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As I knelt meekly before John, my mind was reeling from the discovery that I was not the only one who was in thrall to his gorgeous body. Frankly, during the whole time that I was carrying on with him – submitting to him – I actually hadn’t been thinking about my wife. The effect he had on me was so powerful that it seemed to sever any connection between him and my “normal” life. When I was serving him, it was as if I was in another world. I could only wonder what my wife’s reaction would be …


When I first realized that you had walked in on John fucking me, I had panicked. Seeing you, my husband, standing there snapped me back to reality. It was as if I realized for the first time that, well … technically anyway … I was cheating on you.

Since that first day he had appeared in our home, there was something undeniably magnetic about him. He was so different from you … physically, and in other ways … that I didn’t even associate the two of you as being in the same category.

I’ll always remember the first time he wrapped his arms around me, and leaned against me … at that moment I absolutely melted. His lips against my neck … his breath against my cheek … I’m getting goose bumps right now just thinking about it. All I wanted to do was lay back and let him have me, right then, the first time he ever touched me.

In the following weeks, when he seduced me … took control of me … it was as if I was losing myself in him. I was helpless to resist the pleasure his body provided to me. And I became so consumed with serving him in every way possible that I never even stopped to think about you.

But that all changed when I saw you sink to your knees, right there in our bedroom, so willingly, in front of him. Even though you knew he had just been fucking me … fucking my brains out, actually … I understood there was nothing else you could do … that you were helpless, too.

And that understanding was just incredibly erotic for me. It was as if by seeing your submission to him, directly in front of me, your wife, that I could share in some of his power over you … as if it were flowing through me. Believe me … seeing his cock just inches away from your face filled my head with incredible images … and I understood that somehow my participation would make John’s domination of you complete.

By having me, your wife, take a part in your sucking John’s cock, John would demonstrate his complete control over you … and your complete submission to him. And it was so thrilling to know that I could be a part of this, that I could serve my lover in this way.

Servicing John’s cock is something I have always given a great deal of thought to. Kneeling between his strong legs … his body stretched out on the bed, or the couch, or in casino oyna his Mustang. Watching his entire body react as I suck and pull on his growing cock. Even though I suspected that you are a good little cocksucker, I took a point of pride in thinking that I am even better.

Still, I was eager to help you … guide you … to put you in your place by telling you just how to do it … just how John really likes it. Sharing some of my little secrets and techniques with you. So you would know your place.

All of these thoughts passed through my mind in a flash as I lay there in bed, my pussy still wet and warm from the pounding he had just given me. I glanced over to his eyes to see him look down at you for a second … before I saw his soft, long lashes lower, and his eyes close.

“Do it John,” I heard myself say.

Then, I watched John tease us both, bringing his hands up to his chest … running them over the firm muscles, down to his wash board abs … into the dimples inside his hip bones … until his huge hands and long fingers rested on his hips, framing his cock … his hard, thick cock … just aching to be touched.

I looked back down to you, and couldn’t describe the look of pleasure on your face. I slid off the bed and, in an instant, was kneeling at your side.

You ran your hands up his muscular thighs, and slowly curled your fingers around the shaft standing in front of you. And very slowly started to glide your fingers up the length, and then back down … very slowly, very deliberately … as if trying to memorize every detail of it …

I leaned towards you … and quietly spoke…

“Can you imagine how much I love servicing him … servicing John’s wonderful cock … the attention I lavish on it. It’s a pleasure unlike any other … one to be enjoyed … savored …

“Open your lips, wet them with your tongue … bring your lips just inches away from the tip. Feel the heat, even without touching it. Slide your tongue out, and brush it very gently across the tip … very slowly … feel how smooth, feel the heat. Spread your tongue across the tip … feel what it’s like when you get it wet … feel how it twitches in your hand … “

“Very slowly run your tongue along one side of it … not missing an inch … feel how thick and hard it is … every spot your tongue covers makes it even harder. When you get to the base, slide around to the other side, and slowly work your way back up … never let your tongue leave his cock.”

While I watched you slavishly stroke with your tongue … I reached over and took your hand … gently guiding it up and between his thighs. Showing you how to gently cup his balls … moving your fingers around them … gently teasing them and stroking them … .

“Don’t stop your tongue slot oyna … “

Then sliding your hand a little further back … to that spot I know he can’t resist … the spot I never resist when I’m servicing him … just past his balls and the base of his cock, but not too far between his cheeks … he may only be able to take so much.

I drop my hands when it’s obvious your fingers are content with their task, so to speak. And I look up to see his cock shiny … wet from your slow tongue bath …

I watched for a moment … watched your hands, your fingers … watched your tongue as it serviced every inch of him. Looked up at John … mouth parted, chest panting, eyes closed … with the most intense look of pleasure on his face …

I knew much more guidance wouldn’t be needed from me … I knew then what a good little cocksucker you are.

I reached up and ran my fingers through your hair … letting it run between my fingers until I had my hand on the back of your head. I very gently pushed your head towards him … and as his cock pushed against your lips, you instantly parted them and eagerly took it in your mouth …

“Gently … slowly … “

You wrapped your lips, and I watched his tip disappear … as I slowly guided you down his shaft. Very slowly … to allow you to adjust … take it all in …

“Feel the heat … feel how hot it is … how hard and thick … so powerful and strong … and the power to unleash it is all yours … “

When you had eventually taken it as far into your mouth as you could, I gently slid you back off … and then let go. You instantly wrapped your lips around him again, and eagerly slid back down his cock.

John was starting to moan, to whimper a little even … and my hand had no sooner left the back of your head than his was there. I knew I didn’t need to guide you much more …

“Suck on him, Mark … “

I saw your cheeks hollow a little as you sucked his cock into your mouth, and a loud moan escaped John’s lips. You didn’t need my help anymore …

I quietly sat back and watched … watched you touch him … lick him … suck him. All on your own … with the only encouragement coming from him.

Watched you pull and suck on his hard shaft … making it even bigger and harder … watched your fingers stroke and tease him … his balls swelling with each stroke of your lips and tongue.

You each fed off of the pleasure of the other … harder … faster … deeper … louder … quicker … more, more, more …

Nothing else in the world existed, except the two of you … right in front of me. I watched John’s body … tense, flex … he was getting close. He started to hump against your face … feeding his cock to you … telling you not to stop. And canlı casino siteleri the entire time I knew how wonderful that massive cock felt in your mouth …

John started to pant … and then moan … and then scream … my ears practically rang as I heard him start to come. You braced yourself with one hand wrapped tight around the base, and the other against his hip … they were flailing against your face so fast you almost couldn’t keep up. His hands in your hair, his hips thrusting against you, his cock fucking your face.

And I watched your face as that cock exploded in your mouth … knowing how wonderful that feels … as you struggled to keep all that you had milked out of him in your mouth …

But that’s not where you stopped, of course. John was ready for a lot more that evening, and on into the night … and you were ready to do whatever he told you … and I could just sit back and watch.

In my memory now, it’s just a series of images … exhilarating, erotic images.

John standing tall in front of you … stroking his cock. Pumping and pulling on it … while you wait for his load with an eager mouth and face. Watching it spray from his cock onto your waiting tongue … against your cheek … down onto your chin.

Then I was begging … begging the two of you to let me clean you up. Sucking what was left of the juice out of his cock. And then turning to your face. Licking the warm fluid off your chin … sucking it off your cheek … and sliding my tongue into your mouth to share the taste with you.

I saw you naked in bed. John’s hands all over your body. First massaging your muscles … relaxing you like he always did me … casting that spell over you like I always felt. So content, so happy, you didn’t want to move … you could stay there just like that forever. Completely under his control.

John leaning forward on you … his naked body sliding against yours. His hands grabbing your ass. Sliding down along your back … his hips pushed against your ass. Guiding his cock up and inside of you, while he pulls against your hips for leverage. Your face against the bed … sighing and moaning against it. His pace getting harder and faster with each thrust inside of you. Reaching around you to grab your hard cock … pumping on you as he thrust inside of you … all you can do is lay there and enjoy it. Making your cock explode as you feel his cock empty inside of you.

The sweat from bodies … the fluids from the sex … all mixing and making your ass almost too slippery to hold on to as he slides against your body.

I just kept seeing his strong hands manipulating your body … in every which way he wanted to. You powerless to do anything about it. Not that you wanted to. You were just as happy to lay back and surrender … to lay back and just let him have his way with your body. Your hands, your mouth, your cock, your ass … all his to play with as he pleases.

And the whole time you seemed so happy to be there and to be his toy for the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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