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Here you go. The second part to my new series that half the people wanted and the other half didn’t. I’ve actually got this idea to intertwine all of my stories into a certain time and place so that they are all related because I’m just weird like that. Anyways, hope you enjoy!


P.S. I sort of have a thing for biting, so, yeah… and this is a “revised” version because I didn’t notice any mistakes until after I freaking submitted it. And I’m a perfectionist so I couldn’t resist fixing them.

Morgan inhaled as the smoke rose up around her.

Weed. Drake had bought some from a friend a couple of weeks ago and her mouth watered at the taste for more. However, she wasn’t in the mood to get high so, she waved away the joint when it was passed to her. Her boyfriend looked at her curiously but only shrugged as he puffed it.

“I’d rather get drunk right now,” she murmured. Those who knew Morgan Daniels knew that she’d prefer the herbal stuff over alcohol but it had been almost three months since her encounter with Ian and she was feeling empty. Was that the right word? Maybe lost and lonely even though she lived with her boyfriend but their relationship was starting to roll downhill, like a wheel being pushed. They were on the path to a breakup and she did not give one single fuck either.

Leni, her best friend, slumped down beside her on the bedraggled couch stained with years of drinking and sex. It had been her dorm couch and she was too broke to afford anything else. “What’s up, my girl?” Her blonde hair was in twists, brushing her shoulders. She looked like a grungy hippy wearing vests and fringe paired with combat boots and black nail polish. It was just her style; eclectic and edgy. She was gorgeous, too, with a pixie like face and bright green eyes. Two gold hoops adorned her right nostril while she sported snakebites and a velvet choker.

Morgan glanced at Drake who seemed to be too busy with his phone than his own girlfriend, giggling at something horrendously stupid. Leni had thrown an arm around her shoulder as she shrugged. “Well, something happened a few months ago…”

Leni’s eyes lit up with delight. “Ooh, like what?”

Morgan chewed on her bottom lip before tugging on the hem of an old black band shirt that was once her father’s. She stole it from him after he kicked out her when she turned eighteen. Sure, they still spoke but that didn’t mean she had to love him, right? Whatever. “I uh,” she looked back to make sure Drake wasn’t eavesdropping. Sure enough, he was close to passing out with bloodshot eyes drooping and drool seeping out of his downturned mouth. She mentally scoffed. “I fucked another guy.”

Leni drew in a deep breath before letting it all out in a rush. Morgan prepared herself for the admonishment and lecture that was about to endure. But, Leni only shrugged. “Did it mean anything?”

Raising a brow, Morgan shook her head. “Not really. It was random. Happened that night my tire blew out and no one came to help. Other than the guy, the one who changed my tire and I ended up thanking him by having sex with him.”

A look of shock crossed Leni’s face as if that was how to properly thank someone. “Wait. You couldn’t just say ‘thanks, have a great day’?”

Morgan blushed. “I don’t know. It just felt right. I couldn’t help myself. Please, don’t tell Drake. I already feel shitty enough as it is and now I don’t think I could handle breaking up with him.”

They both looked over at Drake at the same time noticing how he was laughing goofily at nothing. “Bruh, you shouldn’t feel shitty. I just wish you would have told me sooner. Plus, I know how terrible your sex life is with him. You and I both know this relationship isn’t going anywhere. You two are basically roommates with benefits only minus the sex.”

She was right. The last time Morgan and Drake had had sex was about a month ago. They were both high as kites but he didn’t last too long and Morgan couldn’t help but think of Ian and his gigantic-

“Hey!” Leni snapped her fingers. “I can tell you’re thinking of that guy. You’ve got this stupid dreamy look on your face. Did you get his digits at least?”

“Yeah,” she murmured her response. “He’s tried contacting me but I haven’t checked.”

Before she could even blink, Leni was on the prowl, searching for Morgan’s phone. Once in hand, she held up the screen to her greedy eyes and began rifling through the unread messages labeled as “I” on her phone. “Oh my,” Leni whispered. “He’s very…articulate. Not a single mistake nor an emoji.”

She shoved the phone into Morgan’s face this time. Each little conversation bubble was a paragraph stating how Ian wanted to meet with her and talk. They weren’t weird messages or anything, just true and honest, “Hey, let’s be friends,” sort of messages.

“Why didn’t you reply back? He’s asked you to coffee like, fifty times,” Leni exaggerated while still scrolling on Morgan’s phone. “What’s his name?”

Morgan swiped güvenilir bahis her phone back. “No one,” she lied and rolled her eyes. “Can we go out? I need to get away from him,” she pointed to Drake who now had his hands wrist deep in a bag of chips while he stared at their watercolor tiger print on the wall.

Leni only shrugged. “Sure.”


They had gone to the local bar, owned by a friend’s husband, where they got free drinks.

It had a packed dancefloor opposite a long squared island bar that housed three bartenders. One of which Leni had been indiscreetly seeing on the weekends. He was tall and handsome, with rustic eyes and matching hair. She couldn’t blame her best friend; she’d fuck him, too.

After ordering her favorite, she noticed Leni was sitting on the edge of her bar stool, neck craning, looking for something. Or someone rather. “What are you doing?”

Leni swatted at Morgan’s hand. “Shh,” she whispered and continued to glance around. “Just shut up and drink your man.”

Groaning, she sipped at the decanter of Jack and coke, feeling the warmth radiate through her limbs, ending in her fingers, toes, and finally… her clit. God, she became extremely horny all of a sudden. She squirmed in her seat, her tight jeans casting some form of friction, and silenced a moan. Her combat boots pressed into the bottom rung of the bar stool as she took another sip, the whiskey working its way towards her brain and heart, clouding her better judgement. All of a sudden, the creepy guy staring down her black ripped tee wasn’t looking too bad.

She widened her eyes and shook her head. Fuck she was a lightweight. And not even that. She was a goddamned pussy with alcohol.

Morgan tugged on Leni to bring her to the dancefloor before gulping down the rest of her drink, slamming it on the bar top and smacking her lips. She inhaled sharply, the tangy taste of smoke and sweat tickled her tongue. “Hang on,” Leni murmured. And when Morgan went to ask her what was going on, Leni’s eyes lit up and she pulled her away from the bar.

“What was that about?” Morgan shouted over the loud music. It was a pop-rock song being covered by a local band. Leni shook her head and began swaying her hips, occasionally glancing over Morgan’s shoulder as they faced one another to dance.

“Nothing,” she clearly lied, hiding a smile.

They danced for a few minutes before Leni decided she needed to head to the restroom, leaving Morgan alone on the dancefloor feeling rather tipsy. Her favorite drink was brought to her courtesy of someone at the bar. She didn’t care as she moved her hips to the addicting song, the hazy beats unlike anything she’d ever heard before.

She was about done with her drink when she noticed a pair of bright eyes watching her every move. She could barely see him through the crowd on the floor but they seemed familiar. There was a slight buzz forming in her mind as she continued her lazy gaze across the room. She searched for Leni, wondering why it was taking her so long when she spotted her at the edge of the dancefloor, speaking with someone.

Sauntering over, empty glass in hand, she placed an elbow on Leni’s shoulder. “Whacha doing?” Not even noticing who was in front of her, glazed hazel eyes drifted slowly over a tall figure, lean in stature with just a hint of bulkiness. His face came into view along with the unmistakable crystal eyes set in it. “Ian,” her mind cleared up and she nearly shouted in surprise. “Uh.”

“Oh, I’ll leave you two alone,” Leni winked and swiftly moved away, forcing Morgan to fall forward in her almost inebriated state. “You’ve got my number right, Ian?” She saluted and left Morgan to fend for herself.

Ian caught her, hands on her waist pulling her close. “Hi,” he muttered, still keeping her upright with his hands. Morgan blushed, remembering what those hands could do.

She tried to back away but found herself stumbling as she did so. “Why are you here?” She blurted.

He seemed…hurt? “Your friend called me. Wondering who ‘I’ was and why you were ignoring him. I apologize for what occurred between us that night. I’m not usually like that.”

“Well,” she leaned away, trying to give them at least a friendly distance. “I am, too. I don’t know what I was thinking.” Sure she did. She was the one to initiate the whole ordeal by kissing him. She had been unsatisfied at home with her boyfriend and wanted something better and adventurous in her life. Until she was actually faced with something like that. She turned her cheek and bolted in the opposite direction when change happened.

“Can we talk?” He asked her, now really close due to the loud music, whispering in her ear. His warm breath sent shivers down her spine and the familiar tingle and spark reignited within her. She suppressed a groan when she felt his lips accidentally brush her lobe.

“S-sure,” she murmured.

He led her over to a quiet, dark corner near the back, away from the eager dancers türkçe bahis around them and into a spot where they could be alone. Though the music was still blaring, it wasn’t as loud as it had been. “How have you been?” He asked once he settled her onto the tall chair, ensuring she wouldn’t freak out and run like last time.

She shrugged. “Okay, I guess. You?”

A wave of his hand had a barmaid placing drinks in front of them. Her regular and he had a glass of something dark. Maybe whiskey but she couldn’t tell given the low light. He mimicked her shrug. “Good,” he took a sip of his drink then tipped his glass towards hers so she would follow. Which she did.

The warmth was back and permeated every nerve and cell in her body. She squirmed again in her seat and gripped the edge of the chair. She needed to leave lest she jump his bones again. She cleared her throat. “So. Leni really called you?”

He grinned a sexy grin, his square jaw casting shadows over his neck. He was still just as hot as the day she met him. Slight wrinkles lined the corner of his eyes but there was still plenty of life left in them. His broad shoulders were showcased by the blue dress shirt he wore; it was tight fitting, forming to his body. His hair was a little longer, slicked back in that bedhead look that most men could pull off. More tingles and want had her nearly gasping for air. “Yep.”

Oooookay. Was he going to say more than a handful of words? She tapped her fingers on the table between them and sipped at her drink, gulping down long swallows. Did she need liquid courage? Possibly. “Well, you wanted to talk. So, what do we need to talk about?” She raised her brows for him to actually provide a sentenced answer.

He tossed the rest of his drink back, emptying the glass before setting it roughly onto the table. “Let’s go somewhere else, shall we?”

Woah, that was quick. She found herself nodding her acquiescence before she knew what she was doing. “No, wait. I know why you came here.”

He cocked a brow. “You do?”

She shook her head. “Maybe. I know you deserve an apology. A formal one. I shouldn’t have left like that. I was just so embarrassed and confused by what I was feeling-.”

“Confused?” He sounded angry. “What we did was not wrong by any means. It was very natural between two people who are attracted to one another. I was only pissed off because I wanted to actually get to know you and not sexually. There was just something about you that drew me in. I was hoping we could have been friends even after our little tryst but you left before you even gave me a chance. Then you didn’t even return my calls or messages.”

She was at a loss for words. What could she say? That she was sorry she fucked him and left him knowing she wanted the same thing he did? They didn’t even know one another all that well but she still felt like she betrayed him when she split. “I’m sorry,” she murmured, casting her head down to stare at her almost empty glass.

“No,” he barked causing some patrons around them to double take. “That is not an acceptable apology. I have something I want you to do to make up for ignoring me. Come,” he commanded, standing up and holding out a hand.

She obliged and followed suit. Leni had been her ride there but she was nowhere to be found. Morgan shrugged and just let this whole thing flow. She was buzzed, her lips and cheeks numb, pins and needles in her arms as she walked behind him to his Hummer. A flush crept up her neck and entire body. How many times did he make her come in there?

Before she knew what was happening, he turned her forcefully against his vehicle, her exposed back pressed to the cool side of the passenger door. The streetlight was on the other side so no one would detect a thing. He leaned in close, growling in her ear, hand pinning her wrists behind her. He nipped at her jaw and ran a tongue over her neck. She quivered and whimpered.

Oh, who was she kidding? She had fantasized about what they had done while she fucked herself. Even while Drake penetrated her, none the wiser. Her fingers bit into her palms and she wanted nothing more than to run her hands over his body.

“Uh-uh,” he admonished. “Stay still.”

She halted her writhing movements and let him do whatever it was he wanted. He sucked on her neck, grazing his teeth along the heated flesh causing her to moan with pleasure and desire. Then, his greedy lips were on hers, sending sparks down her spine to her sex. She ground her hips against his that had been pressed into hers. He bent a knee to place between her thighs, allowing her to grasp some sort of friction. His tongue assaulted hers and she moved back and forth over his jean clad thigh, whimpering in his mouth.

His tongue tangled and tangoed with her own muscle. He finally released her and she couldn’t fight the urge to run her hands over him, through his hair. It was as if they were two lovers who hadn’t seen one another in quite some time, reuniting with a kiss.

She güvenilir bahis siteleri still ground herself on his thigh and released his mouth that went to work on her neck again, throwing her head back into the window of the door in ecstasy. She tensed, her body insanely warm, the pleasure building from her toes to resonate throughout her entire being. Meanwhile, Ian’s tongue created circles in the hollow of her throat. “Oh!” She cried out and gasped at the same time. “Oh my gosh,” she murmured, her voice shaking.

She was panting heavily, reaching down between to feel his erection clear through his jeans, her orgasm subsiding. Hard and long, she remembered the way it had stretched her. She had to feel it again. Though, she wanted to taste it. “Wait,” he halted her movements when she untangled herself to kneel before him. “We’ll have more time for that. Get in,” he demanded.

She did so giddily.

Once they were both in and on the way to wherever they were going, Morgan grew bold, both from the alcohol and from desire. The soft music only made the intense tension between them impalpable with its sensuous melody. She unbuckled her seatbelt and leaned over the center console. She knew he had to live outside of the city given he was on the way in when he had helped her so they had a long way to go. Maybe he was coming from somewhere though; that didn’t necessarily mean he lived outside of the city.

Shrugging because she didn’t care, she crept closer to Ian, her lips a hairsbreadth from the outer shell of his ear. If they were going to fuck again, well, she was going to savor every inch of his body. She was going to love every moment they would have together. Her tongue darted out and he swerved, jerking the steering the wheel just slightly to the left. He cursed and smiled while she just giggled. “Sorry,” she whispered before taking his lobe into her ear.

She watched as his eyelids drooped from what she was doing to him. She suckled slowly while a hand traveled leisurely down his front to where the evident bulge in his jeans had her itching to feel him. She stroked him lovingly through the rough material and felt the vehicle speed up. She rubbed faster while her lips still slurped at his ear. His breath was coming out in harsh gulps and she knew she had the control now.

Unzipping his jeans ever so carefully and painfully slow, she reached in under the boxer briefs, keeping her eyes on his face, until her fingers brushed up against the velvety shaft of his rigid cock. He was extremely hard and she knew this was uncomfortable for him. So, she pulled back from his ear and began kissing down his neck, to the open area of his shirt where a spatter of hair was gathered, to his cock that stood in salute to her touch.

Running a thumb over the tip, she dipped her head low and took the head into her mouth, reveling in his sharp intake of breath. She pushed her glasses up into her hair to better taste him. Her tongue bathed him in saliva as she went as far as she could go without gagging. He was massive, much larger than Drake, and she had a hard time fitting him in her mouth. She used her teeth to lightly graze against the sensitive flesh feeling him flinch and groan in pleasure.

Her breasts were pressed against the center console causing her ass to be up in the air. She felt a hand slide over her back to rub against her core. Though she was clothed, she could still feel the warmth coming from his fingers. She sat up a little to pull her pants down to her ankles so he could have better access. His fingers wasted no time in diving deep inside of her.

She bobbed her head in time to his hand growing faster each time she felt him speed up. She could tell he was close so she just focused on the head, suckling lightly, creating little slurping noises that echoed around them. She heard his frustrated grunt before continuing her onslaught of sucking and teasing him. Her tongue occasionally would sweep out and lick the underside of his cock, mapping out the long vein that traveled from base to tip. She sucked in her cheeks, once she realized that she would just let him beg for it later, and released him with a loud “pop”.

“Fuck, I can’t,” he muttered and the next she knew, he pulled over and dragged her onto his lap.

He impaled her rather roughly, all the way to the hilt. She cried out and came all in the same instance, having missed him deep inside of her. His hands came up to tangle in her hair, forcing her lips to his in a savage kiss of teeth and tongues. He ground her on him, bouncing her up and down forcefully, her jeans still around her ankles, making for their position awkward. But, it worked.

He growled and thrust up into her with hard and long strokes, creating little squeals from her as he did so. “You feel so good around me,” he whispered harshly in her ear. “So tight.”

His lips found her throat again and he bit at her. She writhed on his lap and ground her hips against his. She felt his body buckle and knew he was about to come when she squeezed tightly around him, forcing him to hold still. She then felt his hot seed pump into her, felt his body shake violently from his orgasm, and heard the loud groan that echoed around them.

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