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Oops!, Wife Got Knocked Up!Hi all you sexy story readers, my names Nicole. I’m white and 32 years old, married to Tim who is also 32. I’m a secretary for a large insurance company. Lets see, a little about me. I’m 5’3″, 103 pounds with the measurements of 34B-22-33. I have short blonde hair and firm natural breasts with small pointy nipples. Tim and I have been married for just under 12 years. We have two c***dren, a boy and a girl, ages 9 & 10.After giving birth to the k**s I went to work on getting my High School cheerleader shape back. My breasts went from 32 to 34, this Tim liked so I didn’t do too much to work them off. I had a lot of belly and leg fat that I worked my ass off to get rid of. Once I managed to get myself back into my old clothes I make sure to work out all the time to keep my shape. Tim loves my figure, as do all the guys that work in my office. They are always hitting on me. If I wasn’t married I could easily be the office slut.I’ve never screwed around on Tim. He took my virginity in High School and we got married soon after graduation. So he’s the only man that I went all the way with. I played around with this one guy named Paul before I met Tim when I was 17. After drinking one night with Paul at a drive-in movie, I gave my first blowjob. I was so surprised at how much sperm came out and how fast it happened. I just about puked on Paul when it happened. I don’t think he even cared that I spit his come on the floor of his Dads car. After being married to Tim for a few years he taught me that a man loves for his woman to swallow is sperm when he cum’s in her mouth. And I have learned to like the taste of Tim’s sperm. For that matter Tim loves the way I’ll suck hard on his cock, as he’s cumming. A few times as he was cumming he would moan, oh God your going to suck my balls right through my cock. I just keep sucking on him as I jack him off in my mouth.Tim has been into X-rated movie for some time now. He would bring home new ones all the time. After the k**s were asleep we would slip into bed together and watch the movies. It always ended up the same way. We would both get horny as hell and fuck like High School k**s. We even started some roll playing as we acted out what happened in the movies. I was on the pill at this time. Two k**s were all we needed. Then just a few years ago Tim had a vasectomy. I could now go off the pill and our sex lives turn into a wild ride. It was great knowing that we could have sex and I wasn’t going to get pregnant. Okay, now that you know a little about Tim and I, on with the story.Things started one night when Tim was on the Internet searching for hotel rooms for an up coming trip we had planned. Our computer in set up in one of out extra bedrooms. I walked into the room to check on his progress. I got the shock of my life. Tim was sitting there masturbating looking at the screen. He jumped and tried to hide his hard cock and close the screen at the same time. I didn’t see any pictures on the screen so I wasn’t sure what he was doing. The first thing that came to mine was that he was having cyber sex with some woman.Tim yelled don’t you fucking knock?In shock I just said sorry and stepped back out the door. Then I stuck my head back in and said, no I don’t fucking knock in my own house and slammed the door shut.I was in bed crying when Tim came to bed. He asked me what’s the matter?Crying I said, what’s going on? Do you have an on-line girl friend?Tim replied no that he doesn’t have a girl friend.I looked at him and asked, so what were you doing in there? Who were you chatting with?Tim then laughed and said that he wasn’t chatting with anybody. The fact is that he had gone to some sex story web site and was reading this story. It made him so hot that he had to take his cock out and play with it.I looked at him and said your k**ding?Tim said yep, that’s the truth, the story got to me.What was this story about I asked.Tim said well, it was about this guy that liked for his wife to go out and fuck other guys and come home to him full of their cum. I laughed and said that’s sick, and that’s what turned you on?Tim said oh God yes, the way that they said it felt to fuck his wife after another man had just had her was wild.I looked down to see that his cock was again hard and sticking out of his jocky shorts. I rapped my fingers around it and asked him if he would like me to take care of this for him?He laid back closing his eyes and moaned oh yes.I then laughed and said, are you sure you wouldn’t like to take care of this yourself? It looked like you were doing a good job in the other room.He smiled and moaned no baby you take care of it for me. Mmmm suck my cock baby.I took his hard cock in my hand and licked it from top to bottom. Running my tongue all around the head until Tim moaned out loud, oh yes baby suck it! I then sucked the head into my mouth as I stroked it up and down with my fingers. It didn’t take much of this at all until Tim took a hold of my head and pushed me down on his hard cock. He moaned out mmmm yes as his hot sperm hit the back of my mouth and went right down my throat to my stomach. I sucked every last drop out of it before I came up for air.As they say, this was the first day of the rest of our lives. From that day forward Tim was obsessed with wives having sex with other men. He would bring home porno tapes with this theme. Men’s magazine with wives screwing around stories. And even printed out stories from the sexy story web sites on the Internet. He said that he loved cuckold stories. I had to look up cuckold in the dictionary. I never heard this word before; this is what it states. A man whose wife has committed adultery. Is it adultery if your husband ask you to do it?We started acting out some of these stories in the bedroom. Tim would act like he was someone other than himself screwing me. I had to act the same way. He loved for me to really get into and moaning out things like oh God I wish my husband would fuck me like you are. Or fuck me fast, my husband will be home soon. This sexy talk on my part would always get Tim all wired up.Then one night Tim came home from work and said that he had a surprise for me in the bedroom tonight. I didn’t know what it could be and couldn’t wait to find out. After I got the k**s in bed and fast asleep Tim asked me to slip on my sexy little black lace see-through badydoll pajamas. I knew this was the outfit for sex, so I did as he asked and put on my badydoll. I got into bed and waited for him to join me.After a few minutes Tim came in the room with a brown paper bag in his hand. He stopped looked at me and said, shit your one hot little number, you know that don’t you? I just smiled pushed my breasts out and said, you like? Tim smiled back and said, I like a lot. I then asked, is that my surprise in your hand? Tim smiled and replied oh yes it is, and your going to love this as he got in bed with me.He then pulled out two short pieces of rope, followed by this black satin like bag thing. I looked at him and asked what is your plan for that stuff mister? He just smiled and said play along with me, and again said your going to love this. Tim then tied both my hands with the ropes a proceeded to tie the other ends of the ropes to each headboard post. This left me flat on my back with both arms tied above my head. Tim smiled and said now I have you right were I want you to be, as he reached down and squeezed both my breasts. I moaned out my joy, mmmmmm this is new.Tim then got up next to my upper body with this little black bag in hand. I still wasn’t sure what this was or what he planed to do with it. But I soon found out! He then said that he was going to slip this bag over my head. It will be more or less like a blindfold. I was both surprised and turned on by this. I asked if I would be able to breathe with that over my head? Tim kissed me on the lips and said, oh yes you’ll be able to breathe just fine. You’ll just not be able to see a thing that I’m doing to you. All you’ll be able to do is enjoy what I’m going to do to you.This was so
mething totally new and I could feel myself getting wetter as Tim slipped that silk or satin bag over my head. The room went totally black and I was happy to find that I could breathe just fine through the bag. Tim kissed me through the bag and asked if I was okay? I replied I don’t know what your doing but I like it, yes I’m fine. Tim then got off the bed and I could hear him digging in the paper bag again. I asked, what are you doing? You’ll see, was the only reply I got.I could hear him fidgeting around with something but had no idea what. Soon Tim got back in bed and started kissing and sucking on my hard nipples right through my lace babydoll top. His fingers slipped down between my legs to the wet sheer crotch of my babydoll panties. My hips rocked up to his fingers as he ever so softly out lined my pussy lips with his fingertips. Next I felt Tim push my sexy little PJ’s up over my breasts. He then began taking turns sucking on one nipple then the other, as his fingers kept working on my pussy lips. I was getting hotter by the second and things were about to get hotter yet.Now softly rubbing my swollen clit through my wet panties Tim spoke. He said, now Nicole I would like you to play this out in your head. Your home alone in bed and I’m at work. You wake up to find yourself tied to the bed and someone is taking advantage of you against your will. It’s late at night and you can’t see a thing. You can’t see who it is and the only thing you know for sure is that it’s not your Husband. But it feels so good, you just let yourself go and let him have his way with you. Just then Tim gave my hard little clit a gentle squeezes through my sexy little panties that sent bolts of lighting through my body.I moaned MMMMMM YES, as I pushed my crotch up to his hand. My hips had a mind of their own as they started rocking up and down. I then moaned out, oh God please stop, my Husband will be home soon.God the mind is a great thing. In my mind right then and there I was in bed with a stranger man playing with my pussy. The kissing and sucking on my nipples were driving me out of my mind. The bag over the head thing was great. I could open my eyes and still see nothing. That made it seem even more real and I knew I was going to have an orgasm very soon.Next I felt Tim pull the crotch of my little black sheer panties to the side. Then one or two fingertips started sliding up and down my hot wet pussy slit. Each time rolling my clit around before sliding back down again. Oh God if felt so good. Like a strange man was about to make me cum.Pumping and humping my hips up off the bed I moaned, OH GOD PLEASE STOP. PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME CUM, OH GOD ONLY MY HUSBAND IS ALLOWED TO MAKE ME CUM! OH PLEASE STOP I CAN’T STAND IT, as my hips started working faster.Then it was just a matter of minutes and it happened. Tim sank two or three fingers deep inside my pussy and was rolling my clit around with his thumb. I pushed up to his hand and yelled out, OH YESSSSSSS, OH GODDDDDDDD I’M CUMMMMMMMMING. My ass had to be off the bed a foot as I pushed up to his hand. I was shaking all over as my orgasm went through my body. And all this time I was cumming I was thinking that another man had made me cum.Once my orgasm ended I fell back on the bed exhausted trying to catch my breath. Tim got up off the bed and I could hear him in the paper bag again. I just laid there not knowing what was coming next. I was hopping that my yelling hadn’t woken up the k**s.I felt Tim get back in bed and move down between my legs. I jumped when I felt his finger hook in the waistband of my sexy little panties. Not a word was said as my panties went slowly down my legs. Once they were off Tim spread my legs as wide as they would go. I knew what was coming next and couldn’t wait to feel his hard cock slip inside me.I about jumped out of my skin when I felt some cold liquid land right on my hot clit and run down my pussy slit. I said what is that? But Tim never said a word as he was trying to keep the game going that a stranger was having his way with me. Tim then started rubbing the liquid all over my pussy lips and clit. That’s when I realized that it was some kind of oil or KY Jelly.Once he had my all ready hot and wet pussy lubed up to his liking I felt him moving up over the top of me. He then took his time at sucking on my super hard nipples. I was so horny and ready to be fucked I started pumping my hips up in the air hoping his cock would slip inside me. Then I felt something cold and firm hit my pussy lips. What the hell is that, I’m thinking?What ever it was Tim took it in his hand and started rubbing up and down my slit. Taking time to rub little circles around my clit. It felt kind of soft yet firm at the same time. After a few minutes of him rubbing this thing around my pussy my hips got a mind of their own again and started rocking up and down.Tim then lined it up to my hot little pussy hole. He gave a little push and it didn’t go anyplace. He then gave it a little harder push and my slick pussy hole opened up and started letting this thing inside me. He gave yet another push and my pussy opened up a little more. Then the next push, what ever it was slipped right in me about an inch or so. I moan our God what are you doing? It feels like you stuck a baseball bat in me!My pussy lips were hanging on to this thing as Tim started these slow short strokes. With each short stroke it went in a little deeper. It didn’t really hurt but it felt uncomfortable inside me. Slowly but surly he started going a little faster and deeper. I didn’t know what or how he was pumping this thing in me. But after about ten deep strokes it went from feeling uncomfortable to feeling good.I moaned out, OH GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME. Again my hips got a mind of their own and I started pumping up to what ever was filling me up. It didn’t take long before this thing was sliding in and out of me like a freight train. I had know idea what I was getting fucked with but I do know I started loving it. I had never had anything so big and deep in my pussy before. I hooked my legs around Tim’s back and moan out, OH GOD YESSSSSSS. OHHHHHHH YESSSSSSS. OH GOD FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEE. MY HUSBAND HAS NEVER FUCKED ME THIS GOOD. Tim then hooked my legs over his shoulders and went back to filling my now super wet pussy full.I was totally out of my mind by now. All I new is that I was well on the way to my second orgasm of the night. k**s sleeping or not I started yelling, OH YESSSSSSS FUCK MEEEEEE FUCK ME HARDDDDDDD. I could not believe how good this felt. My Husband was gone now and I was fucking my dream man. My pussy was on fire. I’d never been fucked like this in my life. Tim knew I was well into this also as I moaned out, OH GOD MY HUSBAND HAS A SMALL COCK, GOD YOURS FEELS SO GOODDDDD.About ten more strokes and I blew. OH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSS. OH GOD I’M CUMMMMMMMMM.As I was cumming Tim pushed deep inside me and moaned ısparta escort out mmmmmmmmmm. It’s so great when we both come together. Once our orgasms came to an end Tim kind of fell on top of me. After a minute of rest I felt the big thing start slowly pulling out of me. It made a loud suction sound as it popped out of my wet pussy. Then Tim fell down on the bed next to me. He then said, so your husband has never fucked you that good? I moaned God no, that was out of this world. You better get out of here before he gets home.Tim gave each of my still hard nipples a big kiss then started removing the ropes. With both arms free I pulled the silk bag off so I could see that I had just been fucked with. My mouth fell open and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I focused my eyes on the biggest black cock that I have ever seen in my life. It was all wet and shinny with my pussy juice all over it. The funny thing was that it was strapped on to Tim with straps around his waist. It had to be a foot long and as big around as a beer can. It had veins and everything. It looked just like a real black mans cock. It was so big that Tim’s cock fit right inside of it. I smiled and said my God, that big thing fit in me? Tim smiled back and sai
d, yes it did. And you really seemed to have enjoyed it! Curling up next to him I moaned mmmmmm yes I loved it as I reached down and took that slick monster in my hand and started stroking it up and down. I kissed Tim as I was still stroking it and asked him if black guys really have cocks this big? He smiled and said, yep they sure do. Do you think you would like to try a real one sometime? I was getting myself all horny again as I said mmmmmm a real black guy. Mmmmmm I don’t know, it sounds really good right now. As I was moving over the top of Tim I kissed him and said that maybe I should try this again. Tim smiled up at me and said oh no, I’ve turned my little wife into a big cock lover. As I reached down between my legs to grab hold of it and line it up to my pussy hole I said, no, a big black cock lover. I slowly started sitting down on this black monster. I was so wet that this time the head of it slipped right inside me. I started bobbing up and down on it short strokes, maybe three inches or so. Tim went to work on my super hard nipples as I kept letting more and more of this big cock fill me up.It wasn’t but about two minutes before I was sitting all the way down on Tim with my pussy full of this big black cock. Tim was smiling from ear to ear as he laid there and watch me start rocking on it. Never in my life had I dreamed of having sex with a black man. I had a feeling that was all going to change tonight.I bent way over so Tim could enjoy sucking on my hard nipples as I began a nice speed of fucking. Looking down between my breasts I could see that big black cock moving in and out of my pussy. My pussy lips were ever so tight around it. The more I rocked up and down the better it felt.Soon I was fucking Tim and his black cock at full speed. He was squeezing and playing with both my breasts as I was riding that cock like I’ve never done in my life. Oh God it felt so good. In all my years of marriage I think I would have to say that this was the best night I’d ever had. I could feel another orgasm starting to boil deep inside my body.Tim got a big smile on his face as I pushed all the way down on it and moaned out OH GODDDDDDD, I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMING. My body shook all over as I had that great orgasm with that big cock deep inside of me. In my mind I was having a killer orgasm with a black man, my first black man!Once my orgasm ended I collapsed on my back next to Tim. Tim looked over at me and asked, Well? I kissed him and replied that was wild, thank you. He then said, I knew you would like this. Now I’ll take my turn at fucking my wife after a big black cock has just fuck her.Tim then pulled on the straps and started removing the big black cock. When he pulled his still hard cock out of the inside of the black one it was followed by a big load of his sperm that he had shot inside of it. He didn’t even take the time to clean it up. He just moved over the top of me and sank his hard cock deep inside of me. I moaned out mmmmmmmm as I hooked my legs around his back and welcomed my third hard cock of the night.Still playing the game Tim said, mmmmmm feels like you have just been fucked before I got home. I said, oh no, I’ve been home alone all night waiting on you. Tim moaned again, mmmmmm God you’re so wet and juicy, it feels just like a hot well fucked pussy. Are you sure you didn’t just let someone fuck you? Kissing him now I broke the kiss and said nope, been here alone all night.After ten or fifteen more deep strokes Tim moaned out, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh God I’m cumming. He pushed as deep into me as he could and started pumping his red-hot sperm deep inside my super hot and wet pussy. I could feel his cock jerking as he shot more and more cum into me. Once I milked the last drop of his sperm out he collapsed next to me.After some kissing and hugging Tim about floored me. You liked that didn’t you, he asked? My reply was, yes I did that was great. Ya think we should find another guy to bring into the bedroom for you to have for real? In shock I said hell no, I would never let another man fuck me. I can’t believe you would even ask me that. Tim knew that I was not taking this well as he said I was just thinking I would like to try something new. I replied, something new with you is fine, but never with another person, get that out of your head right now mister.Well about three days later Tim asked me if I felt like playing a little tied-up in bed game again tonight?I was all for it as I kissed him and said I would love to. Tim then pulled a new little pair of white sheer see-through bikini panties out of his pocket and handed them to me. Holding the little panties up I smiled and asked if this was the only thing I was to wear tonight? Tim said yes and that he had another surprise for me.What is it I asked? Tim replied you’d get to see that later on. Now lets play it out tonight that you’re in bed waiting for me to get home. You’re in bed dressed in just these sexy little panties lying on your belly. Some guy busts in the bedroom and puts the sack over your head before you can see who it is. He then ties you up and ****s you. Are you game? I smiled and said sounds sexy to me. Let me go check on the k**s and make sure they are asleep. Then I’ll meet my r****t in the bedroom.After checking on the k**s I made my way to our bedroom. I stripped off my clothes and slipped on my sexy new little panties. I knew in the back of my mind that I was going to be getting that big black cock again. I was so horny as I got in bed laying face down. After a minute or so I ran my right hand down inside my panties to a very hot and wet pussy. As I was rolling my hard wet clit around I was hopping that Tim would get in here a **** me before I get myself off.Just as I was getting near an orgasm the bedroom door busted open. Before I could turn to see who entered Tim slipped that silk bag over my head and the room went dark. I was next rolled over on my back and my hands tied over my head. The game had begun, I pleaded, please don’t hurt me. Please let me go my husband will be home any time. Tim didn’t say a word as he started sucking and kissing my hard nipples.As he was kissing my nipples his fingers made their way down to my wet crotch. I knew he could feel how wet I was right through my panties. As his fingers were working on my pussy through my panties I moaned mmmmmm God don’t touch me there. He didn’t stop; next he pulled the crotch of my sexy little panties to the side and sank a few fingers deep inside me. I moaned again mmmmmm please stop I’m married as my hips rocked up to his fingers.As Tim was fingering me I felt him move down between my legs. I jumped when I felt his lips close around my hard little clit and suck on it. His tongue was rolling my clit around as he sucked it hard into his mouth and continued finger fucking me. I moaned out loud oh God please stop, only my husband has done that to me!Tim kept sucking and fingering me until I couldn’t take it any more. I yelled out OH GOD STOPPPPPPP. My orgasm hit like a ton of bricks. Pulling on the ropes I pushed up to Tim’s hot tongue and moaned out very loud OH YESSSSSSS I’MMMM CUMMMMMMMMING, OH GOD DON’T STOPPPPPPP.This orgasm was so intense I about passed out. Once it ended Tim gave my hard nipples a kiss as he got off the bed.I could hear him doing something and I was sure he was strapping on that big black cock again. Working my hips up and down in the air I moaned out please leave me alone, my husband will be home very soon. Please don’t fuck me Just as I got them words out Tim got back in bed between my legs. As he kissed my hard nipples he pulled my crotch aside again I then felt something sliding up and down my wet pussy slit. I’m thinking, now what the hell is this, it doesn’t feel like the black cock did?Tim lined it up to my wet little pussy hole and gave it a push. My pussy opened up and welcomed what ever it was Tim was pushing into me. It was warm and felt like a real cock sinking inside me. I moaned mmmmmm no, no please don’t fuck me, as I rolled my hips up to get more of this cock inside me. Tim was working this th
ing in and out very slow. He kept pushing more and more inside me until I knew this wasn’t his cock. It was about the same size around but much, much longer.Deeper and faster Tim started fucking me. Oh my God I hooked my legs around his back and started fucking him back as fast as he was fucking me. God this long cock felt so good sinking deep inside of me. Whoever said size doesn’t matter, had to have been a male. All at once this cock hit bottom and hurt. It must have hit my cervix because it would hurt each time he pushed all the way inside me. I moaned oh God not so deep it hurts. So Tim didn’t slow down his strokes he just stopped pushing so deep inside me.After a very short time a great big orgasm went right through my body. I moaned out oh God no, I’m going to cum with you. I can’t cum with you, please stop I’m married. Tim kept driving that cock in me and my tune soon changed to, OH GOD YESSSSSSSSS, YESSSS YESSSSS I’M CUMMMMMMMING.In my mind right then I was cumming with this out of sight looking guy who was fucking me. I had a face on him and his cock was twice the size of my husbands. I just couldn’t stop cumming as Tim was running that cock in and out of me very slow. Once my orgasm came to an end Tim pulled that long thing out of me and fell down next to me.As he pulled the sack off my head he squeezed my right breast and kissed me. Looking down at me he said I think you enjoyed getting fucked by another man didn’t you? Smiling back at him I said, oh God Tim I’ve never cum like that before, God it was good.I then looked down to see what I had just been fucked with. It was another strap on cock but this one was white and over a foot long. It wasn’t as big around as the black one. I took it in my hand and couldn’t believe how real it felt. Tim’s cock didn’t fit inside this one, it was kind of right under it. Tim’s cock was as hard as a rock and less than half the size of the strap on one. Tim pulled the straps and this toy cock fell on the bed. He then moved up over me and between my legs. Tim said that he couldn’t wait to fuck my just fucked pussy! Having said that Tim sank his hard cock right into my wet pussy. Now getting into our roll playing Tim asked me, did some guy just fuck you before I got home? I moaned yes he did, I’m sorry I couldn’t stop him, he ****d me. Did he make you cum he asked? Oh yesss two times, I came with him two times. Tim was picking up speed now as his hard cock sank deeper and deeper inside me. Did his cock feel good inside you? Oh God yes I moaned, he was so big I couldn’t help myself, I fucked him back. Did he cum inside you? Oh yes I replied, he filled me full of hot cock and hot cum. That was all Tim could take. My dirty sexy talk pushed him over the top. He moaned in my ear, oh your just fucked pussy feels so good. Oh God I’m cumming. Tim pushed deep into me as he could and started filling me up with his hot sperm. I did my best to milk every last drop of cum out of him before he collapsed next to me.I then picked up the toy cock and ask him, were in the heck are you getting these things at? Tim smiled and said at the bookstore slash fuck shop downtown. How many did you get I asked? Tim laughed and said I shelled out some big bucks for these fucking things. The strap thing comes with 15 cocks that all fit on with a twist. In shock I said 15 toy cocks, are you k**ding me? Smiling Tim said; nope I’m not k**ding. You’re going to get to try 15 different cocks in your hot little pussy. You seemed to have loved the first two, so I’m sure you’ll love the rest of them. I kissed him and said my God I hope I can handle all these cocks.Well over the next month or so I had every size cock you could think of fucking me at one time or another.I was really getting into the being ****d thing. Anytime the k**s were not around the sack would go over my head making my word black. I would be pushed, pulled or carried to the bedroom and fucked silly. Each time I played it out that I was getting fucked by someone other than my husband. Tim was loving this as much as I was.I got to liking this so much that I would even have a little playtime with myself once Tim was off to work and the k**s in school. I would get in bed and lube my pussy all up. I would fuck myself to two or three orgasms. Sometimes I would fuck myself with one cock then use another one and play out in my head that I was getting it on with two guys. This soon turned into a daily thing for me. I never told Tim about my daytime affair with these toy cocks. In my mind I was getting fucked by some friends, old boy friends our black mailman, you name it and I was fucking them. A persons mind is wide open for anything and trust me I was fucking a lot of guys in my mind and loving it.This one weekend my Sister had the k**s so Tim and I made a date with each other for dinner and dancing. Tim asked me to dress as sexy as I could for our night out. He then gave me a kiss and said maybe you’ll even get ****d tonight. I kissed him back and said mmmmmm sounds good to me. I then proceeded to the bathroom to shower.Tim loves for me to wear garter belts and stockings. So this was my plan for tonight. After a hot shower dressed in just my robe I sat down at my dressing table and did my hair and make-up. Once I was happy with this I dropped my robe on the bed and put on a sexy little lace purple strapless front closure bra. It pushed my 34b breasts up just right and just did cover my nipples. Next I put on my sexy little matching garter belt. I then started to roll on a pair of black stockings but then seen my black fishnets. That’s the ticket, Tim loves when I wear fishnets. I rolled both stockings up my legs and hooked escort ısparta them onto the garter straps. I then stepped into my sexy little lace front, sheer back matching purple panties.As I was picking out a dress I looked at myself in the mirror. If I say so myself I was looking very sexy in my sexy little under-things. I just knew Tim was going to go wild once he seen me. I picked out this sexy little black slip-dress. It’s silky stretch velvet that flares out and ends just above the knee. If I sat down it just covered my stocking tops. Last I slipped on a pair of black sling back closed toe pumps. Before leaving the bedroom I checked myself out one more time in the mirror. I remember thinking, God I hope I don’t get ****d for real tonight, maybe I look a little too sexy. Then thinking, ah, Tim will protect me.I walked into the living room right between Tim and the TV. His mouth fell open as he eyed me from head to toe. The first thing out of his mouth was fuck me, do you ever look hot tonight. Then he said come here lover. I walked up in front of him and asked him if he liked my outfit? As his hands went up my legs under my dress he said, fucken A, I like your outfit. His hands went all the way up and cupped my panty-covered ass. He then raised the hem of my dress up and moaned, oh fuck are you ever going to get it tonight. Maybe we should just stay home and get started now? I backed away from him and said no-way. Dinner and dancing first, then its play time. Tim jumped up and said okay, let’s get going and grabbed his car keys.We had a very nice dinner in a dark booth. Tim couldn’t keep his hands out from under my dress. By the time we got the check Tim had my panties soaking wet. He just about talked me into getting into the backseat of the car for a quickie on the way to the dance club. I told him, that he could wait until we get home, he would have me all messed up. He wasn’t too happy about it but we drove on to the club. All the way there he kept pulling the crotch of my panties to the side fingering me. I too was about ready to fuck by the time we got to the bar.As we walked in I was enjoying all the looks I was getting from all the men in the place. Tim whispered in my ear, I think every guy in here would like to fuck you tonight. I hit him and said stop it, they do not. But I could see the looks of lust I was getting from these men. We worked our way through the bar up to a table near the dance floor.After a few hours of drinking an
d dancing I was feeling no pain at all. I was drinking screwdrivers and the drinks were going right to my head. Tim and I danced both fast and slow dances. All at once out of the blue one of Tim’s friends from work, Jerry came and joined us at our table. As he was talking to Tim his eyes kept moving up and down my sexy outfit. I was even starting to feel a little uncomfortable at the way he was undressing me with his eyes. But after a few more screwdrivers I went from uncomfortable to very comfortable with Jerry. Tim and Jerry started taking turns dancing with me. We were all laughing and having a great time together.At one point I was dancing a slow dance with Jerry. He told me that I looked very sexy tonight and that Tim was very lucky to have a hot sexy lady like me waiting at home for him. I thanked him and we danced on. Before the dance ended Jerry managed to drop his hands down to my ass. He started squeezing my ass cheeks and moaned in my ear, God you know you have a nice ass don’t you? I turned us around so Tim couldn’t see where Jerry’s hands were and just said thank you again.I was glad when the song ended. As bad as I hate to admit it, I was starting to get very horny dancing with Jerry. I felt his hard cock pushing against tummy. I also could feel that my sexy little purple panties were getting very wet. Up until this time Tim was the only one to make me wet like this. It must have been all the drinks and the fact the Jerry was the first and only other man to touch me in this way in over 12 years.Maybe ten minutes later the lights came on and it was closing time. As I was getting up from my seat I saw Jerry looking down at my legs. I looked down to see that my dress had ridden up very high. My stocking tops, bare legs and sexy little purple panties were totally exposed for him to view. I quickly pulled the hem of my dress down and stood up. Tim was just out of ear shot when Jerry said to me, shit girl friend them are some sexy little panties you got on there. I sure would like to get inside them for an hour or so! I just smiled and didn’t respond to his comment.We said our good-byes out on the sidewalk in front of the club. Jerry gave me a hug and thanked me for all the dances. We got in the car to head home. All of a sudden Tim said, oh shit I forgot to tell Jerry about the meeting Monday, I’ll be right back. Having said that Tim jumped out of the car and ran over to Jerry’s car. After a few minutes he was back and we were on our way home.As we drove along Tim asked me if I had fun tonight? Oh yes I had a blast I replied. And Jerry was a lot of fun; he sure likes to dance. Tim smiled and said, I think he would have liked to taken you home with him and fucked you all night. Just from the way he kept eyeing you! I looked at him and said no way was he thinking that, he’s a gentleman. Tim laughed and said gentlemen or not, he was looking to fuck you tonight. Then he looked at me and asked, do you think he would be a good fuck? I don’t know is all I said but I was thinking I bet he is.Just before we got to our house Tim said why don’t he play our little **** game tonight and you act like its Jerry r****g you. I got a big smile on my face and replied, mmmm I could maybe do that if you like. I was thinking how good Jerry’s hard cock felt rubbing on my belly and knew this would be an easy game to play out in my head. Once we pulled in the drive Tim told me to hang around in the kitchen and he would sneak up on me and bag me. Before getting out of the car I gave him a kiss and said, mmmm this is going to be fun.Once in the house I was so horny I couldn’t wait for Tim to grab me. I ran my hand up my leg to my super wet crotch. Oh God had Jerry ever turned me on tonight. As I rolled my hard little clit around I moaned, oh God girl, your so bad, get all turned on by another man. I had just slipped one finger inside my panties and all went black. The bag was over my head and I couldn’t see a thing. So I started the game right away as Tim was pulling me down the hall to our bedroom. I acted like I was trying to get away as I said Jerry what in the hell are you doing; Tim will be home soon? Again Tim never said a word as he walked me into our bedroom.Now in the bedroom I felt the side zipper of my little dress going down. It fell to my feet and I stepped out of it. Just dressed in my sexy little purple underwear Tim walked me over to the bed as he was squeezing my panty-covered ass. Again I started acting, Jerry stop it, we can’t do this, you shouldn’t be seeing me like this! Then Tim turned me around and pushed me down onto the bed on my back. Next one hand at a time he tied them to the ropes that were tied to the headboard. I was now his to enjoy and couldn’t wait for him to get started.Tim got in bed and spread my legs wide open and started kissing the insides of my fishnet covered legs. As he was kissing my legs his hands went to work on playing with my breasts through my bra. I could feel my nipples getting harder and my hot pussy getting wetter as he kissed his way up my legs. As Tim got up to the bare skin above my stockings I moaned out, oh God Jerry stop; please stop Tim’s going to be home soon. I moaned out loud again when I felt Tim mouth close on my pussy right through my little purple lace panties. He was sucking on my pussy lips right through the lace. I moaned oh God Jerryyyyyyy oh fuck that feels so good please stop.Well stop he didn’t. He got the front hook of my bra open and set my breasts free. His fingers were rolling my hard nipples around as he continued sucking and licking my wet pussy right through the crotch of my little panties. I could feel my orgasm starting as I moaned out oh Jerry stop please stop your going to make me cum. This made him suck and lick me harder driving me out of my mind.In just seconds I yelled out, OH YESSSSSS I’M CUMMMMMMMMMING as I rocked my hips up to Tim’s sucking mouth. Oh God that orgasm felt so good going through me. Once this orgasm ended I was trying to catch my breath and moaned oh God did that ever feel good. Tim didn’t say a word as he hooked is finger into my little panties and started them down my legs. I raised my ass up to make it easier for him. Once my panties were removed I couldn’t what to feel which cock he was going to slip into me.Just when I was thinking Tim was going to slip one of his strap on cocks inside me I felt his tongue run right up my slit. I jumped and moaned mmmm yes. That is when Tim did something to me that he had never done before. He pulled my pussy lips wide open as far as they would go. Then he went to work on just my hard little clitoris. He was sucking it biting it and rolling it around with his tongue. Never in all our years of marriage has he ever eaten my pussy in the way that he was now. Oh my God I was loving it. Right back to my roll playing I moaned out, OH GODDDDDD JERRY, EAT MEEEEEEE OH YESSSSSS EAT MEEEEEE. Fuck my husband, this feels too good to stop.I couldn’t believe it but his sucking was going to have me cumming again very soon. My legs were flopping around, as was the rest of my body. I couldn’t stop yelling for him not to stop eating me. My fantasy was going wild now. In my mind it was Jerry eating me and I was just about to cum the second time thinking of this man I had been dancing with. Tim was totally out of the picture now. I yelled out OH GOD JERRY DON’T STOPPPPPPP OH YESSSSSSSS MAKE ME CUM OH YESSSSSSS MAKE ME CUM AGAIN!!!!!!My body got fiery hot as my second orgasm started through me. I yelled out OHHHHHH JERRY I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMING as I held my ass up off the bed with my pussy tight to Tim’s mouth. Tim was sucking on my clit as hard as he could, as I was cumming, and he was still holding my pussy lips wild open. I didn’t know I could cum as hard as I was cumming right then. I got the feeling that I was going to pass out I came so hard.But I didn’t pass out. After my orgasm ended I fell back on the bed panting like a dog. Still roll playing I said oh God Jerry that was great. Please hurry up and fuck me before Tim gets home, God I need it bad I’m so horny. And I was
, my pussy was so wet and in need of a cock I couldn’t stand it. Tim gave my pussy one more kiss as he was moving around on the bed. Then he hooked my legs over his shoulders and pushed them back until my legs were just about touching my breasts. I next felt the rubbery head of a cock sliding up and down my slit getting covered with my wetness. I moaned oh God Jerry fuck me, fuck me good as I pushed my hips up to him hoping it would slip in.I didn’t have to wait long. Tim lined it up to my hot and wet little pussy hole and pushed forward. The head popped right inside me as I moaned mmmmmm yes oh yesss fuck me Jerry. Tim started working that hot cock inside me. Short and slow pumps each time going in a little deeper. Before long he had it as deep inside me as it would go. It felt like it was eight or nine inches long. Then he would slowly pull it back out until it popped all the way out of me. And then again sink it slowly all the way inside me. This slow fucking was driving me nuts. I was pumping my hips up to him and moaning out very loud, MMMMMM YES FASTER OH YESSSSSS OH GOD JERRY YOUR COCK FEELS SO GOOD.Tim must have liked me begging for it because he just kept up this slow and deep fucking. I was about to go out of my mind as I started begging for him to fuck me faster. I moaned out oh God Jerry fuck me fuck me good before Tim gets home as I was humping my wet pussy up to his hard cock. Deep inside my body I could feel yet another orgasm starting to build. I moaned out oh God Jerry don’t stop please oh yes make me cum again yes, yesssssssss. As I started humping up to his hard cock even faster. Never had sex felt as good as it was right then.Finally Tim started fucking me faster with long deep strokes. This was what I needed as I moaned out oh God Jerry that’s it, yesssssss fuck me fuck me hard!!! His speed kept getting faster as my third orgasm grew nearer. The faster Tim pumped into me the better it felt. My little pussy was running over with pussy juice as he pounded down into me. I was so near totally orgasm as I yelled OH GODDDDDD FUCK MEEEEE JERRY PLEASE PLEASEEEE DON’T STOP.As my orgasm exploded I was yelling out again, OHHHH JERRYYYYYY I’MMMM CUMMMMMING OH GOD YESSSSSSS THAT FEELS SO GOODDDDDDDDDD! At that time Tim pushed as deep in my hot pussy as he could. It kind of felt like the rubber cock was cumming inside me. I could feel it flex and jerk just like Tim’s does when he’s cumming inside me. So I took this feeling in my pussy and added it to our little game. I pushed up to Tim and moaned oh God Jerry don’t cum in me, I’m not on the pill.Panting and lying there in the dark Tim pulled out of me and got off the bed. I dropped my legs down still spread wide open. I could feel my pussy juices running out of my pussy down over my ass hole and onto the bed. God I have never been this wet before after sex, but then again I’ve never come like I just did before. I moaned out oh Jerry that felt so good but you best get out of here before Tim gets home and finds us like this. Then without saying a word Tim started playing with my still hard clit. He sank a few fingers inside my hot pussy then rubbed my pussy juice all around my clit. I moaned oh God Jerry what are you doing? You better stop or you’ll have me cumming again.Well Tim didn’t stop he just kept on play with my clit, making me hotter and hotter all the time. I don’t know how many times a girl can cum in a night but I was soon well on my way to my fourth. Still playing this game in my head I moaned Jerry please stop please don’t make me cum again, as my hips started working up and down to his fingers. Tim is going to come home and find us like this, please stop.Just seconds away from my fourth orgasm Tim stopped play with my clit leaving me high and dry, well not dry. My hips were pumping into the air as I moaned oh God Jerry what as you doing? Touch me, play with me, make me cum don’t leave me like this, as I was pumping up into the air trying to make myself cum. I then felt Tim move over the top of me and between my wide spread legs. Now I knew what was happening, Jerry was going to fuck me twice before the bag came off my head and Tim got home. Mmmmm I was all for this as I felt Tim lining the rubber cock up to my hot and wet pussy hole. The nice thing about Tim’s toy cocks, they are always ready to go in a time of need. And this was a time of need, I needed to cum again and fast.As Tim ısparta escort bayan sank that hard cock back into me I moaned ohhhh Godddd Jerry that feels so gooooooood. Tim pushed all the way inside me with his first stroke. I think he was using the same cock as the first time but it felt so much better this time. Maybe it was the fact that I was so wet now that made it feel so much better. Whatever it was I just hoped that it would never end. In my mind again it was Jerry who was sliding his hard meat back into me. I hooked my legs around his back to pull him deeper inside me. Oh my God this felt so good as he stated a nice fast pace of fucking me.I started humming my ass up off the bed as I moaned mmmmmm Jerry, God this feels so good, Tim has never fucked me like this. Tim then grabbed my ass and pulled me up tight on this rubber cock. His speed kept getting faster and faster. I couldn’t believe how wet I was and the sounds my pussy was making. The wet suction sounds of our love making filled the room.I soon was yelling out that I was cumming again. OH GOD YESSSSSSSSSSS. As I held my ass up off the bed pushing up to Tim. OH YESSSSS JERRY I’M CUMMINGGGGGGG. Then with just a few more strokes Tim pushed deep inside me. He let out this funny sounding grown and that rubber cock started pulsing deep inside me. I started work my wet pussy lips up and down that rubber cock as if I was milking all the cum out.I dropped my ass back down on the bed as Tim slowly pulled that cock out of me. Once he was all the way out I could feel more of my juices running out of me. I felt Tim get off the bed and start doing something at the foot of the bed. I was sure he was removing his toy cock. He then opened and shut our bedroom door, like he was just coming in. Then he finally spoke for the first time, but still playing our little game.Nicole what’s going on here, why are you tied up like this, as he got in bed? I’m a good actor, I replied oh God Tim, Jerry just ****d me, and he just left before you got here. All at once the room got bright as Tim pulled the bag off my head. I saw that he was nude with a big hard-on. I didn’t see which rubber cock he’d used on me. He must have put it away wail he was messing around at the foot of the bed. Tim kissed me and said, did he hurt you? As he was untying my hands. Tim then started playing with my still hard nipples and asked what Jerry did to me?I moaned oh God Tim he ate me then he fucked me. Tim sucked one of my nipples in to his month and then asked me if Jerry had made me cum? As he kissed my other nipple I moaned mmmm yes he made me cum 4 times. Tim then slid his hand down my body very slowly. Once his fingers made their way down to my hot and wet pussy he sank two or three fingers right inside me. I moaned mmmm and rocked my pussy up to his fingers. Still working on my nipples with his mouth Tim moaned mmmm shit your so wet, he came in you didn’t he? I moaned mmmm yesssssss two times, as I humped my pussy on his fingers a little faster.Tim then said fuck I’ve got to have some of this. He then move between my legs and lined his hard cock right up to my sloppy wet pussy hole. Then in one fast move he sank his hard cock all the way inside me.I pushed up to meet him as he moaned in my ear, oh God your pussy feels so good. He pulled back out maybe and inch then pushed back inside me as hard as he could and moaned ohhhh fuck I’m cummingggg.I could not believe that he had came so fast. He didn’t even pump in me over two times. I did the best I could do with my slick wet pussy to milk the cum out of his hard cock. Tim then fell down on top of me with his soft cock still inside me and moaned oh God that felt so good. I kissed him and said it must have, I’ve never seen yo
u cum so fast before. Tim kissed me back and said I’m sorry baby it just got to me. What got to you, I asked? All of it got to me. The feeling of your pussy full of Jerry’s cum. The fact that he got you off four times. All of it, it just felt so good slipping my cock inside you. I kissed him and moaned, mmmm we may have to play this game again. I think I liked it as much as you did.Leaving his cock inside me Tim started asking me stuff about the night. Did Jerry hit on me at the bar and stuff like that? Also what turned me on so much about Jerry?I replied, well he was feeling up my ass on the dance floor. And as we slow danced I could feel his cock getting hard and pushing into my leg and lower belly. As I was telling Tim all the stuff that had turned me on, I could feel his cock getting hard inside me again. He then asked me what other things happened at the bar? Thinking a second I said oh yes, I gave him a nice view of my little purple panties and lace stocking tops as I was getting up from the table. And that one really turned me on that he knew what kind of panties I was wearing.Well when I told Tim that it also turned him on. His cock got as hard as a rock as he started pumping it into me. Kissing me Tim said so you really liked acting like it was Jerry inside you? Hooking my legs around his back I moaned, oh God yes, we need to play this one out again for sure.Tim was now pumping in me at full speed. He moaned in my ear, oh God baby your pussy is so wet, so hot, mmmmm. You can count on us playing this one out again. Then he moaned oh God I’m sorry love, I’m cumming again. He gave me one more hard deep push as his cock exploded deep inside me.Well this turned into our new weekend game. With the k**s away Tim would have me dress in sexy little outfits and sit around the house. Then out of the blue Tim would put the bag over my head and drag me into the bedroom for a wild night of sex. It seemed like each time that Jerry would be r****g me we played it out that he got me twice. I was hoping I would never run into Jerry out anyplace. I didn’t know if I could ever face him in real life again. He had been my dream lover for two months now.It got so bad that one night Tim even set up our camcorder in the bedroom and taped us going at it. I was yelling for Jerry to fuck me harder and faster. I didn’t care for this too much. Who know if that tape would ever get in the k**’s hands or what if someone broke into our home and took it? In any case I only let Tim tape us once. And he has never let me see how my first porno tape came out.Now the story takes a big turn. For the last two months I have missed my period each month. I went to the Doctor and found out that I was two months pregnant. I told her she couldn’t be right, that Tim had a vasectomy a few years ago. She said she was sorry but the entire tests are right, I’m going to be a Mother, again.I was mad as hell as I drove home. Once Tim got home I told him to get his ass on the phone to our attorney. We are going to sue his asshole Doctor that gave him the vasectomy. I’m fucking pregnant!Tim turned all white and sat down in the chair and said your what? I’m pregnant I yelled! Your fucking vasectomy didn’t work or something! Tim shook his head no and then about floored me. He said, are you sure it’s mine? I gave him a hate look then said fuck you, yes I know it’s yours, I’ve not been with anybody. How the fuck could you even say that to me? I started crying and went into the bathroom locking the door.After an hour or so I came out and went looking for Tim. He said he was sorry for saying what he said, that he was in shock or something. He was now in the living room in front of the TV. He put his arm around me and said that he loved me and we would get through this. I replied I just don’t understand how this could have happened.Tim said, well maybe this will help. He took the remote and turned on the TV. Then he hit play on the VCR. Up on the screen popped up what looked like a still shot of our bed in the bedroom? I asked, what is this? Tim said just wait a minute and you’ll see. All at once I came into view on the screen dressed in my little black bikini panties that had little white poke-a-dots on them. And my black lace push-up Victoria’s Secret bra. I had the silk bag over my head and Tim had just given me a push towards the bed. I turned and sat on the bed facing the camera. Then Tim moved in front of the camera and blocked all the view it had. The screen was all black as it was looking at his back.I looked at Tim and said I don’t think this is the time to be watching our home made movie? Tim looked and me and said, yes I think it’s time you seen this.Just then Tim moved from in front of the camera and up to me on the bed. I then noticed that he was wearing boxers. He always wears jockeys, I looked at him and asked, where did you get them underpants? He looked at me, and then back at the TV before saying, just keep watching. I watched as he then pushed me back on the bed and tied each of my hands to the bedposts. Once my hands were tied Tim unhooked the front hook on my little bra and set my breasts free. I could see that my nipples were very hard and sticking right up has he took turns kissing and sucking on them. After he had worked on my nipples for some time he got off the bed and dropped his boxers. I still had a back and kind of dark view of what was going on. Tim then walked around to the other side of the bed. The lighting was better plus I had a front view. My mouth fell open, as I watched what I could not believe. It was not Tim in the boxers sucking on my nipples, it was Jerry. I had a full front view of him nude with a big hard-on in my bedroom. He next got in bed and started licking my pussy right through my little poke-a-dot panties. I about got sick as I heard myself moan out oh God Jerry we can’t do this Tim will be home soon. All the time I’m working my pussy up to his hot tongue. Next I watched as I raised my hips up off the bed to help Jerry remove my panties. I sat there with tears running down my cheeks as I watched myself have two orgasms with this man licking my pussy. I looked over at Tim and said, I fucken hate you. How could you do this to me?Tim looked at me and said, it looks like you were enjoying it to me. I looked back at the screen to see that Jerry was sliding his hard cock right inside me. I had my legs as wide as they would go and was begging him to fuck me before my husband got home. I looked back at Tim and said you fucker, I was thinking it was you. I started crying and said oh my God I came with him he made me come. Tim said I know that’s why I loved watch him fuck you. You seemed to like him more than me in bed. I was just making you happy. Plus he came also it wasn’t just you!Making me happy? Are you fucking nuts? I got his baby inside me! I’m married to you and have another mans baby inside me. How could you do this? Just then we could hear me yelling on the TV, OH YESSSSSS I’M CUMMMINGGGG, OH JERRY FUCK MEEEEEEE.I looked at Tim and asked how many times did he do it to me? He said well let me think about that. It was him that night after the bar. You know when you were showing off your panties to him. And it was him every weekend after that, Friday and Saturday nights! So I’m thinking maybe 14 or 15 times. I looked at him and said you’ve got to be k**ding me, that many times?Right then I could see that the camera was moving around the room, so I knew Tim was filming Jerry and I fucking. I was humping up to him like a wild woman as he was fucking me faster and faster. Just then I moaned out YES YESSSSS I’M CUMINGGGGGGGG OH YES CUM WITH YESSSSSSSSSS. I pushed up to Jerry as he pushed deep inside of me. We both started cumming at the same time. Tim zoomed the camera in on Jerry’s hard cock shoved deep inside my wet pussy. I could see his balls jerking as he was pumping me full of his hot sperm.After our orgasms ended Tim kept the camera zoomed in on my pussy. Slowly Jerry started pulling his still hard cock out of me. Once the head popped out it was followed by big globs of his cum l
eaking out of me. I looked at Tim and said you asshole, you knew I could get pregnant and you let him cum inside me? Tim looked at me and said I wasn’t planning on you getting pregnant. I just love the feeling of slipping my cock in you after Jerry filled you up. I’m sorry that things turned out as they did.Sorry, you’re sorry? Sorry don’t cut it Tim, I’m pregnant two months pregnant with Jerry’s baby. I have a person growing inside me. It’s way too late to be sorry. What the hell are we going to do? We are going to have to tell Jerry that I’m having his baby. You’re a fucken asshole, and then I started crying again.I looked up at the screen again and Jerry had my legs pushed back until they were just about hitting my breasts. He had his hard cock in his hand lining it up to my pussy slit. In one slow move Jerry sank all his cock inside me. Again Tim zoomed in on the penetration and you could see Jerry’s cum oozing out around my pussy lips and his cock. Then you hear me begging Jerry to fuck me before my husband gets home.I sat there a watched myself getting fucked again. I came two more times with Jerry. Then he pumped more of his hot sperm deep into me. And again after he came in me Tim zoomed in on my pussy to show all of Jerry’s cum running out of me. Then I saw Jerry get off the bed and started wiping his cock clean with my little poke-a-dot panties. For the first time that day I noticed how nice of a cock he had. It was soft now but it was as long as Tim’s is when he’s hard. Shit I could feel myself getting wet as I looked on at his meat.Next Tim put the camera down on the dresser still recording. He then shook Jerry’s hand and gave him a pat on the back as he went out the door. It looked as if he was saying, good job of fucking my wife.Tim then got in bed and pulled the sack off my head and untied me. He then started asking me if I liked Jerry’s big cock. I moaned mmmmm yes and I’m ready for some more. Tim fingered my pussy a few minutes then moved over the top of me. I sat there and watched the screen as my husband was running the head of his cock up and down my wet pussy slit. He did this until it was covered with the sperm that was running out of me. He moaned oh God you’re so wet as he slowly started pushing his cum covered cock inside me. I grabbed his ass trying to pull him as deep inside me as Jerry had just been, but it wasn’t going to happen.As always Tim didn’t last to long at all. In a matter of minutes he was moaning out that he was cumming. Then he added more cum to my over full pussy. Now I knew why I was so wet after he got done.Well on one hand I was mad and hurt that Tim would do this to me. But on the other hand, I was getting some of the best sex in the world. So this is more or less how the story ends. Tim and I worked it out between ourselves as to what we were going to do. This was our plan. I couldn’t kill the baby so was agreed that I would have the baby. We were not going to tell Jerry it was his. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. I agreed to keep on play the little **** thing with Jerry on the weekends up until I started showing.So Jerry still doesn’t know that I know he is the one really screwing me on the weekends. Tim just loves getting sloppy seconds and I love having orgasm after orgasm with Jerry.Our plan for now is that once I have the baby I’m going back on the pill if we continue this life style. And I sure hope we do.The End.

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