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Curious Clients 1: Ariel Analyzed
Awesome Ariel and virgin Vanessa visit us in Amsterdam for a free consult and answers to their curious questions. Both brunette beauties can come as often as they want, but each has her setback: Ariel is as shy as dry, when she has sex, while Vanessa is still a virgin, who can’t decide how to switch from masturbation and tools to the real thing.
We first invite Ariel for Carnival long weekend. And secretly book Vanessa as well for next day. Ariel comes first.

In this tasty sexy short series, we will write once more about some special girl guests at our Academy in Amsterdam. Lots of girls and young women write us with their questions. We can afford to be very selective, so we only invite those who interest us by their looks and sexuality. We will introduce intimately two of them, both from here.

Attractive Ariel, and also Vanessa, state in their profiles that they have a ‘problem’, which isn’t a problem. Awesome Ariel has a satisfying sexy love life with her guy, but at 22 she is still very shy, and tight as a teen in her cunning cunny. She can come from fingering and fucking, but that isn’t easy, as she does not get a wet twat and dislikes any lubes.
Vanessa has a high sex drive and some tasty tools to help her come as often as wants, which is several times a day. However, she is still a virgin and has trouble to decide when to give it up and with whom. More about her later.

As always, we start with an intimate inspection and interview at our Experimental canlı bahis şirketleri Erotics International Institute.

Attractive Ariel really looks like a teen schoolgirl when she shows up at my doorstep on Friday afternoon. I instructed her to wear a blouse, without a bra and a short skirt. I see a slender small brunette beauty, who doesn’t need a bra, as I correctly guessed. Probably AA size or even less. Her blouse is quite tight, but I hardly notice any boobies, only hard nipples show through the thin fabric. She knows what will be first and apparently she is excited by the idea to undress and confess for the first time for a stranger, albeit an elderly erotoman an scientific sex expert. With a smile and gesture I invite her in. I grab her hand and walk her towards the large leather armchair. I sit down, she stands right in front of me. I give her a galant kiss at her hand and let it go. With a nod, I indicate she can start. Slowly she unbuttons her shirt, too shy to look at me. Her blush and the two erections at her almost flat chest do the body talk.

I lick my lips and tell her “You move me, brunette beauty!”. I see her gaze dropping down to my pants. She hopes I show some movement there. She blushes a bit deeper, as soon as she realizes I caught her eyes. I lift with one finger her skirt a bit, as I wonder whether she wears any panties. “Take them down, as I am curious if you will show me a bit of brown bush, baby. Just hand them to me, you will not need canlı kaçak iddaa them till you will travel back. Turn around and continue, my dear. I first want to have a look inside you, before I invite you to have a look inside my pants.” I sniff at the cute colourful cotton, which wears slightly her sensual smell and look forward to see her love lips from behind, when she will bend over with her legs spread.

Ariel is more at ease now, as I can’t look into her face. Obediently she bends over, which makes her small bottom very tight. She spreads those teeny ass cheeks at my wish. Is it nerves or excitement, which cause her sexy sphincter to contract and send me a few inviting ‘eye-winks’? I need a lot of self control to postpone my try to dive deep inside her there with the tip of my tongue. “Your love lips also show a shy smile, just like your face. Use your fingers to open them up and show me how tight and dry you are, Ariel. Remember how you discovered pleasing your pussy, and share it with me. Bend down deeper. I want to watch your cute cunny from close when you come for me.”

“You wrote that you tried kissing with your best girlfriend, when you two started to get curious for sex, which looks like half a life back, isn’t it? I assume you two didn’t stop at exchanging a few shy kisses?” Ariel is busy rubbing herself and does not notice I look into her face, which I can watch between her legs, below that tight teen twat, which refuses to get wet. Her head nods yes. “You two canlı kaçak bahis found out coming solo and together, from fondling, fingering and licking. You still have this fancy for girls looking like you two, tiny titted tight teens. But both of your main fascinations is with boys and men, their uncut cocks, spilling showers of semen over innocent ingenues like you two. You are as shy, as dirty!”

Ariel is furiously feeling her fanny, clearly close to coming from my clearvoyence into hot history as a yearning yummy young trying-out teen back then. Her head beet red from being bent over and extreme excitement. “Too shy to try for real most of those sexy secrets among your many turn-ons. I know you are into peeing as part of play during sex. Surely, you did not dare to do that yet, just like any anal!?”

Ariel has her eyes closed. She hardly notices my hands on her bottom, which spread her cheeks wide enough for me to dive into her muff. Instead, I just tickle her contracted sphincter with the tip of my tongue. That touch takes her over the hill into a sexy shaking orgasm, which leaves her cute cunny dry … but wets my chin with warm squirts.


Ariel wonders whether our dear readers long to read more about her warm weekend at our awesome Academy.
“Are they really interested into my first orgasm from anal intercourse and our ‘golden showers’ in your shower?”
As always, the only way to find out is your ‘thumb up’ or comment to express your wish we will continue indeed.

All rights at Prof. Poet Peter from the Experimental Erotics International Institute in Amsterdam, May 6th, 2019

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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