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Mother in law show
I’ve always been attracted to My mother in law, whilst she isn’t stunning she definitely has an element of milf to her. She’s got Mediterranean blood and has a lovely olive complexion, she looks young for her mid fifties age. Her face and eyes are still young looking with a naughty twinkle. She’s around 5 foot 5 with thick legs and a wide ass, she’s a little chubby but definitely not fat! But the main attraction is her chest. She has gorgeous full tits, that seem to have stayed where they started and constantly catch my eyes.

There have been a couple of occasions where my interest has risen, once walking upstairs as she left her room without doing up her dressing gown, my eyes “accidentally” falling straight to her chest, I couldn’t believe how firm they looked, It was the first time I became kaçak iddaa aroused by her. A second occasion whilst at the local pool I bumped into her, her full length costume did nothing to hide her curves, and the water drinking down her skin was a definite turn in.

But this all started at a local family gathering, wearing a clinging cloth dress that was low cut and that bowed forward when she bent over. I was obsessed her breasts seemed to heave out of her top at all times. I couldn’t concentrate as she bent over to help k**s with toys!

The next week she called over at the house one evening night to drop her daughters coat off. My partner wasn’t home, she said she had forgotten, but said she’d stop for a brew. We were very rarely alone, we got chatting and she asked if I enjoyed the party. I said I’d enjoyed kaçak bahis it as always, then she took me off balance by asking if I’d enjoyed her dress, she said that she’d noticed me looking a few times. I apologised and explained that I was just a red blooded man and that it wasn’t intentional.

My surprise was taken to a new level as she chuckled and told me I didn’t need to apologise and that she quite enjoyed being appreciated and that there was no crime in looking. I must have looked obviously shocked as she came and gave me a hug and told me not to worry! I felt at ease, as she walked away she said that she would make my position less awkward, she quickly unbuttoned her blouse to reveal a front opening bra wish she flicked open in a flash! My jaw fell to the floor and my eyes were transfixed as güvenilir bahis her gorgeous full breasts were exposed, the dark tanned nipples were hard and pointed, she was clearly enjoying the attention. She broke the silence saying now she’d exposed herself and I’d ogled her so we were even.

Her eyes fell to my bulge, she said it’s only fair I relieve myself, she took her top of and got to her knees fondling her huge boobs, she told me to take out my cock, I did, she said that i should play with myself that there was nothing wrong with it as we weren’t touching. I began to strike my rock hard cock whilst she groped her heavy chest, her hand looking so tiny as her tits surrounded them. The sexual tension was gripping as she slowly lifted one nipple to her mouth and sucked slowly. I was so hard that it was over far too quick! My jizz flowed fully over my hands,so she rushed to get a tissue and helped to clean me up, her tits leaning on my groin as she cleaned me.

She left with the promise that there would be repeat performances if I’d like!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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