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One Family’s Awakening – Chapter 20
Continued from Chapter 19…

No sooner had Karen given her son a knowing wink than Linda, the school principal, walked up to her from behind and whispered something in her ear. Rick was giving her the once over and realized his gaze was longer than was appropriate for a high school dance chaperone and looked away. Karen nodded and smiled at Linda, then walked over to Rick. He was sipping on some nasty tasting punch, wishing some brave young guy had spiked it.

“We have been summoned to the principal’s office, young man. I think we must be in trouble. And if we aren’t yet, we soon could be. This is the reward I hinted at when I asked you to come with me.” Karen gave him that ‘you are about to get really fucked’ look that he had come to appreciate more than he ever thought possible. “She said to meet her at her office in 10 minutes. And if the past is any indication, you will be lucky if you can walk when she is done with us.”

Rick was doing his best to fight off a major erection and resorted to the standby approach of putting his hands in his pockets. Abby walked up to Karen and her dad to say hi and to let them know she was having more fun than she anticipated. Karen gave her the same knowing look she had just given Keith moments earlier.

“No doubt as to why that is,” Karen said. “Your inner thighs are shining like like you wet yourself, but I know better.”

Abby snickered and made some comment about them going to be wetter before the evening was over. She took Keith’s hand and they headed for the dance floor again.

Rick and Karen headed for the principal’s office, navigating the darkened hallways.

“A girl could get herself in trouble around here,” Rick noted with a somewhat sinister laugh.

“A couple of girls are about to do just that!” Karen said with enthusiasm. “And it is going to be all your doing.”

Linda’s door was ajar and a sliver of light indicated she was in her office as promised. Rick and Karen walked in and Karen made the introductions.

Linda looked Rick over with the same lustful gaze he had sent her way in the gym. She was sitting at her desk wearing a professional looking blouse that was unbuttoned far enough to reveal her ample cleavage and signal to them that she was wearing no bra. Rick was hard as steel and didn’t give a fuck who knew it at this point.

“So, Rick, can you multitask?” Linda asked, as if it were even an option.

“I can usually manage well enough,” he said with confidence. “I still can’t pat my head and rub my stomach at the same time, but otherwise I do pretty well.”

“Good,” said Linda, standing up. “Because I want you to eat my ass while you fuck Karen for the first round. She will be eating my pussy.” Linda was wearing only the blouse and her trademark spiked heels. The blouse came off as she was laying out the first act.

“Where exactly are we going to be doing this?” Rick asked.

“Right here on my desk. It doesn’t always look this clear. I made special arrangements just for you two.”

Karen was already undressed and laid back on Linda’s desk with her ass at the edge of the desk so that Rick could enter her standing up.

“Well,” pressed Linda, “get your clothes off, Rick. You are holding up the party.”

Rick collected himself after staring at Linda’s beautiful rack and quickly shed his clothes. His long stiff cock got Linda’s attention and she quickly wrapped both hands around his pole and cooed at his size. “I want more than just your tongue up my ass, baby, so make sure that you can not only multitask but also fuck and cum more than once. Are you up to the challenge?”

“You better fucking believe it!” Rick said as he grabbed her ass with both hands while she toyed with his nearly 11 inch cock.

“Hey, you two. Don’t forget about me lying here with my legs spread. You don’t want to get me pissed off with jealousy. It would not be a pretty sight.” Karen teased them as they engaged in their limited foreplay.

Linda climbed up on her desk and straddled Karen’s face. Rick watched for a moment as Karen started licking and tonguing Linda’s cunt. Linda started groaning with pleasure and Rick knew he could then plow his boner into Karen’s waiting pussy. Karen wrapped her legs around Rick’s waist and pulled him deeper into herself, whimpering herself as he reached full depth. Her sounds were muffled and distorted as she spoke her horny sounds into Linda’s pussy. Rick stroked in and out a few times and then leaned over and spread Linda’s ass cheeks and began rimming her asshole with his tongue. Linda had been waiting for this encounter for days and the built up arousal erupted shortly after his tongue began forcing its way into her asshole. Linda came hard and drenched Karen’s face with a massive amount of pussy juice. For a moment, Rick thought she had squirted. He paid little attention though. He had gotten into a rhythm of humping Karen’s pussy with his cock and tongue fucking Linda’s ass so that both were getting the full force of all he had to offer. Rick was focused on giving both of them the best he had to offer and it seemed to be working. Karen was just as horny as Linda, and within five minutes, she came hard on Rick’s cock, squeezing his shaft canlı bahis şirketleri with her pussy muscles to the point that he could barely push his cock in her. He finally stopped until she relaxed before he resumed his pumping action.

The pungent aroma of Linda’s ass and the unique taste of her asshole was getting Rick close to shooting his heavy load and he was doing the best he could to hold off a little longer. Linda deftly opened the top drawer of her desk and pulled out her favorite dildo when playing with Karen.

“Here,” she said, swiveling around now so that her ass was in Karen’s face. “Keep eating me a little while longer and fuck my ass with this while I watch Rick fuck you.”

Rick was grateful that he could focus on just fucking for a few minutes and it also gave him the chance to play with Linda’s heavenly tit mounds.

“I am guessing you are close to cumming, honey, so when you do, I want you to pull out and shoot your load on my tits. I love to watch a man cum and Karen says you make an impressive display when you pop.”

Rick was amazed at how easily Linda just took control of the activity and how willing he was to just go with her instructions. She was obviously used to getting her way and he was willing to let her have it now. Rick had never felt tits that big and that firm before – at least not ones that were all natural. Linda’s nipples were as hard as pebbles and she was licking her lips at the prospect of watching him cum.

Karen was in the throes of another orgasm when Rick could hold back no longer. He pulled his cock from Karen’s pussy and aimed at Linda’s waiting tits. The first shot hit Linda just below the neck and laced down over her right tit and ended at her nipple. The second shot landed on her left tit just above the nipple and ran to the inside in her cleavage. The first two shots were followed by two more, both to the inside of her tits. Linda leaned over and took his cock in her mouth to clean up the remaining cum as it dribbled from his cock head. She continued to suck his cock until he could not stand the pleasure-pain of the stimulation after cumming. He pulled from her mouth and stepped back. Linda paid little attention now because the ass fucking Karen was giving her along with the oral pleasure pushed Linda into her second orgasm and again she flooded Karen’s face with an abundance of pussy juice.

Karen stopped licking and ass fucking Linda and Linda collapsed on her, panting, and then began to eat Karen’s pussy while Rick watched.

“Okay, Karen. You do whatever turns you on. I want that big cock in my pussy now.” Linda was willing to give up some control over the party to get her pussy stuffed with Rick’s huge cock. Even Rick was amazed that he was still hard. Normally, he needed a little recovery time between fucking – at least 5-10 minutes on a good day. But this time, his cock was acting as if it was still waiting for its first pussy dive.

Karen scooted her head closer to the wall and instructed Linda to begin eating her and fucking her with the dildo while Rick demonstrated his abilities on Linda’s cunt. Linda inserted the dildo in Karen’s wet pussy and then began sucking on her clit like it was dessert. Karen’s eyes rolled back and she grabbed Linda by the hair and the back of her head and pulled her in as tight as she could. Linda was up for it and focused all of her attention on Karen’s pussy – that is until Rick plunged into her pussy with his big dick. Linda had to pause briefly and for a moment she was sure he actually fisting her. She looked between her legs and saw his balls banging against her ass and the base of his shaft as he pulled back each stroke. She closed her eyes and savored the sensations of having his log sliding in and out of her very wet and willing pussy. She then resumed her work on Karen’s pussy.

Rick’s cum was dripping off of Linda’s tits and onto Karen’s thighs, leaving a trail of white cum just to the inside of both knees. Linda’s nipples were rubbing against Karen’s thighs as she stroked her tongue up and down Karen’s pussy lips and alternating some tongue fucking in place of the dildo from time to time. Karen came hard on Linda’s face and then got up off the desk, removing the dildo from her pussy. She walked around Rick and moved in behind him.

“Ever have anything like this in your ass, sweetie?” Karen asked.

“No, but I guess there is a first time for everything if that turns you on. I am willing to give it a try if you are willing to stop if I ask you to.” Rick said, some what dubiously.

“Of course, darling. I promise to be gentle with you,” she said with a laugh.

There was no need for lube. The dildo had a coating of thick pussy lubrication all over it and Karen gently began sliding it into Rick’s asshole. Rick was surprised that he actually enjoyed the sensation as long as Karen took it easy. She began to match her strokes with his own as he continued to fuck Linda, who was still bent over the desk. Linda’s head was lying on the desk, her face looking toward the wall to her right, eyes closed and hands gripping the lip of the desk on each side as she began to feel an orgasm building deep in her belly. She knew this cum was tipobet güvenilir mi going to be a special one and she wanted to get the most out of it.

Karen was getting more and more turned on by the moment as she worked the dildo in and out of Rick’s ass. She had never understood why it turned her on to see a man’s ass penetrated by a dildo or a cock, but she realized she was fingering her pussy with her free hand while the other continued to ass fuck her date. Karen was the first of the three to cum as she fingered herself into a frenzied orgasm, never taking her eyes off of the toy ramming in and out of Rick’s asshole. She nearly fell to the floor, her cum was that intense.

Linda soon followed with her own orgasm that made her legs buckle, requiring Rick to hold her up by the hips. She let out loud shrieks and moans that made all of them a little concerned that someone would hear them. Her orgasm lasted for two or three minutes and actually consisted of two very intense orgasms followed by a series of smaller, less intense ones that left her in tears of joy and pleasure when they finally subsided.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck! I have never in my life cum that hard! Shit, that was sensational! Rick, when you cum, I want to watch you shoot it on Karen’s face. I want to see you cum again.”

Karen wasn’t so sure that was what she wanted. She didn’t want to mess up her makeup, but decided to go with the flow. She rationalized she could always slip out the back door if necessary. Rick was so worked up over the intensity of the women’s orgasms that he was pretty sure his second load would be close to that of his first. That was rarely the case, but he could almost feel the size of his load in his balls as he got closer to shooting another wad.

He pulled out and Linda hurriedly turned around to watch. Rick turned to face Karen who was now on her knees awaiting the jets of cum she knew would splatter her face any second. He stroked a few times and aimed at her mouth, knowing it would land anywhere but in her mouth. He was never that good at aiming his cum from several inches away. Rick’s expectations were not disappointed. His first jet of cum hit Karen at the hairline of her forehead and down over her nose and just under her left eye. The second shot hit her right cheek and ran down her jaw, looking like white paint running down a wall. A third and fourth jet actually landed on Karen’s lips and she licked her lips to taste the saltiness of his cum. Linda knelt down to join her and scooped his jizz from Karen’s face and tasted it as well.

Rick collapsed in a side chair and relaxed. For the first time in an hour, his cock was starting to go limp. He leaned back and watched as the women spent several minutes enjoying making out. They finally agreed it was time to freshen up and get back to the dance. They used Linda’s private restroom adjacent to her office to clean themselves up and assume their public appearances again. They took separate routes back to the gym and staggered their arrival times so as not to raise questions to anyone who might see them come back. Keith walked up to his mother with his own knowing smile.

“My guess is Linda wore you two out. Am I right?”

“Mind your manners!” Karen said with a smile and then nodded confirmation of his assumption.

“Good! While you were gone, Abby took advantage of me again. Everyone thinks we are just good, loose dancers. The reality is both of us are just barely able to walk.” Keith had a shit eating grin on his face and Karen did all she could to keep from cracking up with laughter.


Rick and Karen, followed soon after by Keith and Abby, arrived home from the dance around 10:30. When Keith and Abby walked in, Abby was the first to remove her clothes. She nearly started getting naked as soon as she walked in the door.

“I hope you two studs still have something left in the tank. I understand you both got drained twice tonight. I know about one of you two first hand. But I would hate for you guys to disappoint me after such a great evening.”

Keith was confident that there was more cum to be drained. Rick was not quite so sure, but he was not about to let anyone know of his doubts. Karen wasn’t so sure herself, but decided their first foursome to finish the night was an appropriate way to cap the evening. They all headed for the king bed in Karen’s bedroom, where Karen and Rick stripped down. Abby had that intense look in her eyes again – she had it almost all evening every time she looked at Keith – and she was not to be denied her intent to end the night on an orgasmic high.

“Keith, I have never seen you fuck your mother. Would you fuck her while I ride my dad for awhile?”

Keith shrugged as if it was totally fine with him and Karen nodded her approval as well.

Rick laid down on the bed next to Karen and Abby began sucking his cock to full erection. Keith was already hard again and positioned himself between his mother’s legs. Karen looked adoringly at her son as he began sliding his cock into that now familiar pussy. Since Abby had entered the picture, Karen and Keith had not been fucking each other as much. The same was true for Abby and tipobet giriş her dad.

Abby watched intently as Keith propped himself up on stiff arms and began stroking in and out of his mother’s pussy. Rick watched as well while fondling his daughter’s tits. Abby moved up and straddled her dad’s cock and sank herself down on his shaft until he was fully inside her. Abby rode her dad and reached over and played with Keith’s ass while he fucked his mother and Abby bobbed up and down on her dad’s cock. They all fucked slowly, just enjoying the pleasurable sensations of a good, slow fuck.

“Dad, I hear you had a new experience this evening and rather enjoyed it. Sounds hot. Would you care to demonstrate for me?” Abby looked at her dad playfully.

Rick blushed a bit, but before he could answer, Karen interjected.

“That sounds like a great idea. Keith has some experience as well, so if you are willing, you both could try the real thing.”

Rick momentarily felt trapped, but the idea had crossed his mind. Keith looked at Abby and Karen, then at Rick, then shrugged again like he had earlier at Abby’s suggestion that he fuck his mother for her.

“Come on, dad. Karen and I will play with each other while you and Keith show us your stuff!”

Abby dismounted her dad’s cock and Rick turned over to get on his hands and knees. “Keith, you go first. But stop if I ask you to. This is my first real cock.”

Keith felt a little self conscious, which struck him as funny since he had been in group fucks for several months now. But his hard cock was still ready for action and he moved in behind Rick. Karen handed him a bottle of lube and Keith lubed himself and Rick and began to push his cock gently into Rick’s asshole. Karen and Abby lay arm in arm with their heads lying at the foot of the bed to get a good view of the man on man action. Both agreed that the scene was intensely hot and they were fingering each other and playing with each other’s tits while the watched the show.

Abby was closest to Keith and reached up with one hand and played with his balls while he ass fucked Rick. Karen laid on top of Abby and reached over to stroke Rick’s cock slowly as he took Keith up the ass. Rick was again surprised at how much he was actually enjoying having his ass invaded by a hard shaft. Karen went down on Abby and began sucking on her clit and licking her pussy. She could taste the mixture of Abby’s pussy and Keith’s cum from earlier in the evening and it made her aroused as if she had not been fucked in a month.

Abby wrapped her legs around Karen’s head and came hard on Karen’s face as she continued to watch the men fucking. Keith was close to cumming and made sure Rick knew.

“Cum in my ass. I want to know what that is like, too,” Rick instructed.

Keith began to shudder as his cum boiled out of his balls and into Rick’s ass. Rick could feel the warmth of Keith’s cum filling his ass and it felt wonderful to him. When Keith finally withdrew, a white trail of cum ran out of Rick’s ass and down his leg. Karen was still playing with Rick’s hard cock and he was now ready to take his first shot at a man’s ass. He had always secretly wanted to try it and now was his chance. He and Keith traded places and so did Karen and Abby. Abby looked into Keith’s eyes with a combination of pride, pleasure, and humor and then watched intently as her dad lubed his cock and began driving his rod into Keith’s ass. Keith had taken his brother’s cock, which was slightly bigger than Rick’s, so he was confident that he could handle this one and looked forward to it.

Rick knew he would not last too long because of the constant play Karen had been applying to his shaft while he was getting his ass reamed. Keith took the full length of Rick’s cock and thoroughly enjoyed the fucking as well as the women’s attention to their action. Abby began eating Karen while still watching her dad pound Keith’s ass. Rick was getting into it and was giving Keith everything he had, hard and fast. Rick was getting close and told Keith as much. Abby lifted from Karen long enough to say that she wanted to see her dad cum and give Keith a cream pie when he came.

Rick nodded and Abby brought Karen to a heart-thumping orgasm as the two were highly aroused watching the men fuck. Soon after Karen’s climax ended, Rick pulled his cock out so that his cock head was against Keith’s opening and unleashed several streams of thick cum against Keith’s asshole, running down his legs to the knees.

The boys collapsed on the bed, fully spent. Abby and Karen got in the 69 position and brought each other to another orgasm each before all decided it was about time to call it a night. Abby and Keith went to the shower together first and thoroughly cleaned each other up. When they came back, Rick and Karen took their turn cleaning each other up. The four of them managed to all get in the bed together to relax and chat a bit. Rick and Karen were arm in arm as were Abby and Keith.

Abby finally sat up and took Keith’s hand, suggesting they go to his room for the night. “Don’t plan on sleeping much though. I don’t think I am quite through with you yet!”

Keith groaned but by the time he got out of bed his cock was on the rise. Rick and Karen just shook their heads and asked them to turn out the lights on their way out. Karen was pretty sure she heard the sounds of Abby shrieking in orgasm a couple of times during the night and marveled at the stamina of youth as she went back to sleep.

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