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Eva Hernandez burst into my thoughts like a dart through a balloon. For the fifth time that night.

I was never going to get any work done like this. What good was prepping for a midterm when my head was foggy with desire? No, there was a better word for it—desire was a warm, tempting breeze, but this was urgent—a glowing poker jutting into my brain, burying itself in the folds. The very image sent my blood rushing, unfurling and firming the amorphous lump in my lap into something useful. Better here than in chemistry class. Just the thought of her sitting beside me in those barely-there shorts and plunging halter was enough to make my lap rise and fall all throughout lecture. There was no way she hadn’t noticed. She was just too polite to say anything. And everyday before lunch I was forced to dash to the men’s room for a quick, but necessary, jerk-off session. But alone in my dorm room I could take my time.

Perfect little feet. Nails dotted purple. Long, sinewy calves widening into plump thighs, squeezed tight together, hot and chafing illegal bahis where they touch. My eyes move up and over her hour-glass waist, its contours squeezing a bed of belly fat to its center, invitingly soft, navel wide and deep. Her breasts fall heavily to her sides, and their weight is such that her nipples—those large, dark stains against her skin—stretch and crack at the strain. Her neck is long, her lips are full and wide, parted slightly and glistening: an invitation if there ever was one. Eyes dark, hair thick and heavy. Not a curtain, but a waterfall. Black water pooling out around her.

An iron rod poked at my inner thigh. I unzipped my pants and let it spring free.

A flick of Vaseline smoothed my way: base to tip and back again, slow and firm. But the relief—that calming hand, soothing my fire. I turned to the bed and imagined her there.

Eva spreads her legs, revealing a vast, fleshy landscape of violent pink. I can feel the heat bleeding out of it, tickling my tip. I swirl my end against her puffy lips, pulling strings illegal bahis siteleri of moisture along with me as I move. A single gasp: she yearns for penetration as much as I do. And I can’t help it—in one quick motion, I bury myself deep in the wobbling mass of muscle and flesh before me. Ceiling rough with jelly-bumps, floor slick and raw and slimy. Heavenly. I press into her again and again, erection aching with every push. I let my weight rest on her body, supported by her cushiony breasts, her supple belly. There is no place in the world I would rather be than inside her.

Eva wraps her large thighs around my waist and I squeeze her, molding myself to her curving shape. We mash our lips together. Her tongue melts into mine; I can feel the vibration of her moans in my mouth. She gyrates beneath me, pressing herself against my hips, and this seems to give her pleasure—I can feel her finger nails marking my back. She whispers “yes” in my ear over and over again and over again. She can’t seem to stop.

Minutes pass—or is it hours?—but canlı bahis siteleri still, I have no time to anticipate it. Eva’s panting grows into one long, drawn out groan, and then—good God in heaven!—the pocket of flesh begins to spasm around me, walls undulating like an angry snake. I pump on through the clamping, pounding in and out of her warm, buttery slit, rushing forward toward the sweetest oblivion I’ve ever known, flying, soaring in open air—

A scream of pleasure rips from my chest as I come into her luscious pulp. I thrust wildly as I erupt with spurt after spurt, mixing my cream with hers, trembling and sobbing and bucking and dying. Below me, Eva gives a wail of ecstasy.

The pulsing finally slows, gradually tapering off until only a stray throb disturbs the otherwise perfect stillness. I grow soft in our milky marinade, kissing and sucking her breasts while our breathing returns to normal. A profound satisfaction soaks into my muscles, and all at once, I collapse limply on top of her.

I opened my eyes.

The light was still bright, the window still black beyond. The only difference was the cum dripping down my hand, splattering the floor, the desk, the keyboard. I let my head fall back against.

Someday. Someday, I will have her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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