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I never thought working in the kitchen was a great girl getter, but after last weekend, I am completely convinced.

I went down to Santa Cruz on Friday to visit a childhood friend on Christmas break. Carol and I basically grew up together, as I lived down the street from her until 10th grade. We never hooked up, aside from some early “doctor” experimentation. Not that I wouldn’t have! Carol is quite attractive and exotic (she’s half Philippine), with dark, lush hair and a pouty mouth. She definitely gets her looks from her mom, Sandi, who even at 45 turns heads. Sandi has beautiful, voluptuous hips that beacon like a siren when she wears high-heels.

Carol’s mom and dad met when he was stationed in the Philippines, and he is ten years older than her mom. He is often away on hunting trips around Christmastime, and this season was no different. I have to admit, when I lived down the street from them, Sandi was the first woman I found attractive, and I could never understand why Carol’s dad spent so much time away from the house. At least some of the reason why I hung out with Carol was due to Sandi.

When I got to their house, exhausted from a drive of stop and go traffic, Carol and Sandi rushed out to help me unload the 2 bags I had with me. Carol had been recounting all of the adventures from her semester, and was visibly flushed from the excitement of being home. Sandi looked as if she hadn’t aged a bit since my sophomore year of high school, and embraced me warmly as she always had. This time, though, a slight shiver ran down my back as my hand touched the small of hers and beginning of what had to be the ideal female derriere.

We sat in the living room for the rest of the evening catching up on the past year’s happenings. Carol was going to run some errands on Saturday, and visit a couple of her girlfriends, and Sandi mentioned that she planned to bake cookies. Given the option of hanging out with Carol’s gossip corner or baking cookies, I wisely offered to help Sandi with the baking. Not that I knew anything about cookie baking, but Carol was getting up early the next day and I was in need of some sleep. After a goodnight hug from Carol and Sandi, I retired to the room they had set up for me and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

The next morning, I awoke to the smell of cookies and realized I had slept in until 11. I came out showered and dressed to the kitchen to find Sandi in a silk robe kneading dough. With each press, her robe briefly flitted open to reveal a lacy black bra. I hadn’t even had breakfast and I was already thinking about something else!

Sandi greeted me: – How’s our sleepy boy this morning? Carol left about an hour ago, and I didn’t want to wake you for the first set here. If you want, you can take over kneading illegal bahis here. I’m getting sore wrestling with all of this dough, and I could get you a cup of coffee and a sample from the first batch while you work.

As I took the dough, Sandi lightly took my hand and pressed firmly into the dough. – This is the kind of pressure you need to apply. -Do you feel that? She asked as her breast briefly gave my back a tingle. – I think I can manage, Sandi, I practically whispered. -Good, because after you finish that you can help me grease up the pans, Sandi said without the least bit of innuendo.

By now, I had all but forgotten about breakfast, and began working out my frustration on the clump of dough. Suddenly, Sandi’s hand was on mine again.

– Hey, not so hard, big boy. More like this.

With both of her breasts lightly touching my back, she began to knead with my hands. I by now had absolutely no grasp on the situation about to unfold. Instinctively, I turned around and set my hands on her curvy hips.

– Oh, you are a big boy now, aren’t you, Sandi said in a husky voice.

– Sandi, I growled, I have wanted to ravish you and that incredible ass of yours since the 6th grade.

– Talk is cheap, Sandi countered.

The rest of the conversation was cut short by our lips colliding in a passionate embrace.

I soaked in her luscious scent while our tongues tangoed away. By now her hands running down my front, unbuttoning any button in their path. I began to urgently search for the tie strings of her robe. After what seemed like an eternity, I found myself in my boxers with Sandi standing before me, her lacy bra the only piece of clothing remaining on her tan body. Her nipples jutted forth, straining at the lacy material. With my gaze firmly centered on the bikini-waxed cleft between her hips, I mentioned that I had not had any breakfast yet. With a wiggle, Sandi levered herself onto the breadboard almost squarely on cookie dough.

-Why don’t you try my dough? Sandi slyly smiled.

I spied a bowl of icing next to her arm, and a smile crossed my lips as well. After dipping my fingers in the bowl, I began applying drips of icing up Sandi’s toned calves and across her thighs. Smiling wickedly, by now, I began following my trail up both of her legs, alternating between the two and working my tongue with excruciating slowness towards its ultimate goal.

Sandi was by now moaning slightly, and I looked up to see her head thrown back in a lip-biting look of ecstasy. By the time I reached her almost hairless slit, Sandi’s clit jutted forth in anticipation. With the remaining icing on my fingers, I began to sensuously coat her vaginal lips while avoiding her clit. Sandi arched her flawless hips in anticipation, desperately trying to get illegal bahis siteleri relieving friction to her engorged clit. I was merciless. My tongue swirled around her labial lips down to the cookie dough and back up to the hood, never once touching her clit. Sandi’s breath came in little gasps, as she began begging me to make her come. As her juices began to mingle with the cookie dough, I finally wrapped my tongue around her clit while inserting my icing coated thumb into her tight opening. It was like a dam had burst. All at once, Sandi’s thighs began shaking uncontrollably, and her mouth opened into a perfect circle. A deep-throated moan began to emanate from her lips, and the convulsing walls of Sandi’s vagina threatened to cut the circulation off to my thumb. Her thighs constricted around by ears, until her moaning seemed like an underwater roar. The whole time, I managed to hold onto her clit firmly with my tongue.

When I could hear again, and remove my thumb from her velvety vice grip, I noticed a pool of her juices glistening in the cookie dough. I looked up to see a glazed, dazed Sandi staring down at me.

-I have never cum like that before. My entire vagina was electrified! You’ve grown to be quite a man.

-You don’t even know the half, I said, as my confidence jumped a notch.

Sandi slid down from the cookie dough, leaving two perfectly sculpted imprints with her bottom. She caught my glance and said,

– Why don’t you look at the real thing?

As she turned around, I was graced with her small pelvis swinging around her heart-shaped buttocks, the white flour traces contrasting nicely with her tan skin. I was completely entranced. I spanked each cheek lightly, flour poofs rising with each slap. Sandi grabbed the counter top, and arching her back, she began to sway suggestively with each spank.

-Come on, honey, I see your baguette. Why don’t you put it in my oven?

As I approached her enticing backside, with the intent of sliding into quickly from behind, I noticed the wet cookie dough on the counter between her hands.

– Let me teach you how to knead dough, before we bake, I said.

Using her petite hands, I slowly began molding a phallus, complete with a swollen mushroom head. Sandi continued swaying her hips, and my own cock began to truly enjoy being sandwiched between her buns. As our dough phallus neared completion, I could feel Sandi’s wetness on my balls, and her puckered anus on my shaft.

Out of the corner of my eye, I glimpsed a bottle of Crisco oil on the shelf beside me. With one hand still helping Sandi build our dough dong, I grabbed the Crisco and reluctantly removed my shaft from her buns.

– Why don’t you see how our big cookie fits in your luscious, little pussy, I growled.

I canlı bahis siteleri watched in fascination, as Sandi began working the mushroom head past her hairless lips. As the head disappeared, Sandi’s face registered a sensuous smile of satisfaction. More and more the phallus disappeared, as Sandi began to fuck herself in earnest with our dough dong.

Her lidded eyes opened wide in surprise as I began pouring streams of Crisco oil down her buttocks. Her free hand momentarily reached around to pull one of her buns aside, making a larger channel for the Crisco stream to find and Lubricate her puckered anus.

-Ah you naughty boy, said Sandi, I know exactly what you are up to. My husband has never tried that with me.

Her breath caught momentarily as my finger penetrated the outer ring of her nether hole. Slippery with Crisco, my finger was quickly up to the second digit and then the knuckle. Sandi increased the speed of her dildo, and her shallow breathing audibly filled the room.

-Oh, yeah, put it in my ass, honey. I’m ready for anything now.

As I replaced my finger with the head of my cock, Sandi impatiently pushed back, trapping the tip with her dilated sphincter. I began to push forward, getting accustomed the delicious, tunnel-like feel of Sandi’s ass. Looking down was almost sent me over the edge immediately. Here was my engorged cock half engulfed by one of the most beautiful asses I had ever seen. I quickly looked up to yet another tantalizing site. Sandi was bent over the counter, back arched, eyes closed, with a look of intense bliss on her face. She was biting her lip again, moaning softly in her throat.

I began thrusting gently, taking cues off the sensual hues of ecstasy washing over her face. Her arm was working the dildo at a more leisurely pace now, and I glimpsed her fingers occasionally straying to her clit. The whole time, my cock was tightly and completely ensconced in her anal passage, each thrust a journey anew into snug, slippery, friction.

Suddenly, Sandi began ramming the dildo past her swollen pussy lips and thrusting her ass back at a frantic pace to meet my invading cock. She stopped biting her lip to announce to the entire block that she was going to cum. This time, I did not have hearing protection from her thighs. Sandi let forth a tremendous wail, momentarily crystallizing my lust and restraint into a fiery haze. I looked down one last time as my cock pounded into Sandi’s ass, her cheeks reverberating from each impact and traces of flour bouncing off her tan flanks. My balls let loose a torrent of semen deep in her depths, a growl escaping my lips as I gripped her hips with both hands to keep of falling. I temporarily lost feeling in my legs, and drunkenly withdrew my member to paint the last drops on Sandi’s quivering ass.

Carol commented on our large cookie later that evening.

-Mom, how did you guys make that? It almost looks like a snake rolled into a cinnamon bun.

Sandi nodded with a smile.

-He’ll have to teach you some time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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