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How my wife flashed a stranger the first time.
My wife is very open minded in general and although not a prude in bed, she is quite comfortable with a conservative approach to sex. I on the contrary am quite open to being more creative and love exhibitionism, voyeurism and would love to get her involved into threesomes or swinging. We have been talking about our fantasies for a while and although she was very reluctant at first she has been opening up a bit more. She has confessed a few interesting things recently like fantasizing about being watched while masturbating, or being taken by a doctor who she liked when she was a teenager and also fantasizing about another woman licking her pussy.
For those who have had similar experiences with their partners, you would know these things do not happen overnight. She used to get upset at the beginning thinking that I wanted to cheat on her or even thought I was thinking of her as a sexual toy to be used when I told her, I wouldn’t mind seeing her flash other men or even getting fucked by someone else. It has taken at least 2 years of talking about it and doing it in a way that she feels at ease.
Well she has exposed herself “accidentally” a couple of times now, but to be honest there was not much in it, as it was either too quickly or too far from someone to notice it. She allows me to take nude pictures of her, but she has no idea I posted some photos online. I would say that she is getting there but if it was up to her, going out without underwear would be enough to get her excited.
So it took some pushing from my side to get her to actually flashing and getting her to enjoy it. We booked a hotel for two nights canlı bahis siteleri not far from our city, in town that is very touristic. The hotel had a swimming pool, a sauna and very large balconies for her, to do some flashing. We got there around 2 pm and headed straight to the swimming pool. Topless sun bathing is not common in Colombia and it is even less common inside a hotel. So no chance of flashing in the pool area, but we started drinking cocktails very early.
The town where we were staying is very hot, so when I proposed to go to the sauna later that evening, she refused and suggested we headed to the bar for more drinks. She was wearing her normal bikini, which did not show more than a regular bikini, but she had a black sarong that is somewhat see-through. I suggested she showed a little more skin and she said she would do it but only if she felt, it was safe.
So we sat in a table very close to the bar and bartender, we asked for a jug of sangria and the waiter who brought it was a little chatty with my wife. Opposite to us, there was a table with a group late teenagers drinking beer and being a little loud, I noticed them checking my wife’s body out when we came in. Knowing that she was tipsy and getting horny with our intentions, I told her those fellows had looked at her with lusty eyes and she was quite pleased with the “wanted attention”. I started playing with her mind, telling her how they all wanted to f*ck her and how it was making me horny to know she was willing to show them more. Unfortunately, for us, the younger chaps left soon after and we lost the chance for my wife to show them any more than what they saw. That tipobet gave me an opportunity to put pressure on her; I dared her to pull her bikini bottoms down or to expose one of her nipples, pretending to be accidental. To my surprise, she accepted without complain and headed to the restroom. When she came back, I noticed she wasn’t wearing her bikini top, although it wasn’t too obvious due to the lack of light at the bar. My heart started beating so hard I felt an urge to touch her… it was a glorious moment and a sense of pride for me. My wife was finally being part of my fantasy in real life and to be honest, she looked like she was enjoying it a lot. She had a massive grin in her face and I think she was a little surprised by her own reaction. Her nipples started getting hard and it became very clear that she was not wearing anything under her sarong, which was not transparent, but if you looked against the light, you could see a lot (areolas included). I called the waiter, I wanted someone to see her tits and she was ready, I think that got her more excited and suddenly gave her confidence. The waiter came to our table and apparently didn’t notice her semi topless show. My wife asked for a round of double shots and he came back quickly. We both noticed his reaction when he saw my wife’s nipples, it was priceless!, he tried to hide his surprise and acted as if nothing was happening but his eyes couldn’t look anywhere but at her tits. I made a joke about my wife showing off, when she gets tipsy. He was not sure how to respond but my wife said that if he was nice to her, she might be willing to show him more. I don’t think the guy really tipobet güvenilir mi understood my wife was being serious, she was going to let him see her naked body just to make us horny and it was meant to tease me. He was a bit shocked and didn’t really say or did anything for a few seconds, he just stared at her tits smiling, until I said to him she was doing all of this because I wanted her to flash a stranger. I cannot begging to describe the feeling I had inside me, the guy complemented my wife on her breasts and offered her a drink on the house. We stayed at the bar for at least another hour and the waiter kept coming to our table with more drinks and water. Just before leaving I paid the bill and gave him a good tip, after that I asked him if he also delivered drinks to the rooms to which he replied he normally didn’t but said he wouldn’t mind doing it and would do it before the end of his shift. I asked him to bring us another jug of sangria in a few minutes (my wife had no idea). Unfortunately, my wife put her top on before we headed to our room but she was still very horny. Once in our room we started kissing and I took all her clothes off, I got her in bed and gave her a good fingering (she was very wet). I don’t think five minutes had passed when we heard a knock on our door. I told her I had ordered more sangria and asked her if she wanted to open the door. Unfortunately, she didn’t want to, so I went to open the door and let the waiter in. I quietly asked him to put it in our bedside table, he didn’t hesitate to walk in and I just followed him; there she was… fully naked. My wife did not expect that, and got quite scared. She covered herself with the blanket and yelled at me for letting him in … I told her that he had already seen her and it was just a mistake. I asked him to leave, but we both had got what we wanted. She was mad for a few minutes but we ended up having a really good night!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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