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Cuckold story of an unlucky husbandWe are happily married and our life was going smooth. I am a govt employee and staying in Ernakulam along with my wife. c***d is studying staying along with grandparents. We are common amongst the common people. Occassionally we used to have dining out, sometimes movies or visits to family friends. Once we went to Goa on a trip. Nandu was surprised to see Indian girls wearing such small skirts, drinks and kissing in public. However this incident is not about Goa trip.A bit about Nandu so that you can have a better picture. She is short, some what 155 cm high. Little chubby in looks. Medium complexion. Long hair. A cute face with a full lips and fleshy cheeks. With Sindoor on her forehead head and a pair of Tulsi leaves on her hairs, she looks a homely malayalee beauty. A pair of dimples appears on her cheeks when she smiles. She normally wears saree when we moves out or occassionally churidar. Her buttocks are bit larger than normal to her overall size. Breasts are big and slightly hanging. I used to enjoy looking at her back when she walks in her saree as her buttocks swings both ways, even if it seems that she intentionally tries not to move her butts much as she knows that they are big. Little bit of her hip foldings and lil belly are visible through her saree. Her navel seldom appears out in saree. I have noticed many times that some of my friends ogles at her belly whenever they gets a chance. I think most beautiful in her is her curvy hips and big butts, and that damn big ,wild eyes. In the early years of our life I used to show her blue films. Initially she was hesitant to watch, but later I think she started enjoying it. I intentionally tried to show her videos of men with larger penis than mine. But years passed, I stopped all those things, and may be due to boredom of repetation we copulate rarely, like once or hardly twice in a month. I think I started enjoying maturebation rather than sex with her. But we loved each other deeply. Let’s come to the incident. One year back, we went to her village on leave. That is in Idukki, a village full of rubber farms. One day evening, we both went to a temple some two KMS away from her home as festival was on and there were programmes throughout night. She requested to go by walk as she used to go to school by walk through the same route when she was young. On the way, she was very talkative after long years, started saying her c***dhood stories one after another. We did carry a torch too as there were no sufficient lighting and houses in some areas of rubber farms. We spent some two hours in the festival ground and decided to go back even if earlier our plan was to spent entire night there. In the ground, when we were walking around I noticed that two or three country men are eyeing at Nandu and was passing some comments. I think that were talking about her buttocks. In the white shiffon saree with blue flowers on it, her buttocks were really arousing, I thought to myself. The men were drunk. On the way back, through the rubber farms, I felt someone following us. I lit the torch backwards and found that those drunkards following us. We took faster step. They started running and we too. Soon they neared us and two men held me and one Nandu.l asked them what is the problem. One man with beard replied that there is no any problem until unless we coperate with them, otherwise we will be murdered. Nandu started weeping. He was holding Nandu by her hair. They took us inside rubber farm and we were walking in the darkness. Except the man with beard, both looked younger, may be near about 25 yrs old. The man with beard told me to lit the torch, I did.Nandu and the guy holding her were walking infront of us. Beard man told me to show the torch on her buttocks. I hesitated. He slapped me. Seeing this other one slapped Nandu too. I was sad of her. Left with no other options, I lit the torch on her buttocks. As she was held by him by hairs, her buttocks were giggling badly. Seeing that the beard man sayin ‘ aahahhh’ caressed his penis over his dhothi. Her hip foldings also were well visible. He shouted at Nandu to lift her saree above her butt globes. Nandu denied. That younger guy slapped her twice badly. I told her to obey him with tears in my eyes. She did. Woh, it was an arousing seen even to me. Two third of her ass was covered by panties. Her thighs were fat and white. There were tiny hairs on her lower legs. By saying the other guy to hold me tight, beard man left me and stopped the man holding Nandu. Then he sat down at the back of Nandu and removed her panties. He spreaded her ass cheeks and buried his face in between. After smelling her butthole he stoop up with a satisfied face and told to continue walking. He walked just behind Nandu looking at the movement of her ass. Soon we reached a building looked like that of labour accomodation. We entered and they locked and switched on the lights. Nandu quickly lowered her saree. One slapped her quickly. I helplessly told her to obey them. She again lifted it up. Now facing us, her vagina full of hair was visible. There were no any furnitures in the room. I sat on the floor supporting by back on the wall knowing there is nothing to do to save my nandu.One went inside another room and bought some salad vegetables, a bottle of brandy and few glasses. He made five pegs and asked me to drink. I was in such a condition that I drunk the full glass at once. Beared man appreciated me. He insisted Nandu to drink. She denied. I told her to drink so that she can stand her sorrow. She obeyed. By lowering her saree she too sat down. All of them too finished their pegs and chatted about the beauty of Nandu. I asked for one more peg and they told me gently to help yourself. All of us were sitting round. Nandu herself made one more and drunk at once and then one more. All started laughing looking at her and appreciated. It seemed that liquor started working at her. Beard man told Nandu to stand up and remove her saree and underskirt. With no objection she did so. Then he told us to make way so that she can perform a catwalk for us. Now she was wearing her blouse and naked at her lower body. Even I got a hard on. Her ass was really big. Thighs looked like pillars of a big house. Navel was round and fleshy belly. She started catwalk might be in the influence of brandy. She was really shaking her buttocks. It looked like balloons filled with water. Beard man took out his penis. Omg, it was really giant one. It was oozing with precum. He looked at me and told that he will fuck my Nandu’s ass hole with that tonight. I request him not to do so as her ass is virgin and it will hurt her.He laughed like a dog. I saw her eyes swollen with fear.He put one more peg and went near Nandu. Told her to urinate in that instead of water. Looking at me she spreaded her legs and started urinating in that. At that moment I saw lust in her eyes. She might wanted some kinky sex which I forget to have her.As soon as she filled the glass a younger guy sat infront of her and started drinking remaining urine. I remembered that I never tasted her urine. it seemed that she was slightly rubbing her pussy on his lips. He started licking her hairy cunt. The other young guy took a carrot from vegetables and inserted it after spreading her ass cheeks. She moaned. He took it out and licked. I continued drinking whiskey, they brought one more bottle. She came and sit with us and managed to have a peg more. It looked like that she forget she is half nude and surrounded by strangers.By the time beard man was enjoying his drink. A young guy politely asked her to continue her catwalk for him. Without any objection and any definable emotions on her face she obeyed. This time, she swayed her ass with more amplitude and rythm. He exclaimed how big it is, me too in my mind, about her buttocks. That guy stood up and went to her and hugged. She too wrapped her hands around his neck. As she leaned on her toes to adjust with his height, her buttocks bulged more. His lips reached for her’s. She too returned the kiss…, willingly. His hands were caressing my Nan
du’s ass, my and my only Nandu’s ass. He somewhat swallowed her lips, sometimes she did his. She sucked his tongue. We three were watching, just like watching a porn movie on a computer screen. I felt the hardness of my penis in my trousers, yes, I was enjoying the scene that someone is tasting my wife. I took out my penis and started shaking. Beard man looked at me with a smile at took my other hand and placed on his penis and I massaged his penis too, slowly. It was oozing with precum. The other young guy sat behind her and as he touched her buttocks she spread her legs bit, automatically. He started licking her arse hole. Then he spreaded her ass cheeks to get a closer look. The guy who was kissing her also came behind and she did bend well so as to give them a look of her arse hole. The beard guy also get closer to them to see. Me too tried to have a glance. She stood on her fours like a dog. Yes, there were hairs around her arse hole and the surrounding skin was chocolate black in colour. I remembered that I have not seen her arse hole for last few years. They licked her arse in turn. A soft moaning sound was coming out of my wife’s mouth. I observed that her pussy lips are fatter than I believed and black. Then, they made her stand up and removed her blouse and bra. Mean while she was tied up her hair. Her breasts freed from cloths and bounced like rubber balls. They were too large to her body size. They one by one pressed and sucked her erected nipples, she stood willing, completely willing. They made her lay on her back, her legs bend and wide open. The beard guy buried his face between her legs. He sucked her labia, chewed her clitoris and entered his tongue in her hole. Other two were lying her both side side, sucking her boobs. Her hips shivered, yes she had an orgasm. She kept holding on their hairs, breathing deeply and out of rythm.. I was continue drinking, took a cigarette from there packet and smoking, walked around them like a supervisor, checking how my wife is being enjoyed. Maybe due to much drinking I had almost lost my erection and my penis was hanging out of my trousers. Once her eyes me mine, was there a kinky smile on her lips? One young guy stood up and removed his cloths, seeing him the other too. Lying on the floor she was looking at their penises. Me too looked at them. They were not big as beared guy’s. One was circumcised. Her bend on his knees to put in her mouth, he denied and asked him to wash first. Both of them turned towards toilet, and the beard guy stood up and followed leaving us alone. They were sure that we will not run away. She stood up and came near me deeply looking at my eyes, and quickly hugged me and kissed on my lips. I dropped cigarette and hugged her with one hand. She whispered ‘ I love you’.. it was deep down her heart. I too whispered the same. By the time they came back. I whispered again in her ear that to enjoy as much as you can. They all were completely nude, except me. I put back my penis in trousers. My sight was getting blurred slightly due to too much drinks. Both young guys made her sit on her knees. She sucked them one by one. Beared guy stood nearby them caressing his giant. He came to me took the glass and finished the drink at once. Asked me to sit on knees, I obeyed. He gave his penis in my mouth. I started sucking it. I don’t know why I didn’t denied. It may be because I know that it was the penis that is going to give my Nandu much pleasure. I had to make it ready for my wife. I enjoyed sucking it. I tried to take it deep. It was bit salty. I wanted to see my wife sucking it. I called her near. She started sucking his. I saw my wife’s lips streched around his black penis. Her dimples were deep then. She sucked his balls too.He made her lay on her back. He climbed upon her. Inserted his penis in her. Yes, my wife is getting fucked. She, for the first time, received an other man in her, with a weak moan. He pumped his piston into my Nandu’s pussy. Slowly and slowly, then in an increased pace. He gained the rythm. His hanging balls slapped on her ass hole. She wrapped her legs around his hips. Her fat thighs were looking beautiful. Sometimes his black lips with cigarette stains met my wife’s lips. But, she sucked it with lust. Me and the other two guys were watching, they with their cocks in their hands, and me with another peg and cigarette. Liquor was working hard on me. I strained to keep my eyes open. They made her stand on her knees and bend her on her hands. Beared man entered from her back. One young guy gave his penis in her mouth. Otherone was sitting beside caressing her boobs. She was enjoying sex of her life. I too sat down supporting my back on the wall. In sometime beared man tried to enter her arse hole. She cried out of pain. He told a guy to bring oil from kitchen. I took the bottle from him and applied on my Nandu’s ass hole and on the tip of his penis. With my hands I placed tip of his penis over my wife’s arse hole. It entered stretching her black skin. Keeping his both hands on her butt globes, he started stroking. I sat aback. I don’t know when I fall asleep. I woke up early morning, looked around. She was lying beside me , with her eyes wide open, well dressed in her saree. As she saw me awake, she came to me and kissed on my lips. Her lips were smelling cum. Others were sleeping near by. It was dawn outside, we open the door and went out. While walking through the rubber farms, we didn’t talk anything each other. But, deep satisfaction was visible on her face. She was swaying her butts rather than normal.On the way back we didn’t talk eachother. We reached home and her mother asked how was the programmes. She replied it was nice. Was it nice?, I thought myself. Somewhere, somehow I too felt it nice. We left her home the very next day back to our quarters. She behaved normally and never mentioned anything about the things happened. I maturebated many times thinking of the things happened, but never tried a sex with her. But I started noticing her beauty deeply. She started giving more care to her beauty. One month passed. I almost stopped thinking of the things happened. One night, when we were on bed to sleep, she kept her hand across my chest. She told me that she want sex. Quickly I felt erection in my trousers. Things flashed in my eyes like a slideshow. I hugged, as l hugged her never before. Our lips met. She somewhat sucked out my tongue. It was understood that she wanted my penis in her mouth instead of my tongue. I remembered the scene when her lips were wrapped around the large black penis of that beard man. I got such hard that penis started paining in my trousers. I took it out of my trousers. She held on it and started slightly massaging. She whispered, ” will you feel bad if I ask you something”. I said no. She asked,” how did you felt when those guys penetrated me.” I kept silent for a while. Then replied, ” I think it was nice”, but I felt a bit of pain in my heart, but sweet. On hearing, she pressed hard on my penis and kissed me passionately. And went down to suck my penis. She sucked me as never before. In my mind slide show was on, I remembered, her lips smelled cum the next morning when those guys fucked her whole night. I asked, ” did they made you drink there semen when I fell asleep”. Without taking out my penis out of her mouth she murmured “Mmm ..”. I felt very hot when heard from her. I ejaculated in her mouth. I breathed deeply. She drank it, for the first time, mine. She came up, and told me, in the darkness of night, that she would like to meet those guys ones again. I kept silent for few minutes, I never expected such a demand from her. But, on hearing, my soft penis tried to stand up again. I told her” let’s plan”. But in my mind I never wanted to meet them again. But, I decided to make some alternate arrangements for her.Next day morning, I woke up at around 7am. Nandu was not on bed, might have gone to kitchen. I kept laying for sometimes. I thought of her demand last night. I was torn by ambiguous thoughts. Should I stop her from such things? Or should
l let her enjoy her life? First incident may be considered as a ****. But now things are not like that. I don’t know how I will feel after sharing her with others. Even if I do enjoys even such thoughts, I feared of the consequences. However she is my beloved wife, just mine. For these long fifteen years I kept her confined in the boundaries of my home and my heart. She is the mother of my c***d. No, she is never a slut, I can’t accept and believe that she is a slut. She was just got ****d, she never cheated on me, and will never. It was not her fault. I was the one who were supposed to save her from them. It was my failure. Cooperation was the only option left with her. But, if so, why did she made such a demand last night? What if someone comes to know about the things? What will be the future of our c***d? Thoughts torn me apart. I know concepts take U-turn after an ejaculation.I was still on the bed, she came to bedroom. Looked at me and laid beside me keeping her face on my chest. I kissed on her head. Caressed her. She said, ” in a state of arousal I told you something awkward last night. Please forget about that. I don’t want to be with anyone, else you”. I sighed deeply. Told her, ” don’t worry Nandu, you are mine and will be mine forever. Sex is just a tool for enjoyment, we love with heart not with sex organs. I am happy when you are open to me. Every man and woman in this world has some weird fantasies in their mind. But only who are in real love shares the dreams. Both of us have to accept the fact that we are also biological beings..” She kept silent for a while, felt like as if she is in deep thoughts. Quickly she jumped from bed in a playful mood, pinched me and told, ” shut your stupid mouth and get ready for your office, you are getting late. Break fast and packed lunch is ready.” I completed my routine, dressed up and sat down for breakfast. She looked cheerful after many days, compelled me to have more breakfast. After many years, she came upto lift to bye me.I was working as assistant in passport office. Nowadays salary is not bad and working conditions are also good. Office is fully air-conditioned and I was handling a reputed table. Even in the office my mind was full of thoughts. I paid attention to lady staffs of my office, how they looks, how modern they are..etc.. Yes, my Nandu’s is not at all modern. It may be because I confined her into the walls of my house. Once, after marriage she expressed her willingness to do a job. That time I denied her request. She never talked of it later. I should have allowed her, I thought to myself. I spoiled the social life of an educated girl. I should take her for outings every now and then, I thought in my mind. During the lunch hour, I surfed through some sex forums and all, to know others views. That was how I found out xossip and adulthub. And those sites changed a lot of things. Do you guys know what is “butterfly theory”. It states that the fluttering of a butterfly can cause a tornado continents away. Which simply means sometimes small things cause great changes, mostly irreversible.Before reaching home in in the evening I called her told to get ready for an outing. When I reached she was ready, beautifully dressed up in her traditional way. We went by our car to lulu mall. I walked behind her enjoying the movement of her buttocks. She no more tried to control the movement of it. That night she might understood that her buttocks can make men mad. I listened the strangers ogling at her buttocks. I felt proud of her. We bought some kurtis and leggings. She didn’t had any leggings before. There was an exclusive undergarments stores there. I compelled her to get in. She entered with a bit of hesitation. I directly went to the only one male sales guy out there, before she could stop me. She stayed 3-4 steps back from us. He asked how could he help me. I asked for modern type panties and bras for her. He asked for the size. I pointed her with my chin and told him to take out which would fit her. He scanned her with widened eyes and took out some pieces. There were only few pieces which could fit her buttocks. She stayed away, I selected red coloured set for her as I don’t want to humiliate her more. Later we went to cosmetic store and bought some lipstick for her. She whispered in my ears that she is not going to use it as she never did before. Then we went for a movie and returned to home. I didn’t try to had a sexual intercourse with her in the night because I wanted to keep my lustful mood high.****************Next day I spent most of the free time in office surfing over net. I made an account in a swingers site. It was a new world. Or we may say a world of opportunities. I found a lot of swinger couples over their. A lot of bulls who were craving for opportunities to fuck others wife too. They put forwards a lot of offers to fish cuckold couples or who wants MFM three domestic, like describing themselves as gymnastics, owners of large penis, submission, bi- sexuals etc.. Some even offered money to fuck cuckold couples. While surfing through I also remembered that I did sucked that beared man. I felt a bit ashamed. It was something I never kayseri escort dreamt of. I examined myself wether I am a gay. No, I am not a gay, I assured myself. I may be a bisexual, no.. I am not bisexual. I am bi-curious, yes bi-curious. I thought why should I let a bull to fuck my Nandu while I have an option to swing with others wife. Yes, I should go for Swinging. I decided. As I made my profile, I mentioned to stay away singles. Still singles filled my inbox with messages as pics of their tools. Some couples also pinged me. Most of them were high profile families. So I thought I should find a couple of middle class and should be a beginner like us. Then only I will feel comfortable with them. So , I added two or three them to my favourite list and left a message in their inboxes. Two of them replied back by evening. One was a young couple 25/23. They posted some nude pics in their profile too. But I was bit afraid of young couple. The guy may have compelled the girl into this. She may create a scene later. It may be safe to have a relationship with long married couples. If they are having c***dren it will be better because they are bound to stay in their marriage. So I preferred the second one. They were from Trichur, and were aged 42-37. Only a face masked pic of his wife was available, in her nighty. She was bit large in size with fair complexion. They described themselves as down to earth couples and new to arena. I was happy with their profile. I was seldom bothered of the beauty of his wife. I just wanted a well behaving couple. So I chatted with the hubby for sometime. He was also comfortable. He asked me for my what’s app no. I denied as I was not sure of their genuinity. We planned to meet up in a public place. If we feel comfortable then only we should proceed. He was also agree.On the way back to home in the evening I bought a full bottle of becardi white rum, as I was not dare enough to tell Nandu about the plans. As I rarely used to drink now a days, her eyes expressed doubt when I reached home with bottle. After talking my bath and all, I made pegs for both of us. She denied to have. I reminded her that she did drank herself that night when some strangers demanded her. As she didn’t want to continue that subject, she took her glass. After having two or more pegs and chit chatting for sometime, I gradually drew her attention to the subject matter. Even if she showed some hesitation I observed that her eyes are glowing with enthusiasm. So I showed her their profile and some profiles of others too. My inbox was flooded with messages of bulls. It was a quite new world to her. However, I managed to fix a meeting with that couples the next weekend in Trichur zoo. We exchanged ideas of what will be the dress codes and how to find out each other.After the drinks when Nandu was cleaning up the table, I observed her figure. Yes, that man will be much lucky than me to have my Nandu on his bad. While Sha walked with kitchen swaying her buttocks, I wond
ered that my Nandu is going to offer herself to a stranger, with the permission of his beloved husband. I waited eagerly for the next weekend.Weekend neared. I was excited and afraid. I don’t know about the feelings of Nandu, and I didn’t asked her too. Even we didn’t talked about the matter in last two three days. Sometimes it felt like that she forget it. Friday evening, on reaching back home from office, I observed that she threaded her eyebrows. On asking she told that she went to the nearby beauty parlour, done a facial and threading. It assured me that she didn’t forget the meeting on weekend. She was preparing herself.That lady in profile explained herself as bi-curious. I was not sure if she made any such movements, how will Nandu react. However, we were just going for a casual meet. No one should jump onto bed in the very first meeting in such cases. It may damper personal safety. Moreover, they expressed themselves as non-pushy couples. During dinner I asked her for the plans tomorrow. She just smiled and asked me when should we leave. ” By 8 am, I think” , I replied. Nandu: “What should I wear tomorrow.”Me: ” your new kurti with leggings may be fine”Nandu:” I tried it in the day. The upper is too short, it’s hardly upto my knees. Moreover it’s side cutting is upto my hip. Moreover my leggings are tight.I think I should be in saree”Me: “It’s how leggings are made. You need not to worry, that is how most of the girls dress up now a days.”Nandu : ” Should… should I wear that new lingerie tomorrow”.Me: ” I think, not. I am not going to offer you to him tomorrow. It’s just a casual meet over coffee”.Her face turned white as she felt that I might think of her as much enthusiastic to have a relationship out of her marriage. I just patted on her face in a playful mood and she smiled. We finished the dinner and went to sleep. I didn’t even touched her. While lying near her, I never imagined myself laying beside his wife. Rather imagined my Nandu laying beside a stranger. There was slight movements in my pants. What will be in Nandu’s mind? I didn’t know. May be her heart palpitating with tension or may be her pussy is oozing…*******************Nandu took a bit more time to dress up that morning. I wore a T-shirt and jeans with a Woodland shoe. When she came out of her dressing room, she looked stunning. She kept her hair open, it was long upto her buttocks. She wore the white top without a shall. Her cleavage was not at all visible as there were two buttons that reached somewhat upto her neck. But her breasts struggled to find sufficient space in her tight kurti. She wore a shimmy inside and it was slightly visible through the side cutting of her kurti. Size of her navel was clear above her cloth. The slight up and downs on her sides gave a vague idea of her hip foldings. Her short height emphasized her big round thighs in maroon coloured leggings. That tight dress gave a clear view of her wild curvy hips. Panty line was visible over the side of leggings. There was a valley on the kurti between her butt globes which caused a slight movement in my trousers. If it can cause a movement to me, it will definitely cause a hard-on to a stranger. However, her face looked as innocent as before. Her wide, big eyes were so beautiful. She didn’t applied lipstick. Still it looked juicy. Even if she was not very white in complexion, her skin was silky smooth. I felt jealousy of the man who was waiting for us. She took out a high heels from almirah, which we bought from Goa years back and was never used. I wondered that she still kept it safe with her. When she wore it, her butt globes potrude out more. It gave a new rythm to her butts when she walked.We started our journey. It will take more than one hour to reach Trichur. In between we had our breakfast on the way. There was not a single man in the restaurant who had not eyed her atleast twice. When she seated, fatness of her thighs was looked double. We reached zoo by 10 am. As planned we went to the where peacock was kept. They were already there watching peacock. He was in a blue check shirt and black pants with sandals. He was dark in colour and looked shorter than his wife. But he looked healthy like general workers. Being a clerk in government service, I wondered how he looked so. We cannot say that he was handsome, but just ok. We were observing them from a distance. I asked Nandu wether she is ok with him, if not let us turn around. She said however to meet them, as we have traveled this long. The lady was in yellow shiffon saree and looked larger than that in the photo. Contrary to him, she got a very fair colour. And looked like a village house wife. Hair was just longer than her shoulders. Most of her belly was visible and was potruded, but looked nice because colour of her belly and saree looked somewhat similar. Her upper arms were very fat. She looked more than 37 years. Her ass and thighs looked fatter than that of Nandu, but not in a good shape like that of Nandu. In short she looked a matured aunty. We get ahead and stood beside them. He looked at me with a doubt and whispered ‘Manoj ‘. I responded ‘ hi, Ravi, glad to meet you.’ We chatted about when did we started the journey, how long it took etc.. Nandu kept standing beside me. I think he never tried to look at Nandu. Then he told us if you are ok to have a coffee together. I said ok and we headed towards coffee shop which was inside the zoo itself and tables were arranged in open air. He sat opposite to me and herself opposite to Nandu. Till then, ladies didn’t talked each other. At last Nandu broke silence by asking her name. Her name was Prema. Ravi also introduced himself to Nandu. Myself to Prema. Then we chatted about general things like job, c***dren etc. They had two c***dren and were staying in hostel. None of us talked anything about sex. After the coffee we roamed in the zoo. I observed that he was trying to look at my wife every now and then. I told him not to hesitate and can look at her directly. He smiled and expressed his willingness to allow me the same. Ladies walked in front of us we followed them looking at their asses. More than looking at Prema’s ass at looked at his lustful look at my wife’s ass. I observed the bulging infront of his pants that caused a swelling in my underwear. Prema’s ass was huge and fleshy but movement was not in rythm like that of Nandu. Nandu’s ass was swaying while that of Prema’s looked like water filled balloons.We spent around one and half hours there. By the time Nandu and Prema built up a healthy relationship, I think. They were talking flawlessly to eachother. Whenever I tried to overhear their conversation, they were talking about general things. Most of the young guys in the zoo looked at my wife with lust. But I was looking at some one else wife with lust. By the time we spent in the zoo, an interest towards Prema developed inside me. Later we decided to have lunch also together. Even if I wanted to stay with them for some more time, I thought to make further plans over lunch for a further meeting as planned before just to keep it a casual meet. When seated for lunch, I sat diagonally opposite to Ravi so as to make Nandu infront of him. When sat they both smiled each other. I smiled at Prema. I started discussion about a later meeting if they are comfortable. Ravi told that he is very much comfortable with us. But he wanted us to accompany them to watch a movie. It felt that Ravi don’t wanted to wind up the day so soon. As I was also interested to spent some more time with Prema, I looked at Nandu for her opinion. She told that she don’t have any objection. So we proceeded to theatre by our car leaving their bike at parking of the zoo. Ravi drove the car as I don’t know the way to theatre. I intentionally sat on the back seat and signalled Nandu to sit with him. A bit of hesitation was in her expression but she obeyed. On the way to theatre I spent most of the time talking with Prema on general things like movies and all. But they both didn’t talked each other. On reaching theatre which mo
vie would we like to watch. I told to select as they wish. He went for tickets. We all know that none of us was interested in movie and just wanted to spend time together. In the lobby, when Nandu walked most of eyes was on her. And she swayed her buttocks more than normal in her high heels. He came with tickets for a Tamil movie, and he managed to get tickets in the corner of back row of balcony. I entered first and sat on the last seat, then Prema, then Ravi followed by Nandu. Most of the seats were empty. I spend most of the time talking to Prema and built a healthy friendship with her. They were also talking each other, I don’t know what.The movie started, in few minutes Ravi kept his hands over her seat around Nandu’s back. I was watching them through the corner of my eyes. I too did the same with Prema. I continued the conversation with Prema intentionally trying to get closer to her friendship line. It felt like that Prema liked me much. Later when I watched them Ravi’s hand was roaming over Nandu’s breasts. I checked for the position of her hands. Both of her hands were in her lap only. But she was breathing deeply causing her breasts to move up and down, and she stared at the screen. Gradually I too moved my hands to the breasts of Prema under her saree. She didn’t expressed any objection. Her breasts were big and softer and I understood that it will be hanging if bra is removed. I kept moving my hands over her boobs and belly, but never tried to take her boobs out of blouse. When, once I observed them, Ravi tried to insert his hands in her Kurti, Nandu objected and he left the attempt. In some time Prema kissed on my cheeks, I too returned the kiss trying to avoid the attention of Nandu. During interval, Ravi told that movie is boring and if everybody is okey we can leave from there. He added that their house is near by and may go through there on our way back to home. So it will be easy to find out the house for our next meet. I reminded him of his bike. He told that he will collect it next day. I asked Nandu’s opinion. She was okey with it. So we headed towards their house. We reached a flat. His house was on the fourth floor. On the top there was a gym. We entered that flat. It was a normal house. There were two bedrooms. Me and Nandu sat on sofa. He told Prema to serve us cool drinks. After serving the drinks Prema went inside a bedroom. Taking a formal permission from us he also followed her. In the meantime I asked Nandu how was the movie. I just wanted to know wether she will tell me what happened over movie. But she replied that the movie was as good for her as it was for me. It was confirmed that she had seen my work over Prema’s boobs. In few seconds he returned back, not wearing his shirt and sat on sofa. His was a gym built body dark in colour. Not even a single hair on his chest and was full of muscles. I saw the glittering in Nandu’s eyes. He might also noticed Nandu’s excitement. Soon Prema also returned from bedroom. She was just in her underskirt and blouse. Wow, one third of her milky white breasts were visible in low cut blouse. The view of her cleavage was really arousing. Low cut of her blouse exposed most of her back too. Her upper back looked like a milky white football ground. Flesh of her gigantic ass reverberated colliding each other showing the valley between it sometimes and streched the underskirt otherwise while she walked. I felt like things are progressing according to a script wrote by Ravi. Otherwise he simply don’t wanted the happy moments to end. Nandu noticed the lust in my eyes while looking at Prema. She kept her hand on my thigh with a kinky smile as admiration to my luck to enjoy Prema. But I knew that it was really not an admiration to my luck rather it was an expression of self proclaimed licence to open her legs for strong built Ravi. Ravi somewhat understood my lust for Prema. He proposed us to stay that night at his house as next day is Sunday. There was an expression of agreement on the face of Nandu and looked at my eyes for affirmation. I felt it hard to choose between options either to stay or to leave. If I stay, I may get chance to enjoy with Prema. But if I stay my wife, my Nandu will be fucked by Ravi. I was not yet mentally prepared to give her to another man. In my mind, my plan was just a casual meet first and on the next, maximum upto an SRSP( it is an abbreviation for ‘Same Room Same Person’ in couples dating sites, means the partners will not be exchanged but indulge in a sexual intercourse in the vicinity of other like in the same room or same bed), later may think of soft swap like hugging or smooching. But I know if we stayed today things will not end without a full swap. As my silence was enduring due to flood of thoughts in my mind and everyone was looking at me for my response,Prema said, ” I would like you guys to stay tonight” .Suddenly Nandu responded in a joking style, ” If you like, Manoj will definitely stay”. I understood Nandu is playing smart to stay. Prema was looking at my eyes for agreement and eventually I agreed. Every one laughed. Ravi: do you guys drink.Me : Occassionally..Ravi: This is an occasion, isn’t it?Me: definitely, Nandu prefer white rum..Ravi: oh, I have smrin off vodka. Don’t worry I will go and buy.Nandu: I am quite fine with Vodka, need not to go again.. Atmosphere was getting hotter just by the thoughts that something is going to happen.Prema made arrangements for drinks. She kept a tea table between the sofas. Myself and Nandu sitting on one and Ravi on the opposite one. Ravi made a call to someone and ordered for soda and snacks. I signalled him to buy cigarettes too. Nandu pinched me for smoking. While arranging Prema tried to shake her assets as much as possible. Nandu kept her hand on the bulging infront of my pants. We started our drinks with some peanuts and pickle which was only available there. We had finished a peg chit chatting. Second round was on, and Prema came and sat beside Nandu. Then she hugged her. Started smooching on her lips. At first Nandu got shocked then she started kissing her back. Prema’s hands roamed over Nandu’s breasts. She pressed it. Nandu’s both hands were just on the hips of Prema. Prema stood up leaving Nandu and shifted the tea table to side. Then she pulled Nandu by the hand to stand her up both of them hugged and smooched standing between me and Ravi. Prema’s hands reached for Nandu’s ass. Prema turned in such a way that Nandu’s ass was infront of Ravi and that of Prema was infront of me. She lifted back piece of Nandu’s kurti, I understood that she is doing intentionally to give view of my wife’s legging covered buttocks to Ravi. They were revolving around smooching eachother. Nandu pressed on Prema’s boobs. But it was too big for her palm. Ravi stood up and removed his pants and underwear and sat back on sofa. His semi-hard penis looked bit thicker than mine. It was really black and it’s tip was red. Thick veins on his organ gave it a muscular look.Nandu’s eyes were on his organ every now and then. Ravi pulled back the skin of his penis to give a clear view of his manhood. Nandu sucked more passionately on Prema’s tongue. It was an indication of her lust to suck his manhood. My eyes were still on his cock and Ravi smiled at me. I knew that his cock is going to slide inside my wife’s pussy this night. With my knowledge or may infront of me, he is going to feel the warmth of my wife’s cunt. Prema sperated from Nandu for a while and untied underskirt herself. It fall down. She turned 360 degree giving me view of her ass and pussy. Nandu was looking at me. Her thighs were gigantic and milky white but her pussy was black and pussy lips were thick and juicy. She again get hold of Nandu and continued smooching. She always tried to keep Nandu on his side giving steady view of her ass to me. I too took out my penis and started massaging on it, and continued my drinking and watched the show. Prema unhooked the buttons of Nandu’s kurti and pulled one of her breasts.Turned sidewise to give view to Ravi still keeping her arse in front of m
e. Liquor started working on me. Prema bend a little to suck Nandu’s erected black and cute nipples which caused her white ass globes to split a bit and view of her black and somewhat dirty looking arse hole and pussy. While she was sucking the nipples Nandu’s eyes were on his organ. He was rubbing on his ball between his masculine thighs. There was not a bit of hesitation on the face of Nandu to expose her breast in front of a stranger while her husband was sitting just like a spectator. Ravi was drinking too slowly, hardly his second peg was on and mine fourth. I was slightly out of consciousness level.Prema sat down on her knees and pulled Nandu’s leggings down. Removed it. I wondered that even if I denied she was wearing her new lingeries. That means she was expecting a fuck today itself. While Prema removed her leggings Nandu herself removed the top. Arleady one of her boobs was out of her bra. My wife was almost nude in front of Ravi. Panties were so small that it just covered her pussy lips in the front and just a thin thread was in back which was hidden between her butt globes. Even if her buttocks were smaller than that of Prema, it was very large to her overall body size. She didn’t shaved her hairs around vagina, hence those were peeking through the sides of her panties. My wife stood shamelessly in front of Ravi as if she is participating in a beauty competition and she has to expose her best to score maximum points. It felt like that even she forget that her husband sat nearby. But Ravi didn’t touch her. Ravi asked me to get Nandu’s high heels from outside as I was the only one properly dressed. I put back my penis in pants opened the doors and brought the high heels. Ravi asked Nandu to wear it and to perform lingerie fashion parade for him. Nandu put back her breast which was out. Wired the high heels and tarted walking. She swayed her as never before. Her ass bounced like anything, seeing Ravi was getting mad. I too took out my hard penis and started shaking. Prema was also just watching sitting beside Ravi. Nandu rubbed over her panties while walking towards us as she wanted something big and hard in her. In between she came and drank her second peg at once. Ravi said something to Prema and escort kayseri she took Nandu to bedroom. I looked with doubt at Ravi. He said,” don’t worry, will be soon back”. In two or three minutes they came back. Nandu wrapped in Prema’s thin saree wearing nothing inside. She again started her cat walk. A thin layer of saree was there around her hip and breast. It was an arousing seen. Her crotch looked black over saree due to hairs. Prema sat beside Ravi and took penis in her mouth. Both ladies were making Ravi happy. One was sucking him, the other was exposing her assets to him. I was sitting like a fool with a cock in hand. In sometimes, Prema called Nandu near and asked her to show her pussy to Ravi. She lifted her saree and opened her legs pushed her crotch to front. Opened the pussy lips with fingers and showed Ravi. As she was standing facing opposite to me, I was unable to see her cunt. I had seen it many times, no Matter. Today it is property of Ravi. Prema came to me and started sucking me sitting between my legs. She looked at my eyes when sucking. She looked like a matured slut. I understood that she is expert in sucking. As I stored energy of many days in my balls, I feared I will explode soon. As expected I ejaculated in her mouth soon. She drank it all and smiled at me.Then I became a spectator literally, in bottom of my energy level. Ravi made Nandu sit on sofa. Prema sat beside me gently massaging on my soft penis, watching them.He sat down and lifted her legs wide open. Nandu looked at my eyes. Her thunder thighs were wide spread. Her hair pussy was opened in front of a strangers nose just few inches away. I wanted to stop him from proceeding. She is my beloved, only mine. But I was bound to control myself. He started licking her pussy like a mad dog. Nandu held on his hair and rubbed her pussy on his face. Seeing that my penis again wanted to stand up. It swelled a bit. Ravi stood up , Nandu lowered her legs. Nandu looked at me as if I was just a stranger and he is her husband. Ravi placed one of his legs on sofa and advanced his cock towards her mouth. She get hold on it. Examined it closely as if she is seeing a dick for the first time. She pulled his skin back and licked a drop of his juice from the tip. Examined his balls. Then my wife took his whole penis in her mouth. Seeing this I was getting better. My cock regained most of its erected size. Prema smiled ma as admiration. Nandu somewhat swallowed his balls too. Then Ravi made her to stand her on sofa on her knees facing her black to him. My wife bent forward and opened her butt globes for him. He looked at at her ass hole and it seemed like he is counting the hairs around her arse hole. He touched the tip of his tongue over the wrinkles of my wife’s arse. I jerk passed through her body. He turned around and asked Prema to bring honey from kitchen. She brought it and asked me to pour it in her ass . I went and poured drop by drop to her hole. He licked every drop. I was helping that man to lick my wife s arse. He made her sit down. He asked me to keep my penis on her lips. I did. He too kept on side of mine. It was an amazing scene to see two penises on her lips.She sucked both cocks one by one. One belonged to her husband and the other to a stranger whom she met that morning. It was around 9 pm by then. Ravi asked what about going to bedroom. Nandu said that she would like to use seperate bed rooms rather than all in one, that is, Ravi and my wife in one and Prema and myself in other. I didn’t object. They went to a bedroom and closed the door. It was a hurting scene that my wife entering a room naked with a man and closing the room. Prema told me to take the vodka with me.I went to bedroom with Prema. There were no bathrooms in both bedrooms. The only available one was in the hall. As the door closed Prema made a peg and drank at once. I asked her then why didn’t she drank before. She told that Ravi denied her to drink. Then she made one more peg and asked me to dip my penis in it. I did so. She started drinking that peg too. She sat on a chair with the glass in one handand asked me to lick her dirty black cunt. I licked madly. She finished the peg and made one more. This time she stood on her knees on chair and asked me to lick her arse hole. I licked her, no, a ate her arse. I bit on her huge ass here and there. I badly wanted to fuck her arse. I tried to penetrate my penis in her butt hole. She stopped me. She told me that we will do it on the bed. She asked me wether I would like to have a peg. As there was only one glass we brought from the hall, this time she made for me. I asked her to piss in that instead of water. She did so. Effect of vodka was quite visible on her. I sat on bed and started drinking the urine filled vodka. I thought in mind what will be happening in the next room. Would he have entered his penis in my wife’s cunt. No, they may by in 69 position now. By the time Prema took the glass from me and drank the remaining at once. She drank her own piss. Me: why Ravi denied you to drink?Prema: to avoid loose talkMe : What type of loose talk?She came near me. Me too stood up. She hugged me hard. Kissed me. And whispered ‘ I love you’. I replied, ‘ me too’. Prema: “first promise me that you will not create any problem if I tell you something. I like you too much and that is why I am going to tell you some truth. I don’t like to people. But promise in the name of your c***d.”I promised with a big question mark in my eyes.Prema continued: ” see Manoj, I am not Ravi’s wife. He is single and instructor of the gym which is on roof of this building. I am a prostitute.” Her words fall on me like fire balls. I lost my erection.She continued: ” He provides me safe place to bring my customers here. As a price I am forced to do such dramas for him. He is hooker and a cheat. He wants to cuck other hubbies. He want to fuck others wife infront of them. He wants
new girls every now and then. You and your wife are trapped. It is good that he didn’t made you suck his cock. Normally he do. But I have no other way. I have to look after my sick husband and c***dren. I am sorry”I wanted to brake the door and kill him. But l could not do that. I didn’t want to put Prema into problems. Moreover I don’t wanted Nandu to know that I have been fooled. I sat helplessly on the chair. We both were deep silent. Prema called me to bed. But there was nothing called lust was left in me. I open the door to go to bathroom. When I reached infront of bathroom, it was open and my wife was sitting on the floor, Ravi was urinating in her mouth.Nandu saw me standing at the door. I went back and sat on sofa. After pissing Ravi came back and saw me sitting in hall. He came to me with the erected cock and asked me how is the game going on. I just replied it’s over. So fast, he said, we are still continuing. I said ok and he went back to room. Nandu took a shower after bathing in and drinking his urine and went back to room. She didn’t notice that I was still sitting on the sofa.I smoked one after another. Half an hour passed. She again came out of room. She looked stunned for a while seeing me still sitting and smoking there. She asked me wether anything is wrong. I said no. She went to kitchen and returned to room fetching a bottle of coconut oil. I understood that she is going to offer her arse hole to Ravi to fuck. I felt a palpitations in my heart.I don’t know when did I fell asleep. I woke up when Nandu came and called me. She was ready to go back in her kurti and leggings. She asked me to get ready to go back. I worn my dress. Ravi asked me to take a bath. I denied. When sitting on the car Prema bye me with a pain in her eyes. On the way, Nandu: “it was fun, isn’t it?”I said, “Yes, it was really fun”, and tried to hide the tears in my eyes…..I was very sad after the incident. I was cheated by Ravi. Whenever I saw Nandu walking around in home, I remembered the scene, that she with a bottle of coconut oil in hand and completely naked entering the room of Ravi and locking the door. Nandu too observed that I am sad and silent. She asked me what happened. I didn’t tell her. She kept on insisting me what was wrong. She told me that I need not to be sad about she had sex with Ravi because I enjoyed Prema too. At last I told her what was really happened. She understood that she was used by a hooker. Moreover she learnt the fact that I didn’t had sex with prema. She said, ” let us stop all these stupid things. I don’t want our relationship to rotten. Let’s get back to our old lifestyle. I want to be that obidient, trustble house wife. Please delete your id from that dating site. Let’s take leave for few days to spend with the c***d.”I too felt comfortable with her idea. I deleted the I’d and we went to her house on leave. I was happy seeing her back in her old traditional dressing. Innocence came back on her face. She became a c***d when she was with her parents. She became a lovely mother when she was with her c***d. She always tried to care me. Like earlier she intentionally tried to control the movement of her buttocks. I was happy seeing all the changes. After leave we returned back to the quarters. She was sad to leave the c***d. As it was about to financial year ending we decided to available the ‘ leave travel concession’ and make a trip to Goa. As year ending exams were near we were unable to take our c***d with us. We went by the train. We took a taxi from railway station to Baga beach. We took a room in SinQ hotel. It was bit costly. Room boy was a malayali. I made bit friendship with him. It was around 6pm. I told Nandu to get ready for an outing and I went downstairs with the room boy to get cigerrets. Near the front office some girls were standing in modern dresses and one smiled at me. I asked the room boy who are they. Room boy, ” these are call girls sir, if you want any feel free to contact me.”Me: ” No buddy, haven’t you seen that I am with my wife?”R boy: ” many couples used to get them for a company or group fun”Me: ” is it so? However we are not interested”I returned to room with the cigarettes. She dressed up in a kurti, but this time no leggings. We went to beach side bar. I had a bear. She didn’t. Youngsters were dancing around to the music. Some girls were wearing shorts, some were mini skirts, some jeans all drinking and smoking. I asked Nandu wether she want to dance. She said, ” shut up, I never danced and I don’t know how to dance, and I don’t want to”. Me: ” you look at them. Do you think any of them know dancing. They are just shaking their assets so as to provoke others. You also got good amount of assets, I think much more than them?”She: ” stop joking too much. I m your wife”I wind up the conversation just saying ok. My eyes were on sexy girls around me. She told me to have the dinner fast and let’s go. We reached back room. We had sex after many days, while my penis was inside her I was imagining the girls I had seen there one by one. I thought there may be other guys who is imagining my wife while fucking their wife’s. Next day we went to many places hiring a taxi. In the evening we reached Arambol beach and had a bath. Nandu was in saree. When she lifted her saree upto knees many guys were eyeing at her even if there were too many girls in two piece. When she got wet saree stuck to her which gave a clear idea of her rich assets to others. Some guys even started bath near her to get view of her assets. We were planning to check out by next day evening. But on reaching the hotel back I came to know that I had lost my purse. My cash and cards all were in that. I got panic. The only money left with us was two thousand rupees in Nandu’s bag. I had to pay some sixteen thousand rupees to hotel as it was an expensive one. As next day was Sunday and Monday was also holiday, there was no option of getting money from bank too. Moreover if we wanted to stay in hotel more days we had to pay advance. We both spent the night thinking of what to do. We don’t had any friends nearby Goa. Next day I went to reception of hotel and asked is it okey if we stay two more days without advance and explained him what happened to me. He denied me straight way and allowed me to stay that night too but should pay the bill in the morning. I felt helpless. We spent the entire day thinking of what to do. In the evening I went downstairs to buy a packet of cigarette. There were a small shop nearby the hotel who sells tea and cigarette etc. I started smoking a cigarette standing in a corner there itself. I saw that our room boy is also standing and smoking there. I went near him,Me: hi, how are youRboy: fine, U sir?Me: me too, by the by, you showed me some call girls that day, do you remember?Rboy: yes sir, are you interested?Me: How much do they charge?Rboy: depends sir, for couples and lesbian they charge rs20000 for single men rs15000. Slight variations are there according to the call girls. Do you want one sir?Me: No, by the by…… Rboy: don’t hesitate sir, tell meMe: can you find out a customer for a call girl?Rboy: means sir?Me: I mean a call girl is there with me, can you get a customer for her?Rboy: sir you told me that it is your wife that day…!Me: friend we are in some need of money. Could you please help me.Rboy: I will try sir, but she looks too rustic(country styled) and customers like modern girls. Tell her to dress up in some modern out fits.Me: Sure, please try to get a couple. So that we will get a better amount. And can you help me with two thousand rupees now?Rboy: yes sir ( he took out money from purse and gave me) I will try to get a couple for you and will try to get an amount more than offered. But… (Paused for a while).. sir as a price I would like to spent some time with your wife.. just one hour..I thought for a while. It is hard for me to let my wife sleep with a room boy. But I am left with no options Me: Ok,.. only after the deal..Rboy: ( very happy) thank you sir.. I will be back to you by 8pmHe r
ushed from there in search of customers. I was haunted by thoughts . Now I have to convince Nandu. I went back to room. I told her the deal. She shouted at me , ” are you going to make me a prostitute you. I am your wife.., you forget? Moreover you want me to sleep with a room boy?I got angry, ” you bitch fucked three guys a night, you let Ravi fuck in all holes. Now can’t you do this much to save me?She started crying. I sat by her consoling. She said she is ready for anything. I felt relaxed. I told her that we have to go for a shopping. We went out . Got her hair straightened. Waxed her legs to remove hairs. Bought a red ultra mini skirt, a tight T-shirt, a set of lingerie and a high heel shoe for her. We went back to room by 7 pm. I told her to shave her Armpits and private parts. She went to washroom with my razor. Few minutes later she called me inside washroom. She was naked sitting on the closest, finished shaving of vagina and Armpits. She told me that she could not shave around her arse hole. I told her to stand on for legs on the floor. She did so. I stand on my knees and started shaving around her arse hole. I was getting my wife ready to get fucked. I was about to sell my wife. After finishing I told her to get ready in her new outfits. I went downstairs to a bar a had three pegs. I returned to room by 7:50 pm. When opened the door, I saw her in her new outfits. Wow, my penis tickled. I wanted to fuck her right there. But, I know she is not mine that night. Her boobs streched out her T-shirt. Thunder thighs looked so smooth. With straightened hair and red lipstick on, she looked like a real slut. While she walked with high-heel boots on, her ass bounced like anything. She sat on the sofa crossed leg and requested me to stay while customers are in. I told her that customers wouldn’t like it and l will stay outside. We awaited for calling bell. By 8.15 calling bell rang. I opened the door. Rboy: sir here are theyAn old man in black suits aged about 65 years with a lady was standing behind him. Almost all of his hairs and mustache was white. He got a large stomach. The lady, looked not less than 55 yrs was standing behind him in her white saree and sleeveless blouse. She was fat and white in colour. Wrinkles were around her neck and face due to age. Dark red lipstick was applied. Fat of her white hip was some what spilling out. Full navel was open to air in her large and potruded belly. She did straightened and coloured her hair in red. I welcomed them in. As the room boy saw Nandu, his eyes popped out and scanned her with eyes. That lady rushed to Nandu and hold her cheeks in both hands and exclaimed, ‘ so beautiful’. She rubbed her hands over Nandu’s boobs and ass, and told ‘ the deal is ok’. Old man pointing me asked room boy, ‘ who is he’sRoom boy: her husbandOld man: oh fine.He handed over me 13 notes of rs 2000. I took it and kept in purse. Wishing them a good time I came out with room boy. I went to bar, sat there sipping a.peg. In 10-15 mins my mobile rung. It was from Nandu. She told me that they agreed to keep me in the room. I rushed to the room. As I entered they were sitting on the sofa having drinks. The old man was in his under pants only. Lady had removed her saree and was in her blouse and underskirt. Her very large hanging boos was almost full visible in her low-cut blouse. Between the boobs also were wrinkled due to age. Me standing infront of them, old man said: you can stay in the room on that chair ( pointing a chair in last corner) but should not try to get involved in anything, and should not pass any comments. If you want you can have drinks. I being obidient, said yes and sat on the chair few feets away from them. Nandu dragged a tea table and kept some snacks and drinks infront of me, and whispered ‘ I love you’. I whispered ‘ me too’.She went back. I made my pegs. Lady and man was sitting on the opposite sofas. Lady told Nandu to sit with him. She sat near him. He ran his hands over her breasts. Lady, ‘ do you like her’. Man: too muchLady: me tooHe kissed her on lips. Lady stood up and untied her underskirt. Removed blouse. Neither a bra nor a panty she was wearing. Completely naked that white, fat and old lady went and sat by other side of old man. She asked Nandu to strip herself standing infront of them. She stood up and took out her T-shirt. Her boobs bumped out in her red bra. She was moving her hips like a porn star. I wondered how did she learnt such movement. I took out my penis and started massaging it. She removed her skirt too. Oh, what a huge ass she got. Now she was in her bra and panties. That old lady kept her own legs wide open in the sofa and started fingering herself looking at Nandu. Her finger his in her fat and old, wrinkled pussy lips. Nandu now removed her lingerie too. She was just in her boots now. Old man asked her to sit in his lap. She walked towards him moving her fat legs and beautiful buttocks. She sat on his lap.Old man bent and started sucking her boobs. It felt like she started enjoying the events. Lady stood up and made Nandu sit on the sofa spreading her legs. She sat between her legs and started licking Nandu. Old man too came and sat beside his wife compete each other to lick her pussy. I sat feets away massaging my penis seeing them competing for my wife’s pussy. Nandu closed her eyes kept her hands on each of their heads and opened her legs as wide as possible. She took deep breaths. Her large breasts were moving up and down. Then they made Nandu to stand on her knees facing her arse hole to them. They started licking her arse hole one by one. That fat lady then stood up and took out a strap on dildo and a tube of lubrication gel from her bag. Dildo looked like a big black penis. She applied gel over Nandu’s arse hole. Nandu looked back to check what is going on. Lady inserted that dildo in my wife’s arse hole. It entered stretching the wrinkles of my wife’s arse. Nandu moaned softly out of pain. Then she started moving it out and in. Nandu’s fat pussy lips was visible below the dildo between her fat thighs. The old lady the took out the dildo and gave it in her husband’s mouth. That old man sucked it like a dog. Nandu sat back on sofa. He continued sucking the dildo. Old lady said to Nandu, ” you know, when I was young my husband used to suck my boyfriend’s cock”. Nandu smiled looking at me. I was shaking my cock. I decided to fuck her just after they leaves.Old man stood up and removed his pants and underwear. I wondered, his penis was still not erect, it was just hanging. Old lady started sucking his cock. He sat on sofa. Lady asked Nandu to suck him. She sat between his legs and took his penis in her hand. Pulled back the skin. And started licking on the tip of his penis. Then she took his soft penis entirely in her mouth and moved to and fro like an expert. Yes, she is an expert now a days. She had sucked 5-6 men in last few months. She tried very much to make his penis hard. But it improved in its size, that is, it became semi hardened. But was unable to stand by its own. Old lady told her not to waste time and asked her to wear the strap on dildo around her waist. She did so. Old lady tightened it by pulling the straps. Now my Nandu looked like a she-male (tranny) with a large cock and big boobs. By the time old man stood on sofa on his knees showing his back to them. Lady told Nandu to apply the gel on his ass hole. kayseri escort bayan Nandu applied the gel on his dirty hole. Then the lady asked her to fuck him. Nandu placed the tip of dildo over his ass hole and pushed it inside. It entered easily. Nandu fucked his ass like an experienced bull. He was getting fucked like a gay. In some times that lady too took the same position that of her husband side to him and asked Nandu to shift to her. Nandu left the old man and took the tube of gel . Lady stopped her and asked to lubricate with her saliva. Nandu wet her finger top with saliva and applied on that white fat lady’s black old arse hole. Lady ordered her in humiliation to apply directly. Nandu, bit puzzled, started licking that old lady’s ar
se hole. And then she entered the dildo in that and started fucking her arse. After one or two minutes, lady stood up and laid on her back. Asked Nandu to fuck her pussy. Nandu started fucking her in missionary position. Old man was just watching. In few minutes she had her orgasm. She pushed Nandu away and asked her to suck his man till he cum. Nandu started sucking him sitting between his legs. By the time old lady dressed up. In few minutes sperm ejected out of his semi-erect penis to my wife’s mouth. Nandu stood up and moved towards wash basin to spit. Old lady stopped Nand and asked to spit the cum in her mouth. Nandu spat the cum in lady’s mouth. She swallowed and thanked Nandu. Nandu went back and sat on the sofa with the taste and smell of her customer’s sperm in her mouth. Yes, she is a prostitute and her husband is her pimp. Both the customers dressed up. I too went near them. They thanked me and Nandu and appreciated me to have such a nice wife. They left by around 2 am. Nandu wrapped herself in a bathroom towel. I wanted to fuck Nandu badly. I closed the door and moved towards Nandu. She understood my intention. She looked at me with a smile and asked me how was the show. I replied that it was really nice.I kissed her lips. As she opened her mouth I felt the smell of his sperm. I hugged and kissed her with lust. She was also in mood as she was not fucked by them. Her pussy might be itching in need of a cock Then the calling bell rang. Disturbed, I went to open the door. Oh shit, it was room boy with a smile on his face. He was waiting them to leave. Sad inside, I welcomed him. He entered and smiled at Nandu. She returned the smile. I was boiling inside. He asked me what is next. I told him to do as he wish. He told me that he will not like to fuck Nandu infront of me. Ok, I told him, I will go and wait in balcony. He told me that he will not make me wait too long and will finish in one hour. I went to balcony. He locked the door. Now, my 37 year old wife was there inside a hole room with a boy who looked less than 25 years. Was there a kinky smile on her face when she looked at me. I smoked sitting there one after another. Around one hour later he came and opened the door, smiling, told ‘ it’s over’.. I went in. He moved towards the front door. I stopped him, and gave him 2000 rs which I borrowed. He denied to take. He told me that his last one hour was worth two lacs. Now he owed me in lacs. I didn’t reply. We went downstairs. I locked the door and looked for Nandu. She was laying on the bed on her back, naked. Her legs were folded and wide open. His sperm was oozing out of her pussy. One or two drops reached upto her arse hole. She was looking at me, tired. I laid between her legs and licked his sperm out of her pussy and arse. I cleaned room boy’s sperm from my wife’s pussy with my tongue. After that I climbed upon her, inserted my penis in her pussy. It slid inside easily as she was well lubricated with his sperm. I pumped in and out. Few minutes before a stranger’s penis was moving in and out of my wife’s pussy. My penis moved in his sperm inside my wife’s pussy. She didn’t respond to any of my actions. She was tired. Few minutes before she was cooperating with a stranger by providing her cunt to him, sucking and licking him. I imagined myself as that room boy when I was above her fucking. I looked at her face as the room boy is above her, fucking hard. I couldn’t last long. I ejaculated in her. I laid beside her. We both were silent. After few minutes she asked me, ” how much did the pay?Me: 26000She: A night and 26000 rupees. Half of your one month salary, right?Me: Mmm..She: What if we stay here for a month and make a good amount?I was shocked hearing her. I kept silent for a while. My wife wants to be a prostitute. She wants to make money by sleeping with others, that too with the knowledge of her husband. Otherwise her husband has to find men for her. Moreover she might be thinking that she can enjoy many cocks and men in the name of making money for me. I was buried in thoughts. In some sense she was also correct. However she is already fucked by many. What difference will it make if few more times if it is beneficial. But it is risky. Moreover Goa is a tourist destination and someone known person may find out us. I remembered that the dating site was also providing options for pay services. That will be more safe and confidential. Then the business can be done in our city itself. And need not to pay huge hotel bills too and I need not to take leave also. And we can charge more as prostitutes are very rarely available there. We reached back from Goa. I joined office. She again took over the role of housewife. One week passed. During that one week we never talked about what was happened in Goa. She again started looking like a rustic house wife. Her hairs were no more straight. She didn’t applied lipstick thereafter. She used her normal saree as usual in house. Sometimes normal kurti. Even if things were running normal, I frequently remembered the happenings in Goa like a slideshow. After that one week, during weekend, when we were about to sleep, when the lights were switched off, when both us were lying with a distance of one feet between us, she asked, ” do you remember, you told me that you are making some plans”?Me: yeaShe: but you have not told anything about that later? Me: I will let you know by tomorrow..Was she bothered of money? No, no chance. I had never let her encounter poverty. It is there that we didn’t had any good savings. I remembered that sometimes she was bothered of that. She was bothered of the high expenses incurred with advanced education of c***d. Once she commented that if any of us fells severely ill, we don’t have any savings to get good treatment. Maybe such thoughts forcing her to think of prostitution. But is it a solution to open the legs infront of other men for making money. Moreover, she is a married woman and mother of 13 year old c***d. And she wants to do it with the knowledge of her husband or, otherwise she wants her husband to find customers for her to sleep with. No, may not be money, she has tasted the juice of extra marital affairs. Now she cannot Stay satisfied only by me. If I don’t allow her, she Will find it herself. It is better to allow her. Atleast I can see the show and can make some money. But her innocent face,chubby cheeks with dimples and homely look do not let me to believe that she is a slut.Next day morning, before going to office I asked her to pose for a photo with her pallu removed and in her bra. As she asked I told her that it is to set as profile pic in dating site and face will not be shown. She posed without hesitation. She was ready to sell herself. I told her that further photography will be done once I am back from office in the evening. During free time in office I created a new profile with a fake name and real pic of her. In the ‘ interests’ section I marked ‘ pay services, full swap, soft swap and friendship’. Even if ‘ pay services’ was primary aim I thought of swapping because I may also get a chance to fuck other ladies. But in the description section I clearly mentioned as follows, ” wife provides pay services to singles.Services provided are any kinky stuff which can be imagined including oral, anal, bukkae, group, cuckold ( husband joins), soft BDSM, role play…etc.. Charges differs according to services. Min 15000 for a single for one night( you can copulate as many times as you can). Entire weekend plan also available including home made food, drinks and accomodation. For couples who are ready for mutual swap all services, accomodation, food and drinks are free.. Only demands are hubby’s cock should be atleast 5.5″ long and wife should be sexy and slutty.” I mentioned both of us are bi-curious too. In the evening I reached home. After the dinner I told her that we have to take some photos to post in profile as that will attract more customers. She was fine with my idea. We tried to take maximum photos with homely look.As we posted them there was a flood of messages in ou
r inbox. Nandu looked so happy seeing she is so desirous. Many of them posted there cock pics too. I told her that it is not safe to invite the customers to our house. We should hire a house bit far away from our house. She was too agree with my idea. So we didn’t reply to any message that day. That night we had a great sex. In my mind I was imagining the cocks seen in pics inside my wife’s pussy. For first time in my life I fucked my wife’s arse. As many men fucked her arse before me, it was not a tough deal to penetrate into her arse.Next day I decided to go in search of a rental house after my office. But when I was going through the inbox I observed that there a message from a business man hailing from Mumbai who was in Kochi that day. He had to return to Mumbai by evening flight. He asked wether it is possible to have a deal for one hour by noon. He offered ?10000 for one hour. I quickly called Nandu regarding the deal. She said ok. I called business man and said we are ready. I told him to wait near the railway station and we can take a room in any lodge near by. He told me to come with her as fast as possible because he has to move towards airport early. I again called Nandu and asked her to get ready soon and wait for me by roadside as time available is very less. I told in office that I have to go somewhere urgently and left the office. As I reached there she was already waiting for me by roadside.When we reached there he was already waiting for us near railway station. He found happy seeing her. He scanned Nandu with his eyes, the lady he is going to fuck soon. And I scanned the man whi is going to fuck my wife soon. We made plans sitting in the car. There were too many lodges near railway station. We got into a normal one. They both acted as husband and wife ( yes, they are husband and wife for next one hour). I pretended as there taxi driver. He told to the receptionist that they needed a room for one or two hours to get fresh as their train is five hours late. As he was having heavy luggage with him, there was not a chance of doubt. They took a double bedroom in first floor and went there. I sat in the waiting area near reception. Each moment I was imagining what may be happening in the room. After some twenty minutes I got a call from my wife saying to bring a condom as he don’t wanted to take a risk. I rushed to the nearby medical store and bought a packet of dotted condoms. I knocked on the door. He opened the door halfway and took it from me. I got if her in the room standing completely nude standing near the bed facing other side.Again I went downstairs and waited there. After about half an hour they both came down, man with a smile on his face.We went out of the lodge. He thanked us and took a prepaid taxi to airport. Nandu and me started our journey back to home. On the way she opened her bag and gave me ?14000.Me: but the deal was for 10000She: I charged him for additional servicesMe: what kind of additional services?She: he wanted anal sex. I demanded 2000 extra for thatMe: then the remaining 2000She: he wanted me to drink his spermMe: Did youShe: YesPaused for a while, I asked her, ” did you like it?” She:yesMe: would you like to drink mineShe: I would like to drink the sperm of every man in this worldI got stunned hearing that from my wife. ” But there is problem”, she continued.Me: what She: he took a photo of me with his cock in my mouth. He forwarded it to my what’s app too. I fear if he misuse it.. Me: you should not have let him. However forward it to me also…After dropping her at home I started my journey in search of a rental house where l can bring customers to fuck my wife…After searching for for some 2-3 hours, I found a house in the outer regions of Ernakulam which was somewhat 30 KMS away from our quarters. It was a 2BHK house with perimeter walls around the small yard. I found it safe region and readily paid security amount of ?50000 and agreed to pay 9000 a month. However it would take some one and half hours to reach there through city from our quarters. I was happy that there was already a gas connection and stove. It was with necessary furnitures too. Building was bit old but was suitable for my purpose. There was a small garden in the front and was filled with bushes as it was not maintained. In the back yard were some banana tress and an area designed to wash clothes. After paying the cash, I went to buy two beers and a soft broom. I came back by 6 pm and started cleaning the house. After cleaning I sat down with the beer thinking what to do next. I decided to buy an old fridge and TV next day. I sat down calm drinking the beer. Thoughts started coming to mind. I thought to myself for what I am making this house ready? For whom I am buying fridge and TV? Why I am happy of having a stove there? No, it’s not for me and my wife and my c***d to live happily there. It was all for the comfort of those who all will be coming to sleep with my wife. It was all for those who all are going to take my wife to their bedroom and shut the door infront of me. They all will look at me with pity when paying the cash to fuck my wife. I wondered about the changes that happened in the last few months in my life. I was a gentleman well employed with a matured wife and a c***d. In her 37 years of life she was untouched by no men other than her husband. She was a conservative house wife with a beautiful face with dimples in her cheeks, with wide large eyes. An innocent face and full lips made her look cute. Hairs long upto her buttocks made her look really rustic. Yes, the buttocks, that made her deserving by men. Her large buttocks and wide and curvy hips made men mad. Sway of her buttocks while walking caused tickling in men’s underwear. In addition to the large size of her buttocks, moderately large breasts gave her a chubby look. I reached home by 9pm. I told her about the house I rented. She looked happy. We checked the dating site for customers. Too many requests were there. There was a request with a quote of ?50000. We checked that. It was a request from group of three young IT engineer guys from Bangalore. They wanted to fuck a homely aunty in a home environment for a weekend. I asked her if she is okey with three guys together. From her expression I understood that she was not just okey but happy. So I quoted ?75000 for the entire weekend, starting from Saturday morning to Monday morning with food (cooked by Nandu) accommodation and drinks. And in addition asked them to send pictures of their cocks and mentioned that if only she likes their cocks then only the deal will be fixed. My intention was to create an amateur feel to them. We got a reply from them in one hour and picture of their penises ( I didn’t show it to them as I want them to be a surprise gift to her). So we told them to get ready for next week end. Next day I took leave and we both went to rented house to make it ready. We made it ready with new mattress,a fridge, TV and accessories required for kitchen etc. We kept some dresses for ready use there. I told her not to shave her Armpits and private parts as they wanted a village aunty to fuck. And we bought some nighties and underskirt etc and kept there. We returned back and eagerly waited for the weekend. Yes, I badly wanted to see my wife getting fucked by other men. I wanted to see the penises of those young guys in my wife’s pussy. I wanted to see sperm of other men oozing out of her cunt.Weekend neared. They messaged us that they will reach by Saturday morning in south railway station. I agreed to pick them up. We exchanged mobile numbers. As I received call from them I reached the railway station. I told her to be in nighty and not to do any make up.Guy1: good morning uncleMe: hi, get into the carAll three sat at the back seat. They introduced themselves as vinu, sree and Kannan. They all were looked younger than 25 years. Kannan looked a body builder. Other both were thin built.Me: you have to make the payment firstVinu: sure uncle, here’s it.He handed over me an envelope fat enough. We started our journey. Sree: how far it is?Me : 30 kmVinu: how is aunt
y?Me: she is making breakfast for you guysVinu: nice, is she really your wife?Me : yesVinu: don’t you have any objection if we fuck her.Me: I invited you guys to fuck herVinu: thanks uncle, we will return by Sunday evening.Me: you can fuck her as many as times you want before that.We reached home by 9 am. She came and opened the door. She was happy that her husband had brought three boys to do sex with her. The boys looked so happy seeing her in pure homely look. She welcomed them in. As she turned around their eyes stucked on her buttocks. All of us sat on sofas. I told them to get fresh. They told that they will take bath after the breakfast. They one by one went for brushing. They all scanned Nandu with their eyes whenever they got a chance. I sat their looking them how are they looking at my wife with lust. By the time she was arranging breakfast on table. They came for breakfast fast and Nandu served us. I told them to introduce themselves to my wife. Vinu told: ” no uncle, we will introduce ourselves when each of us is in bed with her. We are not going to have complete sex with her till night. We want to create mood in a homely atmosphere.”He turned to Nandu and told, ” aunty, you keep on doing your homely works pretending as if we are not here. Just believe that only your husband is here. We will be just watching. Let’s have drinks before lunch.” Nandu smiled at him and said okey, turning to me she said that to help them to have breakfast as she is going to take her bath.Kannan: No aunty, we want to see you dirty and homely. We want to smell you sweaty. Please don’t take till we go back. If required we will bath you.She laughed loudly and agreed with him. I found her eyes frequently meeting with that of Kannan. I understood that she is impressed by his physique. Kannan continued, ” aunty, you please change your nighty whenever possible. We want to see you in many nighties. You may sometimes wear saree too. And give priority to these things before the night falls. You may not get chance to wear anything later”Nandu: okey, I will do as you wish. I am you guys property for these two days. So I have to obey you. And now I am going to wash clothes now. As she was about to go, Kannan asked her to kindly lift her nighty a bit so that he can see her thighs. With a lusty smile, she did so. Wow they seen my wife’s big round thighs with hairs in lower legs.And then she went for washing. Despite having washing machine, she went to outside with clothes. I understood that she mean to provoke themWe continued with the breakfast. They talked to eachother without even considering that someone sitting infront of them is her husband.Vinu: She is really hotSree: really, my cock is hard.Kannan: I am eager to taste her pussyVinu: don’t be in hurry. Let her tease us well. After that you eat her pussy or butthole whatever you wantSree: have you observed how big is her buttocks. I want to bury my face between her buttVinu, turning to me: uncle, you are a good man. You are letting others to fuck your wife. You cannot alone handle her beauty. She needs too many cocks. Sree: Have you fucked her arse holeMe: onceSree: if I were her husband I would have fucked her arse every dayKannan: how many men fucked your wife yet?Me: around 5-6 guys. After finishing breakfast Kannan went to take bath. Other two moved towards where she was washing. Me too followed them. It was an arousing seen.. she tucked her nighty above her knees. She bent enough to give a view of her upper thighs to them. I found the bulging infront of their pants.Those guys looked at my wife with lust. I knew in few hours their cocks will be inside my wife.Kannan came back after his bath in towel and vinu went for bath. As he see her his bulging was well visible in towel. Nandu looked at his erection and smiled. And looked at me with pride how she could make a man hard with just a sight of her body. Soon she went inside saying she will change to saree. Kannan followed her. Me too behind him. She was changing without closing the door. He was spying on her. I also stood beside him.After changing she came out. Seeing us she smiled and went out to continue washing. Kannan took out his penis and showed. Kannan: I am going to insert this in aunty’s all holes tonight.”you should, ” I replied. I held on his penis. It was already wet. I went on my knees. I looked at his penis with which he is going to fuck my wife. I eagerly wanted see him between my wife’s legs. I touched the tip of his penis with my tongue. Then I took it inside my mouth. I sucked it. I loved it. I imagined the scene it entering my wife’s cunt. I sucked it for a while and stood up. We both went out where she was be continued

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