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Carrie on
by williacj

I worked with Carrie D’whorksi this good looking blonde assistant manager at a downtown restaurant on water street. Manny one of the cooks tried to cook a burger for himself and the smoke traveled from the kitchen to the dining room. Carrie asked me where the smoke was coming from and i told her I saw manny was cooking a burger on the grill. Carrie asked me if I should tell the boss and we agreed to notify him about this. She called him and left him a message, she unfortunately told him he couldn’t cook for himself on company time, as discipline she sent him home early

restaurant closes at 10 pm but we got a few late tables and stayed open until 11;35 I welcomed the extra hours plus I live only a few blocks away. 11;45 I was shutting down the dish machine and draining the water. She came into the dish room and we talked for a bit I told her I thought she was gorgeous and if I were her boyfriend I’d take her in the cooler and make out with her. She laughed.”oh my gosh.”she replied.”wow I’m flattered surprised I never thought you felt that way.”

Around 11;20 as I’m shutting down the dish room I went into the office and she was there, I told casino siteleri her I was about to leave. She got up from her seat and walked up to me and went to the dish room to make sure everything was off and everything was cleaned off.“So am i good to go?” i asked “no” she replied” you didn’t do your side work”

Carrie everything’s off dish room’s spotless,” i contested. She told me I have to clean the dessert cooler I didn’t know the boss added that to my list, so we went into the dessert cooler and she showed me everything that needed to be cleaned. When i turned to leave and she stood in front of the cooler door.

“I’m just k**ding hon.”she says” but you need to do this before you leave.” she leaned up and pressed her lips against mine. i wrapped my arms around her waist” mmhmmm”i mumbled as i kissed her.

I let her go.”Carrie is so very.”i whispered in her ear. she grabbed me and started kissing me again we were tongue kissing and later we started feeling all over each other. When she took off her shirt I pulled her panties all the way off then i continued to get undressed.

Soon we were in the cooler completely naked kissing. I squeezed her canlı casino butt cheeks we wrapped our arms around each other and started walking toward the back of the restaurant still kissing. When we got to the back cooler she turned and flicked the light switch on to the back cooler.”Carrie is so very” i whispered into her ear.

I moved two storage racks apart and i pushed her up against the wall between them.”lift your leg up so i can get up in you” i demanded. she kissed me and i took my cock and pressed it up against her pussy lips and slid in her.”Carrie is so very” i grunted as i began fucking her against the wall. ”uhhhhhh ahhhh yes” she stammered.Carrie was getting plowed so deep she couldn’t talk. ”ohhhh umpff please” she stammered.”Carrie is so very, wet” i gasped as i worked my dickin her tight pink crevice.

I pulled out.”bend it over care bear” i whispered i took my cock head and pressed it gently against her butt hole..”oh my god you’re gonna stick it up-” she began. My cock head sank slowly into her asshole with a bllpttttt!”Carrie’s so very tight.”i grunted.

“God it feels-”she began. I asked her if she wanted me to pull out.”I’m a little kaçak casino tight in the ass i just need to get used to getting fucked up my behind.”she told me. I worked my dick in her backdoor slowly couldn’t believe i was at still on the clock butt fucking Carrie.”Carrie is so very” i panted.

She looked back at me” oh my god it feels wow you’re so sweet you’re the first guy who’s ever stuck it in my ass!” she revealed. I closed my eyes and continued to ram my dick deep in Carrie’s butt hole.”takin it up the ass” i whispered as i drove myself deep in her backdoor.” ohhh sweetie you’re fucking me up my ass” she’s getting her bottom busted by my hard brown dick, the feeling of being buried up her ass was too much for me.”Carrie, your ass is squeezing my dick,i’m gonna blow my load gonna nut all over this-” I pulled out and let fly all over her tight white ass.

”ccccarrie!” I stammered shaking my head side to side “damn it D’whorski!” I exclaimed as I grabbed the edge of the cooler rack.”i thought I was done for the night, guess I wasn’t done.” i told her. she looked back at me.”you gotta check out with me before you go just to make sure, you did a good job tonight in my ass and in the dish room” she told me, I looked down at my limp dick, first time giving a girl a dick in her bum hole! “Carrie is so very fuckable” i told her as I wiped the cum off her ass.”oh stop it hon.”she says chuckling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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