guy’s cock until they both came in my pussy and my mouth. The guy I just gave a blowjob took me by the hand leading me into the main room where the other guys were, naked and ready to have me and have me they did that’s for sure. Nothing I could do or say about it, I’m the paid prostitute that’s why I’m here, only for their pleasure, not mine to be used and abused all they want. BUT, It’s my fantasy come true, I’m loving all this attention, all this crazy hot sex, take me I’m yours! Well, I was gangbanged by all eight guys for several more hours until the night had ended with everyone exhausted including me. I fell asleep and woke up again late Saturday night. I grabbed something to eat along with a cup of soda. I excused myself and went to the bathroom. When I returned one of the guys came over and rubbed my ass and positioned me kneeling on my knees. With my head down I held my ass up high in the air and said “God, I love fucking big black cocks, I’ll let you DO ANYTHING to me, I’ll take it and love it, just fuck me! He said you white girls are all fucking whores!”, As he slid his big cock into me now, ass fucked hard and deep until he blew a load way up inside me. The rest of the guys repeated fucking all my holes until about two o’clock in the morning, Sunday.By now my pussy and ass was totally numb from all that fucking I had on Saturday, stretched out even more than I was from all the fucking I had on Friday night. I passed out on the couch and fell into another much needed deep sleep again.Sunday I woke up about 10:00 am on the couch naked to the sounds of a room full of black guys and realized there were more than eight guys in the room.I nearly fainted, counting twelve of them. They had room service breakfast and coffee delivered for all of us. I thanked them as a couple of these new guys sat next to me on either side on the couch while I was enjoying a hot breakfast and coffee. As I was finishing eating breakfast, sipping on a second cup of coffee I got up and asked Lamar why there were four more new guys in the room. He told me not to worry, they each paid $250. to fuck the prostitute, you and that he’ll give the money to his boss. Well, that’s good, nice of you but seriously? I’m so sore and not sure if I can take any more fucking and sucking with twelve guys today. He told me a few of his guys are exhausted as well and will probably be going home shortly. Then
he told me he’ll just hang around and watch, no sex just making sure the four new guys don’t get too rough with me. I told Lamar that’s very nice of you doing that for me. Now here I was Naked, I had no idea where my lingerie was not that it really mattered knowing these four new guys probably didn’t care and just wanted to fuck me, the prostitute.Lamar walked away and left me standing there. When I turned around the four new guys had already taken their clothes off. I noticed two of them had the biggest cocks I have ever seen. Without having something to measure them If I had to guess, they had to be at least twelve inches BIG. I told those two guys I didn’t think I could handle cocks that size, they laughed and said you’ll get used to it ho, so chill out! I said to myself, OK these four new guys paid for me, leaving me no choice, I have to fuck them either in my pussy, my ass or my mouth. OK, here we go! I walked over to them, now surrounded by the four new black guys. Their hands were all over me, turning me on actually. Right away my two hands reached out touching those two enormous black cocks that hung like a horse, flaccid. Again I commented, I don’t know if I can take these big cocks in my pussy. (not wanting to mention my ass, they’ll tear me apart!)One of them told me the two others with smaller cocks than they can fuck me first. (Ah yeah If you want to call ten inches small cocks, happily I agreed.) I did what any prostitute would do, taking charge of the situation I was in. I walked towards the bedroom and told them to follow me in there. As I got on the bed all four of them surrounded me. One of karaman escort bayan the guys, like they said smaller than those two other horse dick guys, flipped me over on my back then spread my legs apart and slowly began to slide his cock inside my pussy. He felt so good slow fucking me that my pussy was getting very wet right now. The two horse dick guys came close up to my face on either side of me. You’re both so big I said out loud. I was so turned on by the guy fucking me that I tried to suck those monster cocks going from one to the other. With my mouth wide open I could hardly get the entire head of their big horse size cocks in my mouth. Come on whore suck this big cock he said. I’m trying but your so fucking big I replied. Try harder bitch he said, and then he grabbed the back of my head by my hair trying to force my mouth to take him in deeper.Oh, I’m coming I said in a soft voice reacting to the guy that’s fucking me real good. He tensed up and I could feel his balls pumping and pumping his load inside my pussy, I came too!The other guy flipped me over on my knees. I felt him applying some lotion on my ass that has a tingling feeling to it. Turning my head around I asked him what was that? He replied, it’s called anal eaze, it will make your asshole numb, now hold still whore.On my knees, I spread my legs further apart. As he began to push the head of his cock inside my ass I hardly felt anything. He was right, my asshole went numb. This is a first for me. Holding onto my hips he pushed his cock deeper and deeper inside me. This feels good I thought to myself. I’m beginning to really like getting fucked in my ass. As he began to pick up a rhythm fucking me in the ass the horse cock guy came around in front of me. I wrapped my right hand around his big cock stroking it, I was amazed my fingers couldn’t even touch my thumb! He looked down at me and said, I’m next now suck on my cock whore! Without saying a word I took the head of his big cock in my mouth, all I could do was suck on it. The guy that was fucking me in the ass started slapping my ass cheeks, oh wow, how did he know I like that! Harder, harder and don’t stop fucking me I said as I felt another orgasm coming on. As he slapped me harder he began pounding into my ass until he let out a load moan, I’m coming. He came so hard in me that I collapsed face down on the bed. Oh no! The horse cock guy I was trying to suck on stepped back and moved around behind me. Then he told the other three guys to hold me up again back on my knees. I felt that fat tip of his cock head rubbing up against my asshole. I told him, No asshole! Again I felt the tip of his fat horse cock rubbing up against my asshole. I told him please no asshole, He said shut the fuck up you fucking whore. He told the other three guys to hold me there, keep the whore still for me he said. I noticed the guy that just fucked me tossing the tube of anal eaze lube behind me towards the horse cock guy. Then, what felt like two fingers he began to smear the lotion in and around my asshole. I stood still on my own this time.I said to myself, numbing lube is not going to help, not with that size horse cock, he’s gonna tear me apart. The guys holding me still spread my legs further apart. I felt his fingers sliding easily in my ass now loaded with more of that numbing lube anal eaze. The room was quiet as everyone was watching this scene going on, me about to take the biggest cock I have ever seen, fucking me in the ass. I told myself, I give up! just do it and get it over with. I turned around and said, I know you just paid $250. to fuck me, how about I give you $500. NOT to fuck me in my ass. Everyone laughed, including the horse cock guy. OK, that didn’t work I said to myself. Then I felt the big head of his horse cock begin pushing into me a little at a time, then back out and back in me again. He kept doing that a few more times and with each time going further and further inside my ass. Breathing heavy I said out loud, OMG, OMG your so fucking big. One of the guys watching said he has a 14 inch cock that was as thick as a forearm. Like I needed to hear that? I still didn’t think I could take monster cock inside me, or even enjoy it. He went in a little, then out. Each time going in deeper and deeper. By the time he was all the way inside me I was squealing …OH WOW, WO, OMG, OMG, your so big, gasping trying to catch my breath until I felt that monster cock balls deep inside my ass. The other horse cock guy stuck it in my face wanting me to suck on his huge cock, how can I concentrate on that as the other horse cock is practically ripping my asshole apart. I heard him say, “yeah baby that’s it take me all in, good girl, don’t move.” Then, he began a slow rhythm making sure I enjoyed it without hurting me. He moved slowly in and out of my ass. I could hear my asshole pop each time he pulled that giant cock out of me only to slide it right back into his balls. My ass was so swollen it must have gotten used to the size of his monster cock as he picked up the pace and started fucking me to a nice steady faster rhythm for a good ten minutes. Sweat was now visible on my body. My legs still held apart, were thrashing around uncontrollably. He was working that big cock real good inside me so much so that it began to feel pretty good. By now, most of the other guys were gathered around the bed cheering him on. I heard them saying things like, “fuck that bitch with that big cock”, “that’s it, give it all to her, fuck her real good” another guy said, “Only a dirty ho like her can take a cock that big”. Yeah, that’s it, “fill the ho up with your big cock, shoot your load inside her.Then he lunged forward and began fucking me harder and deeper than I could ever imagine. As he started pounding into me I could hear the slapping of his big balls up against my butt cheeks. I was totally amazed I actually took that big log inside me. From the look on everyone’s face, I could tell they were really enjoying watching the big cock fucking he was giving me. Then I thought about me, what will it be like for me the next time someone else fucks me in my ass? He kept pounding me hard for a few more minutes then he announced he was going to cum. The guys let go of my legs as I pulled him in with each thrust from the fucking he was giving me. Just as he let out a loud deep guttural moan. He stopped fucking my ass and held himself still deep inside of me. I could feel him spasm as he shot hot spurts of his cum deep inside my a
ss. I lost count of how many times I had an anal orgasm. I just lay there exhausted below him. When he finally pulled out of me he handed me what appeared to be a wad of money, $500.00 bucks to be exact. He told me I was one fine ho and deserved the generous tip he gave me. Smiling and still out of breath I thanked him for it! I overheard one of the guys tell him that the whore, me would make him a lot of money. The mother fucker is a pimp? Is that why he’s here? Now I’m thinking Hmmm pimping me out I can make a lot of money. I could do that, I would do that, I want to do that! Wow, I have to get his number before he leaves. One of them intervened that the weekend was not over and that the boss said I was paid for the weekend. Well, I said, let’s make sure I’m well used and your boss is pleased with me when he gets here. The other horse cock guy was next! He took position behind me. I thought he was going to fuck me in the ass, I was wrong. He flipped me over on my back and I felt the head of his big cock rubbing up against my pussy lips. I said to myself, OMG you got to be k**ding me! Even though my pussy was so stretched, the size of this guy’s big cock might cause permanent damage to my pussy! Surprised, he got between my legs and began licking, tongue fucking my pussy. That felt so good as I came real close to having an orgasm, he stopped eating me. I was so turned on I begged him to fuck me with that big fat log.About a minute later the phone rang. We were told the boss was on his way here. I said, let’s show him how pleased with me he is when he walks in.Logman was just about to stick his huge cock inside me when we all heard someone knocking on the door. They let him in! It was their boss, my husband. That’s how the boss, my husband saw me as he walked in. When he saw what was just about to happen, me about to get fucked by a horse cock he just stood there and stared in amazement! I looked him in the eyes and said: Well, come on boss, you paid for me. Watch how I’m about to get fucked by a tremendous big black horse cock. Everyone applauded when the boss unbuttoned his pants and pulled out an erection and started jerking himself off. I looked up him and said, I want to feel your big cock inside me. Then log man eased his cock inside me. I encouraged him to give me a good fucking while the boss watches me. Oh yes, fuck me with that big log I cried out, fuck this pussy, I wanna feel you come inside me, OMG your cock is so big cum inside me you motha fucker, slam this pussy. For the next ten minutes, he pounded my pussy with that big fat horse cock. Yeah, fuck me harder you b**st, fuck this cunt. After fucking me, pounding my pussy he pulled out moved around and stuck it in my mouth. I sucked him deep and hard until he came with a huge load in my mouth. So much cum that he almost gagged me. I swallowed most of his cum, the rest of it all over my lips and my chin. When it was all over I wanted my husband to hear me say, I came three times as he was fucking me.I heard one of his crew guys say, Boss, it’s your turn to fuck the whore in her ass. She loves getting ass fucked and now that we’ve loosened her ass during the past few days, slide right up inside her ass boss.My Husband stood up and pulled down his pants and stood behind me and slid his cock into my sloppy ass and began fucking me until it occurred to me this is the first time for my husband ass fucking me. Honestly, I could hardly feel his cock inside my ass. I had to pretend how good it felt. It only took him a few minutes to cum in my ass. He kept looking at me asking me if I enjoyed it. I said yes that was a great fuck, (I lied)After that, they all sat down on the couch, no room for me so I knelt down on the floor, on my knees. I gave Lamar a nice slow blowjob until he came in my mouth. I looked my husband in the eyes and said I love sucking on big black cocks.He smiled back at me and said, Well, guys, I’m sure it’s been fun, but I have to take Candy back to her car and then go to meet my wife for dinner. I’ll see you guys tomorrow morning at work.I got up, found all my clothes, got dressed and we left. As we got in the car, my husband thanked me for doing this, I really do appreciate you coming through that way for us he said. I replied I didn’t do it for you, I did it because I wanted to do it so keep your money, well our money. Next time you need me, “Candy” I would be happy to do it again. About a month later my husband and I finally had that night together at the Marriott celebrating my 30th birthday. What he doesn’t know is I got together with Lamar one week ago, on a Sunday afternoon. After fucking Lamar he asked me would I be interested in working for that horse cock guy. He said I would be the only white prostitute in his stable of girls. I told him yes, I would like that very much. But I don’t want my husband to know anything about this. Lamar still doesn’t know his boss is my husband, I’ll keep it that way! I quit my day job and hooked up with “Big Sean”, That’s his name, the horse cock guy, my new pimp!

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