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Dykes & Dick
Lube, check.
Laptop, check.
Door locked, not checked.

“ Headed to wo- what the fuck man, “ Brandon said opening my door and walking into my room. He was my roommate and older brother so he never felt like he had to knock.

“ Knock! “ I yelled at him. I quickly shut my laptop despite already being caught.

“ We gotta get you some pussy, Bryce “ he said back to me shaking his head.

“ I might have to help him out, “ a voice said from behind him. In walked Torey, my brother’s longtime dyke friend. They were apart of a group of 6 friends, all guys and one girl. Since they were in elementary school the two of them were best friends. They even worked together. Torey was actually pretty cool. Though sometimes I’d forget she was even a girl with her low cut and baggy clothes.

“ Yeah, might have to stop by later on your break or something and help him out, “ Brandon said with a laugh.

“ Get the hell out, “ I ordered as they laughed and headed to work.

I was 19 and had never even seen a pussy in person. My days off were dedicated to masturbating and searching the internet for porn. Most of my friends were living it up and shared stories of how much ass they got. I had to lie.

Hours had gone by since my brother left and I still couldn’t find the perfect video to watch and get my load off.

“ Shit. Nothing looks good on here, “ I said out loud.

“ Because you need some real sex, loser, “ Torey said catching me off guard.

“ What the hell? How did you get in? “ I asked shocked.

“ Your brother gave me his key. You hard already? “ she asked kicking her shoes off and untucking her work shit. I was puzzled watching her.

“ What? “

“ Is your dick hard or am I gonna have to suck it? “ she asked casually. I was still confused. I thought she was joking until she pulled off her shirt and stood there in a tank top.

“ What’s going on? “ I asked.

“ I told you I was gonna help you out, “ she replied. She took off her pants and tank top. My eyes grew. She was wearing socks and some boxer illegal bahis briefs as if she was a guy. She was deep into the lesbian thing.

“ Help me with what? I’m not a girl. What could you possibly help me with? “

“ The same thing I helped your brother with. You need some pussy. And in a hurry. “ she said with a little laugh. “ Look, yeah I’m gay. But sex is sex. I don’t mind helping out. You’re my friend too. “

“ You fucked my brother? “ I asked.

“ Of course, “ she said walking to me on the bed. “ Sit up. “

I listened and I moved slowly. I was only wearing black socks. Never have I been naked in front of a woman. She was a dyke but still.
Torey grabber my hands and placed them on her small but perky pierced b-cups. They were perfect. For a second I stopped and noticed how pretty she was. She looked a little like Tyra Banks but a tad lighter. She was only 5’2 with hazel eyes and had a low haircut with waves. He butt was small but well shaped with a little cuff. Her small nipples were perfectly placed on her tits as if she was someone’s drawing. I massaged her titties like I saw a couple times in porn.

“ See, you got it. “ she said calmly. “ You think me and the guys have been noisy with your brother’s door closed for years playing games? “

It made sense. Door closed is one thing but Brandon’s door was always locked growing up. I guess Torey didn’t mind the guys slutting her out as long as it wasn’t an all the time thing.

“ Suck them “ she told me. I stuck my tongue out and began to French kiss her nipples. She giggled but I didn’t stop.

“ Yeah, just like that. Play with my pussy, Bryce. “

I took my hand and rubbed her pussy from the outside of her underwear. I thought she would immediately get wet. But after about 30 seconds still nothing.

“ You’ve really NEVER been with a woman? It’s like this man. “ she said.

“ Sorry. “

“ Shutup and listen. “

I don’t know if she was trying to be sexy but it turned me on. She said it with a little attitude. Torey grabbed tipobet my hand and guided it to her clit. She made small circles with my hand.

“ Yeahhhh, “ her voice drifted off. “ You feel that? “. She was referring to a small puddle beginning to form where I rubbed. I continued and decided to try and take the lead. I scooped her up and laid her on the bed.

“ Uh oh, the virgin is in charge now, “ she joked. We laughed for a split second until I moved her boxers aside and slid a finger inside of her. “ Ooooh, damn”. She sounded surprised I took the lead. I slowly stroked her back and forth with my finger as she panted in my ear, pulling me close to her. Her breathing increased and she bit my neck and moaned loudly.

“ Ahhhh, mmmmmm. Damn boy, no guy’s EVER done that. Take them off. “ she said wide-eyed. I didn’t know if she meant my underwear or hers so I took off both. I got face first with her pussy and started to lick it wildly. She moaned a little before correcting me.

“ Like this, “ she said . She stuck out her tongue and slowly flicked it up and down her fingers that were held into a v. My previously soft dick with standing up watching. I put my head back down into her lap and continued eating her pussy with the new and improved method. She loved it and I could feel her wetness pouring on my lips as I ate her. “ Eat that pussy until you’re ready linebacker, “ she joked. She was referring to my stocky 6’1, 220
pound frame.

“ I’m ready now, “ I said jumping up and positioning myself to enter her ready hole. I wasn’t huge to me so I was gonna go straight for it.

“ Damn, does it have its own heartbeat? Slow, okay? “ she said. “ That thing looks like a water bottle“. Now that she said it, I realized I wasn’t very long at 6 and a half inches but I was thick. I gently navigated my dick inside of her pretty bald pussy and felt her legs tighten around my waist. I followed her orders and slowly stroked her pussy. She had been so calm with me that I didn’t even feel tipobet giriş like this was my first time. I pumped at the same pace until she grabbed my face, made eye contact and gave me a nod. I picked up my pace and at a quicker speed I pounded her tight pussy. With every thrust she gasped a little and rubbed my neck and the back of my head. I was hugging her so I couldn’t see her face but I think she was enjoying it.

“ Damn boy, you’re a natural, “ she whispered. My ego was boosted as I continued to nail her, hurting her cervix with every stroke. I could hear her toes cracking and I don’t even think she had cum yet. I backed up from hugging her so I could look at my dick slide in and out of her. Torey was biting her lip with her eyes closed and rubbing her tits when I grabbed her hips and fucked her slowly. My jet black dick was shiny and coated from her juicy box. I felt her tighten on my dick and start to breath heavier.

“ I’m cumming, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum! “ I looked down and saw Torey cream my dick while I didn’t skip a beat and stroked inside her through the orgasm.

“ Lay down, I’m gonna sit on it. “ Torey said matter of factly. We switched places and Torey bounced on my dick. The more we fucked the more I forgot she was a lesbian. She was rubbing her, tits and massaging my ballsack as she rode me. She moaned feminine sounds as she neared another orgasm. I couldn’t take it.

“ Where!? Where shoul- Ughhh “ before I could finish Torey quickly hopped off my dick and leaned her b-cups in front of me. I painted her chest with a spray of cum. Some even got on her chin. Torey got up and smacked the taste of my mouth.

“ Watch where you shoot next time, bro, “ she said referring to her chin dripping with a splash of nut.

“ Next time? “

“ Yeah, next time. That was okay but you can do better little bro, “ all the shit about me forgetting she was a dyke went out the window and she was herself again.

“ Xbox? “ she asked.

“ Sure. “ I said.

Sweaty and covered with cum we sat up and played the game.

“ Never had your dick sucked either? “ she asked.

“ Nope. “

“ What the fuck? Pause the game, “ Torey said. She pushed my back on the bed and leaned over my dick. “ I got some shit to show you. “

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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