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Owen had been acting a little strangely since he turned twenty-nine, when a man is in his twenties he feels young and all powerful, when he’s staring thirty in the eyes he suddenly starts to question himself, he asks what he’s done with his life, what there is left to do with his life or rather what the possibilities are.

I’m Candice, I’m twenty-five years old, married to Owen and I’m still well and truly into the twenties mentality, twenties are for having fun, I’ll start thinking about kids when I’m thirty, thirty will be plenty soon enough. Although looking at Owen now that he’s just passed the magic twenty-nine, I’ll probably start going mad at twenty-nine like him.

We were taking an Easter break, just four days and we weren’t leaving the state, the advantage of living in Florida, the only advantage for anyone under eighty years of age was the sunshine, we had world class beach resorts on our doorstep. Owen had booked us into a small hotel near to Pasco, just north of Tampa. We both finished work early on the Thursday afternoon and drove straight to the hotel, we’d packed all of our clothes into the SUV that morning so that we would miss as little of our stay in the hotel as possible. This was going to be our first holiday together since our honeymoon and I can’t actually remember leaving the hotel that time.

We’d both been working very hard since Thanksgiving, most Saturdays and some Sundays with very little time for ourselves and even less time to play together. We were never really into just lazing on a beach but we really needed to recharge our solar batteries, or even to find some shady place to just chill out and talk to each other.

We were out on the beach bright and early on the Friday morning, Good Friday, the day that celebrated the crucifixion of Christ, well, if celebrate was the right word for it. We were the only two human beings on the planet at that time on Good Friday morning; we chose an out of the way place to set up our sun beds. There was a strong wind; usually it would be a gentle onshore breeze at that time of the year but there was an unusual weather system down in the Caribbean and it was sending strong winds ripping across our little stretch of beach sending sand plumes up in all directions.

We found an old striped canvas windbreak and Owen set it up covering three sides around our sun beds, just leaving the view out to sea free. We settled down to some serious sunbathing, serious relaxing and aimless conversation for a few hours. At around eleven o’clock I decided to head off to the sea for a cooling dip, I stood up, looked around the now crowded beach and dropped back down onto my bed. Owen looked at my face, “What’s up Candy?”

“Have you any idea why you chose this particular beach to spend the day on at eight o’clock this morning?”

“It just looked so clean and well out of the way.”

“Well, just take a look around, it looks well in the way at the moment!”

Owen stood up and looked over the edge of the windbreak and he sat down again with a stupid grin on his face.

“There appears to be rather a lot of naked men around us.”

“Did you know that this was a naturist beach…” I asked, and then I took another look around, “…a gay naturist beach!”

“No, I had no idea, there wasn’t a sign or anything, I just picked this beach because it was out of the way, I just thought that we’d get less disturbed here, that’s all.”

I took another look around, “Well, it looks like I’ll be undisturbed but a pretty boy like you; you might cause a stir out there.”

“Well then, you’ll be okay, you can take your dip in the sea and I’ll just have to stay in here and protect my virtue.”

“I can’t go out there, if it is an official gay naturist beach I might upset the men around us because I’m wearing a bikini and I’m obviously not a man!”

As I said that last part I cupped my hands under my bikini top and gave my breasts a bit of a jiggle which caused Owen’s stupid grin to widen into a Cheshire Cat grin. Owen suddenly jumped up onto his knees and hooked his thumbs into the sides of his shorts as he looked all around “What the hell are you doing?”

“Well, you want to know what kind of beach this is, I was planning on going undercover, go out into the wilderness and try to find the lowdown on this place.”

“You can’t go naked!”

“Well, it’s either that or we’ll just have to stay here until it gets dark and then go back to our hotel.”

I stopped objecting and let him strip out of his shorts, shorts and underpants! “Underpants, you have underpants on under your swimming shorts?”

“I would have probably taken my undershorts off if I was going to go swimming.”

I have to say that I actually felt strange seeing my husband out on the beach totally naked, he had a very slight tan on his upper body and his legs from just a few inches above his knees down to his feet but then his mid-section was bright white as were his feet. He left the sanctuary of our windbreak casino oyna and walked to the north a few yards to the man who was laying closest to our space.

I giggled a little at the rear view of my husband as he squatted down on the sand and started a conversation with the man. The guy was so brown that he could have been Asian or even African, there wasn’t a single white crease visible on his body, then I found myself peering over the top of the canvas screen, I was actually checking the guy’s junk out. Owen was circumcised, in fact, all of the men or boys that I had ever seen in my life to date had all been circumcised so it was strange for me to see that the cock that I could see just past my husband’s right hip was the full sausage! It was only about an inch and a half long while flaccid but it seemed to have a turtleneck of empty skin that ran at least another two inches past the end of the ‘meat’ of his cock.

As Owen chatted with the man I realised that the guy kept looking from Owen’s face and down to his cock, Owen didn’t seem to notice that his junk was being checked out, I may have dismissed it out of hand too but while Owen’s eyes never left the other man’s face, I kept looking at his cock and every time the guy looked at Owen’s cock, his own cock jumped a little and inflated to at least twice its original length but strangely, the turtleneck had only shrunk about half as much as I would have expected.

Owen reached out his hand and the two men shook, Owen just his hand, the other guy, both his hand and his cock shook. As my husband walked back towards me I watched as the guy he had just been chatting to was rubbing his own cock as he watched Owen’s arse ‘jiggle’ as he returned to me.

Owen was about to speak but I got in first, “My god, that man was checking you out!”

Owen looked over his shoulder, back towards the man lying out in the sun, “Don’t be ridiculous, we were just chatting!”

“My God Owen, you’re a little innocent aren’t you, while you two were chatting he started to get a hard-on and as you walked away from him he was rubbing his cock as he watched your backside wobble.”

This time Owen looked down at his own bottom and slapped his arse cheek, “I do not wobble, I’m all muscle!”

“Deluded is what you are mate!”

“Anyway, this is a clothing optional beach and both sexes are welcome…” he pointed up towards the road, “…there’s a woman…” I slapped his hand down, “…Look up towards the road, the right bend sign, just three feet to the left of that, there is one woman and to the south, by the rocks that determine the end of the beach, there are two husband and wife couples.”

I scanned the area; I spotted the bronzed goddess close to the road, large sunglasses and a book resting on her breasts and to the south, I picked out both women in the distance, one was totally nude the other had bikini bottoms on.

“Wow, six hundred naked men, two naked women, one topless woman and…”

Before I could finish Owen jumped in, “And one chicken!”

I didn’t bother finishing my statement; I sought retribution by flicking his arse with the end of my towel.

“So, it’s okay for you to take a dip in the sea if you want to.”

I looked out towards the sea, not a single person was in the water, it was March, so very early in the year but the Gulf of Mexico was never really cold, “There’s no one in the water, I can’t go in the sea on my own!”

“God woman, if there were men out there you’d say you can’t go in because of all the men around, what you really mean is that you want me to go in with you!”


Owen turned and headed for the sea, “Aren’t you going to put your shorts on?”

Owen looked exasperated, “It’s a clothing optional beach, once I’m in the water no one will see if I have shorts on or not anyway.”

We ran down to the water, I had started out trying to smack my husband’s bottom, just because I thought he should be covered up if I were covered but in the end he ran so fast that I was in danger of being left all on my own out in full view of everyone so I just ran full speed into the water. Owen hadn’t given any indication that the sea was unexpectedly cold, not until I had run in hot from the sun and discovered that the storm down in the Caribbean had driven a band of cold Atlantic water rushing along the coast of Florida.

My screams seemed to echo all around the beach, when I looked, every pair of eyes seemed to be looking in my direction, so far from my not wanting to be the centre of attention just because I was the only covered up person on the beach I was now the centre of attention because I was screaming so much.

We moved into slightly deeper water and as soon as I got used to the forty Fahrenheit water against my skin I settled down. There was the sounds of splashing from behind me, I turned and saw just a head under the water, swimming towards Owen and me, the hair was roughly the same colour as the sand on the beach and even when wet slot oyna it covered the head very well, no signs of ‘Male Pattern Baldness’.

I actually thought that it was a bit of a cheek, the guy was swimming directly towards us even though there was almost a mile of seafront in the bay we were in and Owen and I were the only people in the sea at that point. He swam to within a foot of me when he popped out of the water, he was wearing goggles so he probably had a good view of my Lycra encased breasts, then it struck me, the men on the beach were probably all gay, so he was probably looking at Owen doing an impression of a baby with his shrunken cock in the cold, cold water.

Water was wiped away from his face and then the goggles pulled out of the way and held on his forehead, Owen said, “Oh, hi again, Candice, this is Jeremy, Jeremy, this is Candy, I call her…” I punched my husband in his chest to stop him making his usual comment, he favoured ‘Because her arse is so sweet,’ which he knew I hated. “…Candy because she’s usually so sweet!”

Jeremy and Owen got into lots of small talk and although Owen was a good ten years younger than Jeremy they had a great deal in common, then, somehow I got included in the conversation and I found that Jeremy and I had a lot in common, Before I knew it I was in the water alone with Jeremy while Owen was back at our sun beds digging in the cooler for a drink, I made my excuses and headed back to be with my husband again.

“The ice in the cooler has all melted, the drinks have started to warm up.”

I wasn’t surprised, Owen had emptied the last of the ice out of the hotel’s ice making machine but then he wasn’t the first in the queue at the machine that morning, our hotel was full of people who were going to some kind of sporting event in Tamper that morning and they were all after ice to take to the stadium. Jeremy walked past the open end of our retreat and Owen called out to him, “Hey Jerry, want a beer while it’s still cold?”

Jeremy made a skid turn and came into our little world, he could just have reached over the top of the windbreak but no, he came in and sat on Owen’s bed next to Owen. Owen explained about the shortage of ice problem, “I had hoped to find a store on the way to the beach to pick up a bag of ice but there isn’t much between Pasco and the beach.”

“No, very few local resources here at the beach, the area is zoned as a wildlife sanctuary, I can’t stay in my beachfront for more than nine months of the year officially, some people further along live in all year round but I just use the place for weekends and holidays.”

“Yes, I was surprised that there aren’t even any bars or restaurants around, we’re going to have to go all the way to Pasco to get some lunch. Jeremy took another swallow from his beer and then said, “Well, my place is just past the headland, I can offer you guys a sandwich with chips and dips, we can leave all of our stuff here, there a very trustworthy bunch along here and I know most of them anyway.”

Owen thanked him for his offer but was trying to work a way out of going with him. “I’ve got an icemaker full of ice at home; you can bring your cooler and refill it with ice at the same time.”

It took a few minutes but eventually Owen thanked Jeremy for his offer and we all set off, Jeremy and Owen had to pull their shorts on because we would be leaving the clothing optional area even if only for fifty yards or so. Jeremy was a few yards in front and we were falling further behind as it was difficult to carry the heavy cooler over the soft sand. I dug Owen in his ribs, “So, you want me to make myself scarce so you and Jeremy can get to know each other better?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, he’s more interested in you than in me!”

I laughed at that, “He’s so obviously gay, it’s your arse that’s in danger, not my pussy.”

We walked in silence for a few more staggered paces, “Okay, if you’re so sure, if he does come on to you, you’ll run a mile, you’re such a prude!”

I stopped in my tracks and yanked Owen to a stop too, “Owen, you’re the one who’s only had two girlfriends, I had…” How could I put it so that it didn’t make me sound like a tramp, I had had literally hundreds of lovers through high school and college, boyfriends, girlfriends and more than my fair share of men and even ten years earlier I would have gone out with Jeremy if he’d asked me just for the experience but never for longer than a few weeks. “…a little more experience than you when we met, so don’t you go calling me a prude just because I didn’t want to flash my tits in front of six hundred queers on a public beach.”

“So, you saying that if Jerry hit on you it wouldn’t freak you out?”

“Of course it would, but not because I’m some sort of prude, because I’m married to you and we’re supposed to be faithful to each other.”

Owen smiled at me, “So, if Jeremy made a pass at me you’d be mad if something happened because of the fidelity issue?”

I dropped canlı casino siteleri my end of the cooler; Owen almost threw his end down onto the sand and jumped out of my reach. I wasn’t surprised really; I had been known to lash out if annoyed or upset by something and my years of softball and hockey had given me incredible strength in my upper body and arms.

“Let’s make a pact, a deal. We don’t get to go on holiday very often so why don’t we say that our holidays should be a holiday from work, stress, bullshit and marriage vows?”

Owen looked more shocked than afraid at what I had just said, “So, what are you suggesting? We should just screw around whenever we’re on holiday?”

“No, not exactly, just that while we’re on holiday we should be less tied to convention and if we both want to try something new that we shouldn’t just use the fact that we’re married stop us from experimenting.”

“Like going nude on a naturist beach?”

“Like that but, you know, we should both be careful that we don’t ask each other to do things that we’d hate but like Jerry over there, if he makes a pass at either one of us then we shouldn’t freak out, do it if it feels okay, don’t do it if it makes us unhappy.”

We actually shook hands, then we shook hands again because I hadn’t said “pact” as our hands went up and down, that seemed to be important to Owen.

We picked up the cooler and started off after Jeremy once again. I could see that Owen was having difficulties with something; he was in inner turmoil over some aspect of our new pact. “Erm Candy, have you ever had sex with another girl before?”

“We’ve been married for all this time and you’re only just asking me that now, why?”

There was a long silence, “Well, it’s just that I think you could be right about Jerry being gay and, well, you know, it’s a big thing, all of my life I’ve been told that gay sex is totally wrong, you know how religious my parents were and, well, I’m very confused, when I was talking to Jerry before we went in the sea I spotted that he was getting a stiffy and I have to say I did get a little hard myself.”

I laughed out loud, “I’ve had a few girlfriends when I was in school, almost every girl experiments with other girls before they move on to boys.”

“Few, how many is a few?”

“Look, you knew before we started going out that I’d had a lot more experience than you, I taught you most of what you know about sex and you agreed back then that you’d never ask just how I knew so much about sex.”

“Yes, you’re right, I did that but we’re under the holiday pact now, things have to be slightly different for the next few days, I just wondered if you’d be comfortable telling me stuff like that now, even if you don’t, just knowing that you’d had ‘same-sex’ relationships in the past makes me feel less bad about getting excited while talking to Jerry earlier.”

It was my turn to be silent, not because I was upset or that I didn’t want to say anything about my past sexual partners but I was quiet because I was trying to count up all of my previous partners. Jeremy was standing out on his deck when Owen and I walked through the gap between the two areas; I was shocked at just how many people there were on the beach right in front of Jeremy’s bungalow. The beach we had just left was about a mile long and had six or seven hundred people on it, mostly men, the textile beach had about that many right in front of Jeremy’s unit, a good mixture of men, women and children.

We climbed the steps and before we started across the deck to the open door into the house I stopped Owen, “Just remember that you asked me for this information under cover of our holiday pact, okay?”

I stopped talking and looked seriously at Owen, “Okay Owen?”

He nodded his head, “Yes, okay, I asked and whatever you want to say is okay with me.”

“You want to know the full story or just the girls?”

“Everything, absolutely everything, but for now, just the number of partners.”

“Thirty girlfriends in High school, twenty in college. Twenty boys and eight men through high school. Then there were thirty men through college and then you.”

Owen was silent for a moment or two, then he smiled, “Wow, you mean over a hundred lovers before me?”


I was glad that I had actually carried out a divide by three sum on the number of declared lovers, Owen seemed happy with the one hundred figure, I wondered if he would be quite that happy with closer to three hundred.

We struggled to get the huge cooler through the single door from the deck into the house, Jeremy called us through to the kitchen, he was naked again and he was spreading something onto slices of bread, “I prefer to use a low-fat spread in my sandwiches but I do have butter if you prefer that.”

“Low fat is good for us too but anything will do really.”

I would have answered instead of Owen but I was trying to find the right way to say, ‘You’re naked and this is supposed to be the textile area!’ but Jeremy headed me off with, “It’s okay to strip off in the house and out on the back patio but not outside on the front deck. Why don’t you two go and have a nosey around the place while I finish preparing our lunch?”

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