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Choudhary And Sons – Episode 1

First Floor

Flat No. 101

Suresh – 49 years old (Landlord)
Shobha – 46 years old (Landlady)
Shreya – 23 years old (Suresh’s daughter)
Saurav – 20 years old (Suresh’s son)

Flat No. 102

Amir – 54 years old
Aarif – 28 years old (Aamir’s son)
Sumaiya – 25 years old (Aarif’s wife)
Sara – 3 years old (Aamir’s daughter)

Second Floor

Flat No. 201

Vaishali – 38 years old
Varsha – 43 years old (Vaishali’s sister)
Vineet – 19 years old (Vaishali’s son)

Flat No. 202

Farhan – 42 years old
Aaliya – 40 years old (Farhan’s wife)
Fazia – 21 years old (Farhan’s daughter)
Fahim – 18 years old (Farhan’s son)

Third Floor

Flat No. 301

Gaurav – 27 years old
Preeti – 23 years old (Gaurav’s wife)

Flat No. 302

Sudhir – 58 years old
Swati – 40 years old (Sudhir’s second wife)
Sahil – 29 years old (Swati’s stepson)
Shikha – 26 years old (Sahil’s wife)
Sushant – 20 years old (Swati’s son)

Episode 1

Just like any other day, it was another morning in Kapoor’s apartments. The building was newly built and everyone just moved here last week.

Flat No. 101 (Landlady Shobha’s early morning)

It was around 7 in the morning when the landlord Suresh was having his tea and reading newspaper in the balcony and both his k**s were still sleeping in their room. Shobha just got out from the bathroom after bathing. Her hair was wet and she was wearing a saree that defined her beauty very well.

Even at the age of 46, she maintained herself well. Everyone around would give a second look when she used to pass by. She used to do yoga every day. Her stats were 36C-32-36. She used to wear saree well below her navel. With a bucket in her hand of wet clothes, she just called Suresh and said to him.

Shobha – Mai chath par kapde sukhane ja rahi hu.
Suresh – Hmm

And Shobha went to the terrace. Not expecting anyone to be there, she was singing and moving freely. But then she noticed Sudhir there in his vest and lungi smoking a cigarette. She stopped singing and just looked into his eyes for a moment.

Sudhir – Maaf kijiyega. Mujhe pata nahi tha iss waqt koi upar aa jayega.

Shobha came back to her senses and replied –

Shobha – Aap kyu maafi maang rahe? Aapne kuch galat nahi kiya.

And then she kept the bucket down and took her saree and started to hang it on the ropes. But the ropes were higher than her (Shobha’s height was just 5 ft 1 in) so she had to jump a little to reach there.

Sudhir was facing her back and was getting a good view of her ass. Sudhir had finished his cigarette and went near Shobha and asked her, “Kuch madad chahiye?”

Shobha was surprised by the way he said that and he was just inches away from her body. Shobha replied with a smile on her face, “Ji nahi. Mai kar lungi”.

And she started to jump again to reach the ropes but she lost her balance and fell on Sudhir! Sudhir. meanwhile trying to get hold of her, placed his hand on her naked waist. He too lost his balance and fell on her.

Shobha’s big boobs got crushed under Sudhir’s muscular chest and Shobha could sense his dick growing on her thighs. They both were just looking into illegal bahis each other’s eyes and breathing heavily.

Shobha just got mesmerized by his huge body that she was ready to do anything to be with him because Suresh hasn’t touched her in ages. Also, Suresh had a fat belly while Sudhir was so fit even at this age.

Shobha had been longing for a man’s touch. But Sudhir showed some decency and said, “Sorry, Shobha ji. Aap fisal gayi to mai aapko pakadne ke kosish me khud fisal gaya”.

Shobha came back to her senses and realized how good was Sudhir to show some decency in that situation.

Shobha – Koi baat nahi,aapne mujhe bachane ki hi kosish ki thi.

Sudhir got up from her body and gave her a hand to get up. Without even thinking twice, Shobha took his support to get up. Shobha’s saree got misplaced from her chest area and Sudhir could see enough cleavage that could turn him on.

Shobha was still breathing heavily and she caught him looking at her cleavage. However, she didn’t adjust her saree. She saw that the saree she had brought to dry had gotten dirty and was lying on the terrace. She just picked it up and went to a corner where there was a tap and started to wash it.

Sudhir went near her.

Sudhir – Aap thik to hai na? Aapko lagi to nahi?
Shobha – Ji mai thik hu, aapko to nahi lagi na?

Sudhir replied with a naughty smile.

Sudhir – Nahi, mujhe nahi lagi. Meri landing bahut safe hui thi.

Shobha understood the double meaning sentence and replied with a smile.

Shobha – Wo to dikh raha hai.
Sudhir – Matlab?

Shobha just pointed to his lungi and then Sudhir saw a tent there. Sudhir just stood there in shame and said,

Sudhir – Maaf kijiyega.
Shobha – Koi baat nahi.

Sudhir – Kuch madad chahiye.
Shobha – Ha, wo bucket me rakhe kapde ko taang dijiye please, tab tak mai ye dho leti hu.
Sudhir – Thik hai.

Sudhir went near the bucket and pulled out Shobha’s blouse and petticoat and hung it on the rope. Then he noticed Shobha’s bra and pantie there and got an idea in his evil mind. He went near Shobha and said –

Sudhir – Lagta hai isse bhi thora aur saaf karna padega.

Shobha not knowing what it was just said –

Shobha – Ye kaise ganda ho gaya.

And when she turned, she got shocked seeing her black pantie in Sudhir’s hand. Shobha then looked into Sudhir’s eyes, he was staring back at her. There was a silence for a moment and then Sudhir did something which Shobha didn’t expect. He took her pantie near his nose and smelled it and gave a wicked smile!

Shobha was more surprised than shocked and she just smiled back at him. This gave Sudhir the green signal and without thinking anything, he went near her and placed his lips on hers. Shobha got surprised by this sudden move but she didn’t stop him. However, she didn’t even respond to his kiss either.

Sudhir started sucking his landlady’s upper lips and his both hands were on her back. Then Sudhir broke the kiss and started kissing and licking Shobha’s neck area. Shobha then placed her hands on Sudhir’s head.

Sudhir knew that Shobha was now ready to be his bitch. Sudhir pinned her against the wall and started kissing her lips. This time, Shobha responded illegal bahis siteleri by opening her mouth and Sudhir slipped his tongue in her mouth.

Sudhir caught both her hands against the wall on either side of her head and crushed her boobs with his chest. Shobha was so turned on by this that she freed one of her hand and placed it on his dick over his lungi. Sudhir’s cock was as hard as a rock.

Sudhir then dropped her pallu from Shobha’s body and took one of his hands and started pressing her boobs over her blouse. Sudhir kept crushing Shobha’s boobs like this for some time. Then he moved his hand inside Shobha’s petticoat and placed it over her pantie. This sent a chill through Shobha’s body.

Sudhir moved his hands inside Shobha’s pantie and started to massage her pussy. It was hairy and wet. Shobha gave a low moan and started to lick his chest over his vest.

Then, all of a sudden, Sudhir pushed a finger into Shobha’s pussy and started moving in and out. He was moving slowly at first and then he inserted two fingers. Shobha was moaning continuously, “Aaah aaahhhh yesss sudhir ji, aise hi kariye, rukiye mat please, karte rahiye aaaahhhh aaaahhhhhhh aaaahhhh”.

Shobha was close to cumming and Sudhir sensed it. He increased his speed of fingering and Shobha couldn’t take it anymore and she came on Sudhir’s hands.

“Aaaaaaahhhhhhh.. yessss..”

Shobha got numb for a moment and stayed like that. Sudhir pulled his hand out which was fully wet with Shobha’s juices.

Sudhir then took his hand near Shobha’s mouth and she was more than happy to taste her pussy juice. Shobha licked Sudhir’s hand clean and then kissed Sudhir on his lips. They kissed for a moment and then Sudhir said –

Sudhir – Thora mera bhi khayal rakh do.

Shobha smiled and understood what Sudhir meant. She untied his lungi and caught hold of his 6-inch erect dick and started giving him a handjob. Sudhir then stopped her. Shobha looked at him with a puzzled look.

Sudhir, without saying a word, signalled Shobha to get on her knees. Shobha hesitated a bit but Sudhir pushed her head downwards a bit forcefully. Shobha got down on her knees and took Sudhir’s erect dick in her hands and kissed the tip of it. Sudhir just closed his eyes and said –

Sudhir – Pura andar le na, ache se.

Shobha took Sudhir’s dick in her mouth bit by bit and slowly. But Sudhir was losing his patience. Sudhir caught hold of Shobha’s head and pushed it in completely. Shobha was shocked as she didn’t expect this.

Sudhir then took off her hands from his dick and placed her hands on his ass. Sudhir caught hold of her head and was mouth fucking Shobha hard.

Sudhir – Saali randi kya chuati hai tu. Ache se chus, aaj tujhe jannat dikhata hu.

Shobha was gagging and wanted to speak but Sudhir didn’t leave her. Shobha was holding his thighs for support. Sudhir increased his pace and Shobha understood that he won’t last long.

Sudhir moaned, “Aaaahhhh saali kya mast chusti hai tu to mast randi hai shobha aaaahhhh”.

Sudhir started taking heavy breaths and he came in her mouth with a huge grunt. Shobha didn’t expect him to come inside her mouth but now she canlı bahis siteleri had no option but to swallow his cum. Sudhir didn’t take out his dick until the last drop was spilled. Sudhir’s sperms tasted salty and Shobha swallowed all of his thick fluid fully.

Sudhir then took out his dick and looked at Shobha’s face. She was sweaty and the kajal near her eyes had spread out. She looked like a bitch ready to be fucked. Shobha then got up, adjusted her saree and turned around to go.

Sudhir – Kaha ja rahi ho jaaneman? Abhi asli maza to baaki hai.

Shobha replied with a smile –

Shobha – Bahut der ho gayi, neeche sab wait kar rahe honge.
Sudhir – Mai bhi to kar raha hu wait tere gaand maarne ka.

Shobha got shocked by seeing this sudden change in Sudhir’s attitude and his language.

Shobha – Jitna abhi mila utne me khush raho, baaki baad me dekhte hai.

Shobha then quickly went and caught her saree which was wet and threw it on rope to get dry. She just wanted to get out of there quickly now. She was not liking Sudhir’s attitude now.

As shobha was about to reach the stairs, Sudhir caught her hands tightly and said –

Sudhir – Jada waqt nahi lunga. Bas ek baar de de abhi.

But Shobha somehow managed to get her hands free and said –

Shobha – Baad me.

And she ran down the stairs. Shobha came to her apartment and straight away went to her room and locked herself. She looked at the time, it was 8:30 already. She thought about what just happened. Although she enjoyed Sudhir’s touch, she didn’t like his attitude towards the end.

Shobha didn’t like Sudhir when he called her randi. She wanted to be treated with respect. She calmed herself down and went to the kitchen to do her daily chores.


Meanwhile in Flat No. 301 (the newlywed couple’s flat) –

Gaurav just got up from his sleep and was looking at his beautiful wife Preeti who was sleeping like a doll. Both Gaurav and his wife Preeti were naked inside the blanket.

Gaurav moved his hands towards her boobs and started mauling them slowly. His dick was already hard due to morning erection. Gaurav then got on top of his wife. Preeti woke up due to the movements and looked into Gaurav’s eyes and gave him a smile.

Gaurav positioned his dick at Preeti’s pussy and slowly entered her. Preeti gave a sharp moan as her husband’s dick entered her pussy. Gaurav started fucking his cute and innocent wife slowly. Preeti was moaning continuously, “Aaaahhh aaahhhhh yessss baby yessss fuck me babe..”

Gaurav took Preeti’s nipple in his mouth and started biting it one by one. Now Preeti pushed Gaurav to the other side, got on top of him and slowly sat on his erect dick. Gaurav was enjoying the view of his beautiful wife riding him.

Gaurav caught hold of her shoulder and pulled her down while his dick was still in her pussy.

Gaurav started kissing his beautiful wife’s lips and then he caught hold of her ass and started banging Preeti’s pussy from beneath. Preeti was liking it very much that she was moaning non-stop, “Yeahh baby… yeeaaahhhh yessss… fuck me.. fuck me harder… yeahhh.. yeaaahhh.. just like that”.

Preeti was close to cumming and she told Gaurav. Gaurav was also about to cum, so he started making long shots and then both of them came together.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhh yesssss preeeeetttiiiii”, said Gaurav.

Preeti just fell on his chest and stayed like that. Gaurav’s dick went limp in his wife’s pussy.

To be continued.

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