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I like to thank HawaiiBill for editing my story and giving general advice.

Lilly smiled as she looked at herself in the full—length mirror. The image pleased her and she nodded at herself.

“You look verrry nice, girl. In fact, you look hot.”

Still feeling the big smile on her face she turned to the bed to continue dressing. Grandma Lillian’s corset had been at the bottom of her closet for years, but she had found it again while packing a few months back.

After the divorce she lost a lot of weight and, on a whim, she tried the corset on. It fitted her to perfection. She was taller than Gran which meant the corset merely pushed her breasts up instead of covering them and the hem came down below her waist instead of to her hips, but it looked gorgeous. The pink satin was perhaps a bit less vibrant, but the black lace made it very sexy, even after god knows how many years.

Lilly remembered her surprise when she found the garment after Gran had died ten years ago. Her mother had been scandalized and nearly succeeded in throwing it out. But Lilly wanted to keep it. It looked so lovely.

With her hands running down her sides, caressing the satin and her body beneath it as well, she saw in her mind her mother’s embarrassed look again. It had taken quite an effort to get her to confess.

Lilly stood in front of her bed, her back to the tall mirror and her hands followed the curves of her body as they were enhanced by the beautiful piece of lingerie. Apparently Grandma Lillian had a lover, a man about ten years her junior. The corset was his gift to her.

Her fingers stroked the black sequins up to where the lace covered her nipples; her breasts pushed up to nearly spilling over. Perhaps Gran had been standing like this too. Only she may have had an audience.

Lilly sighed as she touched the creamy skin of her breasts and the black lace covering the pink peaks. They hardened instantly and she closed her eyes, trying to imagine a lover who would look at her as she stood there, her hands caressing her body. A tiny spark traveled to a spot in her belly, making her clench her thighs for a moment.

God, how she wished she could take the time to feel her pussy, enjoy the wetness gathering between her thighs, make the tension build till she would throw back her head in a loud moan from climaxing on her fingers.

She had to satisfy herself with a quick feel of the pulsing nub between her legs. There was no time, not now. The pink panties matched the satin of the corset very closely and she was glad to have found them. Nobody would see them but it gave her a pleasant feeling of elegance. The same was true of the sheer black thigh—highs and the black heels. All those things added to her feeling of being well dressed, of feeling confident.

On impulse she turned back to the mirror. She giggled as she thought she could get horny by looking at herself. The short black skirt and the jacket that went with it, made her outfit complete and she looked sexy, sophisticated. As she applied a bit of dark kohl around her eyes and a deep—pink lipstick she wondered if her date would think so too.

With a last touch to her short dark hair she grabbed her purse and left the bedroom. Deep inside something fluttered and she promised herself a visit from her vibrator when she got home. But first she had to meet this guy.

Lilly frowned as she walked the few blocks to the restaurant he had suggested. What was his name again? He had phoned her about a week ago, telling her his father had been Gran’s lover and if she would mind meeting him. He had said he wanted to see her because of something his father had told him before he had died a few months earlier. Lilly thought it fitting to wear Gran’s corset for this rendezvous. Her own private joke.

She had a vague memory of a tall man who had been at Gran’s funeral. He had spoken with her mother and with Lilly as well, but she had not seen him since then. His name was Rupert or something. Now, what was this son of his called? Something foreign, it had reminded her of Hungarian rhapsodies and dark strangers, this son of Rupert Farrel.

As she stepped inside the restaurant Lilly was still trying to remember the name of the man who had asked to meet her. She looked around and the moment her eyes found the tall dark stranger, she knew he had to be Vidor, the name popping into her head as if she had not been wracking her brain for it over the last ten minutes. She studied him as she made her way to his table. She was not sure but she thought he looked like his father. If he did, she could only give Gran credit for impeccable taste in men. He was absolutely gorgeous.

“Lilly? I’m so glad to meet you.” His voice was deep and sent a shiver down her spine. “Here, take a seat.”

His hand brushed against the small of her back as he pushed her chair closer and Lilly swallowed suddenly nervous.

“Thank you. Vidor, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, Vidor Farrel. Actually it’s Ferenck, but my father bahis firmaları changed it to a more English sounding name. Our family comes from Hungary, did you know that?”

Lilly shook her head. “I don’t think so, but I got the impression from your first name. Or maybe I had heard it before.”

“Yes, what you heard. That’s what I wanted to talk about.” Vidor signaled a waiter. “I know my father went to Lillian’s funeral, but I don’t think he got in touch with you or your mother afterwards, did he?”

Lilly shook her head, but before she could say something Vidor continued. “Can I say you look stunning? Very sexy.”

To her surprise Lilly felt herself blush at the compliment from this man. She had never met him before, he was at least ten years older, probably closer to fifteen and his father had been her grandmother’s lover. She would have thought him the last person to raise her interest. But he did.

Despite the odd circumstances she smiled. Perhaps it was something in her genes, but she found Vidor attractive. The dark eyes seemed to see beyond the surface and the silver at his temples gave him a very distinct air. Yes, Lilly thought to herself, he is a fine specimen.

Vidor touched her flushed cheek with a long finger. “You blush. I find that very attractive.”

Normally Lilly would be surprised, perhaps even be uncomfortable with a stranger touching her, but from Vidor she accepted it without protest. In fact, she realized she liked his touch on her skin. The arrival of the waiter was a welcome distraction and she was pleased to hear Vidor order a bottle of wine.

“I’m not sure how to begin.” Vidor looked at her with a tiny gleam in his eyes. “How long have you known about my father and Lillian? Did she tell you about it? Or your mother?”

Lilly shrugged a bit and shook her head. “Gran never spoke of your father, at least not to me. I never knew until he turned up at the funeral and my mother told me who he was. I’m sorry. If you wanted to know something about him or their relationship, I’m afraid I can’t help you.”

“No, no. It’s nothing like that. My father told me all I needed to know before he died. I was merely wondering if Lillian had passed on her side of the story too.”

The waiter approached their table and after Vidor had tasted and approved, he poured Lilly a glass of deep red wine and a light spicy—bitter smell wafted up from the elegant crystal tumbler. They raised their glasses and Lilly took a healthy drink while Vidor continued.

“My father told me he and Lillian had an affair for at least fifteen years. They met after she was widowed for some years and she refused to remarry. He said it was for the sake of her daughter, your mother. Your mother never approved of him. He thought she resented him for taking the place of her father. Did she ever say anything about that?”

“No.” Lilly laughed. “But I can easily understand why she didn’t like your father. I seem to remember him vaguely and I think you look like him?” Vidor nodded and Lilly went on. “My mother is a rather conservative person. I’d say your father was much too worldly, too outlandish for her.”

“And you? Are we too outlandish for you too?”

Lilly felt her breath caught in her throat as his dark eyes held hers. “No—o—o.” She was annoyed at the light tremor she heard in her voice. She took another swallow from her glass. “No, you’re not.”

To her satisfaction that sounded less hesitant and she darted a quick look at his face. The intensity of his dark eyes made her nervous again and she gazed away, pretending to look around at the other guests. Her fingers toyed with the stem of her glass.

“I think I’m more like my grandmother. I’m told I even look like her.” She shrugged a bit. “In fact, I’m wearing her clothes, well some of them.”

“You are?”

Lilly missed the sudden gleam of expectancy that sparkled in Vidor’s eyes as she smiled down at the tablecloth.

“This pink top? It’s really an old—fashioned corset. And it belonged to her. My mother said your father gave it to her.” In a sudden after—thought, Lilly looked up at him with a worried look on her face. “You don’t mind, do you?”

“Mind? No. Why should I?” Vidor showed a row of perfect white teeth when he grinned suddenly. “In fact, I like it. I like it very much.”

He reached out and touched the black sequins that ran down the middle of the garment. He let his finger follow the spangle to where it was swallowed up by the lace, resting on the thin black material that barely covered her cleavage and Lilly felt a small tingle from his touch.

She made to lift her glass for a nervous sip, but to her surprise Vidor stopped her by capturing her fingers. His warm hand turned hers palm up and when he stroked the inside with his thumb she nearly jumped on her chair. The soft touch seemed to reach deep into her being, sending sparks along her spine.

At the back of her mind she wondered about her behavior. She would not normally accept such kaçak iddaa a forward attitude. Well, at least not when meeting someone for the first time. She was not even sure this was a date. Lilly got so far as to open her mouth, but somehow she forgot what she was about to say. Vidor still held her hand and his fingers trailed up to her wrist and before she knew it, he was checking her pulse. Lilly tried to get her hand back, but he grinned at her and shook his head.

“Afraid I’ll find out your pulse is too quick?” Another flash of white teeth. “I already know I’m affecting you my sweet, sweet Lilly. Your cheeks are flushed and your breathing is rapid.”

Lilly thought he looked positively evil when he added the fact that he could see her squirming in her chair. The color in her cheeks burned even brighter because of that statement. He was right. She was wriggling her bottom and it made her wonder again. She was unable to control her reaction to him however.

“A real gentleman wouldn’t mention something like that.”

Vidor chuckled. “Ah, but I’m not. A gentleman I mean. I am an artist who appreciates beauty and passion.” He took a sip of his wine, still holding her hand in his. “It is so appropriate that you’re wearing your grandmother’s corset. You’re sure nobody ever told you about it?”

Lilly shook her head. “What do you mean? I thought it was a nice little joke, that’s all.”

Vidor gazed at her and his dark eyes seemed to bore into her depths, melting their way in and leaving her weak and breathless.

“One of two things. You’re exceptionally perceptive, or you have forgotten what you’ve been told. You see the corset was a very special gift. When you found it, what else did you find?”

He smiled knowingly when Lilly gasped. “How do you know? What?”

“Remember? My father told me all about their relationship before he died. Besides, he educated me. He taught me all he knew. Yes,” Vidor nodded, as Lilly looked at him wit her mouth slightly open, “I know the games they played. I play them too. And today, sweet Lilly, I will play with you.”

Lilly nearly choked over the last drops of wine from her glass. “You’re joking. Whatever gave you that idea. I will allow no such thing. I never have and I will most certainly not start now.”

“No? Can you tell me my touch is not affecting you?” He slid his fingers up her sleeve, stroking the sensitive skin as if he had known her body for years. “Take off the jacket. I want to see more of you.”

For long moments Lilly tried to resist his demand. She felt like debating with a part of herself she had never met before. Why would she do such a thing? The corset was terribly revealing and she had only dared to go out in it because of the jacket that covered most of it. Taking it off would show her pushed up breasts to everybody who would glance her way. And Vidor, he was so close, he would notice how hard her nipples were.

“No, I won’t. You can’t make me do something as sluttish as that.” She lifted her chin in defiance and looked him straight in the eyes.

She soon found out that was a mistake. The gleam in them did something to her that made her stomach do a flip—flop and she let out a shaky breath.

“Ah, that’s where you’re wrong. You see Lilly the corset is really something very special. Why do you think Lillian had all those funny things at the back of her closet? Because my father told her to. The garment you are wearing, my lovely flower, is charged with his power.”

Lilly shook her head, trying to formulate why he was wrong. But she could not find any argument. All she could think about was doing his bidding and desperately trying to resist him. The effort to ignore his words made the sweat stand out on her brow and she heard how her breath got a bit ragged.

“I will not obey you.” She clenched her fist and made another attempt to snatch her hand back.

Vidor made quite a show of shaking his head and sighing deeply. “Stubborn are you?” Suddenly he jerked her up from her chair as he laughed out loud. “I like that. Not only a beautiful sexy woman, but one who needs to be tamed. Yes, this evening will be very entertaining. And you have no chance to resist me. The corset is drenched in his will. You have to obey me.” He threw some money on the table. “You see, your grandmother liked to pretend she was forced so my father made her this garment. Every time she was wearing it, she had no will of her own.”

To her horror Lilly was unable to stay behind. All she could do was struggle weakly as he dragged her outside the restaurant. She felt like a little girl who was being hauled away for punishment and she resented the feeling intensely. But at the same time she noticed a completely new sensation building inside her. An excitement that was unlike anything she had ever felt was slowly taking possession of her.

Outside the restaurant Vidor stood for a moment, looking at the bustle of an early Friday night in May. The sidewalks were filled with people laughing kaçak bahis and talking and hugging each other on their way to a weekend of fun and games.

“Yes, I think I know the perfect spot. We’ll go to the Market Square. I seem to recall there’s a concert tonight so there will be lots of people.” Vidor nodded. “The perfect spot.”

Again Lilly tried to stay behind, but it was no use. Whether it was the corset or Vidor’s strength she was not sure, but she could not possibly withstand the pressure and she followed the tall dark man on his way to the busiest spot in town.

By the time they reached the square the concert had started and to Lilly’s relief they stayed at the edge of the crowd. It was a short—lived respite however. Vidor stood behind her and ordered her to get rid of her jacket. With a precise movement she took it off, draping it over the top of a nearby bicycle rack.

For a moment Lilly wanted to turn and grab the thing back, but Vidor had his hands around her waist, keeping her right in front of him. She felt his breath stir her hair before his voice whispered in her ear.

“Put your arms up, your hands behind my neck.”

She realized almost immediately the action would push out her nearly naked breasts and she struggled anew in an attempt to resist. But the unfamiliar excitement won out over her normal, more reserved behavior. The thought of being watched was a lure she could not resist.

Vidor laughed softly and kissed her neck when she clasped her hands behind him. His hands moved up and down her sides, touching only the sides of her breasts and her hips while his lips caressed the soft skin of her neck and shoulders.

Just as Lilly thought she could stand it no longer and would be forced to beg him, he moved his hands forward and cupped her breasts. His fingers found her stiff nipples and she was unable to stifle a moan when he rolled them between thumb and forefinger. She was not even aware he had pushed the lace aside till she felt a light breeze touch her hot flesh.

“You can’t. People will see me, us.” Lilly whispered her refusal but at the same time she felt her hips jerk forward as Vidor pinched her hard peaks. She made a small sound in the back of her throat.

“That, my sweet, is the whole point. People will see what a little slut you are. Letting me feel you up in public and enjoying it too.” He licked along her collarbone. “In fact, you will make it even better.”

Vidor slid his hands down and with a few deft movements he had her skirt hitched up to where it barely covered her panties.

“Touch yourself. Go on, you want to, I know you do. You’re itching, aching to be of service.”

Lilly hesitated for no more than seconds, the excitement rushing her on. Both her hands came down and while one held her skirt out of the way, the other rubbed softly over the pink panties. She closed her eyes and felt herself sink into the incredibly erotic feeling. Vidor’s whisper made her snap her eyes open again.

“You have an audience. To your left, a couple of friends are enjoying your performance enormously.” Vidor chuckled. “And I mean, enormously.”

Lilly couldn’t resist her curiosity and looked straight into the face of one of a group of three young men, grinning at her and making suggestive motions. She noticed why Vidor had used the word enormous and felt the blood rush to her face. Those bulges were her doing. She rubbed a bit faster and was not even aware how she pushed her breasts out even further.

Vidor did however, and he stroked the lace down and away, rubbing over her nipples as he did so. “You like that, don’t you? Want to show them some more?” He lifted her skirt a little higher.

One of the men moved as if he wanted to come over and Lilly stiffened. Vidor was not the sharing kind though and he smoothed her skirt down again, turned her to him and wrapped his arms around her. He bent his head and kissed her lips.
With a start Lilly realized they hadn’t kissed till then. His mouth was warm and firm and persuasive and with a soft sigh she opened up to him, offering him entrance into her mouth. He plunged his tongue in and the movement made her move her hips. She moaned as she bumped up against his erection. A big hard cock pressed into her and she could feel all her attention focusing on her pussy, the wetness and the need to be filled blocking out all other sensations.

“Come, we need a more secluded spot.” Vidor lifted her jacket of the bicycle rack and guided her through the crowd, leaving the too eager young men behind them, losing them in the masses.

Halfway around the square Vidor found a new place. The remnants of a bench stood on the pavement to the side. He draped her jacket over the iron skeleton. It made for an effective shield in front of them.

“Put your hands on the back. Go on, grab the iron and spread your legs.”

In a daze Lilly obeyed, all thought of resistance long since gone from her fevered brain. All she could think about was his cock. Yes, she wanted to be fucked by Vidor. This mature distinguished gentleman was about to bang her in public. A shiver of excitement ran down her spine and she felt the moisture gather between her legs.

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