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Over Fifties – Vera gets owned.
Vera got through the next couple of days almost in a trance. Conversation with Frank was minimal, she tried to stay out of his way as much as possible.

On the Thursday evening, Frank had been at the pub all evening, finally staggering in just after eleven and going straight to bed. Vera waited half an hour, hoping he would be sound asleep by the time she joined him.

She crept into the room, silently undressing. She was about to slip her nightdress over her head when she froze as Frank turned over in bed.

“Leave that off,” he slurred, “l’m feeling randy, it’s your lucky night.”

“I’m tired Frank, l just want to go to sleep,” she replied, hoping that would put him off.

“Rubbish, you’ve done fuck all all day,” he said, pulling back the quilt to reveal he was naked, his hand stroking his erection.

Vera looked at his pathetic excuse for a cock, she was tempted to tell him there was no way her cunt would be satisfied by a puny little cock like that. She smiled to herself.

“There, l knew you’d change your mind when you saw what l’ve got ready for you,” he said, mistakenly thinking her smile was in appreciation of his cock. “Come on, get in the bed and open your legs, a good fucking will do you good, we don’t want that cunt of your sealing up from lack of use,” he chuckled.

“Do you have to use that crude language,” Vera said, trying to delay him, hoping his drunkenness would take over and he would fall asleep.

“You are such a frigid cow,” he replied “most women would love to be talked to like that, l don’t know why l even bother to fuck you, you should be grateful, there are plenty of women would love this up them,” he said, shaking his cock.

“Oh yes l forgot what a great lover you are,” she sneered, “how long is it since the last time, l can’t remember.”

“Don’t start a fucking argument,” he shouted, “what is fucking wrong with you woman, l’m trying to do something nice for you and all you do is argue.”

“Oh go on then,” she said, lying on the bed, “it usually doesn’t last long, l’ll try to stay awake until you’re finished.”

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” he huffed, “l’ve lost my fucking hard on now, you’re enough to turn any man off sex for good.”

“Oh well,” she replied, reaching for her nightdress and wriggling into it, “l’ll try to live with the disappointment, good night.”

Vera turned onto her side, facing away from him, smiling to herself as she turned out her bedside light. Immediately her hand went between her legs, playing with herself as she conjured up an image of H above her, that sinister grin on his face as he rammed his cock deep into her. She heard Frank snoring loudly as her fingers worked quicker on her clitoris, clamping her thighs together and sighing deeply as the warm flush of orgasm drifted through her body.

Breakfast the following morning was a fairly silent affair. Once Frank had eaten he simply reminded her that he would not be home that evening as he and Jack were going to London, he said they would be back on Sunday, he then picked up his hold-all which contained his change of clothing and left for work.

It was mid morning when the telephone rang, it was Jane.

“What are you doing this evening?” Jane asked, “do you fancy coming over for a glass of wine and a bit of girlie fun.”

Vera told her what had happened with Frank the previous evening.

“Serves him right,” Jane laughed, “Jack had me last night but it’s not anything like as good as when Lee has me.”

“Does he come round often?” Vera asked, feeling rather jealous.

“Almost every day, just for a quickie,” Jane replied, “what about you, has Barry been round?”

“No, l haven’t heard or seen anyone,” Vera knew she sounded dejected, hearing how her friend was getting regular sex with Lee but she was getting nothing. “Has Lee said anything about tomorrow evening, is it still on?”

“No, he doesn’t speak much,” Jane giggled, “he just turns up, either fucks me or tells me to suck him off, then he goes, it’s quite exciting being used like that. I did ask him about tomorrow but he just said Barry would be in touch with instructions.”

Vera was about to ask if Lee had said anything about whether Barry still fancied her but Jane stopped her.

“Sorry V, got to go,” Jane said, “Lee is at the front door, see you this evening about seven.” With that Jane hung up.

Vera was miserable for the rest of the day, she tried texting Barry, asking him to call her but got no response.

That evening, Vera was on the bus heading in to town, she would have to change buses to get to Jane’s house. As the bus pulled in to the depot, her phone buzzed, it was Jane.

“Sorry V,” Jane said as soon as Vera answered, “l told Lee that Jack is away tonight, he’s coming round, wants to stay the night, l’m going to have to call off our girlie fun.”

“Why?” Vera replied, unable to hide her disappointment, “doesn’t he want both of us?” Vera felt her face flush, realising how desperate she must be sounding.

“No, l told him you might be here,” Jane replied, “but he said he wouldn’t come round if you were here, he says you belong to Barry, he’s afraid to touch you without his permission, sorry V, got to go, l need to shower before Lee gets here, love you.”
The phone went dead.

Vera went through a series of emotions, mostly jealousy and frustration, she couldn’t understand why Barry would make her out of bounds to Lee, if he didn’t want to fuck her himself. She realised that she was still sitting on an empty bus, staring at her phone. She thought about going home but there was nothing there for her, she would just sit there feeling sorry for herself. Getting off the bus and walking down the high street, she found herself outside the cinema. She had no idea what film was running but went inside anyway. The film had started when she took her seat, Vera barely recognised one of the actors but couldn’t concentrate long enough to follow the film.

Sitting there, thinking about how she had got into this situation, tears of frustration running down her face. She tried to figure out how a respectable married woman of her age could ever allow herself to be used like some cheap whore. She tried to bring herself to decide to end it, knowing the risk but wondering if divorcing Frank would be such a bad thing.

‘Do you really want to end it Vera?” She asked herself. She knew in her heart what her answer would be, the times with Barry, Lee and Cam, and then that party had been the most exciting thing that had ever happened to her. The fact that Barry wanted her as his plaything made her feel warm inside.

“But if he wants me, why doesn’t he fuck me?” She wanted to scream.

Just thinking about Barry made her wet. There were only five or six other people in the cinema, none of them near her. She pulled up her skirt, she even chuckled to herself when her fingers touched her bare cunt. “That shows how much power Barry has over you, you never even think of wearing panties these days,” she thought.

She leaned back in the seat, closing her eyes, she drew up a vision of Barry standing naked before her, the black shaft of his cock standing rigid, the purple black head glistening with pre cum. She could taste him, she could smell him. Her fingers worked their magic as she imagined that beautiful cock pulsating in front of her, she could see the veins throbbing, she could see the head swell, the eye of his cock flaring just as the stream of hot cum shot forth hitting her face.


Vera felt herself being shaken as her orgasm burst.

“Madam…..Madam,” a voice entered her head as the vision of Barry’s cock started to drift away.

“Madam please,” the voice said, “l have to ask you to leave,” the voice carried on. “If you don’t leave l will call the police, this is a respectable cinema, we cannot allow this sort of behaviour, it’s disgusting, please, you must leave.”

Vera suddenly realised what was happening. Her skirt was up round her waist, her hand still between her thighs, the young man standing next to her still had his hand on her shoulder.

“Oh Christ!” She cried, frantically rearranging her skirt to cover her nakedness, she ran out of the cinema like a scalded cat, desperately hoping no-one had recognised her. She dashed back to the bus depot, running into the toilets. She entered a stall, locking the door, sitting there, her heart pounding, trying to collect her thoughts. The shame of what she had done coming over her.

It took a while for her to calm down, leaving the stall and using a paper towel to dab some cold water on her face. Then suddenly she started giggling, she couldn’t stop herself, pendik escort wondering what that young man must have been thinking, seeing this woman in her fifties, probably the same age as his mother, sitting there, her skirt rucked up around her waist, her legs wide open, her fingers deep inside her own cunt, fucking herself. She couldn’t stop giggling, wondering just what sort of woman she had become.

Once she had calmed down, she made her way to the stand to wait for her bus home, there were about half a dozen other women there, all about Vera’s age, they had come from the nearby bingo hall. Vera was grateful that she didn’t recognise any of them. The bus pulled in and Vera got on, she sat toward the back, the other women sitting near the front.

By the time the bus had reached Vera’s stop, she was the only passenger left. She started to walk home, then felt her handbag vibrate. Looking inside she saw Barry’s phone illuminated, there was a text message. She took the phone out to read the message.

“Go through the park,” the message said. Vera quickly tapped the reply icon answering “Why”

A few seconds later the phone vibrated again. “Do as you are fucking told.” The message said.

Vera stared at the phone for a good minute. Was Barry watching her? Was he waiting for her in the park?

Vera walked quickly to the park gate, not hesitating, she turned in. Although it had been a warm day, there was a chill in the evening air, Vera was glad she was wearing a light threequarter length jacket. It was not fully dark yet but she was still slightly nervous as she walked through the park, the tap tap tap of her heels on the tarmac footpath the only sound.

She was half way through the park when she heard a rustle. She stopped.

“Is that you Barry?” She called.

There was no reply, She was about to carry on when she thought she heard another noise, almost like a laugh, followed by a shushing sound.

“Barry!” She called again, “is that you, please don’t frighten me, l have not had a good evening, please Barry, please don’t frighten me.”

“Take off your coat.” A voice came from the nearby bushes. The voice was muffled, she didn’t recognise it.

“Barry,” she said, “is that you?”

“Do as you’re told white bitch,” the voice said.

It had to be Barry, she thought, only he would talk to her like that. Despite the situation, she felt the thrill flooding through her body. Slowly she took off her jacket.

“Put it on the bench,” the voice said. Vera thought she could hear another noise, wondering if there was someone else there as well.

She stepped over to the bench, placing her jacket on the seat.

“Now your dress,” the voice said.

“Barry please,” she replied, “if you want me, can’t we go to my place, my husband won’t be there, if there’s someone else with you l don’t mind, but can we do it there…please.”

“Take off your dress,” the voice ordered.

Vera knew she should be terrified, but instead she only felt the thrill of danger overtaking her.

“Last chance,” the voice said when she hesitated. “Take it off or l’ll rip it off.”

Vera reached behind, unzipping the dress then shrugged it from her shoulders, the dress falling in a heap at her ankles.

She heard sniggering and a different voice saying, “He told us she wouldn’t be wearing any.”

Another voice told the second one to be quiet. Then the first voice spoke again.

“No knickers eh!” He said, “you are a slut then. Now your bra.”

Vera realised there was no going back now, reaching behind herself she unhooked her bra.

“Give it to me,” the voice was behind her now, “don’t turn round, just hand it back to me.”

Vera removed her bra, her breasts swinging free. She heard a whistle of appreciation which made her feel good. A hand took her bra from her.

“Now kneel on that bench,” the voice said, “lean forward over the back and spread your legs.”

Vera was well aware of what was going to happen, she knew she should have called out, there must have been someone within range who would come to her aid, but her body was in charge now, her juices were already flowing.

She knelt on the seat of the bench, but before she could lean forward, the man behind her used her bra as a blindfold, tying it tightly completely blocking her vision. Then she was pushed forward, leaning over the back of the bench. She parted her legs as she had been told to, by now praying that she wouldn’t have to wait much longer to feel a cock sliding up her cunt.

She didn’t have long to wait as hands gripped her hips, she felt the tip of a cock against her labia just a second before it plunged deep into her cunt.

“Mmmmmmm,” was all she could say as her orgasm ripped through her body. The cock started fucking her violently, she moved back to meet each thrust, wanting that cock deeper and harder.

“Is she hot Gar?” the second voice said, “look at her tits swinging, she fucking loves it man, hurry up l’m nearly cumming, l want my turn.”

“She is a fucking hot white bitch,” the first voice replied as he continued to drive his cock into her.

Vera felt her second orgasm building, within seconds she was over the top, hot juices flooding over that beautiful cock that was driving into her.

“Fucking hell,” the voice cried as he slammed into her, his cock depositing his seed deep in her belly. He stayed deep in her, his cock pulsating wildly, Vera using her muscles to milk every last drop from him.

“Shit, her cunt is eating my cock,” he cried.

“Come on Gar,” the second voice said, “let me have my turn.”

“Okay, l’ve nearly finished,” the first voice said, “what about you Si, do you want a turn?”

“Nah, l want a blow job, her cunt will be like a bowl of porridge after you two,” the third voice said

“Go on then, you can have her now, l’ve finished,” the first voice said.

Immediately as he pulled out and moved away, Vera felt another cock being pushed inside her. This one wasted not time either, fucking her with powerful deep thrusts. A hand grabbed her hair, lifting her head up as another cock was pushed against her lips.

“Suck it white bitch,” the third voice said.

Vera open her mouth to take him, but just like the other two, this one rammed his cock hard into her. It hit the back of her throat, she gagged as it cut off her air supply momentarily.

“Let’s spit roast the bitch,” the second voice said as both men began fucking her like the piece of fuck meat that she was.

Neither of them could last long, the one in her cunt cumming seconds before the one in her mouth. Vera sucked hungrily, trying to swallow it all as the cock pumped it’s seed into her throat. She felt another flood of juices in her cunt, she could feel spunk and cunt juices running down her thighs.

Eventually both men pulled out. Vera collapsed over the back of the bench. The blindfold was removed from her eyes.

“Don’t look at us,” the first voice said, “we’ve finished with you for now, you can fuck off home.”

Vera couldn’t move, she doubted if her legs could hold her up if she tried to stand. She could hear the voices of the three men drifting further away. They were laughing.

Slowly she got to her feet, looking around for her clothes. Her dress and bra were missing, it was getting dark now and there was no sign of them. She put her jacket on, it only reached to the very top of her thighs, she knew her bottom must still be exposed, she knew she had no option other than to walk home like that, tugging the bottom of her jacket down to hide as much as possible.

She had got to within a few yards of the turn into her street without encountering anyone, then suddenly three young lads appeared round the corner. As soon as they spotted her their whole demeanour changed, they began nudging each other and snickering, whispering comments.

As they approached her, the one in the middle spoke.
“You on the game darlin’?” He asked, all three bursting into laughter.

Vera kept her head down, holding down the hem of her jacket, hoping she had covered herself sufficiently.

“There can’t be much business for an old slag like you,” the lad continued, “how much for a blow job darlin’, fifty p each, how about three for a pound.”

All three burst out laughing again. Vera tried to walk round them but they blocked her path. She quickly reached in her handbag and produced her phone, holding it up.

“If l press this button it will connect straight to the police,” she said, relieved to see an immediate change in their expressions. “Get out of my way.”

Suddenly the three of them lost their confidence, the one on the outside moved to his left, leaving a gap, Vera quickly passed through. As she walked orhanlı escort away, the one who had done the talking couldn’t resist one last comment.

“Hey, your arse is on show you old slag,” he called, all three of them laughing again.

Vera quickened her pace, breaking into a run for the last few yards, relieved when she could dash down the side of her house, out of sight, fumbling for her keys before gaining the safety of her back door.

Once in the kitchen she realised she was shaking from top to toe, taking a glass from the cupboard and a bottle of wine from the rack she poured herself a full glass, downing it in one before pouring another. Slowly her nerves calmed, she sat at the table for a few moments, trying to work out her emotions, she couldn’t decide if the churning in her stomach was caused by fear or excitement. She picked up her phone, intending to call Jane, then remembered that she would be occupied with Lee, she wouldn’t appreciate being disturbed by Vera.

Vera decided to shower, leaving her jacket and shoes in the kitchen, she walked upstairs naked.

The warm water cascading over her slowly calmed her, she leaned, facing the wall as she relived everything that had happened. Her body was tingling, her one hand went to her breast, her nipples were rock hard.

Suddenly a hand clamped over her mouth. Vera went rigid with fear as another hand went round her body grabbing her breast.

“Relax,” a voice whispered in her ear, “l just came to see if you enjoyed your adventure.”

The tension in Vera’s body relaxed as she recognised Barry’s voice, she could feel his naked body pressed against her, the hardness of his cock pressed against her back. She turned in his arms to face him, his hands going to her bum pulling her against his erection which now pressed against her tummy.

“You bastard,” she said, kissing him, “you set the whole thing up didn’t you?”

“I saw you in the bus depot in town,” he replied, “l guessed you would go near the park so l called the lads, they do odd jobs for me so l thought l would give you to them for a treat.”
“You bastard, l was terrified,” she said, the relief flooding through her, she was almost crying.

“No you weren’t,” he laughed, “you were excited, they said you were a real hot bitch, said you were cumming like a fountain. They said you were good though, l was proud of you.”

“Do you mean that,” she reached up to kiss him, then kissing his chest, relishing the firmness of his body.

“You were quite a sight walking home,” he laughed, “You were pulling the front of your coat down to hide your cunt but your arse was completely exposed.”

“You were watching me?” She asked, “what about those three lads, did you send them as well?”

“No,” he chuckled, “but it was funny though, l was in the car following you.”

“I was scared,” she said.

“I bet your cunt was juicing though,” he smiled.

“Bastard,” she said, punching him softly on his chest then reaching down for his cock, “do you want me now,” she said, taking his cock in both hands, loving the power and size of him.

“Not yet,” he said, pushing her away and stepping out of the shower. He grabbed a towel to dry himself. “I brought a take away, it’s down in the kitchen, you finish showering and make sure you wash your cunt out, then come downstairs, l’m staying the night.”

“Really,” she replied excitedly, “that would be lovely, thank you.”

Vera didn’t bother dressing before she went downstairs, she was glad that she hadn’t as Barry was still naked, sitting at the kitchen table, opening the food containers. She sat next to him, allowing him to serve up portions of the food for her. Vera had never had a Chinese takeaway before, the flavours were totally new to her, she quickly realised that she liked it. She was fascinated that Barry was adept with chopsticks, they laughed together as he delicately picked out different morsels, feeding them to her.

Vera could see a different side to Barry, gone was the harsh, authoritarian façade that he usually presented. Vera was now seeing a gentler side. They laughed together about what had happened in the park, Vera admitting how exciting it had been, she kissed Barry, thanking him for opening up this new world to her.

Barry told her that she would still be expected to perform at parties, that H was close to ousting Big Sam from power and that his new plan for their organisation would require winning the approval of a lot of influential figures, that he intended using Vera and Jane, plus other younger girls in order to win them over.

“I don’t mind, honestly,” she said, “l can see now how much fun l can have, l have never had so much fun in my life. Will you still want me though?” She asked tentatively.

“I’ve got a bit of a thing for older women,” he admitted, “when l was young l had to go and stay with my aunt, she was older than my mother, she was a big woman with massive tits. I hadn’t been there long when she caught me wanking, l was afraid she would throw me out but instead she wanted to watch, then she started playing with my cock and letting me play with her tits. I stayed with her till l was eighteen, l had started fucking her by then.”

“So that’s why you like me then,” Vera smiled, “you like old, fat women with big tits.”

“You’re not fat,” he protested, “you’ve got a decent figure, and you have got big tits, yours are better than hers though.”

“Thank you sir,” she smiled, kissing him. “So it’s just sex you want from me is it, l mean, l don’t mind, l love it when you fuck me, l don’t care what you want to do to me, l’ll do anything for you Barry.”

“You have to do what H wants,” Barry replied, “he likes the idea of having two older women working for him, he’s not going to put you on the street like a common whore but he does want you to entertain people for him, and sometimes that might mean letting them do stuff to you that might be a bit painful.”

“What like?” Vera asked nervously.

“Well sometimes they might want to try spanking, or even whips and canes, don’t worry, they won’t be allowed to go too far but you will have to let them have their fun.”

“Is that what you want?” She asked.

“You have to,” he replied, “H is making me one of the top men in the organisation, he’s really pleased the way l’ve brought you and Jane along and how well you performed. I need you to keep him sweet, there’ll be plenty of money in it for you, it might get a bit wild sometimes but l won’t let anyone really hurt you.”

“Will l still be your woman, will you still want me?” She said, reaching down to his lap and giving his cock a gentle squeeze. “I don’t mind what they do yo me as long as l don’t lose you.”

“Let’s go to bed,” he said, standing up, his erection standing stiff and proud, “l’ll still want you Vera, l promise, as long as you do what l tell you.”

“Oh yes sir,” she giggled as he pulled her towards the stairs, “you can do what you like to me as long as l get that gorgeous cock up my cunt.”

Barry displayed a completely different character in bed that night. He was gentle and caring, taking his time, using his cock to torment her, letting her feel the strength of him as he stayed still inside her. Bringing her to the point of orgasm time and again, driving her crazy as she begged for release.

Her biggest surprise was when he pulled out, sliding down the bed, tracing a line of kisses down her body until his mouth found her cunt.

Again he showed his caring side, his lips, tongue and teeth teasing and tormenting her, using her cunt juices to lubricate his finger before slipping it gently into her bum hole. She rose to meeet him, urging him to finish her but he continued to hold her on the edge.

She pleaded and begged, trying to manoeuvre her body so that he finished her but each time he was quicker than her. Vera thought her brain would burst, it felt as if her skin was on fire, her nipples ached, she felt as if they would fire from her tits at any moment. She never imagined that sex with one man could be this intense.

When the orgasm finally came, even that surprised her, she was waiting for some violent reaction, instead there was just a hot glow flooding through her body, juices pouring from her cunt into his eager mouth. Vera trembled from head to foot, her body convulsing, completely out of control.

Barry moved up, taking her into his arms but that just seemed to intensify her orgasm, she thought it would never end, didn’t want it to end.

Vera woke, It was eight a.m., she felt the weight of Barry’s arm resting on her chest as he snored softly by her side. Carefully she removed his arm, turning to face aydınlı escort him, she just looked at him.

She thought how handsome he was, his finely chiselled facial features, his muscular shoulders and chest, down to his flat tummy, rippling with muscles. Her gaze lingered over his cock, lying limp on his thigh the purple/black head still exposed, glistening still from the last time he had fucked her. It had been just an hour earlier, he had spooned up behind her, his hand going over her, cupping her breast, gently tweaking her nipple.

She had pushed back against his erection. “My god, he’s insatiable,” she had thought to herself after a night that just seemed to flow from one session to another, each time it had been gentle, each time bringing her slowly to orgasm before he had cum himself. She parted her thighs to accept him, thinking he wanted her bum hole. She had been ready to take him, even though she wasn’t lubricated, she was happy to take the pain after all the pleasure he had given her.

“No, not that,” he had whispered as he had adjusted her position, sliding his cock into her cunt then pulling her back tight against him. He had stayed still, deep inside her, his cock pulsating gently. She had tightened her muscles, milking him, drawing him in deeper. They had stayed like that for what seemed an age, the heat of his cock sending pleasurable waves of warmth through her body. He had kissed the back of her neck as he gently played with her nipple. Vera hadn’t cum that time, that wasn’t important, but she would never forget the feeling of love she had for him as she felt the heat of his cum flooding inside her.

They remained joined until they had both drifted back to sleep. Vera wanted to touch his cock…no….she wanted to kiss it, that beautiful object that had taken her to paradise so many times in the night, no wonder he was exhausted. She leaned forward slowly, desperate not to disturb him as she softly kissed the head of his cock. Barry gave a deep moan, then settled back, Vera noticed a twitch in his cock, smiling to herself.

Silently she slipped from the bed, making her way down to the kitchen. She decided to cook him his breakfast. She took bacon from the fridge then hesitated. “What if he has some religious restrictions, l don’t want to upset him,” she thought to herself. Putting the bacon back, she decided on scrambled eggs instead, reaching for three eggs in the fridge.

Arriving back in the bedroom, Barry was still asleep. She placed the tray on the bedside table then, leaning carefully on the bed she lowered her lips to his cock, kissing him. Immediately there was a reaction as Barry groaned in his sleep. She saw his cock flinch slightly. Bending forward again she took the tip of his cock into her mouth, sucking it gently, thrilled to feel it swelling against her tongue.

It only took seconds for him to be hard in her mouth. Barry moved restlessly but didn’t wake up. He mumbled something in his sleep as she slid her mouth over his cock, sucking him.

Soon his movements became more urgent, she felt a hand on her head, pushing her down as his hips raised, forcing his cock into the back of her throat. Vera could see he still had his eyes closed, his lips moving as he mumbled incoherently. She thought she made out the words “Love you,” and that thrilled her.

Suddenly Barry gave a deep groan, Vera felt her mouth fill with his spunk. She took it hungrily, gently sucking the last dregs from him. She looked up and saw his smiling face looking down at her.

“Good morning,” she said, allowing his softening cock to slip from her mouth. “I’ve brought you breakfast,” she said, standing and lifting the tray.

“I take it you’ve just had yours,” he chuckled as he sat up, taking the tray from her and resting it on his thighs.

“Mmmmm,” she smiled at him, “that was my thank you for a wonderful night,” she said, “eat it before it goes cold, l’m just going to shower.”

She walked through into the shower room, leaving the door open so that he had a clear view of her. She put on a show for him, giving him a cheeky grin as he watched her soaping her body, the water cascading over her. She lifted her breasts, smiling at him as she bent forward, taking each of her nipples into her mouth, one after the other. Barry smiled back, obviously enjoying the show.

She saw him finish his breakfast, moving the tray to one side he stood up from the bed. She saw his cock standing rigid. “My god!” She thought, “Where does he get the energy from.”

He was smiling, walking towards her, he looked a magnificent sight, his dark, ebony skin, every muscle clearly defined. “You are so beautiful,” she thought as he stepped into the shower.

He wasted no time on preliminaries, pushing her back against the wall, lifting her effortlessly.

She spread her legs, giggling as she felt the head of his cock stroking her vagina, like some guided missile, seeking the entrance. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he lowered her onto him.

“You’re insatiable,” she giggled, burying her face in his neck as she felt him filling her.

“I can’t resist you,” he whispered, “l’ve never been like this with any other woman, l want you for myself.”

“You can have me baby,” she sighed as he pressed himself deeper inside her, “l can leave Frank, l can be yours completely.”

“I can’t,” he said, driving her against the wall. “H wants to use you, if l try to take you from him he’ll kill me, he wants you as his whore.”

“That’s okay baby,” she said, “he can use my body, but only you can own it, l’ll do anything you want, anything he wants, but l will still be yours.”

“You drive me crazy,” he said, humping himself against her, “l tried to stay away, tried to treat you like a whore, but l couldn’t get you out of my head. I’ve tried fucking other girls but it’s just mechanical with them, l have to keep fucking them though, l have to be his whore master.”

“That’s okay baby,” she said, trying to meet his thrusts, “you can treat me like a slut, l don’t mind, just as long as you know you can have me like this, as long as we can have nights like this. I will make H happy, l will be his best whore ever, l just want you like this sometimes.”

“I’m crazy for you,” he whispered, “it shouldn’t be, you’re so much older, but l don’t care, you’re the woman l want.”

“Take me then baby,” she cried as the flood of her juices burst within her, her orgasm had come from nowhere, just a sudden release. Barry rammed her against the wall, driving his cock into her.
“Oh yes baby,” she cried, “Take me baby, make me yours, you can’t hurt me no matter what you do to me, l love you.”

Barry slammed against her time and again, driving the breath from her body with each thrust until with one final lunge, he cried out as if in pain as he drained the last of his seed from his balls, depositing it inside her.

Vera bit into his neck, her nails raking down his back, her thighs gripping him tight. She wanted him inside her forever. This was paradise.

He released her. “I need to shower,” he said, “l have to go, l have a lot to do today to prepare for tonight,”

“Okay,” she said, kissing him before vacating the shower.

“Listen,” he said as he soaped himself, Vera towelling herself dry. “You can’t say anything about this to anyone, H will hit the roof if he finds out, he doesn’t approve of us using the merchandise.”

“So l’m the merchandise am l,” she smiled at him.

“You know what l mean,” he replied, “also l have to keep up the act when the others are about, l can’t afford them to see l’m soft.”

“You seem to be rock hard most of the time with me,” she chuckled.

Barry climbed out of the shower, quickly drying himself them moving into the bedroom and getting dressed.

Vera walked over to him seductively, grabbing his cock. “I’m sure l can get you hard again if you like,” she smiled.

“Pack it in,” he smiled, pushing her away, “I’ll pick you both up here at seven, you know what to wear, but make sure you’re well lubricated, l don’t know if it will be necessary but better be prepared.”

“Yes sir,” Vera gave a little curtsy, “the merchandise will be well prepared.”

Vera walked with him to the front door. Barry expected her to stand behind the door as he opened it due to her nakedness, but instead she put her arms round his neck, kissing him passionately in full view of anyone walking by.

“Careful,” he smiled, “the neighbours will talk, what about your husband.”

“I don’t care about them or him,” she replied, “he’s only half a man anyway, his cock is that tiny he could fuck a mouse and not make it squeak. He never fucks me these days, and now l have you l’ll never let him touch me again.”

Vera was in no hurry to close the door after Barry left, sure enough he turned just as he got to his car, smiling to see her standing there naked on full show but really only for him.

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