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Family Life Ch.9. Falling in LoveThe weekend was a strange one, Laura and her mother were out all day on Saturday, shopping, and David spent Saturday night at an all night party. He did manage a quick fuck with Heather Rowlands, although he did wonder afterwards why he’d done it, she had never been attractive to him, in fact he had often thought her a bit comical with her push up bra making it look almost as if her tits were coming out of her neck. She had always made it plain she fancied David and when she pushed up against him in the hallway, deliberately rubbing her crotch against his, he decided to take up the offer.Apart from a couple of feels of his mother’s tits and once getting his hand up her skirt, he had been without sex for two days, Laura was suffering with morning sickness and his mother had asked him to leave her alone for a few days, so Heather seemed a convenient cunt to unload his spunk into. The fact that she was engaged to one of his mates didn’t stop him, after all, most of his mates had fucked her.Monday morning and David was up early, once dressed he went downstairs, his mother was busy making his packed lunch.“Morning sexy,” he said, hugging her from behind, slipping his hands inside her dressing gown and cupping her breasts.“Morning sweetheart,” she replied, her body reacting as he nuzzled the back of her neck. “I’m sorry about the weekend baby, this wedding is taking up so much time and your father didn’t feel well so he didn’t go out, then you slept most of yesterday. Was it a good party, did you fuck anyone?”“Why, are you jealous?” he said, pushing his erection against her back. “As it happens l fucked Heather Rowlands, l needed to unload somewhere.”“I know baby,” she said, turning to face him, her dressing gown falling open to reveal her naked body. “I’ve wanted you so much, l’ve been frigging off every chance l get.” As she spoke she was undoing his trousers, expertly freeing his rigid cock. He pushed her back against the worktop, lifting her onto it as she spread her legs. “Fuck your Mummy baby,” she said, giving a gasp of pleasure as his cock entered her. “Oh that’s heaven,” she said, “don’t wait for me baby, l was frigging off before you came down, l’m nearly there already…just fuck me and fill me with spunk.”David rammed himself into her as she clung to him, her face buried in his neck, biting him as his hands found her breasts, squeezing them hard then pinching her nipples. He heard her deep guttural moan and felt the heat of her juices flowing round his cock, meeting his thrusts with her own, her teeth sinking into his neck. He felt his orgasm coming, one final lunge and his spunk shot deep into her cunt.“Oh yes baby,” she cried, holding him tight, feeling every pulsation of his cock as he filled her with his cum. “I wish you could make a baby in there,” she cried, “how wonderful it would be to have your baby growing inside me.”David finally moved away and immediately his mother fell to her knees, taking his cock into her mouth, savouring the mixture of his cum and her own juices. Once she was satisfied that she had taken every last drop of that precious fluid she released him, looking up at him. “Is Mummy a good whore for her precious baby?” she said.David helped her to her feet, “l love you Mum,” he said, kissing her and holding her tight. They heard movement upstairs.“That’ll be your father,” she said, doing up her dressing gown. “Is Dan picking you up this morning, do you want me to show him my boobs again.”“No Mum,” he smiled, kissing the end of her nose, “but l’m sure he’d like to fuck you again, which is the best day for you?”“I’m so busy with this wedding,” she replied, “there is so much to do and already a week has gone. I have to be in town on Wednesday, l can leave sandwiches for your father’s tea and come round after three, will you be there, it would be nice to have both of you fucking me again, did you like filling two holes together,” she giggled.At that moment they heard David’s father coming downstairs, David and his mother quickly sorted themselves out and tried to look as innocent as possible. As Tom was eating his breakfast he announced that he would be travelling up to London for a meeting on Wednesday and that he would be staying overnight. David and his mother exchanged glances, both thinking of the possibilities.No sooner was David in work than Dan wanted all the details of what he’d been up to over the week end, listening attentively as David gave him a full account.“You’re a lucky bastard, are you really going to let that Lovell lad fuck Laura, l’m pleased for him, he’s a smashing lad. His mother is a hot bitch, not that she’s ever done anything that l know of, but she’s a looker for her age, l wonder if she takes it up her arse like your mother.”David had kept his promise to Paul and made no mention of what was going on between mother and son in the Lovell household. “You enjoyed fucking my mother’s arse then?” he said, laughing.“She’s fantastic,” Dan replied, “and when you fucked her cunt at the same time, all it needed was one more cock for her mouth and that would be perfection.”“Well you can have her again on Wednesday,” David told him, “Dad is away for the night so she can come here in the afternoon and stay the night if you like.”“Seriously?” Dan was stunned, “that would be fantastic, what about you, will you join us?”“Probably later,” David replied, “l’m going to see if l can arrange for Paul to fuck Laura on Wednesday afternoon if you’ll give me the time off.”“No problem there son,” Dan replied, “there’s hardly any work this week, money is tight lately, the jobs are drying up. Why not bring Laura down after she’s finished with Paul, we can have a proper fuck party, l’d love to see her with her mother again.”David said he would see how things developed. Then Dan said that as there was little to do, he intended taking David out for a driving lesson. “You need to get your driving licence,” he said, “there are a lot more job prospects when you can drive.”The lesson went very well, Dan told David he was a natural and that it shouldn’t take long to get him his licence. By early afternoon, they were back at the workshop, Dan told David that he needed to go and see the bank manager so David could have the rest of the day off.David decided to go and see Paul to set up his session with Laura. When he got to Paul’s house his mother answered the door.“I’ve come to see Paul,” he said, “l have time off on Wednesday and wondered if he wanted to go for another bike ride.”“Oh……yes..Er,” Mrs Lovell said.David noticed that she seemed quite flustered and red in the face, also her clothes looked rather untidy, he noticed the second and third button of her blouse were not buttoned up and as she moved the material parted to reveal white flesh, it was obvious she wasn’t wearing anything under the blouse and David could make out the swell of he breasts through the gap.“Oh, well…Er…yes, that would be lovely,” she finally collected herself. “Paul is at the day centre this afternoon, l will tell him when l go to collect him, he will be very excited, he never shuts up about the last time you took him out, he had such a good time.”It was obvious that he was not going to be invited in so David said he would call for Paul after lunch on Wednesday. He said goodbye, then as he turned to walk down the garden path he noticed a big black bicycle tucked down the side of the house, he was sure it was the sort of bike used by the Police. He decided to walk over to the park and position himself behind a bush keeping Paul’s house in view.He had only been there a few seconds when he saw the front door open and Constable Jones step out, fastening the buttons on his tunic, he turned at the door, leaning in. David could just make out the figure of Mrs Lovell, half hidden by the door but as the Constable leaned in, she leaned around the door and they kissed quickly.
The Constable then collected his bike and rode into town.“Well, well Mrs Lovell,” David muttered to himself, “you are a hot bitch, playing games with your son and getting some extra cock on the side. I wonder if he fucks you with his truncheon,” he chuckled.When he arrived home it was mid afternoon, he was still imagining Mrs Lovell lying on the bed with Constable Jones banging away between her legs. He saw his mother in the kitchen, preparing the evening meal.“Get your clothes off and lie on the table,” he ordered, removing his shirt and unbuttoning his trousers.Mary turned, smiling, “My my,” she said, “you’ve come home very randy, have you and Dan been talking about me again.”“Just do as you’re fucking told,” David said, making a grab for the front of her dress, tearing off two buttons in the process.“Whoa, whoa,” she cried, trying to push him away, “slow down, this dress is fairly new, l don’t want it ruined.”“We’ll get naked then and open your fucking legs.” He removed his trousers and underpants, standing there with his erection standing stiff and proud.“Okay, Okay,” she replied, removing her dress as quickly as she could then unfastening her bra.“No knickers then,” David said, putting his hand between her legs and inserting two fingers into her wet cunt. “And a soaking wet cunt, l think Mummy needs a good fucking.”“Well you’d better get on and give her one then,” she said, discarding her bra and sitting on the table, lying back and opening her legs.David was in no mood to hang about, lifting her legs and resting them on his shoulders, he grabbed her thighs, pulling her towards him as his cock rammed up her cunt.“Oh yes baby,” she cried, “that’s what Mummy wants, deep and hard.”David reached for her tits, sinking his fingers into the flesh, squeezing them hard as his body slammed against hers.“You’ve made Mummy your whore,” she panted, trying to meet his thrusts, the pain in her breasts sending tremors through her body. “Enjoy your whore baby, be rough with her.”David released her tits, then gave them a sharp slap.“Yes baby!” She cried, “Mummy is your whore, bought and paid for. Do what you like with her…anything you like.” She saw the fire in his eyes, all vestiges of his loving son had evaporated away, leaving only the a****l lust as he slapped her tits again, slamming his cock up her cunt with full force. “Take me completely,” she said, “Show me how you control me.”David was lost in the red mist, this was not his mother beneath him, it was just a piece of fuck meat, a worthless whore that was there to be used. He pushed her legs up and over her head, using his full force to drive his cock down into her as he knelt on the table, he saw the look in her eyes, challenging him to hurt her, challenging him to make her his completely.He rose above her, withdrawing his cock, intending to drive it back into her with all his force, she was totally available to him, he saw her glistening cunt, inviting him. He saw the puckered rosebud of her anus and in one movement launched himself at it, his cock forcing it’s way deep into her in one thrust.“Oh my god!” She screamed, the pain of his thrust setting off her orgasm. “Yes baby, fuck your Mummy’s arsehole baby, make her your whore. Again baby…do me again.”He almost withdrew fully, then launched himself again, driving his cock as deep into her ravaged arsehole as hard as he could. “aaarrrgggghhh!” he cried out as his orgasm exploded inside her“Yes baby,” she cried, her fingers clawing at him, “Yes…use your Mummy’s arsehole baby, pump me full of your lovely spunk.” She saw the look of savage lust on his face as he ground his pelvis against her, his cock pulsating wildly deep inside her.“You’re just a dirty cunt,” he spat at her, “a filthy dirty cunt, my spunk bucket.”“Yes baby,” she looked up at him, using her muscles to milk his cock as it continued to pulsate, “l’ll be anything for you baby, l’m yours completely…use me baby…make me your whore mother.”Slowly, David felt the tension leave his body as his orgasm subsided. He looked down at his mother, almost bent double, her cunt stretched wide, his cock buried deep in her arsehole. Roughly her thrust three fingers into her cunt. “This is mine too,” he said, working his fingers into her, “anytime, anywhere, your cunt, your arsehole, your mouth, anytime, anywhere, they’re mine.”“Yes baby,” she replied, feeling her body reacting again as his fingers pushed deeper inside. His cock still buried in her bum, not as hard now but still there. “Oh god this is beautiful, make me cum again, please baby, leave your cock in me, force me to take more up my cunt, fill me like never before.”David worked another finger into her then his whole hand slipping easily into the wet channel as she smiled at him, begging him for more. He felt his cock growing hard again as her muscles contracted around him.“Oh god that’s good,” she gasped, “make me yours completely baby, own your Mummy’s fuck holes baby.”As his hand slipped easily into her, he balled his fist, seeing the reaction on her face.“God l’m full,” she sighed, “fuck me with it hard.”David let his cock slip out of her arsehole as he adjusted his position to force his fist deep into her cunt.“Now fuck me with it,” she cried, “fuck me hard baby, don’t be gentle, your whore Mummy needs you to own her.”David began fucking her with his fist, getting deeper and faster, soon half his forearm was disappearing into her cunt with each thrust. His mother arching up to meet each thrust, he heard the squelching as he rammed up inside her.“Mummy has a big cunt baby,” she bahis firmaları said, perspiration streaming down her face, her hands pulling at her own tits. “Harder baby, faster baby…oh god l’m cumming.”He saw the tremors rippling through her body as her hands tore at her tits, driving his fist into her, jets of cunt juice shooting from her cunt, hitting him in the face.“Yes baby,” she screamed as another orgasm shot through her. “Yes baby…oh god…oh not another…oh god no, no more…yes, yes…oh god …oh l can’t, no, no more….yes, oh yes, oh my god baby, no please no more, please…oh god yes, yes, yes.” She screamed as finally her body slumped onto the table, totally exhausted.Slowly David slid his hand out of her cunt, seeing the gaping tunnel still twitching as if begging him to return. He slumped back onto a chair, watching his mother stretched flat on the table, her body heaving as she tried to recover. He rested his head on her tummy, her hand resting on him, her fingers entwined in his hair.Eventually she spoke. “Jesus Christ that was wild,” she muttered.“Are you okay Mum,” he replied, concerned that his raging lust had taken him too far.“I’m fine baby,” she sighed, “l’ve never felt this good, my god, l’m still trembling inside, no-one has ever taken me like that, not even Uncle Jack and he can be rough, but never like that, that was just raw, savage lust.”“I just lost control Mum, did l hurt you?”“Yes baby, you did,” she replied, “but not in a bad way, Jack is often rough with me, he knows how much l like it, but he’s never been as savage as that.”“Oh god Mum, l’m sorry.”“No baby, l don’t mean that. I understand that some men like to dominate their women, l’ve seen you dominate Laura and you’ve started with me. It makes me all wobbly inside just thinking about it, l want you to dominate me, l want you to treat me like your cheap whore, l’ve never had as many orgasms as that, l lost count…look at your shirt you’re soaking wet.”“That was you,” he laughed, “your cunt was like a fountain, l tasted some, it was sweet.”“I’ve never cum like that before,” she giggled, “l’ve seen Carol do it but it has never happened to me like that, you had better go and shower, then l will.”“Come with me,” he said, helping her off the table.“I’d like that,” she giggled, “but no sex, we have to be quick, Laura an
d your father will be home in half an hour.”“Plenty of time to fuck you at least twice,” he laughed, leading her to the stairs, Mary clutching hers and David’s discarded clothes.Needless to say, Mary’s resolution of no sex was soon a distant memory as they began soaping each other, exchanging kisses as they fondled each other. Soon he was hard again and as he pressed her against the wall, he lifted her, lowering her gently onto his cock. They embraced tightly, kissing deeply as the water cascaded over them, their bodies moving gently in tune with each other until she felt his arms hold her tighter and she felt the warmth of his cum inside her.Later, they were in the living room, David’s father having gone to the pub and Laura in her bedroom after saying she was feeling tired. David had told her of his plans to bring Paul round, telling her to make sure she was ready and to give Paul a good experience.“You love treating Laura like that don’t you?” Mary said, passing him a bottle of beer and sitting next to him on the sofa, holding her glass of wine. “You’re a man that needs to dominate women.”“I didn’t hear you complaining earlier,” he laughed.“Stop it,” she replied, pushing his hand away as it crept under her skirt, “l’m too sore for any more of that today. Seriously though, what stirred you up like that this afternoon, you were wilder than l have ever seen you, did someone upset you?”David told her about his visit to see Paul and how he had discovered Paul’s mother was being fucked by Constable Jones.“What, and that made you jealous did it?” she said, “do you fancy her yourself?”“She’s a good looking woman,” he replied.“Oh yes she is,” Mary said, sipping her wine, “she used to be a model you know, did a lot of fashion work.”“Any porn?” he asked.“Oh l doubt it,” she replied, “l mean she might have done a bit in her undies but l doubt if she did anything more than that. I’m surprised she’s involved with Tommy Jones though, he’s a real flash harry, thinks he’s god’s gift to women, l have thought for a while that he was sniffing around the vicar’s wife, never thought Jean Lovell would go for the likes of him.”“I can’t get the thought of them together out of my head,” he said, “she’s beautiful.”“Oh, so you’re in love with her are you,” Mary laughed, “you’re bored with Laura and me now and fancy some fresh pussy.”“It’s not like that Mum, you know it’s not,” he said, slipping his hand under her skirt again, encouraged when instead of pushing him away, she parted her thighs to give him access to her naked cunt.“You really are a bastard you know,” she sighed as his fingers found her clitoris, rolling it between thumb and finger.“And you’re my horny whore mother,” he said, “ get your tits out.”“Oh god, you bastard,” she sighed again as he slid two fingers into her cunt, his thumb rotating against het clitoris. With one hand she unbuttoned her dress, pulling up her bra and freeing her breasts. “Oh god no, not again,” she cried as she felt another of his fingers pressing against her anus. “I’m too sore there, please don’t go in there again, my bum hole is so sore.”“But you want it Mummy,” he said, bending over her and taking hold of one of her nipples with his teeth.“Oh sweet Jesus,” she cried as he bit down on her nipple, her back arching as his finger overcame the resistance of her anus.“You’re my slut Mummy,” he said, his mouth moving against her breast, “l can do anything l want with you, isn’t that right slut,” he took hold of her other nipple, biting hard on it.“Yes, Yes…l’ll be your slut,” she whimpered as his fingers worked inside her, “l’m so sore baby, please…please baby….oooh so sore…oh god, please baby, let me suck you, please…please don’t hurt Mummy any more today, please let me suck your cock.”“Come on then bitch,” he said, releasing her and undoing his trousers, “get on your knees and suck my cock, but make it a good one or my fist goes up your arsehole.”“Thank you baby,” she replied, sliding off the sofa, onto her knees. Taking hold of his thickening staff she kissed the length of him, sucking on his balls before taking his cock into her mouth.David grabbed her hair, forcing her down on his cock, feeling it pressing against the back of her throat. “I’m going to find you a big, black cock, just like Antoine,” he said, pressing her hard onto his cock, hearing her gagging. “I’m going to tell him to fuck you hard up your arse, tell him to hurt you more than me, then when he’s filled your bum with spunk l’m going to fist fuck your cunt.” He released her momentarily, allowing her to gasp for air before forcing her down onto him again.Mary felt the power of his cock in her mouth, her hand going between her legs, rubbing frantically at her cunt as she sucked him deeper.Despite everything that had gone before, David’s orgasm still flooded her mouth with cum, despite her effort to swallow it, some of it leaked down the shaft of his cock. Mary felt her own orgasm take over just as his cock shot the first jet of spunk into the back of her throat. She took it eagerly, relishing the pulsations of his cock as she sucked him dry, then moved down his shaft licking up every drop she could find until, satisfied that she had devoured every trace she leaned back on her haunches, smiling up at him.“I think Jean Lovell has got to you,” she smiled, “you want her don’t you?”David didn’t know how to respond, how to tell his mother that he saw both her and his sister as purely objects to release his sexual fantasies. How to tell her that Paul’s mother was different, that when he thought of her it was not as an object for his desires but as a warm and gentle, beautiful woman that he wanted to wrap in his arms and care for.Mary sensed the change in him, understanding that her words had hit a nerve. “You’re still young baby,” she said, kissing him, “don’t get too deeply involved, remember she is the same age as me.”“I know Mum,” he replied, “but l can’t get her out of my head.”“Oh baby,” she kissed him again, “l think you’ve fallen in love for the first time. It’s painful baby, believe me l know, but remember l love you.”“I know Mum, l love you too.”“I hope you do,” she smiled, trying to lighten the mood, “you fuck me enough.”David laughed, kissing her again.Later he told his mother that she should go to Dan on Wednesday. “Dad will be away overnight,” he said, “you can stay the night with Dan, he would love that.”“That will be nice,” she replied, “he’s a good man. Will you be joining us?”“I don’t know,” he replied, “l’m going to bring Paul round to fuck Laura, l’ll see how that goes first.”“Does Laura know your plan?”“What plan?” They both turned to see Laura standing in the doorway.“I’m just telling Mum that l’m bringing Paul round to fuck you on Wednesday afternoon,” David said, “so take the day off college, l want you to make sure you make it special for him.”“I don’t suppose l have a choice,” Laura replied, “now that my brother is pimping me out to his mates.”“Stop complaining,” David said sternly, “you’re always moaning, but as soon as you see a cock you can’t wait to get it up your cunt, just remember it will be his first time so make it special for him.”The next day was spent practicing his driving while telling Dan of his plan for his mother to stay the night. Dan was excited at the prospect, constantly telling David how he felt about his mother.On his way home from work, David made a detour, calling at Paul’s house. Mrs Lovell invited him in, offering him a drink of lemonade in the kitchen.“I’ve just called to make sure it’s ok to take Paul out tomorrow afternoon for a bike ride,” he said, mumbling his words slightly, feeling the presence of her affecting him. She looked so beautiful in her fresh, summer dress, her hair framing her face, he thought at that moment that she could easily pass
for a woman twenty years younger, and when she smiled at him it was as if an arrow shot through his heart.“You are so kind,” she said, “Paul will be home soon, he will be so excited.”At that moment David had finished his drink and went to give back the glass. As their hands touched it was as if an electric shock travelled up his arm, he fumbled the glass, having to make a desperate lunge in order to save it from falling onto the floor. At the same moment, Mrs Lovell also went to grab the glass, only succeeding in grabbing David’s wrist.There they were for a moment, frozen in motion, their faces only inches apart. Instinctively she turned her face toward him. David looked directly into her eyes as he slowly inched forward until his lips met hers.Her lips were soft and warm and welcoming. He savoured the sweetness of her as they both stood up, their mouths locked together. He reached out, placing the glass on the table as he then put his arms around her, feeling her body melt into his as he drew her close. Her arms encircled his neck as his tongue entered her mouth, gently exploring. His hands travelled down to the small of her back, pulling her to him.She felt the pressure of his erection against her tummy and reacted by kissing him deeper, completely at his mercy, her body craving him.His hands moved to her breasts, kneading them gently, feeling her hard nipples through the material of her dress. He pushed her backwards towards the table, his fingers fumbling at the buttons on the front of her dress.Suddenly she stiffened, her hands that had previously been pulling his mouth hard against her own were suddenly between them, pushing him away.“No…no….stop…please,” she said once she had broken away from his kiss.At first David tried to carry on, his hands fighting hers as she tried to push him away.“Please David,” she cried, “please stop…we must stop…please David.”Finally he calmed, no longer resisting her he moved back, slumping on one of the chairs.“I’m sorry,” he said, watching her as she adjusted her dress, “l’m sorry…l couldn’t help it…l’m sorry.”“It’s not you fault David,” she replied, “l should never have responded like l did, you must think l’m some cheap tart.”“No, never,” he protested, “l think you’re beautiful, l…..l love you.”“Oh David,” she replied, “you’re so sweet, but l’m as old as your mother and l’m a married woman. It was my fault, l don’t know why l reacted like that, it was wrong of me.”“I don’t care how old you are,” David replied, “you’re beautiful and l love you.”“You’re very sweet David,” she said, stooping and kissing his cheek, “but we must never do that again, you have to promise me…please.”“Perhaps l had better stop coming round,” he responded.“Oh no..please,” she pleaded, “ you know how much Paul worships you, if you stopped coming round he would be devastated. We just have to pretend this never happened, please.”“I don’t know,” he said, “l wanted you…l want you now, and l know you wanted me. I don’t want to upset Paul, l love him like a brother, but l don’t know if l can be close to you and not want you.”“It was my fault David,” she said, sitting on the chair next to him, “l encouraged you, and it was wrong, it’s just that you’ve always been so good to Paul, you’re his only friend and he has had some rough times lately, my emotions just got the better of me…l’m sorry David, truly l am, but canlı casino please don’t stay away, Paul would be so upset.”“It wasn’t your fault,” he said, taking hold of her hand, “l’ve been having these feelings for you for a while and when l called the other day, l saw that Copper Jones coming out after l’d gone and l just couldn’t get the image of the two of you together out of my head.”“Oh my god,” she looked at him with a look of horror, tears welling up in her eyes. “ l don’t know what to say, l feel so cheap, it’s not all that you think David.”“But you are having sex with him aren’t you?”She broke down at that point, sobbing uncontrollably, “l feel so ashamed,” she said, “he made me do it David, l promise you, l thought it would only be the one time but he keeps coming back and threatening me, l had to do it.”“What do you mean?” David asked, desperately wanting to take her in his arms and kiss away her tears.“He brought Paul home one day, saying he’d caught him playing with himself in the toilets by the park, he said he would lock him up as a sex pervert, l begged him not to hurt Paul, he told me he would let him off if l went to bed with him. I didn’t have any choice David, l feel like some cheap tart, l thought it would be just the once but he keeps on coming back, l’ve been terrified my husband would find out. What are you going to do?”“Don’t worry,” he said, kneeling in front of her, “look at me,” he put his hand under her chin, lifting her tear streaked face to look at him. “I’ll think of something, but l will stop him, l promise.”“Oh you’re so sweet David” she sobbed, “but l don’t see how you can stop him, he keeps threatening to lock Paul up if l don’t do what he wants, l just can’t see a way out, l know my husband is going to find out one day, l’m so afraid of what will happen to Paul.”“Hey,” David said, taking hold of her face with both hands, bending forward and kissing her forehead, then moving to her eyes, tasting the salt of her tears. He kissed her gently, she didn’t resist him. He kissed her tear streaked cheeks, finally moving to her lips, kissing her tenderly, feeling her soft lips responding to him. “I will think of something,” he said, releasing her and looking into her eyes, “l love you.”Another flood of tears burst from her eyes as she sobbed deeply, she bent forward, kissing him tenderly on his lips, then looking at him. “Oh David,” she sighed, “what are we doing, this is madness. Look at me, l’m a mess, Paul will be home soon, he can’t see me like this, he gets so worried if he thinks l’m upset.” She stood, reaching for some tissues to dry her face. “I must look a mess,” she said.“You’re beautiful,” David said, going to her and kissing her, thrilled that she didn’t resist him. “I’ll go and let you get sorted, l’ll come round for Paul tomorrow after lunch, trust me, l will think of something, l love you.” He assured her again.“You’re so sweet David, l need time to think, this is total madness, please don’t pressure me, l need time.”David had plenty of time to think about what he was going to do about Constable Jones on his way home. A lot of his mates had complained about Jones, he certainly had an attitude problem and some of the girls had said that her was always leering at them, Heather Rowlands swore that Jones had touched her tits one evening, David wasn’t sure if she wasn’t just making it up, and to be fair, just about every lad in town had felt her tits but David wondered if he could use her to create a situation. All these thoughts went through his head on the way home.David had hoped for a quickie with his mother before he had to go to rugby training but when he got home, his father was already home, and his sister had been picked up from college by John Perkins and she was spending the evening with him. Then, to increase his frustration, he took a heavy knock on his leg during training so a trip to the pub to fuck one of the local tarts was out of the question as he had to get home and put ice on his leg or he wouldn’t be fit for the first game of the season on Saturday. The following morning David was pleased that the swelling had gone down but his leg was still painful. When he limped into the kitchen his father was seated at the table, he was up early as he had a train to catch. David grabbed a quick breakfast then as he left for work his mother walked with him to the door.“Make sure Laura remembers to be hear this afternoon,” he whispered.“Don’t worry, she’ll be here,” his mother replied, “what time shall l come dow
n to Dan’s?”“Anytime after lunch,” he replied, “he’s giving me a driving lesson this morning, are you going to stay the night?”“If he wants me to, this is so naughty,” she giggled quietly.David bent down to kiss her cheek, whispering in her ear. “I bet your cunt is soaking wet, l wish l could fuck you.”“Go on with you,” she said, playfully punching his chest, “l expect you’ll be joining us later,” she whispered, “l always have room for two,”.The morning was taken up with Dan telling him how excited he was, looking forward to spending decent time with his mother. David was having difficulty concentrating on his driving with thoughts of Jean Lovell going through his head, he had dreamt of her all night, waking up with a wet patch in his bed from his wet dream. They stopped for lunch at a café then drove back to the workshop.It was an unusually hot day for the time of year, David was quite apprehensive as he approached Paul’s house, wondering how he would be received. Paul greeted him at the door, he was obviously in a high state of excitement. David was worried that he may have said something that would make his mother suspicious of where they were going.“Don’t worry,” Paul whispered as David parked his bike by the front door, “l haven’t said anything, but l was so excited this morning, Mummy noticed so she let me do it on her titties. She thought it was because l was excited to be going out with you, l didn’t tell about Laura honestly.”“What are you two whispering about,” Mrs Lovell said, coming down the hall, “Come on in David, you go up and use the toilet before you go out,” she said to Paul.As Paul ran up the stairs, David followed her into the kitchen, he thought she looked even more beautiful, she was dressed in a bright coloured skirt that came just above her knee and a thin blouse with an elasticated neck that was pulled down to reveal her bare shoulders.As she turned to face him, David could tell that she had taken great care over her make up, he hoped it had been for his benefit. She had a glow about her, and when she smiled at him, he thought his legs would give way. He suddenly had a vision of her holding her bare breasts while her son wanked in front of her, covering her tits with his cum, it took all of his self control to stop himself from launching himself at her.“I’ve never seen Paul so excited,” she said, smiling at him, looking into his eyes as if she could see the strength of his desire.“Y…y…you’re beautiful,” was all he could stutter in reply. He could see her blush in response and that just increased his need for her. He moved toward her.“No!” She said sharply, putting her hands on his chest to stop him, “we mustn’t, it was just a weak moment, we mustn’t repeat it.”“I can’t get you out of my head,” he replied, “l dreamt about you all night….just a kiss….please.”“No David,” she said, pushing harder as he went to move closer, “it was just a silly moment, l’m far too old for you, you should be with girls your own age.”“I don’t want them,” he replied, “l want you.”“No David…please,”David heard the quiver of emotion in her voice, felt the pressure on his chest lessen as her resistance melted, he moved towards her, her face tilting up to meet him, he could see that she wanted him too.“I’m ready!” David suddenly stopped himself as Paul called from the hall. He saw the look flash across her face, he knew that she had wanted him. With all his effort he pulled away, turning to greet Paul as the boy ran into the kitchen.As they rode away from the house, David looked back to see her standing in the doorway, watching them go. He thought how beautiful and vulnerable she looked just then, he felt a pain inside, knowing that he was deeply in love with her.Paul had jabbered excitedly all the way to David’s house, as they approached, Mary was just walking down the garden path, she greeted Paul who stuttered nervously, not knowing what to say, then as she walked past David she whispered to him, “She’s all ready, have fun, looking forward to you joining us later.”David couldn’t help but think that she looked ten years younger as she walked off down the street on her way to Dan’s.David was pleasantly surprised when he saw Laura, she had definitely taken some care to dress and do her make up, she looked very pretty in a floral button up dress. Paul was standing in the hall, looking at her as if he had seen some miraculous vision.“Hi Paul,” she said, walking towards him and taking his hand, “shall we go upstairs and get comfortable.”Paul was dumbstruck as she led him tamely up the stairs and into her bedroom. David followed, seating himself on a chair in the corner, pleased that his sister had decided to go along with his plan with some enthusiasm.“Would you like to undress me?” she said, standing in front of the bed.Paul could only nod nervously as his hands went to the neckline of her dress, fumbling with the buttons.“Don’t be nervous Paul,” she said, “relax and enjoy it.”“Yo…’re so pretty,” he finally managed to say.“Thank you,” she smiled, “and you’ve grown so much since l last saw you, you’re a young man now, time for you to do what young men do with pretty girls, here, let me help you.”Slowly she undid the buttons of her dress. “Now help me take it off,” she said.Paul held her dress, pulling it gently off her shoulders, he gave a gasp as it fell away from her body to reveal that she was only wearing a thin lacy bra with a matching pair of panties.She stood back, giving him a full view, turning a full circle. “Do you like my new underwear,” she said, “do you think l look sexy.”David had to admit she looked good, her tits had swelled nicely with the pregnancy, almost forcing themselves out of the constraint of her bra. There was a thickening of her waist, revealing her condition, and when she turned sideways he could see the start of a swelling in her belly. If anything it served to make the situation even more erotic.“Would you like to take my bra off,” she said, turning her back to Paul, looking at David and blowing him a kiss.Paul’s hands were useless in his haste, fumbling weakly at the hooks at the back of her bra.“Here, let me,” she said, reaching behind and releasing the strap then turning back to face him, her bra still clinging to her breasts. “Now take it away,” she whispered.Paul took hold of her bra, slowly revealing her naked tits. David noted how not only had they got bigger but that they had significantly changed shape in the last few days.“Do you like them?” She said to Paul, cupping her breasts and holding them up for inspection.“Their beautiful,” Paul replied, gaining confidence, “they’re much bigger than Mummy’s”“Does your mother show you her tits then?” Laura asked, sensing the relaxation in Paul.“She lets me play with my wil… with my cock and put my stuff on her titties,” he replied, staring at Laura’s tits and tentatively placing his hands on them.“It’s good that you mother lets you do that,” Laura replied, enjoying the tenderness of his touch as his hands stroked her breasts, his fingers brushing her nipples. “Does she let you see her cunt as well? You can take my panties off and see mine, would you like that.”“Yes please,” he replied, his hands moving down her body, gently caressing the naked flesh as he reached the top of her panties. “Mummy lets me touch her down there,” he said, starting to slide her panties down, “she lets me put my finger inside her, l like doing that.”“Well you can put your finger inside me if you like,” she replied, stepping out of her panties as Paul pulled them down her legs. “Have you ever put your cock inside you mother?”“No,” he replied, “she says she will let me do it one day.”“Would you like to put your cock inside me? Do you know what they call that?”“Yes, they call it fucking,” he replied.“Well let’s get him out and see if he wants to fuck me shall we,” she said, stepping back and
sitting on the bed, noting the considerable bulge in the front of his trousers. Expertly she undid his belt then the front of his trousers. As she pulled his trousers down leaving only the thin material of his underpants, the bulge grew even bigger.David could see the look of anticipation on her face as she took hold of the waistband of his underpants and began pulling them down. For a moment the waistband caught on his cock, then as she pulled it down further it sprang free, almost hitting her in the face.“Wow!” she said looking at Paul’s cock standing proud, curving upward. “That has to be the biggest cock l’ve ever seen in real life, it’s beautiful.”“Mummy says l’m very big,” he said proudly, “she says that when l put it in her l will have to be gentle or l will hurt her.”“Well you will have to be gentle with me,” she replied, “you know l have a baby in my tummy don’t you?”“Yes David told me” he replied, “l will be gentle, l promise. Can l put it in you now please, l think l need to.”“Are you very excited,” she smiled, “are you ready to cum?”“I think so,” he responded, kaçak casino “can you see some coming out?”“Yes l can,” she replied, eyeing the bead of pre cum oozing from the eye of his cock, “but don’t put it in my cunt yet, you will cum too soon, l’m going to put it in my mouth and you can cum there.”“I would like that,” he said, “ l’ve read about that in magazines, l’ve been trying to get the courage to ask Mummy to do it. When l cum, do you drink it?”“Oh yes Paul” she replied, taking hold of his cock and lifting the bead of pre cum with her tongue “l love the taste of spunk, so when you want to cum you just let it happen and give me lots to drink, then l will keep you hard and you can fuck me, that way it will take a long time for you to cum again and we can have a nice long fuck.”Laura moved forward, encircling the head of his cock with her mouth before sliding down the shaft, his thick cock stretching her mouth, hitting the back of her throat before she had taken his full length.“Put your hands on her head Paul,” David instructed, “hold her firm but not too rough then slowly fuck her mouth and feel her sucking you, she’s a great cocksucker she does it to me a lot.”“I know she’s good,” Paul replied, “l used to see the men going in the toilets when she was doing it there, l saw Daddy go there once, l was going to go but it had stopped before l got the courage to try it.”“Well enjoy it now Paul,” David replied, “and give her a nice mouthful of spunk.”Paul began to slowly fuck her mouth, feeling her sucking on him as she massaged his balls.“This is so nice,” Paul said, “a lot nicer than wanking.”“You wait till you fuck her,” David laughed, “that’s even better.”“I think l’m going too cum,” Paul cried, “is it too quick, l don’t think l can stop it.”“That’s okay Paul,” David encouraged, “you’re bound to cum quickly the first time, just let it cum, give her a nice load of spunk.”David watched, satisfied, as Paul held Laura firmly, his cock deep in her mouth as his orgasm pumped his cum into her. He watched Laura sucking eagerly, trying to swallow each spurt of cum but some escaped, dribbling out and falling on her tits.“Wow, that was amazing,” Paul said as Laura slid her mouth off his cock, licking his shaft, taking every last drop of his cum.“She’s a good cocksucker Paul isn’t she?” David said.“That was brilliant,” Paul replied, “is that what you were doing in that toilet, did you do that for my Daddy?” he said to Laura.“I never knew who was the other side of the wall,” she told him, “l just sucked whichever cock came through the hole, doesn’t that disgust you?”“No,” he replied, “David told me how you were being forced to do it, l wish l’d know that Rusty was forcing you, l would have fought him.”“You’re very sweet Paul,” she said smiling at him, “but can we not talk about what l was doing then, l would rather try and forget it. Come on,” she said taking hold of his semi rigid cock, “let’s get him hard again and then you can fuck me, l’ve never had a cock as big as this up me, but remember to be gentle.”“I will l promise,” he said, his cock stiffening as she gently squeezed it and stroked it, “l’ve never done it before though, l don’t know what to do.”“Don’t worry,” she said, sitting back on the bed, lying back and opening her legs, “just get between my legs, take your weight on your hands either side of me and let me guide you inside me.”David watched as Paul eagerly obeyed her, his cock now rock hard again. Laura expertly guided him to the entrance of her cunt, then instructed him how to slide it inside her.“Oh that feels wonderful,” she sighed as Paul lowered his hips, his cock burying itself deep inside her cunt. “How does that feel for you Paul?”“That feels beautiful,” Paul replied, looking down at her, “you are so pretty, you feel so hot inside, it feels like my cock is burning, but it feels good. Can l push it all the way in, l will be gentle, l promise.”“Yes Paul,” she replied, feeling the heat of him inside her, “nice and deep please….argh,” she sighed as Paul pushed himself deeper, his pelvis finally pressing against hers.“Just hold it there for a minute,” she told him, working the muscles in her cunt to milk him. “Can you feel that?”“That’s wonderful,” Paul replied, “it’s like you’re sucking me with your cunt, is this proper fucking?”“Start sliding it out very slowly, then back in again….oh yes that’s it….keep doing that slowly…oh that’s so good Paul, that’s proper fucking…oh yes, keep doing it, just a bit quicker….yes, that’s it….oh god this is good. Now sit back on your haunches, let me put my legs round you, yes that’s good, now you’re at a different angle, that’s rubbing on my clit now so work it a bit faster….oh yes…oh fuck that’s so good…keep going, don’t stop…keep going….oh yes, yes, yes….oh god that’s good…fuck me Paul…fuck me…l’m cumming Paul…keep going …yes…yes…yes…arrrgggghhhh!”Paul felt a sudden rush of heat in her cunt as her juices released, he heard his cock slurping as it moved in her cunt. At that moment he thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world, this was even better than he had imagined.“Now l want you to fuck me harder,” she said.“I don’t want to hurt you,” he replied, “what about the baby?”“Don’t worry baby,” she said, “l want you to cum inside me so you have to fuck faster, listen to me and do what l tell you, you won’t hurt me, just do what l say.”Paul began to slide out and back in, each thrust getting faster and harder.“That’s good baby,” she encouraged, “Oh you’re so big inside me, it feels so good…quicker…that’s good…all the way in each time, harder each time…oh yes that’s good…now quicker, come on baby fuck me harder, faster…yes baby that’s good, harder baby….oh yes…yes baby, give me your spunk baby….fuck me.”David watched as their bodies thrashed together, he saw the look of lust come over Paul’s face as he drove his cock deep and hard into Laura’s cunt. His own cock was hard and throbbing, he undid his trousers, taking it out and wanking it slowly.Laura was urging Paul on, meeting each of his thrusts with her own. David couldn’t resist any longer, rising from the chair he walked over to the bed, taking hold of Laura’s head she took him hungrily into her mouth.“Fuck her Paul,” he said, “fuck my slut of a sister, fuck her deep, fuck her hard, fill her with that big cock of yours.”David let out a cry as his cock exploded in her mouth, Laura gave a strangled cry as her orgasm followed and almost immediately Paul gave one final lunge as his cock unloaded his seed inside her cunt.David was so pleased that everything had worked out so well, he was proud of Paul and Laura, she had obviously found some enthusiasm for what David had planned. He withdrew his coc
k from her mouth, allowing her to clean the last traces of cum. “Happy?” He asked, looking down at her.“Mmmmmm, yes, very,” she replied, then looking up at Paul she smiled at him, “you are a wonderful lover,” she said.“That was so nice,” he responded, “did l do it properly, l didn’t mean to do it so hard but you told me to and it just felt so good. Did l hurt you, l’m sorry, what about the baby?”“Hey shush,” she said, placing a hand on his cheek to reassure him, “it was wonderful Paul, really wonderful, the baby is fine, l am fine, it really was a beautiful fuck.”“Can l kiss you?” he responded, “you are so pretty.”“Come here you beautiful boy,” she said, reaching for him and pulling him down on top of her. She kissed him full on the lips, his cock still buried inside her.“Sorry to interrupt,” David said, “but l need to get you home Paul, your mother will be worried if we stay out much longer.”Slowly she released him, feeling his cock slipping from her cunt.“Can we do it again one day?” Paul asked looking from Laura to David.“Of course we can,” Laura replied, “and next time we’ll do it a different way, you have a gorgeous cock, l’m looking forward to having it up me again, and you are a lovely man, when you finally get to do it to your mother she will be a very lucky lady.”“Do you think she will let me do it with her.” He asked, “l would like that, but l still want to do it again with you.”“Thank you,” she replied, “l can’t imagine any woman seeing that beautiful cock and not wanting it inside them, l’m sure your mother wants it too but it is a big step doing it with your son.”“I know it has to be a secret,” he said, “just like this has to be a secret, l like secrets.”“Come on Paul,” David said to him, “let’s get you home.”Paul got off the bed, recovering his clothes and dressing quickly, he thanked Laura, but she reached for his hand, pulling him to her and kissing him.“Thank you for a wonderful afternoon Paul,” she said, turning to David she mouthed the word “thank you” to him.Paul talked all the way home, telling David how beautiful Laura was, how he was in love with her, thanking David for letting him have such a wonderful time. David reminded him that it had to be a secret, that he must never tell anyone, not even his mother. Paul promised to keep the secret.“I will arrange for you to do it again soon,” David promised as they approached Paul’s house.“You are the best friend in the world,” Paul said after he’d got off his bike, giving David a big hug.They walked into the house, Paul’s mother was in the kitchen preparing the evening meal, she was still in the same clothes as earlier but there was something about her that was different, David wasn’t sure what it was but he knew she looked wonderful.“Hi you two,” she said to them, flashing a smile at David that took his breath away. “Have you had a nice ride?”“It was beautiful Mum,” Paul replied, giving David a conspiratorial look that luckily his mother missed as she turned to adjust the heat under a pan.“You must be hot and sweaty Paul,” she said, “go and shower and change before your father gets home.”Paul thanked David again for a wonderful afternoon, then ran off up stairs to shower.“That was really good of you,” she said, “he worships you.”“He’s a good lad,” David responded, “l love spending time with him.”“It means so much to me that you treat him like that,” she said “you are a very special person…very special.”David sensed something about her drawing him towards her, he stepped closer, staring at her face her eyes, her nose, her lips slightly parted as she looked up at him. He moved closer still, she made no move to stop him, he saw a look in her eyes that told him she wanted him.He bent forward, his lips seeking hers. As their lips touched it was as if a switch had been thrown inside her, her arms went around his neck as she pulled him closer, their mouths collided, her tongue entering his mouth as his did hers. His hands went to her breasts, realising what was so different about her, she wasn’t wearing a bra. “Yes,” she whispered, breaking away for a second.His hands went to the top of her blouse, easily pulling it down to reveal her naked breasts. His mouth left hers as he moved down her body to kiss her breasts, sucking on her nipples before she pulled him back up to kiss him again.She pushed him away slightly, her hands going to the waistband of his trousers, expertly undoing his belt and then the front of his trousers.“Quickly,” she said, “before Paul comes back, my husband will be home soon, quickly, l have to have you.”David helped her push down his trousers and underpants, hitching up her skirt to find her naked underneath, he lifted her easily, her legs wrapping around his body as he lowered her onto his cock. She clung to him, burying her face in his neck as he managed to carry her the few steps to the table, “Yes,” she said again, “quickly, don’t wait for me, l’m almost there already, l’ve been thinking about you all afternoon, l know this is wrong, this is madness but l have to have you…quickly David please.”She leaned back, lying on the table with her legs spread. David saw the neat little triangle of pubic hair as if pointing to where his cock was buried deep in her cunt. He grabbed her legs, resting them on his shoulders as he pulled her onto him, driving his cock deep into her time and again.“Oh yes David,” she sighed, “Oh yes, that is beautiful. Quickly, just cum, don’t wait for me.”David watched the emotions travelling across her face as he plunged into her time and again.“Oh yes,” she cried, “l’m cumming my darling, my sweet sweet darling, don’t hold back…oh god yes…yes…yes.”David felt her orgasm coincide with his, the heat of the liquid bathing his cock as he shot his semen deep into her. “I love you,” he cried.“I love you too my sweet baby,” she sighed as he lay still inside her, his cock still pulsating, her orgasm passing.Outside, in the hall, Paul stood watching. Watching the two people he loved most in the world loving each other. At that moment he felt that life just couldn’t get any better. He turned, smiling to himself, silently making his way back to his bedroom.The ride home for David passed in a mist of euphoria. He was almost at his house when he remembered he had promised to call in at Dan’s and join in a romp with his mother. He thought for a moment of turning back but then decided to leave them to enjoy some time together.Laura was in the living room when he walked in, she looked fresh from the shower, greeting him with a smile which immediately was a new experience.“Well,” he said, “did you enjoy it?”“Very much,” she replied, “l’m really sorry l said horrible things about him, he is a lovely person.”“A lovely person with a big cock,” David laughed.“Well yes, there is that as well,” she laughed with him, “but l was so wrong about him, thank you.”“So you’re happy to do it again then?”“Yes,” she replied, “very happy.”“Good,” He said, “but first there’s a little job l want you to do to sort out a problem l have.”

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