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The night started like it had in the morning. Jennifer was lying in bed playing with her clit waiting for her husband Michael to return from the bathroom to fuck her again.

Jennifer’s sex drive had been in overdrive recently and she couldn’t stop her mind from racing at the thought of being fucked for a second time that day.

Michael meanwhile was waiting in the bathroom hoping Jennifer would fall asleep if he stayed in there long enough.

Michael lost his job as a photographer for a big magazine company 6 months ago.

Since then his confidence was down, he had gained weight and his sex drive was near enough nowhere. On top of this they were starting to struggle for money and their savings were running out fast.

He had pushed himself recently to try and keep up with Jennifer’s sex drive but he was drained. Jennifer wanted it twice a day and recently Michael couldn’t stand the thought of it more than once a week.

Jennifer by now had been waiting 20 minutes and was tired of waiting for Michael.

She grabbed the laptop and loaded up her favourite porn scene; a gym slut riding a muscly personal trainer sinking her fingers into his ripped back.

Within minutes she was squirming all over the bed grabbing onto the headboard imaging being pounded hard, not realising how much noise she was making.

Jennifer considered herself to be in her sexual prime. 32 years old, shoulder length brunette hair, a curvy body with 34D tits a round ass and big plump lips. Her work friends were always accusing her of having work done on her but she kept herself in great shape by going to the gym a few times a week.

When Jennifer and Michael met 8 years ago Michael used to go to the gym with her. He had a toned body but not overly muscly. He is 6 foot with a below average 4 inch penis.

This didn’t matter to Jennifer as she fell in love with him early on and knew he was the one even though she was a virgin when they first met.

Jennifer thought the dick’s in porn were mostly fake anyway.

When Michael thought it was safe to leave the bathroom he crept out expecting Jennifer to now be satisfied after hearing her cum.

Jennifer had a disappointed look on her face and quizzed Michael why he wouldn’t fuck her.

He expressed his love for her but explained he didn’t feel in the mood and just wanted to go to sleep.

Jennifer went to bed that night still

Somewhat sexually frustrated needing a hard fuck.

The next morning Jennifer left the house without speaking to Michael to go to work.

Jennifer had worked as a product tester for 3 years now and came home with a basic wage.

As Jennifer had been hesitant on taking on more daring products she was working on the basic items such as new cereals, earphones and washing up powders.

The company she worked for tested thousands of products and she had friends who came out with much higher wage packets by testing and reviewing sexual products such as lingerie.

While at work that day Jennifer was considering which product to test and review next.

She was looking at a new office chair to be tested but her mind kept wondering thinking of how hard she could get fucked on that chair.

The commission on the chair was £5 a day for testing and a review at the end. You never know she thought Michael might want to fuck her on this chair and instantly she could feel how wet her thong was.

She was startled and snapped out of her daze when Jack walked pasted and asked how she was that morning.

Jack was 6 foot 4, broad shoulders, bulging arms and a tiny waist.

He dressed in a tight fitting suit with slicked back hair.

All the woman in the office were attracted to Jack. Many had flirted with him especially as Jack was in charge of the more daring products of testing, the sexual products department.

Jennifer blushed instantly as she could feel her moist pussy and was hoping there was not a wet patch on her pants.

Today she was wearing a tight white shirt which was struggling to hold her huge boobs in but was hugging firmly on her toned stomach. She had canlı bahis şirketleri black long length trousers on which was hugging her ass so much she thought it may actually show a bit of her ass hanging at the top. What she wasn’t concerned about was how her pants showed off her tiny thong which almost looked like it was drawn on the outside of her pants.

She loved how she could feel a thin strip of material between her curved ass cheeks while she walked in her 4 inch high heels.

Jack asked if Jennifer would be interested in any of his products. He had recently heard Jennifer’s husband had lost his job and we’re having money difficulties.

Jack seen this as an opportunity to try and get Jennifer to open up more sexually. He was definitely attracted to her but had always found her a hard nut to crack. He wished he could see those tits in a more revealing top.

Jennifer decided against it hoping tonight would be the night Michael would fuck her like she needed.

Jennifer returned home from work to find Michael slumped on the sofa watching tv.

She quickly ran to the bedroom to put on some sexy underwear to entice a reaction out of Michael.

There was a knock at the door, it was the chair being delivered from work. Jennifer shouted for Michael to open the door.

Jennifer slipped on some knee length black leather boots and swayed her way down the stairs.

Michael was busy in the kitchen so Jennifer knelt on the chair with her ass sticking up in the air and her big tits pouring out of her bra.

She called Michael in and instead of Michaels jaw hitting the floor he asked if she wanted a cup of coffee.

Jennifer was pissed off. She stormed towards Michael shouting WHY WONT YOU FUCK ME!! You haven’t cleaned up, you haven’t shaved all I want you to do is fuck me!! Michael surprisingly was taken back by this, he had never seen Jennifer so built up.

Jennifer was usually calm but now she was screaming that she’s starting to get sick of making an effort.

Michael once again started saying he was tired and constantly thinking about money which was affecting him.

Jennifer still furious, had made up her mind for a way of making more money and was going to approach Jack the next day.

The next day Jennifer decided to dress to kill. She wore her knee high leather boots from the night before, a pencil skirt that went halfway up past her knee, a tight almost see through low cut black top that you just see her lacy bra through, her hair tied up in a pony tail with bright red lipstick on her pout lips making her look every part the slutty business woman.

She certainly turned some heads on her walk down the office also hearing some catty comments from a few female colleagues. She didn’t mind, Jack was her aim.

When she spotted Jack walking towards her area of the office she made sure her boobs were popping almost out of her top.

Jack immediately spotted Jennifer and made a beeline for her. Anything I call help u with today? Asked Jack.

Jennifer looked Jack straight in the eye and said I need some sex toys.

This was music to Jacks ears. He could barely keep his eyes off Jennifer’s big tits he could feel his cock starting to stir and had to readjustment himself.

Jennifer was very nervous about asking Jack what sex items he had on offer that day. She had never discussed anything sexual with anyone besides her husband Michael.

She was starting to blush at the idea of it being such a gorgeous rugged man that she had to ask but it did give her a thrill at the thought.

Jennifer asked Jack if he had any vibrators available today, but she didn’t want anything basic she explained she needed something powerful and wanted to really feel the power through her legs.

Jack by now was having to cover his bulge in his pants with a textbook he was carrying.

He offered Jennifer ‘The Wand’ the world’s most powerful handheld vibrator. Her eyes widened as soon as she saw the product in the showcase especially as it said it offered £50 to test and review!

Jennifer snapped at the chance, her pussy was already canlı kaçak iddaa starting to feel wet and she couldn’t figure out exactly if it was ‘The Wand’ or if it was this muscular specimen of a man standing in front of her talking about sexual pleasure for her.

Jack wasn’t done there though. He showed Jennifer the ‘jiggle balls’ they were 2 silicone balls roughly 2 inches each in diameter attached together with some rubber string.

They were to be inserted inside a woman’s pussy whilst they were walking around with the idea of the balls hitting the all angles of inside the woman’s pussy.

Jennifer thought about it for a few seconds and thought why not they were the same size as Michaels dick which she enjoyed so didn’t see any problem. Plus that was another £25 to test and review.

Jack walked away feeling pleased that he’d had such a connection with a woman that he desperately wanted to fuck.

Only 3 hours had passed and Jennifer was so curious about her new items to test that she had to get started straight away.

The company didn’t allow employees to use the sexual products in the work environment so Jennifer decided she could discreetly insert the ‘Jiggle Balls’ inside of her pussy while she went for a workout in the works gym at lunch time.

She couldn’t wait for 1 o’clock to arrive and was feeling naughty at the thought of testing a product during the day.

Finally it was time for lunch and Jennifer rushed off to the changing rooms at the gym, she was thankful it was only a short walk from her office as she could already feel her pussy tingling with excitement.

She had brought her grey tight yoga pants for the gym that day along with a short black sports bra that was barely concealed under her vest top. She knew she was looking hot.

She carefully opened the packaging not wanting to create too much of a noise.

The silicone balls were soft on the outside but had a solid feel to them.

She could handle Michaels dick so was excited to feel the same total length of 4 inches inside her pussy for the first time in days.

The balls slid inside so easily Jennifer even surprised herself. Her pussy was so wet already it was like she had already been playing with herself.

Her pussy sucked up the balls and she pulled her pants up to make her way inside the gym.

It felt weird walking with something inside of her and she could already feel her pussy gripping the balls which was putting and extra bounce in her step.

Jennifer started doing some stretches on the mats and she could already feel a couple of guys eyes on her when she was leaning forward. She enjoyed the attention and stretched for a little longer than what she normally would.

Jennifer was keen at keeping her body curvy so started walking on the treadmill as her warm up but after a couple of minutes Jack had showed up in the gym and instantly she felt a tingle in her heart.

This wasn’t normal for Jennifer she never had thoughts of another man besides Michael but the way Jack was dressed and looked had her knees almost shaking.

Jack had a tight thin vest top and small shorts on which was showing his bulging muscles popping out.

Jennifer had never seen a man in such good shape.

As she was walking on the treadmill she hadn’t realised how much she had been staring at Jack with a mirror right in front of her.

Jack caught her eye and smiled but Jennifer blushed and instantly looked away embarrassed she’d been caught staring.

Jack walked towards the treadmill next to her and started walking alongside Jennifer.

Still embarrassed she started running on the treadmill to release the awkward tension but this then created a new problem.

With the ‘Jiggle Balls’ pressed so tight together inside her pussy every time she put her foot down the balls slammed together and was hitting directly on her G-spot.

Jennifer let out a not so discreet moan not realising the ‘Jiggle Balls’ would have this much of an effect on her pussy.

She blushed even further with every step as the increasing waves was quickly bringing her canlı kaçak bahis to an orgasm.

Jennifer was having to bite down hard on her lip, she wasn’t meant to be testing the sex products on the work premises and even worse she was on the verge of a very public orgasm in front of a work colleague she had started to have feelings for.

Jack sensed something was not quite right with Jennifer and asked if she was alright. When she tried to answer though it released the tight grip she was holding onto her lips with and she let out another but longer moan this time directly in front of Jack.

Jennifer was cumming hard while running right in front of Jack and each time her legs crossed the material of her pants was dragging along her clit, almost like a tongue swirling around on her pussy.

The sounds of a busty Jennifer next to Jack desperately trying to maintain a running rhythm whilst struggling to hide an orgasm had Jack very intrigued and he could no longer himself hide his reaction. His dick started to swell in his already tight shorts, his dick was positioned down 1 side of his leg and instantly Jennifer noticed in the mirror a huge length appearing.

Jennifer couldn’t believe her eyes, it was at least 7 inches pressing down his shorts and it wasn’t even fully erect yet.

With the outline of the biggest dick Jennifer had ever seen on Jack and the waves of pleasure hitting her pussy from within every time she bounced on the treadmill it released another powerful orgasm from Jennifer.

This one ripped through her body and her knees collapsed on the treadmill and was flung backwards.

Jack immediately went to help Jennifer up and his bulging dick in his shorts was now only inches away from Jennifer’s body.

What embarrassed Jennifer worse was that she could tell her soaking wet pussy had now drenched through her pants and it was staring straight back at Jack.

Jennifer jumped up and ran into the changing rooms too embarrassed to explain herself.

She quickly took the ‘Jiggle Balls’ out of her pussy and they were absolutely soaked! she even had to remove her thong it so soaked through.

Back in the office Jack walked straight over to Jennifer and casually said: that was quite a workout Jennifer, I don’t think I’ve ever seen somebody get so worked up in the gym before. Jack winked and walked away from Jennifer.

Jennifer couldn’t help but stare at Jacks bum as he was walking away, she couldn’t understand how such a discreet toy could have made her cum so hard – twice.

Jennifer got to work on writing her review, she was very complimentary about the toy recommending it as a great way to discreetly orgasm with very little ease. Now the problem was she had to submit the review to Jack as he was head of the department! Too embarrassed to face him with a paper review Jennifer sent the email at 4:59pm on her way out of the office and drove home quickly with ‘The wand’ still to review.

Jennifer again didn’t speak to Michael instead going straight upstairs to the bedroom. Although her pussy was absolutely drained if she wanted the money for reviewing the product she needed to test it.

Jennifer didn’t bother with any porn this time she just wanted to quickly test ‘The Wand’ her pussy was tired and didn’t think she would get much reaction.

She was wrong. She didn’t realise how powerful the vibrator was and the moment it touched her clit her whole body jolted in shock. It was like her arms had been super glued in position the vibration was that hard on her pussy. Her toes were curling into the bed sheets and within one minute her orgasm was ripping through her body.

Instead of thrashing about the bed she was still motionless unable to move her arms or legs she felt almost stuck on the bed with pleasure and the World’s strongest vibrator on her pussy. Before her orgasm had finished another was building straight back up but this time her mouth was now babbling with moans and screams, she had never felt so much pleasure ripping through her pussy. Suddenly flashes of Jack was racing her mind, she couldn’t get his rock hard body and enormous cock out her mind she slammed her eyes shut and let out an almighty scream for what felt like an hour.

She was snapped out of her orgasm daze by Michael stood in the door way asking who’s Jack? you’ve just been screaming his name while having an orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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