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It was nearing the end of the first week of lessons for the students at Mrs Castlewick’s School for Young Ladies. And a busy week it had been, with lessons in deportment, conversation and manners as well, of course, as what had been for many of the girls their first sight of the male organ. Little wonder, then, that the classromm has abuzz with excited chatter from the 20 pupils assembled for the morning lesson.

Mrs Castlewick surveyed her charges from her position at the front of the room. On the whole, she was happy with their progress, although there were one or two about whom she had some concern. Miss Pennywhistle, for example, had looked quite discomposed during the introduction to the male member. The school’s reputation stood or fell on the number of young ladies who subsequently found themselves a husband, and Mrs Castlewick could not afford to have her students fail to master their lessons. Miss Pennywhistle would have to be watched.

When the clock ticked over to nine, Mrs Castlewick called the girls to order. “Ladies, attention if you please. This morning we continue our examination of a gentleman’s manhood. You have all now seen it. In this lesson, you will become better acquainted with the object of our studies, and will have your first opportunity to touch one. Fletcher, you may enter.”

Into the room came a man somewhat older than young Johnson who had appeared in a previous lesson. Fletcher was perhaps in his early thirties, a slim fellow of moderate build and with his blond hair cropped short. When the girlish chatter died down, Mrs Castlewick bid him disrobe.

Having done so, the young ladies were presented with a view of their second cock. Again the outbreak of chatter was allowed to fade before Mrs Castlewick spoke. “I will shortly ask each of you in turn to approach Fletcher, and grasp his penis in your hand. You may do with it as you please, for the purpose of this exercise is to have you experience the sensation of touching the male member. In future lessons we will introduce you to a number of techniques for manipulating it – masturbating it to give the proper term – but for now I wish you simply to feel it. You may wish to inhale the scent, but I request that you refrain from taking it in your mouth to taste it. Experienced though he is, even Fletcher could not endure 20 young mouths on his organ without bringing the class to a premature end.”

“Once each of you has been up, I will then ask Fletcher to masturbate himself so that you may see first-hand how a gentleman likes to be touched. Now, we shall proceed alphabetically. Miss Appleshaw, güvenilir bahis if you please.”

Fanny Appleshaw approached reluctantly, her 19 years of strict upbringing competing against her desire not to appear foolish in front of the class. She seated herself at the chair placed next to Fletcher, and gingerly reached out. Fletcher looked down and gave her a reassuring wink. His organ was flaccid, which was something of a relief to Fanny – she did not know how she would have coped had she been asked to touch the throbbing monster that Johnson had exhibited at the previous lesson. Closing her eyes, she closed her hand around it and squeezed. The feel of it surprised her – soft yet with a certain firmness that felt unexpectedly satisfying in her moist palm.

She left her hand in place for what felt like an age, and was quite relieved when Mrs Castlewick asked Miss Burnley to take her place.

One by one the girls came up. By the sixth student, Fletcher has quite hard (the fourth student, Miss DeVilliers, had squealed in shock when Fletcher had begun to swell and grow beneath her hand), and his seven inch member stood proud of his thatch of blond pubic hair.

Diana Mapleton was fidgeting with impatience as she awaited her turn, and when her name was called strode to Fletcher with a most unladylike haste. Ignoring the chair she kneeled in front of Fletcher, the better to be able to get close to the fascinating, alluring object. She handled it almost reverentially, stroking its smooth, warm length with her long elegant fingers. She cupped the balls in the palms of her hands, and marvelled at the texture and the weight of them. Leaving one hand in place, she used the other to bring the cock towards her face, close enough that she could inhale its powerful, manly smell. Intoxicated, she brought it still closer, closer, until she brushed the head with the tip of her tongue and then slid it between her welcoming lips.

Thwack! Mrs Castlewick’s long ruler came down hard against Diana’s buttocks. Although her petticoats took most of the force, the shock of the blow caused her to pull her head back and drop Fletcher’s manhood from her mouth.

“Miss Mapleton, did I not say most clearly that you were not to take Fletcher into your mouth? I shall not be disobeyed. Now resume your seat this instant and consider yourself fortunate that you will face no further punishment. Miss Noakes, if you please.”

When all the girls had had their turn, Mrs Castlewick addressed the class again. “Now ladies, as I foreshadowed I shall ask Fletcher to masturbate himself until he reaches türkçe bahis climax. Pay close attention. In particular, note the attention that Fletcher will pay to the glans, or head of the penis. As you have learned, this is where the greater part of the pleasurable sensations will be generated. Fletcher, you may proceed.”

Fletcher was a new employee of the school. Like all the staff, he had his main duties (stablehand, in his case) but was required to assist with the lessons as and when needed. While Mrs Castlewick usually preferred to use men with particularly large members when demonstrating in front of the class, she had been informed that Fletcher had an especially copious ejaculation, and was curious to see whether this was so.

Although he had known full well what was required of him when he commenced his employment, it was nevertheless with a certain degree of nervousness that Fletcher grasped his cock and began to stroke himself. He remembered the advice of Mr Greenway, the head butler who was responsible for all the male staff at Castlewick Manor – forget the crowd in front of you, and focus on one pretty young lass.

Fletcher used his pre-cum to coat the end of his cock, giving a deliciously slippery sensation as he worked his hand around the head and then down the shaft. Back up, then around and down again, over and over. His eyes found Miss Mapleton leaning eagerly forward in the front row and he imagined her warm, wet mouth in place of his hand, sucking his cock deeply, flicking the head with her soft, caressing tongue.

He paused for a moment and spat into his hand, using the spit to coat his shaft and the end of his cock. “Ah, ladies, observe,” Mrs Castlewick said. “You will see that Fletcher has lubricated himself using his saliva. Many gentlemen like themselves to be treated in this way when receiving manual pleasure. It mimics the feeling of intercourse with an aroused woman and reduces the friction, which can be uncomfortable.”

Fletcher returned his gaze to Diana Mapleton. The tops of her breasts were visible, swelling above her bodice. He tried to picture what they might look like – firm and heavy, he thought, with long dark nipples that would stand out against the creamy paleness of her bosom. He imagined that he was kneeling over her chest, her bodice opened, her luscious breasts naked before him. He gripped himself more tightly as he saw himself straddling her, his cock in the deep cleft between her titties as she pressed them together for him, encouraging him to thrust away into their deep softness.

The watching girls saw Fletcher güvenilir bahis siteleri begin to thrust his hips back and forth, fucking into his hand as he imagined himself fucking Diana’s tits. Letting go of himself for just a second he deposited more spit into his hand and then returned to his furious wanking. In his mind’s eye, Diana reached her head forward and took him into her mouth, using her tongue to cushion the end of his cock as he fucked her tits and mouth for all he was worth.

He glanced away from Diana for a second and noticed the rest of the girls in the room. Twenty young women, crinoline dresses rustling as some squirmed in their chairs, tight-laced corsets straining to contain pert breasts, here and there a stockinged leg showing from beneath a tangle of petticoats and underskirts. Some sitting primly with their gloved hands folded across their laps, others attempting to appear uninterested while stealing glances, and one or two eagerly straining to get a better look, thighs pressed tightly together.

Fletcher could feel himself on the brink. He closed his eyes, and saw Miss Mapleton grab his arse and pull it towards her face, taking him as far into her mouth as she could and sucking for all she was worth. The class gasped as his hips bucked, his knees buckled and a stream of cum spurted from his cock. A second jet, and a third, splashed on to the floor. Fletcher was gasping for breath and pumping his cock as still more semen coated the floor in front of him. Finally, he slowed the frantic motion of his hand as the last few dribbles ran on to his fingers. He opened his eyes and let out a low moan of pleasure.

Mrs Castlewick noted the sticky mess in front him and raised an eyebrow in approval. She had not been misinformed. “Thank you, Fletcher,” she said. “That will be all. Please send Mrs Turner up with a mop and bucket after you have dressed yourself.”

Once Fletcher had left, Mrs Castlewick turned to the students. “That concludes our lesson for this morning. This was an important lesson, but we are still at the beginning of your education. Between now and Monday morning, I expect you all to become better acquainted with the male member. Remember, all of the male staff at the school are at your disposal. They may refuse no request from you that is related to furthering your education, so I encourage you all to avail yourselves of as many opportunities as you can to see a cock in the flesh, as it were. That will be all. Good day to you.”

As Mrs Castlewick turned to leave, Diana Mapleton leapt from her seat and grabbed her friend Fanny by the hand. “Come, Fanny, there’s not a moment to lose! We must do as Mrs Castlewick says and find ourselves a member. Quickly now!”

With somewhat less enthusiasm than her companion, Fanny Appleshaw, followed her out the door and down the hall…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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