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Mary’s story Part 34
The next time the Archbishop came, Richard was away again. I made coffee for us both. He asked me, “Did you get the present?” “Thank you,” I said, “I thought that I would keep them until you came again so you could see what they looked like.” “Well, where are they?” “Upstairs, I’ll just go and put them on.” I knew that I had to keep in his good books; Richard had just applied for the Bishop’s post. I put on a very short skirt to show the stocking tops and my best suspender belt and my highest heels. I must admit that I did look very good in the mirror. I went back downstairs.

I paraded around for him. “Bend over and let me see the back.” I bent forward. “Further, really stretch those suspenders.” I touched my toes, realising then that he could see everything, my anus, my labia, and my clitoris sticking out. I felt my pussy sucking in cold air. I dare not straighten up, in case the pussy fart put him off what he was saying.

“That looks very nice. It looks as though you remember the parable of the talents; you are certainly making the most of what the Good Lord gave you. How would you like to make your husband the next Bishop?”

I gasped at that. “What would I have to do in return? I don’t want to be unfaithful to Richard, so although I don’t mind showing off to you, my pussy is off limits.” “Your pussy will be quite safe; as far as I am concerned you will be virgo intacta. But, most importantly, I will want you to have a few modifications made to your body. I will pay for everything and supply your clothes. All you have to do is to submit to a little bit of pain sometimes, but it will not last. As I have no wife, your duties will simply be to accompany me at meetings with other Church Leaders from time to time.”

“Well, of course I said yes. Richard güvenilir bahis got the job a month later, and I got steadily more and more modified.”

All the other women were listening intently, hardly believing what they were hearing. Jaqueline was squirming with embarrassment at her mother’s revelations. Sandra had her mouth open, and Mary’s brain was racing, thinking about how she could find out what modifications Imogen had had done on the orders of the Archbishop.

Imogen went on, “So here I am, looking like this, Sandra. Pierced, tattooed, and a quite a lot more besides. If you think that the Archbishop isn’t behind all this, take care. A refusal to submit could mean that you lose your job. Being a pierced and tattooed woman is not too bad, the pain soon passes, and nowadays I am so used to it that I hardly think about it.”

“Well, I had better get you shaved, Jaqueline. It will be just like when you were living at home. I hope you kept up with your shaving, Sandra? Or do you need me to shave you as well?” Sandra shook her head. “I am still shaved. I just cannot cope with all that smelly hair in my knickers.”

Mary could see that Sandra was very upset, but she looked resigned to her fate. “Have you got your letter, Sandra? I’ll need to get the room ready for when Linda comes back.” Sandra looked in her handbag and produced the letter. It was very similar to the one that Jaqueline had received. The only difference was the size of the rings; they were to be 8 mm thick. The same as mine, Mary thought. Clearly, the Bishop was taking his revenge.

“I’ll go and find you an overall, Imogen. You don’t want to ruin your lovely clothes.” She went out and searched through the cabinet. Mary quickly found some razors, shaving soap and a spare overall, and returned internet casino to the room. Imogen was taking off her top, pulling it over her head. Her hair rose up with the collar and Mary was stunned. Imogen had said that she was pierced and tattooed, but she did not expect anything like this. Each of her ears was pierced about 30 times it seemed, with tiny gold rings all the way round the rim; and now that she could see Imogen more closely, it looked as though there were small dents in the sides of her nose. Curiosity got the better of Mary, and she blurted out, “I’m sorry, Imogen, but I have to ask. What are those dents? Have you had your nose pierced as well?”

Imogen laughed. “What, these; I didn’t realise that they showed. I really must be more careful with my makeup. Pass me my bag please.” Imogen reached into her bag and produced a small mirror. Turning away, she fiddled with her nose. “That’s better.” She turned back to face Mary. There was a large diamond sticking out of either side of her nose. All the other women just stared at her. “Well, what do you think?”

“It looks beautiful. How does it fit?” “They are on a rod which fits through my nose from one side to the other.” Imogen unscrewed one side and pulled the other side out of her nose. Mary could see that there was a large hole right the way though. “Another little modification that the Archbishop has had done to me, Sandra.”

Imogen continued to undress, removing her bra to reveal that she had very similar nipples to Mary. Hollow tubes were fitted, and the nipples were tattooed a very bright red. “Oh, Mummy, you look just like Mary.” Jaqueline said, “I want to get my nipples done just the same colour.” Mary’s head was swimming. She managed to gasp out, “Why, Imogen. Why?”

“Well, I’ve perabet already told you how it all started for me, but from what my daughter says, we are both the same. Take your overall off!” Without thinking, Mary stripped naked.

Imogen gasped. “Well perhaps not exactly the same. I do not have my labia pierced.” And then she dropped the trousers, revealing that she had a pierced navel and a pierced clitoris. The clitoris was tattooed the same colour as her nipples, and there was a silver cross dangling from a piercing which went right through the clitoris head from side to side.

“But you have a red clitoris, just like me.” Mary said. “But I still have my inner labia and my clitoris hood, so my pussy looks almost normal.” replied Imogen.

The navel piercing was a huge diamond, which filled Imogen’s navel and caught the light as she moved.

“Is that a real diamond?” Mary asked.” “Yes, it is.” “It must be very expensive, aren’t you afraid of losing it?” “Not really, it is screwed to a post which is locked in my skin.” She showed Mary how it fitted. The back of the mounting was platinum, and this fitted onto a post which appeared to grow out of the centre of Imogen’s navel. “It is grafted into the skin. It won’t ever come out unless it is cut out.” she explained. “What about the Crucifix?” “That is not a Crucifix, it is a Cross. Crucifixes are a Catholic symbol.” “I have so many other questions.” said Mary. “Those can wait, I need to shave my daughter first, and time is passing.”

Imogen impatiently turned to Jaqueline, who was still laid on the bed with her legs apart. Quickly, she applied the shaving foam. Taking a razor, she made a broad sweep and the long hairs in the centre of Jaqueline’s mons were removed. Jaqueline moaned, and reached out to touch her mother’s pussy. Her hand caressed the smooth mons, and then her fingers moved inside, moving the Cross to one side and parting Imogen’s labia. “Be careful, darling, Mummy is a virgin again now. I don’t want to be deflowered by my own daughter.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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