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After the four-hour drive to Washington, DC, Elaina slid gratefully out of the car. Traffic on Interstate 95 was always terrible; she didn’t know how she had been so lucky today. Before reaching into the back seat of the car to pick up her bag, she stopped for a moment to look at the house where she would be staying this weekend. It was a simple row house, red brick just like many others up and down the street in this working-class neighborhood.

A part of her would have preferred to stay in a hotel for her three-day conference, but Kayla had offered her spare bedroom. The house was just a few miles from the conference center, and it sure beat spending $400 extra on lodging for a conference she didn’t even want to go to. These were the struggles of the self-employed. If she worked for a big corporation, they would pay all her bills and put her up in nice hotels without question. But then again, she would have to follow someone else’s rules.

Elaina and Kayla had only seen each other in person a handful of times since high school. They usually sat together and drank wine at reunions. They kept up on social media. Elaina always enjoyed Kayla’s dirty sense of humor, and she definitely admired her husband, a cop with a fantastic body and serious-but-naughty demeanor. She liked them both, but staying in someone’s home was such an intrusion, even if she had known Kayla for decades.

Kayla and Elaina had traveled in the same friend group then, even if they weren’t besties. There were a core group of about four or five girls who slept over at each other’s houses, went to homecoming and prom together, and talked about sex a lot. Kayla, who aspired to be an actress, used to enjoy faking loud, vocal orgasms. It was something she often did at the lunch table or at parties. Elaina had been very shy back then, and Kayla’s outbursts had made her very uncomfortable. But things had changed. They were grownups now. She was sure Kayla had moved beyond the screaming-orgasm method of getting attention.

Elaina grabbed her bag out of the car and headed up the front walkway. Kayla must have seen her drive up, because the front door opened on cue and her old friend stood there, smiling.

“You look great,” Elaina said. “Blonde again?”

Kayla did her best cheerleader-style hair toss. “What do you think? You, too, can have this color!”

Elaina laughed. “No, I can’t. I’m Mexican and Apache, remember? I’d look like a man in drag if I went blonde.” Elaina ran a hand over her slicked-back black hair in its standard workday ponytail, as if she were showing off a fancy haircut.

“Get in here, you whore!” Kayla said. Elaina laughed. Some things never changed. Kayla had always had a way of hurling insults so that they sounded affectionate and wonderful. She would rather be called a whore by Kayla than a ‘sweetie’ by just about anyone else.

Kayla wrapped her arms around Elaina as soon as she crossed the threshold. “Damn, look at you. You just don’t age.” Kayla ran her arms up and down Elaina’s back and arms. “And you’re hard as a rock. What do you do, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri work out 50 hours a day?”

“It’s part of the job,” Elaina said, blushing. She taught yoga and dance, and spent any spare time she had in the garden. Her life had made her toned and supple.

Kayla, on the other hand, was rounded and curvy. She had large breasts and an ample bottom, and she clearly enjoyed her shape: she always wore clothes that accentuated her cleavage, and showed off her derriere to advantage.

Kayla took Elaina’s bag and showed her to the guest room, a beautifully decorated lavender-and-white room with its own private bath. “I hope you like it,” Kayla said. “It’s better than some impersonal hotel. And cheaper!

“Hey, listen, I know you are tired. I am going to go downstairs and put a little snack together and pour some wine. Whenever you are ready, that’s where I’ll be. If you need a nap or anything, that’s cool, I’ll see you later. But I’m still going to drink the wine.”

“No,” Elaina said. “I’ll be down in a few minutes. I’d like to shower after that trip. I had to stop and pee at a few disgusting gas stations and I’d like to get that memory off me. Where is Mark?”

“Hubby’s at work,” she said. “Stopping bad guys. He should be home soon, but you never know. Things come up. Stupid thugs, killing each other, and spoiling my plans. I’ve learned not to wait on him. And not to worry.” Elaina wasn’t quite sure she believed that Kayla didn’t worry about her husband, but she was sure she had found a way to cope.

Kayla slipped out the door and padded downstairs in her bare feet. Elaina headed to the bathroom and stripped off her travel clothes. She stepped into the shower and rinsed the dust of a few hundred miles out of her hair. As it became wet, the long, black curtains of hair cascaded around her. The ends of her hair reached her small, pink nipples. One of her old boyfriends had loved it when she was straddling him and the hair fell around them, shrouding their faces in a tent of hair. He used to call it the Elaina cave. He had loved it, but he hadn’t loved it enough to stay with her. She pushed the thought out of her mind. That had been ages ago, and she didn’t want to think about him now.

She shampooed her hair, noticing that Kayla had stocked the shower with some high-end bath products. There were bottles of expensive shampoo, some kind of exotic lavender soap, and a cream she didn’t recognize. She picked it up and looked at the label. It was called “Make me cum.” Clit sensitizer. Curious, she looked at the jar. “For intense orgasms. Apply to clit 10-15 minutes before sex.” The jar appeared brand-new. Hmm.

She twisted off the cap, and the inner seal was still unbroken. She knew she ought to put it back, but it was here in the shower, as if for use by the guest in the guest bedroom. What the hell. If Kayla was planning to use it, she’d buy her another one.

Elaina popped off the safety seal and scooped out a dab, gently rubbing it on her clit. Just the idea of the clit sensitizer, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri plus touching herself, had her a little turned-on already. True, she had no one to have sex with, but she always had her own hands.

She stepped out of the shower, feeling a little reinvigorated with the idea of what was about to come. She towel-dried her hair and combed it out. Out of curiosity, she opened the vanity drawers. Hair dryer. Spare toilet paper. Extra towels. And there, in the last drawer, was a brand-new vibrator still in its package. With a note taped on. “Elaina, Help yourself, Kayla.”

“Wow,” Elaina said. Just looking at the vibrator got Elaina a little bit turned on. It was about nine inches long, hot pink, and made of delightfully squishy silicone. Batteries included, the package said.

No longer analyzing, Elaina took the package and opened it. In another person’s house, she might have been worried about what they would think—but this was clearly a gift for her. Like some folks might leave chocolates for a guest, Kayla had left her a vibrator. This was the same girl who had faked loud orgasms at the lunch table in school, after all.

The vibrator felt wonderful in her hands, with just the right amount of give on the exterior. Elaina looked at herself in the mirror. Long sheets of Indian-straight hair hung down to her breasts. Lithe muscles moved under her skin. Small, firm breasts, pink nipples pointing forward. She flipped the vibrator on to the lowest speed, and when she heard the noise, she felt the familiar opening and lengthening in her pussy. She touched the head of the vibe to the soft, short hair over her pubic bone and worked it around, getting closer to the spot over her clit. Once she got there, she pressed the vibe down harder, but still over the labia, just warming herself up. She moved it around in circles until she started to get hot.

Then she took her free hand and played with her breasts, watching in the mirror as she pinched and rubbed her nipples. They quickly responded, growing erect and hard between her fingers. She held one nipple between her thumb and middle finger, and flicked the index finger over it fast, then moved to the other nipple and did the same, back and forth. And her cunt began to tingle.

She parted her pussy lips with her hand, and slid the vibrator onto her clit. The sensation was so overpowering that she had her first orgasm almost immediately, and she watched as her back arched and the muscles in her belly showed against her skin, and everything inside contracted. It was good, but it was just the beginning.

She propped her leg up on the side of the tub and slid the vibe down to her pussy. She slipped it in, just the first inch, teasing herself as she came down from the first orgasm. In, out, in out. No man had the discipline to give her so little in real life, but if he did, she would be begging him to fuck her. She rocked her pelvis back and forth, struggling between the desire to take the whole thing in, and to build her pleasure a little longer.

Finally, güvenilir bahis şirketleri desire won out. She plunged the full length of the vibrator into her pussy, and cried out with delight. “Oh!” She said in surprise. Not letting it linger there, she moved it in and out, slowly at first, just enjoying all the sensations. It was buzzing her clit and her G-spot at the same time, and the sense of fullness inside made her roll her head back and moan.

She moved the vibrator around a little, side-to-side, up and down. Never taking her eyes off herself in the mirror, watching the hot pink fake cock slide in and out of her throbbing, pussy. She was red with wanting.

“Mmm, mmm,” she moaned. “Oh, my God.”

She decided to crank the vibrator up to the medium setting. The pulsing vibrations rocked through her core, and she began pumping harder, until she could hear the vibrator slapping in and out of her wet pussy. Although it took a lot of discipline, she pulled it all the way out and slammed it all the way back in, so that she could feel the full length of it all entering her every time. She loved the wet sounds it made as it came in and out, faster and faster now.

She could barely keep focused on herself in the mirror, because she kept tilting her head back, but she could see the juices dripping out of her pussy and running over her hand. She lifted her fingers to her face and licked a little off—salty, like the ocean.

She clicked the vibe up to its highest setting, and pumped as fast as she could go. The muscles stood out on her arm as she went, no longer trying to take it all the way out and in, but trying to go as deep and fast as she could.

“Oooooh, ooooh,” she cried, and her legs were getting so weak she couldn’t manage standing up anymore, so she sank to her knees and pumped, switching hands so she could keep up the same pace. She rocked her hips forward and back, riding that vibrator for all it was worth.

Finally, the muscles in her pussy contracted in waves, one after another. More juices flowed down out of her cunt and over her hand, hot and thick. Her back arched, her toes curled, her hips shot forward and her head went back, and an “Ooooh, God, yessss,” escaped her lips.

She let the vibrator slide out of her cunt and turned it off. It was covered in her wetness, top to bottom. She had even made a little puddle on the floor. No problem. She let the waves of her continuing orgasm wash over her. Little by little, she began to realize she was on her knees, on the floor, straddling a puddle of her own cum.

She tossed her hair. She felt like a lioness. Ready to roar. Awake, aware, alive.

After a few more minutes of just sitting and being, she began to come back to herself. She threw the vibe in the sink. Slowly picked herself up off the floor. She stepped back in the shower and rinsed all her juices off, and then washed the vibrator.

Elaina combed out her hair again, leaving it to air dry loose around her shoulders. She put on a simple, white linen shift dress she had in her bag. She didn’t bother with a bra or panties. She just didn’t care about them right now. With a smile on her face, she slid out of her room and down the stairs, where she found Kayla waiting with a glass of wine and a knowing, sly look on her face.

“So, I heard you found my gift,” she said.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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