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New Saga Of Lust Through Facebook

This is not obviously my fantasy and of someone who emailed me. I will let you decide if it’s a women’s fantasy or that of a man. You can give your reviews. I am gonna write from the fan perspective now.

Hello, This is Roshni (name changed). I am 48 years old, divorced. I have a daughter. She is married and lives abroad. After my bad divorce, I was reluctant to marry so decided to raise my daughter as a single mom. It was tedious at the beginning but all worked well, especially with my well-paid job.

This is something that happened 2-3 years back. I was starting to use Facebook then as unknown people would send me a friend request and I used to accept all of them. People would add me in different Facebook groups. One such person in my friend list would post porn pics and share videos.

It would send me those in my inbox too. I rarely check my Facebook messages. I had visited my relatives in the summer and nephew was there too. He was 21 back then and well-built because of his workouts. He has a hairless chest and smooth. I had seen his pictures on Facebook.

But he was my nephew so no more thoughts, I thought to myself. He asked that I had added güvenilir bahis siteleri hell lot of fake people in my Facebook friend list and I said I don/t know. Then he said these people just use Facebook for fun and not their real identity. He helped me weed out dubious people from my friends’ list.

However, he didn’t check my messages. I returned home and 1 day I was browsing my Facebook and a message received. I thought one of my friends have texted and opened it. There was a link to porn videos. I shocked and checked he was not in my friend list.

I didn’t open the link and moved on to browse Facebook. It was once I was scrolling Facebook and I saw my nephew’s gym pic. It was hot. He was hot. I blew myself to cool. I checked his pictures and they were awesome. I cooled myself and logged out. Later at night, I saw his pictures again. I was turned on.

Again I got a message from the same person who has sent me porn links. I was reluctant first but then opened it. It was an old woman fucking a young guy titled ‘Mom and Boy’. There were more such videos there. I was surprised that those are real. He had texted me many times. In excitement, I replied to him.

We talked. He was a guy of 26 perabet güvenilir mi years and had his own cloth store. He was sending really horny messages and I put my hands in my pant and I fingered myself. Next day he added me in a group and it was full of adult content. I checked them and they were really arousing.

We would have sex chat on messages. He had really turned me on. One day he said he loves me and I shocked. He confessed that he is not 26 but 19 and using a fake name and picture. I was angry over him and didn’t reply to him for days. I was furious that he lied to me. After a few days, I realized that it’s just sex chat.

What more can happen badly? I had added very few relatives as either they don’t use Facebook or we are not at good term with each other. So I replied to him and again we were good. I was attracted to him too as he was such a sweet talker and really knows how to turn on a woman.

He said that he wants to meet me. I liked him a bit so I said yes. There is no harm in the meeting. He lived some 50 km away so we decided to meet halfway. I was excited about this blind date, kind of. It is more like meeting a Facebook friend. I was excited and hoped that things tipobet go well.

I took my erotic innerwear which I had bought in the hope that I would wear them someday. I put it in my purse and drove to the place. We had decided to meet at a not so crowded restaurant. I had some doubt about him. So a restaurant would be fine if things go bad.

I can simply call him as a nephew if people stare at me there as he is much younger to me. I was waiting in the restaurant when a guy around 18-19 entered and was looking for someone. He had worn the exact type of clothes the person I supposed to meet had said. I was numb.

He is a 19-year-old k**, whom I was talking romantically and who had made me cum. I suddenly put on my jacket to avoid getting noticed. He kept texting me but I ignored him as I felt betrayed. I did enjoy the food and it was good. I checked out and left the place. He was still texting me but I ignored him.

I cooled myself and said to myself that it was just sexting. I apologized to him about not making it to the place. He also said that he had some work so was texting me that he couldn’t make it and so on. By now I had realized that he is lying. I had the last sexting with him that day.

He kept on texting me later but I had blocked him after seeing tutorials of how to block on Facebook from YouTube. He keeps on texting from different accounts. But I ignored them and finally deleted my account for good. I later created an account with a fake name and pictures.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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