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The sun was just going down. What a day it had been. I knew I had to try and get a couple of photographs of this from the observatory. How lucky am I, I was allowed up, probably the last for the day. The lift rocketed up as it does. I check my messages from my wife. The lift stops. I am on the observatory level – oh my god, what a view!

I have the whole floor to myself. I’m positive they aren’t letting anyone else up here. What a stroke of luck. I snap a few pics, pics that’ll soar on my Instagram tonight, Twitter and also my deviant art gallery. Every direction I walk around and gather the best vantage points for ultimate impact.

I am feeling a tad horny. I grab a seat a start to flick through some of my erotic pics of women giving blowjobs. I have to keep reminding myself – I have the whole floor to myself. Image of blowjob after blowjob. For some strange and weird kinkiness I have is sometimes imagining myself in the female position of performing the blowjob.

Even though I’m a straight and married young guy I still can’t help but to put myself in the woman’s shoes and enjoy such a nice cock in my mouth – I can only fantasize I suppose. I love many types of women, lesbian seductions, lesbian threesomes, double penetration, babes, milf, mom, wife, mature etc. My biggest turn on scenario is the first time situation.

Today is going to prove something a bit extraordinary. Images in my secret gallery I move through and finally I rest on a babe undoing the pants of a guy and slowly taking out his cock and caressing it right in front of her face. I was so envious. If only I was this babe. My hand is inside my pants, feeling my own semi-erect cock. The wetness of my own pre-cum between my fingers.

I must taste my own pre-cum. I raise my fingers to my tongue and taste casino siteleri the saltiness of my own cock. If only I could somehow suck my own cock. If only I could share this moment with another guy. How I would love to suck a guy’s cock right now. How I would love to taste another guy’s cock squirt inside my mouth.

My own cock is getting wetter and wetter. I hear a noise from the other side of the observatory. My own hand instantly leaves my pants. My heart races. I go back to perusing my photography of sunsets and city lights. A guy about the same age as me comes walking passed. He looked like he worked there.

This guy walked right passed me and greeted me as he did. So friendly was his smile. He came back to me and stood nearby with a look of awe as he shared the view with me. As I sat and also stared out over the beautiful cityscape I noticed the closeness of another male. He introduced himself, “Hi, I’m Will, nice to meet you, plenty of nice shots?”

We shook hands, “I’m James, yes what a night.”

My cock is dripping pre-cum as we exchange small talk. I’m sitting as he stands and talks while looking out into the night. I try to do the same but I can’t help but to look at this guy’s crotch and only imagine what it would be like to, Well, Um… He suddenly says something strange, “This View is so out of this world – it’s almost enough to give you a hard on don’t you think?” I answered too quickly, “Yeah”, as I was still looking at his crotch.

I’m positive his crotch area has expanded a touch. What he said next will shock me out of my mind. “Sometimes I just stand here and stroke my own dick as I watch over the whole city… it’s like we are watching the world and all their inner secrets… their inner desires…” As I listened to his voice I was still looking at slot oyna his crotch. Little did I know was that he was now looking down at me – looking at his crotch.

My eyes instantly go back to the outside view in complete embarrassment, my face turns red and my heart stops in this heartbeat-stoppage of a moment. What he said next somehow defused the whole tension in the air. “Do you mind if I undo my pants and slowly stroke my cock?”

“No, not at all”, I said. “Feel free”, I said, but with a slight double entendre intended. I suddenly felt a strange courage come over me.

This new found courage or vibe was really in the air. He turned a bit more to me as he said, “You don’t mind do you… kind of… well… helping me… undoing my um…” As if on auto pilot I darted back my response, “Not at all – I’ll be glad to help”. His crotch is now right in front of me and I have this request to undo another guy’s pants to release his cock. This is the biggest turn on I have ever had. Just the anticipation in the air of something so wrong and yet so right!

I reach and find his pants button, then his pants zip, I slowly lower his zip all the way. I now see his underwear – his underwear that houses and cradles his cock. Still on auto-pilot I reach now and find the elastic of his underwear and slowly pull down, releasing this absolutely wonderful cock right in front of me. His cock stands out perfectly jutting out pointing directly out level.

Probably about six inches of manhood man meat. I just sit and stare as I still have hold of his underwear elastic waiting for my next move. His cock head is beautiful. A cock head that has a drip of pre-cum sitting patiently, waiting to be tasted. (I tasted my own earlier on and now I get to taste another guy’s pre-cum – and maybe more, just maybe canlı casino siteleri much more!)

I still have hold of his white underwear as I slowly move my lips forward. I open my lips and before I know it I have this incredible man meat head inside my mouth. I am tasting him I am tasting a cock for the first time! This throbbing cock head I am engulfing in my mouth. He pushed ever so gently out and into my mouth a touch more and more as I feel his head start to penetrate my mouth.

I start to caress his hips with one hand and with the other hand I caress and fondle his balls and the base of his shaft. I slowly masturbate his lower cock as his top half is fully inside my mouth. I am loving every moment, every inch as he pushes in then out, in then out of my mouth. I am tasting the saltiness of more and more pre-cum dripping into my mouth.

His breathing starts to really quicken now as now I am suddenly aware that this is the moment – the moment all guys live for, to cum inside someone else’s mouth. I am this someone. I start to suck as he gently pushes and pulls in and out. Suddenly a squirt! A real squirt hits the back of my throat. I swallow and gulp. The next squirt went directly onto my tongue. Another squirt on the inside side of my mouth.

I am now swishing his cum all around my mouth as my lips are getting wetter and more slippery as his cock just keeps on moving in and out of my mouth. I am now taking every inch of his beautiful cock, all the way down to his base, and then all the way back to just his head that pulsates on my tongue.

A few more drips now on my tongue and this incredible guy is now spent in my mouth, and I devoured every drop. I now know exactly how women feel to have cock. To love cock. To suck every drop from the manhood. His fingers slowly and gently going through my hair as I am in no hurry whatsoever to end this sucking – this loving – this observatory gay fling.

Something tells me that this really is the beginning of a beautiful friendship…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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