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In recent years, the music industry had been changing quite dramatically. Many of the top recording artists had gone on to pursue other activities and passions, some had even semi-retired from music altogether. Cynthia Anderson’s music career was still going strong but she had found getting involved with activism to be just as fulfilling. Her passion was animal rights and she was vehemently opposed to livestock ranching, arguing that many animals lived truly terrible lives. She had been so passionate that she had infiltrated corporate farms to set animals free, Cynthia had never felt closer to her work. But she had another ranch in her sights, it wasn’t the largest ranch but she was certain that this ranch was mistreating their animals. Being a classically trained violinist and specializing in hip hop dancing, Cynthia was in exceedingly good shape even for her petite appearance. The violinist though used this to her advantage when snooping around and was very successful in being covert when trespassing.

Meanwhile, Tamara Middleton had seemingly retired from the music industry; she grew tired of wearing latex outfits, singing in a new city every night, and having to keep up appearances to satisfy her fans. Her fans had indeed been sad when she retired but Tamara longed for a quiet life. Her family had relocated to Nebraska and had a nice sized family ranch there that Tamara went to go live on for several months. During this time, Tamara became more and more interested in ranching and she started taking over day-to-day operations of the ranch from her family. She used her wealth and resources to upgrade the facilities into more efficient automated systems, everything from feeding, collecting eggs, and milking was done automatically. This reduced the need to employ farmhands and Tamara was alone on the ranch most days as a result, she loved her new life. The Middleton family had been active in auctions and had acquired many new sows to add to their growing herd of heifers, their milk production was fairly high and would be a primary driver in making the ranch money going forward.

Under the cover of darkness, Cynthia slipped into a barn to set more animals free. She could see what looked like endless milking stalls for the cows and her heart broke for them, “they should be out in the fresh air” Cynthia reasoned. She heard a click and a whirring sound, then a painful prick in her neck. She put her hand up to her neck just as her vision was getting very blurry and she was feeling extremely tired. Cynthia collapsed to the floor of the barn as a machine scanned for some sort of identification. Finding none, the database and machinery defaulted to processing the new cow to record it in the database. The powerful sedative administered to Cynthia was enough to fully sedate a cow for many hours, there was no telling how long the petite girl would be knocked out. In the meantime, another machine gave Cynthia a series of injections that new cows needed to be productive milk cows.

Cynthia awoke from her nap she looked around her to survey her surroundings. She was in a barn of some sort, that much was clear. Yet, as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes she noticed that she was no longer in her bed and this may not be a dream. Cynthia went to pull herself up off the ground but found a monumental weight was keeping her from achieving uprightness. She looked down and screamed! Where, formerly, there had been two small petite breasts, occupying her chest were now two large breasts almost the size of basketballs. She felt her nipples and they were still the same size, but now were leaking creamy white fluid. The poor girl yelped as she inspected her nipples and found that she could barely reach them as those fleshy protrusions were so large. She didn’t know how long she had been asleep but judging by the size of her breasts, it had been a while.

While laying there trying to jog her memory, a robotic arm silently moved above her and a second was soon in place over the violinist. The arms seized control of Cynthia and flipped her around until she was prone on the ground on belly side down. While the arms hadn’t done it with much force the impact caused her now extremely sensitive tits to jiggle causing her to squirm in a mixture of pleasure and pain. When Cynthia’s squirming had subsided, she cried out in shock as cuffs were attached to her wrists and ankles. She followed the chains that were connected to the cuffs up into the ceiling. However, before she could figure out what was going on she was raised high into the air.

Now supported by the chains, she grasps the situation more fully, she’s in some kind of automated barn and she sees that there are cows below her in stalls. The computer system running the whole operation notices her mouth is open and shoves a tube down her throat. As she tries to mumble something a grainy mixture of oats is forced into her. Swallowing the bland mixture casino siteleri is difficult and the speed at which the oats are coming out of the tube briefly causes Cynthia to panic. She forces herself to become calm and breathes in deeply through her nose to swallow and not hyperventilate. After a few moments of force-feeding Cynthia, the computer seems to be satisfied with the amount of food she has consumed and retracts the tube from her mouth.

Cynthia is then taken by the robotic arms to a pen area and set down on the floor in the middle of a metal stall. The robotic arms secure a collar to her and she finds that it has a powerful magnet within it as her neck is pulled forward until the collar makes contact with the stall in the designated spot.

Another robotic arm lifts one of her arms and attaches the cuff to the frame of the stall, then with horror, Cynthia looks on as the robotic arm welds the cuff to the frame. The arm swings over to Cynthia’s other arm and she tries in vain to fight against the unfeeling arm as her cuff is welded to the frame. She’s now part of the stall, there’s no way to separate them. That welding process is repeated with the cuffs around her ankles as the frame has a base plate that is bonded with her cuffs.

Two large suction cups emerge out of the wall and attach themselves to Cynthia’s humungous tits, they suck her nipples hard and the cups take in as much breast flesh as they can. Cynthia looks behind her and sees another robotic arm inserting a butt plug into her, then she feels a surge of extreme pressure as it inflates inside her tiny little ass. The robotic arms seal it to her by slathering a clear liquid to her butt plug then attaching a tail into the plug. The violinist is distraught with new sensations, her mind is slowly processing what is happening but cannot at the speed of which the machines are having their way with her. The girl watches as the suction cups nurse her over-sized breasts and through a mixture of pain and pleasure Cynthia squeaks “…moo!”. Cynthia found herself unable to stop pleasurable utterances from coming out of her mouth late into the night as she was milked repeatedly.

Awakening from her sleep by a loud commotion, Tamara Middleton looked out her window and saw that some lights were on in the barn. “Ugh, not again. That automated system is malfunctioning again.”

Tamara went out to the barn and found that the automated milking was still active for one of her cows, she typed in the override command to shut down the system fearing the system had over-exerted one of her cows. The new automated system had been installed three months ago and while it was state of the art, it was also a massive financial commitment. The automation wasn’t without pitfalls though and Tamara set out to investigate the reason for the error. As she walked toward the milking stalls, she pulled up the cow’s information on her tablet. She saw that the cow was somehow very new, but couldn’t seem to find it’s initial entry date into the system.

“Impossible!” said Tamara aloud as she looked at information screens on the tablet. The cow had been in the medical bay for malnourishment, had been given the most aggressive level of hormones to boost its non-existent milk production, and otherwise had been processed as usual. The problem was that Tamara hadn’t purchased any livestock in months, she was still trying to get her initial dairy cows up to maximum production. Tamara found the milking stall and opened the gate, but instead of seeing a dairy cow Tamara was greeted with the sight of a beautiful girl who looked like the violinist Cynthia Anderson.

Upon seeing the girl in the milking stall, Tamara shrieked with shock and surprise. She had expected to see a cow, not a human. Tamara saw that the girl had been processed like a normal cow, her body had been given massive amounts of hormones, she had been branded, and she had been welded to the milking stall. Tamara went around to the front of the stall and saw that Cynthia’s breasts were now massive, a far cry from those cute little breasts she had previously possessed. Tamara bent down and stroked her hand on the side of Cynthia’s face, trying to reassure her that everything was going to be ok. Cynthia in response to being touched quietly cooed and then surprised Tamara with a delicate “Moo”.

Tamara called everyone she knew to come to the ranch immediately, she even called her former agent and had them get in touch with Cynthia’s family to come and take her. Tamara’s lawyers were also summoned and soon the ranch of bustling with activity, everyone trying to sort out what had happened and how Cynthia could go back to being normal. It was discovered that normal may not be possible though, because of the number of hormones flooding her system, Cynthia would likely retain her massive breasts and milk production. It was also discovered that the butt plug had adhered slot oyna in such a way that removal was deemed unsafe for the former violinist. It took hours of careful planning but teams of people were able to remove the milking stall from the barn and into a safer location, however since her cuffs had been welded to the stall it was unclear how to remove her safely.

Tamara was trying to busy herself with work to forget about the brewing scandal that was unfolding at the ranch when she came across the milk production for the previous day. There was a sharp spike in product and she was able to trace it back to the added production from Cynthia. “She’s already producing that much milk?” Tamara’s resources were vast but she knew that to run a ranch, each operation had to be profitable and milk production had been lagging after the investment into all the tech. Tamara made some phone calls and sought some legal experts about what to do going forward and what exactly her options were going to be.

Cynthia’s mother arrived at the ranch early the next day and was soon demanding that Cynthia is freed from the milking stall. No one was contesting this as it was the right thing to do, but Tamara’s lawyers stepped to deliver some unfortunate news. Nebraska State Law had a lot to say about branded livestock and ownership, but its definitions about what constituted livestock were pretty loose since no one had ever challenged that humans could be considered livestock. Tamara and her lawyers met with Cynthia’s mother and they told her the options going forward, all of which appalled her mother.

“You see, Cynthia was branded with my brand and under Nebraska State Law that means that she is now the property of my ranch since there is no record of her belonging to anyone else or any other property,” Tamara informed the bewildered mother. “So because you’re asking me to release livestock to you, I’m not obligated unless you can prove that she belonged to you first.” Cynthia’s mom was beside herself in anger, telling Tamara that Cynthia was her daughter and had all of the records to prove that was the case. “Yes, she is your daughter that is indisputable but I’m not challenging you on her being your daughter. Because she is now considered livestock and has been branded, she is now the property of KP Ranch Enterprises.” Cynthia’s mother said that she would be suing Tamara’s ranch and stormed off. Tamara had little to no doubt that her mother would be successful, but the current law would have to be changed and that meant milk production could go forward while those laws were being changed. “God bless the American legal system!” Tamara happily exclaimed while stroking Cynthia’s cheek.

“Is my mom taking me home now?” Cynthia asked Tamara while fighting through the pain of her breasts being so engorged.

“Oh, I’m sorry honey, not right now she isn’t. But we need to get you milked, it’s almost been a day since you’ve had your udders emptied. You must be in pain!” Tamara said with genuine concern.

“Yes, they…mooo…hurt quite a bit,” Cynthia said with sadness. She had been looking forward to putting this whole ordeal behind her when she saw her mom but now things were looking grim. Cynthia looked down at her massive chest which was noticeably larger than it was the day before, something told her that milking was going to be a fact of life.

“I think I can do something about your cuffs though, there is a welder in the county over who said that he can free you. He should be here within a few hours, so let’s get your milked my sweet little cow!” Tamara exclaimed.

Tamara’s workers had managed to put Cynthia’s stall on a platform that had caster wheels on it so moving Cynthia back into the barn was pretty easy. Once she was back in the barn, Tamara had to readjust some of the apparatus to fit the milking stall on wheels but within the hour everything was set to go. Tamara attached the milking cups to Cynthia’s bountiful breasts and stared in awe at the machine milking this beautiful woman. Watching Cynthia get emptied of her breast milk was building arousal in Tamara, she exhibited such control over this woman and she was turned on by the sounds of Cynthia getting milked. The moo’s, coo’s, and moaning were driving Tamara wild, she fought to compose herself so that she could ensure the milking process was complete and the welder would be able to free Ms. Anderson from her bonds.

The welder came and within an hour or so was able to free Cynthia from her cuffs and therefore, free Cynthia’s arms and legs. The collar remains around her neck but Tamara shut off the magnetic field so now Cynthia is free to move around. She inspects her breasts and her tiny hands grope her great expanded flesh, each tit is heavy with milk is nearly the size of a basketball! They dominate her tiny frame, she overheard Tamara talking and it didn’t sound like there was much hope for her having her breasts canlı casino siteleri reduced now that her body was producing massive quantities of milk.

Cynthia’s mother made frequent visits to the ranch and Cynthia, each ended with threats to Tamara and lawsuits but Tamara’s resolve to milk Cynthia remained. Cynthia was given an ornate cowbell to track her movements, heart rate, and vital signs, she was a dainty little bell but looked cute on Cynthia. One of the biggest changes that Cynthia went through was having to cope with her gigantic breasts, they were so heavy and she was still pretty thin despite the sedentary lifestyle. She had adapted to crawling on all fours to get around, this made her back hurt much less and she was getting pretty good at it. The second biggest change was clothing. Because the tail and her near-constant milking, clothing had become a thing of the past. Cynthia felt shame each time she saw another human, knowing that she used to walk upright but she was trying to make the most of her life until she could be rescued from this reality.

Tamara, on the other hand, was very pleased with the situation financially but was concerned about Cynthia’s well-being, at first she made Cynthia sleep in the barn with the rest of the livestock. Introducing Cynthia to the herd hadn’t gone well, they rejected her and the isolation had made Cynthia feel alone even more. Tamara allowed Cynthia to sleep inside when the weather was cold since Cynthia didn’t have the natural insulation that cattle had. Tamara would clip a leash on Cynthia’s collar and take her for walks when the weather was warm, she even set up a little treadmill for Cynthia so that she could continue to exercise.

One change that happened to Tamara during all of this was she started having fantasies about Cynthia and her status as livestock. Tamara furiously masturbated each night while thinking of what was happening to Cynthia, seeing her big milky tits being milked was becoming her favorite activity. She would record the milking on phone her then watch the sessions later she thought that she had come up with a plan to make the ranch financially viable for years to come.

Cynthia’s mother continued to visit, continued their fight to regain their status of their daughter but when the Nebraska Supreme Court struck down their case to modify the existing language on what constituted livestock, they were dismayed. Cynthia was now legally livestock and they learned that the penalty for cattle-rustling was quite steep with prison time and enormous fines. Tamara was thrilled about the outcome of the case, she hadn’t expected a win but when she heard through the grapevine that legislators could be bought, her vast resources made sure that the case would have a favorable outcome.

Cynthia had settled into her new life, she had learned about the legal case and her parents said that they couldn’t see her anymore because it was too painful. This was hard for Cynthia and she seemed despondent for weeks after the verdict was announced. Tamara had been noticing that her milk production was much lower and knew that she needed a happy cow to launch the next phase in her initiatives. Ms. Middleton had been using her connections to find women who might be persuaded into a more “routine” of life, she knew fellow musicians who bemoaned the constant travel, touring, press, and the pressures that come with being a star. She was surprised to see there was an interest in several candidates but after a lengthy interview process and legal document review, Tamara had found another cow to join Cynthia.

Cynthia woke up one morning and got herself ready to be milked, over the last several months her routine had become the law of the land. She would wake up early and get herself ready to be milked, then she would be fed a mixture of foods and vitamins. Her favorite days were when she got to roam free in the pasture behind the barn, especially now that the weather was warmer. She’d feel the grass under her hands and knees, grass blades tickling her lengthened nipples as she crawled along the pasture. She’d happily “moo” when she laid down in the grass and bathe in the warm rays of the sun. Yes, her life was much different now but she couldn’t imagine a less stressful life than being a human cow. Cynthia reasoned that Tamara took very good care for her, she was strict but showed compassion for Cynthia’s well-being. What Cynthia missed most though was a sense of companionship, she longed to be able to talk with people again. Tamara was a source of entertainment, but they were not friends per se, Tamara had made it very clear that she was Cynthia’s owner. Tamara strolled up to the sunbathing Cynthia in the pasture to deliver what she had hoped would be well-received news.

“Oh my sweet Cynthia, I know this transition has been quite the ordeal but I have some good news for you. We have found a suitable companion for you, soon you’ll have company here in the pasture.” Tamara called out to one of the foreman and two figures approached, Cynthia immediately recognized the new companion and her eyes widened.


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