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“She who is baptized in lust may awaken her who is most feared.” Dahska stepped forward her naked body radiated a golden glow as the fires in the pits lit the darkness. She heard chanting, “She who is baptized in lust may awaken her who is most feared.” Her loins stirred at these words that filled the dimly lit vastness. Dahska’s eyes adjusted to the low light and she beheld such sights that would make the sane go mad, The good turn evil, The pure tainted. But Dahska was different. As she looked over the edge of the rocky ledge she was on the sight of all the daemons fucking sent hot pulses through her body. She breathed deeply and leapt into the mass of intermingling bodies below her.

In the vast valley of fucking daemons Dahska stood out. Her golden body with the daemons own writing on it, Her bald head And her thirty-two inch tail that she had not yet noticed she had, Contrasted with the red and black and blue bodies orgasming around her.

“Oh Goddess let me please you,” A blue female daemon spread out before her, Her sex a glow, Fisting her cunt and ass with two of her hands while the other two pulled her nipples.

“Where am I?” Dahska could not take her eyes off the four armed daemon woman. As Dahska’s own hand found clit and rubbed.

“You are here where you will be born anew.” The daemon woman bit her lip and arching her back pulled her fists from her body spraying piss on Dahska.

“What the fuck are you talking about bitch girl.” Dahska was running her hands on her piss soaked body. Her nipples hard as she ran a finger around them gathering the piss off them and sucking her finger clean.

“You made a pact with lord Samiuskie Urogotu of the ninja clan tribe, Yes.” The daemoness stood offering Dahska her hands to clean also.

“I don’t remember. I think I might have but I just can’t be sure.” Dahska took the women’s hands one coated in daemon shit thick and smelly, The other covered in daemon cunt juice murky and bitter. She licked on one then the other till she had cleaned all the cum and shit from them. After she cleaned the daemoness hands the woman told Dahska to eat her cunt and she would tell her the tale of why she was sent here.

“Two hundred million years ago the world was over run with devils. These devils raped and murdered the humans. The humans fought the devils and with the help of the humans allies beat them back. The humans sealed the devils away in a different realm.” The daemoness came on Dahska’s tongue, “Um. Yes,”

Dahska looked up into the face of the daemoness her mouth dripping wet, Her forehead sweaty. “So are we in that other realm now?” The Daemoness eyes glared at her the blue horns on her head pointed at her.

“No, And if you want me to continue the tale eat my asshole,” The daemoness lifted her ass to Dahska mouth and she licked the dark blue puckered hole. It was not clean and smelled nasty.

“The humans lived in peace for a while after the war with the devils. But the peace was soon disturbed when the women the devils raped bore their offspring. These new devils could hide with humans. The humans where losing the new war and once more called to their old friends the magical beings of Myth casino siteleri to help them. The elder Gods Blessed objects with powers to find and defeat the devils. And the tribal lords were formed. Each tribe was given an artifact of power. And these tribe lords did battle with the devils and won.” The daemoness pushed a small turd out on Dahska’s tongue.

Dahska held it in her mouth. The rich taste sat heavy and her spit helped it slide down her throat. She opened her mouth and showed that the shit was gone.

“Good, Would you like to hear the rest?” The daemoness played with Dahska’s hairless head. Rubbing her cunt on the bald beauty.

“Please finish you story,” Dahska had her face shoved into the cunt of the daemoness once more.

“Over time the lords grew corrupt and abused their power. They enslaved and mated with their magical allies. And built vast cities of metal and stone to help them keep the power they had. They even fought other lords and took their relics. The Elder Gods were not pleased with them and so they created the Goddess of Lust to subdue the lords and take back their powerful relics. One by one the Goddess bedded the lords and after they slept from the explosive sex she took the relics. One lord had amassed many relics and she fucked the Goddess to death with them. The Elder Gods were now powerless to stop her as they had given so much of their power to the Goddess. But just as all seemed lost the offspring of one of the lords and a magical creature found a way to raze the dead Goddess. He prepared a vessel to hold her power and called her back to life. Four days passed and she was reborn in power to the vessel. Together the two trained to fight the elvin lord that took the Goddess’ life. They became lovers and he was the only man who could tame her. She was the only woman that could hold his seed and live. After a year the two lovers had formed what would become the black ninja clan tribe and she bore him a son to carry on their teachings to others should they fail.”

“Oh please don’t stop now,” Dahska had stopped eating the daemoness pussy so entranced by the story was she.

“Well, you stopped and I was so close to cumming,” The daemoness pushed Dahska’s head away with her foot.

“I’m sorry Please let me make you cum.” Dahska tried to lick the daemoness’ foot.

“It has passed now, If you want me to finish now you will have to follow me there,” The daemoness pointed to an alter in the center of the orgy of daemons.

“OK, I’ll go with you, Please go on. I must know what happens.” Dahska was right behind the daemoness as they made their way to the alter. Many fingers and cocks as well found Dahska’s dripping wet cunt as she forced herself past the fucking mass of daemon flesh. She felt her body getting hot as the fingers turned to fists and the cocks entered her three at a time. Still she pressed on. Her body having multiple orgasms she fell behind but didn’t stop trying to get to the alter. She dropped to her knees and the daemons pounced on her.

“Oh Gods fuck me. I need cock lots of cock.” Dahska was lost to her lust.

As she laid there twenty daemons came up and used her body. She had six cock slot oyna of all sizes and shapes in her ass. They pulled her Golden tail hard making her cry. two very large daemons fucked her cunt as her mouth and hands pleased the rest. The cocks in her ass came filling her with their thick cum. As soon as they pulled out they were replaced with more. She had so much cock in her she was cumming every few seconds. Then all the cocks fucking her cunt came. All the cocks near her started cumming spraying her. When they finished with her she was passed to the next group of daemons. After over five hundred daemons had fucked and cum on her she no longer looked human she was a blob of cum with breasts.

“Bring her here,” The daemoness was at the alter. Rubbing her hands on her tits and fingering her ass and cunt.

As Dahska was lead to the alter and laid upon it the daemoness started her story again. And as the daemoness spoke Dahska was fucked one daemon after another all cumming in her.

“The two of them went forth to end the reign of terror. The elvin lord Ashsinn was fucking one of her young villagers on the girls eighteenth birthday in front of her family. As they sneaked in unnoticed the waited for the right time to strike. Lord Ashsinn was ramming the girl in the ass with a spell to turn air hard. The girl moaned with the giant air cock up her she couldn’t help herself. Ashsinn told the girls father she was going to kill his daughter when she was done But would spare her if he would fuck his baby girls’ cunt and impregnate her.”

“Dahska what do you think happened next.” The daemoness whispered to her as more daemons fucked her cunt hard.

“Oh please tell me her father saved her life.” Dahska’s cunt had cum steadily flowing out of it down on to the alter and into a maze like channel carved in the stone slab.

“The girl father got down on the floor behind her and crying pushed his cock in to his little girl, His cock in her cunt his mate yelled at him to stop and ran at him. Ashsinn cut her down in mid step. Her blood splattered on the girls face and breasts. The man tried to stop, To defend his lover. But Ashsinn told him she would kill him and his daughter if he stopped and didn’t get the girl pregnate. He thrust harder in to his baby girls’ cunt. She was cumming on her dad’s cock. Ashsinn drew back her sword relic ready to claim their souls at the climax.”

“Did she kill them?” Dahska was glowing and sparking strobe lights as the last of the daemons fucked her. All nine hundred daemons had cum in her. Her lust was boundless. She still wanted more she rubbed her clit and fisted her cunt. Panting she begged to hear the rest of the story.

“No, The ninja and the Goddess made their move then. The ninja used a thrown dart knife on Ashsinn’s hand that held the sword. The sword fell out of Ashsinn’s hands with a clacking sound as it hit the stone floor. As the Goddess knocked her down on the floor with a spinning flip kick to her head. The father was still fucking his daughter’s cunt so close to cumming he couldn’t/wouldn’t stop till he filled her with his seed. As the ninja and Goddess fought with Ashsinn he came filling his daughters womb with his canlı casino siteleri seed. The ninja blocked Ashsinn spell to kill the girl. He told the girl to run. Her father sat wondering what he had done to his little girl when he fell dead as Ashsinn threw a hex at the Goddess that missed. The ninja picked up Ashsinn’s sword and thrust it into Ashsinn’s back all the way and out her chest. Ashsinn stumbled forward and grabbed the Goddess pulling her on to the sword with her. The ninja picked up her lifeless body and took the relics. As he left the tower of Ashsinn burned. The ninja honored his Goddess’ wish and gave the relics to the magical beings. He gave up every one of them but the sword. He took his son and left the tribes his followers still practiced his teachings.”

“Wow that’s wild, But what did that story have to do with why I’m here?” Dahska’s body was absorbing the cum and changing, Her every cell reformed pulsing with raw power.

“You asked me earlier if this was the realm that the devils got sent to. Well, it is and it isn’t.” The daemoness hid her eyes from the bright light coming from inside Dahska.

“How is that possible?” Dahska stood on the alter feeling so powerful.

“The soul sword had trapped the devils it slain in the war.” Dahska knew that there was more to the story.

“And…” She waited for the ending.

“When the ninja slain Ashsinn, And Ashsinn slain the Goddess their souls merged and made me, Goddess of lusty death,” Dahska was stunned but still wanted to see this to the end.

“So what happens now,” Dahska turned to pure energy.

the m g”We become one and let everyone know its time to fight again. Someone is gathering all the relics, There will be a war. We must win.” As Dahska’s pure form fused with the Lusty Death Goddess. She was reformed as a six-armed golden horned six foot tall angel winged bitch with a fiery mane of hair.

With her transformation complete. She was returned home. The smell of shit filled her nose. The taste of piss and cum was on her tongue. Her body felt like she had been beaten to death.

“Eh Ugh.” Dahska threw up on herself, As she woke to find she was still hanging from the posts.

“Welcome back.” Samiuskie untied her. Her limp body fell into his arms. He picked her up and left the tribal grounds.

“Hi master, Do you know the rest of the story?” Dahska had fallen asleep in his arms.

“Yes, I do,” And he kissed her bald head.

When he reached his home high in the cliffs of Sula, his students were happy to see their master. They let him clean the markings off her body. and put her to bed before they bombarded him with questions.

“She doesn’t look any different,” One student asked.

“Oh but she is, Very different indeed,” Sam smiled.

“Can we fuck her?” They all asked.

“Yes, I told you all that before.”

“When, Now?” They all asked.

“Whenever we want, Yes we can fuck her now.”

They all got up running to her room stripping their clothes off. As they jumped into her bed fucking her holes hard she barely moved but she did moan, “Oh, Oh fuck me Ooh Oh God. Thank you master. I love you. Will you fuck me please.” Dahska humped her hips up to meet the thrusts of the two cocks in her cunt.

“I love you too, But lets let the guys have their fun first.”

“OK, Ready guys lets fuck,” Dahska’s eyes were hungry for sex. And she pounced.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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