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Holiday Fun (True)
Julie & I went to the local pub for dinner on the second night, there were a number of waitresses there, all with varying degrees of attractiveness. You can imagine, I was there watching them to see which one I fancied the most. In truth, I fancied all of them.

Julie & I got chatting to a couple of them, both quite young, I guessed around 19 or 20. Nothing sexual at all, just usual location guide stuff etc. One of them offered to help us out with photographic location planning etc. Julie wasn’t too keen but I was (Obviously) and we agreed to meet up the next day as she was off.

As it happened, Julie had arranged to meet a friend of hers and decided that instead of us both going, that she would go and I would see the waitress for some location planning as Julie really wasn’t keen. I was more than happy with the arrangement..

Julie left shortly after the waitress arrived, apologising that it was just going to be me she would be talking to about locations etc, she smiled and said no worries and that she hopes we can work out some lovely locations for photography.

I made Sarah (Waitress) a coffee and we sat at the kitchen table looking for through various local guides for places that i could do landscape photography and the best way to get to them etc. This went on for about an hour with plenty of locations to go through. The mood was light and we were enjoying the conversation between us. Nothing too heavy, the odd double entendre thrown in to the mix, initially by Sarah, but picked up by me very quickly. The conversation went down hill fairly quickly after that and we ended up discussing the merits of living in a very remote area where to be honest, there’s not much happening at all, let alone anything risque. She mentioned that she had had a boyfriend bet siteleri in the past but that it didn’t work out and they parted company, still lives in the village though and she sees him every now and then, a friend with benefits as she put it.

I got up to make another coffee for her, but she declined the offer, instead suggesting that maybe her and I could be friends with benefits!!!!! She knew we were on holiday and would only be there a short time, and even guessed that Julie would only be away for the day and once she was back, there would be little chance of meeting like this again.

Well, you know me. My cock was hard at what I was hearing, I wasn’t sure initially that I had heard right but she reiterated what she had said and suggested that we move to the lounge and more specifically the sofa. The lounge faces the mountain scenery and there is nothing in front of the wall to ceiling windows other than the cottages decking and the view. The property isn’t overlooked by anything or anyone.

I sat down and made my self comfortable, she wandered over to the sofa and removed her t-shirt and bra and sat on the sofa with me. I was still dressed at this time, not expecting her to have removed any clothing so soon! We kissed and her breasts brushed against my shirt, I started to rub her breasts and her nipples became harder as did my cock.

Whilst kissing, she unbuttoned my shirt and I unbuckled my belt and removed everything. I was now naked on the sofa, Sarah & I were kissing, me rubbing her breasts and her rubbing my hard cock.

Out mouths parted and she stood up from the sofa and removed the rest of her clothes, we were both naked and horny. We both knew this would be the only time we could do this.

Sarah sat back on the sofa and I immediately got off bedava bahis and knelt between her open legs, my tongue slowly prodding her damp pussy. She smelt amazing. She was lightly trimmed and her pubes looked beautiful. Her lips quivering with every stroke of my tongue. She was playing with her breasts whilst I was giving her fantastic oral. It didn’t take long before I could feel her juices flowing from her now very wet pussy lips. Her sweet nectar tasting great as I swallowed it. Her thighs tightened around my head and and started licking and sucking her lips harder. She was moaning, loudly now and I knew it would be long before she came. A few more minutes of my licking and she moaned out louder and I could feel her cum flooding my mouth. She tasted so nice, swallowing everything she was giving me.

She released her grip on my head and I slowly removed my tongue from her pussy, lapping up the rest of her cum. I sat back on the sofa next to her and we again kissed, her tasting her cum on my lips. Her hand went to my still hard cock and started to wank me slowly before she moved from the sofa to straddle my legs and lowered her wet pussy straight on my bare, rock hard cock. Her breasts directly in front of my face. We sat like this for a while, kissing and me fondling her breasts before she started to slowly fuck my cock, riding up and down and squeezing my shaft with her pussy. For someone so young, I discovered that she was 19, she certainly knew how to ride cock. She fucked my cock in that position for about 20 minutes, each time she felt I was close to cumming, she would slow down, stop and we would kiss. All the while I was fondling her breasts.

She lifted herself off of my cock and knelt on the floor between my legs. My cock was bedava bonus wet with her cum and was as hard as ever before. She took my balls in her hands, massaging them slowly before wrapping them around my shaft and pulled my foreskin down as far as it would go. The head of my cock was straining and purple, she lowered her head and took my cock deep into her mouth. I could feel her throat on my cock.

She looked at me and winked. Then she started sucking hard and fast, up and down my shaft and one hand was massaging my balls. It wasn’t long before I was moaning, louder and louder. I knew I wouldn’t last long and tried several times to slow her down, but she wasn’t going to slow down at all. Her sucking became faster, her mouth riding my cock as if I was fucking her face. I felt the tingle in my balls and knew I was going to cum. I let out a loud moan and let myself go, my cum rising out of my shaft and hitting the back of her throat. She swallowed the first load whole and the second load too. The third load started to dribble from her mouth. Her mouth was still riding my cock and I was still cumming, albeit a little slower now. She stopped sucking my cock and started to lick and swallow the rest of my cum, cleaning my cock completely.

She knelt up and we kissed, my cum on her lips and tongue, it tasted lovely. We kissed for while longer, still caressing each others bodies. She got up and asked directions to the bathroom and went to freshen herself up. I got dressed again and put the kettle on whilst waiting for Sarah to return from the bathroom.

Upon Sarah’s return from the bathroom, I made her a coffee and we chatted a little while longer. We both knew that this wasn’t going to happen again and that if we saw each other in the pub or the village whilst Julie & I were still there, things would be exactly the same as it was when we first met her in the pub.

We kissed again before she left. Julie & I only saw her twice after that in the pub. Julie has no idea what happened between Sarah & myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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