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NOTE FROM SKYEWRITER– I do not condone incest in real life, because of certain things that I won’t elaborate on. But writing these stories empowers me…and I happened to fall in love with my main character, Cady, because her father loved her enough to let her have a childhood. This is a story of consensual, loving relations between a father and his legally of age daughter. Enjoy!



: My Loving Daddy

Hi. My name is Cady Smith. I recently turned 18 years old on April 12, 2002. I have a sexual relationship with my father. I must say that it is consensual, meaning, I agree with it. My daddy takes care of my needs, and I take care of his. In case you are wondering, he never touched me as a child, or hurt me in any way. Daddy loves me, and I love him

Our relationship began on my 18th birthday. I have very few friends, and I prefer it that way. I don’t like people my own age. I have always been an only child, and used to adults. My mother died when I was only 8 years old, so it has been me and Daddy ever since. I look more like my mother than I do my daddy. I have long brownish-blonde hair and brown eyes, and am petite, only 5’2” and weigh 115lbs. Daddy is in sharp contrast to me. He has thick hair despite his 50 years, black with streaks of gray, and dark blue eyes. He is a big man, 6’2” and weighs a healthy, 220lbs.

Anyway, I wanted my birthday to be just me and my daddy. It always was on my birthday, and it was a very special day of my year, because my daddy owns his own business, and he is busy a lot. He owns a computer supply business that is very successful. We live in a nice 3 bedroom condo on the outskirts of Chicago in the suburbs. I have everything I could ever want and need. A nice, big bedroom, lots of clothes, a TV, a computer all my own, a phone in my room…and anything I ask for (if I ever asked for anything, which I have never done), I get, and even what I don’t ask for is provided for me.

Daddy doesn’t want me to go away to college. He wants me to take over his business when he dies. He says he’s going to train me when I get out of high school. I pretty much agree with him. I don’t really want to leave my daddy. I’m his little girl. I’ve often wondered: What would he do without me? It seems a bit weird, a girl not wanting to move out on her own, but Daddy takes care of me. He loves me, as I don’t think anyone else can. And I knew all this even before we became intimate. I have never had the desire to leave home and go away anywhere. I take care of my Daddy. I fix his breakfast every morning, I clean the house when I get home from school, and I make sure I have dinner for him when he gets home. Nobody could take care of my daddy like I could!

Which is why I was a little upset when I found out he was seeing a lady named Marilyn Rainer. I knew the only thing she was after was my daddy’s money. I didn’t like her at all. I decided I was going to talk to him about it on my birthday night. I knew Daddy wouldn’t get mad at me, we had always been able to talk. As I was driving home from school that day in my 2002 Volkswagen Bug that my daddy had bought me that year, I was looking forward to the night ahead. Daddy had taken the day off, so I knew he would be home when I got there. School, I thought ruefully, Only a few more months till I graduate…I wish I didn’t have to.

I hated school. The kids there were so immature, and boys…no way! I wasn’t even interested because they were so childish! They never understood me at all. Did I say I had few friends? I really had next to no friends. The people that I “hung out” with at school were rejects too, and I never invited them home. Daddy didn’t like them. He didn’t think they were appropriate for his little girl to be associated with. I didn’t like them much either. We were only together for necessity at school. Everyone has to have a crowd to be with at school. Me, Cassie, Jane and Reggie were basically together because we had to be. Or they just tolerated me. I never could figure it out. Yes, I hated school…but I didn’t want to disappoint Daddy by not graduating. So I kept excellent grades, straight A’s and B’s. I wanted to make Daddy proud. I could’ve been accepted to a good college, but in reality I knew I wasn’t going to go. I told everyone at school I was going to take a year off (the teachers that cared anyway) but I wasn’t going to go, because I was going to work in Daddy’s business, and I was going to own it after he died (which isn’t going to be for a LONG TIME!). Daddy’s very healthy, and he’s only 50.

As I pulled into the driveway, I saw Daddy’s 1997 Black Ford Mustang and I smiled. This was our special night, it was my birthday. We were always together on my birthday. I raced inside the house just in time to see Marilyn Rainer coming out the front door.

“You and your father have fun tonight, Cady!” she said in a soft tone to me. I could feel my eyes sharpen instantly. I really didn’t like her. Money grubby bitch, I thought angrily, but I forced casino siteleri a smile.

“Okay,” I said shyly.

She smiled, a false smile if ever there was one and waved goodbye and left to jog toward her house. I glared at her back.

“Cadelle!” my father said sternly, “Why are you giving her such a bad look?”

I blushed hard under Daddy’s disapproving gaze and felt tears just begin to well in my eyes. “Daddy, I’m sorry, I just don’t like her.” I said plaintively.

He sighed. “Come here Cady, we’ll have none of this on my little girl’s special day,” he said in a soft, gentle voice. I ran to him and gave him a big hug. So he was going to be with me tonight! Just like always! Ha, ha, HA! I thought as his strong arms wrapped around me.

“I rented Little Women tonight,” Daddy said, “Just for you, precious, your favorite movie! What do you want to do, go out for dinner tonight? Wherever you want to go little girl, just name it.”

“Oh Daddy, you spoil me! But can we order Chinese tonight? I want to stay here, with you tonight. I had a rough day at school and I just want to spend time with you.” I said, and nuzzled his neck.

He held me at arms length and looked me up and down. His eyes sparkled as he looked at me, and a strange look that I had never seen before had entered his eyes. It was like he wasn’t seeing me as his little girl, but as a woman. Maybe even a desirable woman. I shivered under his intense gaze.

“You’re growing up, Cady,” he said with an unusual gruffness to his voice, then he cleared his throat and continued in a more lighthearted tone, “I got your birthday presents, kitten. I even had them wrapped special! Come on, you look at them while I order the food. But don’t open them before I’m done, young lady!”

I giggled, and while Daddy was ordering the food, I put my book bag in my room and put my school stuff up. Then I went into the family room and sat on the big couch, where my presents were piled up around it.

Daddy sat down beside me and I opened up my presents. I got a couple of new outfits (Daddy must have had Kate, his assistant, help him pick out the clothes), some CD’s, and my favorite was a gold heart locket with

8 engraved on the outside. I opened it. On the left side was “Love, Daddy” and a picture of me when I was a baby on the inside. I hugged him tightly and thanked him over and over. It was a beautiful locket. I put it on immediately.

The food came 2 hours later and we ate together in the dining room. I wanted desperately to bring up the subject of Marilyn, and what I had the feeling she wanted from Daddy, but I didn’t know how. It was really bothering me, because I had heard from people at Daddy’s business that she was a gold digger. But I didn’t know how to say it to Daddy, and that was unusual because I could tell Daddy anything! Then another dark thought crossed my mind. What was she doing over here today? I thought about it…and my stomach churned. Was she trying to seduce my daddy? He hadn’t been with anyone since my mother died…ten years ago! Then another thought came to me. My daddy has needs like a man. What if… I nearly choked on my food as I was thinking this. Of course, I understood that Daddy was a man, but not this woman!

Thoughts raced through my mind. What if they are already doing it? What if they get married? She’ll make me leave! Who will take care of Daddy then? She sure as hell won’t! That Marilyn bitch, she’ll ruin everything! No one cooks and cleans for Daddy like I do, nobody takes care of my daddy like I do and she’ll want me to leave home! Who thinks it’s normal for a daughter to live with her father after 18? My thoughts grew more and more frantic as I tried to choke down my Chinese dinner. She doesn’t like me anyway! What if Daddy falls in love with her? Things will change between us! It won’t be the same…that bitch will ruin everything! What about Daddy’s plans for me! She might even take his business and ruin it! Oh, Daddy, no!

I could feel myself begin to tear up as I finished my food and sat down on the couch as Daddy put in the movie. That bitch would ruin everything, and she would even ruin my daddy! Nothing would be the same!

When the movie started, Daddy came to sit beside me. I put my head on his chest and began watching, trying to keep those thoughts out. When it came to the part at the beginning where the four girls received a letter from their father away at war, I couldn’t hold back anymore and burst into tears.

“Cady?” Daddy asked, then he wrapped his arms around me, “Cady! What is it, kitten? What’s wrong with my little girl?”

All my thoughts came spilling out. About Marilyn being a gold digger. About what if they got married and she wanted me to leave home. About how she would ruin our relationship, and it has been so strong. About how no one could take care of him like I could. I just spilled my thoughts in sobs. I don’t think I’ve ever been so honest, even to Daddy. There was only one thing I couldn’t really say, and slot oyna that was a question about whether or not he was having sex with Marilyn. I really wanted to ask, but I was wondering: How do I ask my own daddy that question?

Daddy held me in his arms and smoothed back my long, brownish-blonde hair. “Hey, little girl, you listen to me,” he said softly as I sobbed into his muscular chest, “Marilyn is a companion. I am not going to marry her. Not now, maybe not ever. I don’t want to get serious about anyone just yet.”

I continued to cry, but softer now as I listened to him. “No one is as important to me as my little Cady. I know you need me Cady, you need me like your mother always needed me. Your mother, God rest her soul, wasn’t fit for this world. She was a fragile woman, but she needed me and I loved her more than anything. Cady, your mother depended on me for everything, and needed me to control things for her. You need the same thing, precious little girl. You need me to control things for you, and I think you know this too. I’m never going to let anyone make you leave.” Daddy said gently.

My sobs quieted as I looked up at Daddy’s compassionate, dark blue eyes. I noticed the strength in my Daddy just then, and I felt a surge of something I had never felt before. It was a primal urge, years late and never before fully blossomed. It was almost spiritual in its sexuality, and I felt a tingly thrill shoot through my body as I looked up at my handsome daddy. His short, professionally cut yet wavy black hair streaked with just a little gray to give him mature character, his eyes so blue and loving…I could feel myself getting damp in my crotch thinking a forbidden thought. I want to meet Daddy’s needs! In every way!

I blushed hard and put my head back down on his chest. I hugged him and pressed my face against his strong chest to hide my blushing face. I smelled his man-smell and breathed deeply. I felt another wild thrill shoot through my loins as I smelled his wonderful smell. Suddenly, an idea came to me. It was a crazy idea, but an idea I just couldn’t ignore.

“Daddy,” I said softly as soon as I stopped blushing over it, “I’ll be right back!”

I went to my room and grabbed a short nightgown. It came up to my upper thigh. It wasn’t a sexy nightgown by any means, because that wasn’t right for Daddy’s little girl at that time, but it was short. I went to the bathroom and put it on. I had rarely worn it around Daddy before, because it was so short and I didn’t want to embarrass him, but I wanted him to look at me…really look at me, like a woman. I remembered the way he had held me out earlier and looked at me. I wanted him to look at me like that again.

I re-entered the room and plopped down beside him and snuggled up to him again. He stiffened a little and looked at me. “Looks like my little girl changed clothes,” he said, but there was a different, throaty tone to his voice.

“Yeah,” I said, “I was getting warm in that outfit I had on.”

I looked at him. I really wanted to ask him if he was having sex with Marilyn. I didn’t know how, and it bothered me. I can usually talk to Daddy, but I’ve never talked to him about sex! I thought…What do I do?

The movie was still playing, but I wasn’t paying any attention. I had my head on Daddy’s shoulder, and I was thinking. Thinking about Daddy and Marilyn…having sex. YUCK! She was an old woman, at least 45! And she wasn’t even that attractive! Daddy deserved better than that.

“You’re squirming, kitten. Do you want to say something else?” he asked

“How did you know, Daddy?” I asked. He always seemed to know when I had something on my mind. I felt my face flush with heat.

“Daddy’s know these things, kitten,” he said softly.

“Well, it’s kind of embarrassing,” I faltered.

“Since when have you hid anything from me, little girl?” he said sternly, then his voice gentled, “You can talk to me about anything, kitten, you know this. Haven’t we always been able to talk?”

I nodded, then looked up at him, my questioning brown eyes searching his strong, yet soft blue eyes intently. Then I looked away, and my question came out in a muffled, shy little voice.

“A…are you and Marilyn having…I mean, are you guys…are…are you guys having sex?” I finally blurted.

Daddy laughed, then looked at me and my eyes must have told him something about the way I was feeling because his eyes got a smoldering, heated look to them. My pussy throbbed at that sudden lustful look. It was a strange feeling, something I wasn’t used to. I had never felt that way before with anyone…

“No, kitten,” Daddy said, composing himself, “Marilyn and I aren’t having sex! That’s ludicrous!” he said, then looked at me again, intently. “Kitten, we’ve never had that talk. What brings it up now?”

“Well…” my face flushed suddenly and I looked away. He took my chin and forced me to look at him. I stuttered a little bit more then fell silent under his intense gaze.

“Cady,” canlı casino siteleri he said firmly, “You can tell me anything. I want to know what brought this up tonight.”

There was an unfamiliar gleam in his dark, midnight blue eyes that he was trying to mask as sternness. I could almost feel the hunger in his gaze. My face flushed again as I tried to put what I was thinking into words.

“Well, Daddy……I know that…w-well…sometimes men have…certain feelings that…” I blushed harder and I tried to look away from his face. He tilted my chin and forced me to look at him, and I blurted out, “Well, you haven’t been with anyone since Mommy and-and you haven’t had sex in a long time!”

Daddy smiled softly and kissed my forehead.

“There, kitten, that wasn’t so hard was it? You can talk to Daddy about anything, precious, even this,” he said, then added softly, his voice growing more hoarse with emotion, “You remind me so much of your mother. You look like her, you act like her…” he broke off the gaze suddenly.

“You’ve never loved anyone as much as her, have you Daddy?” I asked.

“No, kitten, no,” he said softly.

“Why did you love her so much?” I asked, “I mean, we’ve never really talked about Mommy…”

“She needed me,” Daddy confessed to me, “She really needed me. I have always needed someone to depend on me. She needed me as no one has ever needed me. Marilyn doesn’t need me like that. I can’t…no, kitten, I’m not at all interested in Ms. Rainer. I’ve been seeing her as a companion, baby girl. That’s all.”

I put my head back on his chest and ran my fingers up and down his arm. I felt a shiver go through him as I snuggled against him. The movie kept playing, but I was paying more attention to my daddy’s reactions to me than to the movie. His breathing was becoming a little more ragged. As I rubbed his arm, he sighed softly once and put his arm around me and held me closer, like a little girl he was protecting. Like that and also…like a lover he wanted to hold close. I felt my heart surge with anticipation as I looked down to see his pants begin to tent up. A sharp pleasure swelled in my loins as I thought, Oh my God, I’m turning Daddy on!

“Kitten,” he said, a bit throatily, “What brought this on tonight? This talk about Marilyn and me?”

“Well, Daddy…I know you haven’t been with anyone since Mommy died…a-and…” I broke off till he cleared his throat, and I knew Daddy wanted me to continue. “I thought it might have been hard for you to be without a woman.”

Inadvertently, I brushed my hand across his leg. He moaned softly, so softly I almost didn’t hear. I pretended I didn’t. “Cady, it has been hard…but I haven’t found anyone who needed me like your mother did…” There was a quiver in his voice.

I put my head on him again, and again moved my hand down his leg. Another moan escaped Daddy’s lips, this time he knew it was loud enough for me to hear.

“Oh Cady, my little girl,” he whispered, “I’m so sorry…all this talk…” Daddy tried to pull away from me.

“Daddy!” I cried and grabbed his arm, “Daddy, don’t pull away, it’s okay!”

I hugged him tightly and surprised myself at my boldness, by sliding myself onto his lap, like I had when I was a little girl, “Don’t leave me, Daddy…”

“Ohhh, kitten you don’t understand,” he whispered in a husky voice. I felt the hardness of his cock on my bottom and felt myself becoming excited, and felt my panties become moist with my juices. This was a feeling I wasn’t used to, years late in coming, and now with my own daddy!

“Daddy,” I said shyly, “I think I do understand.”

I snuggled him as I said this, then added, “And it’s okay, Daddy,”

“Oh, Cady,” Daddy sighed, and nuzzled my neck. “We need each other, don’t we kitten?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I said timidly as he began exploring my neck with small kisses, “I need you like Mommy needed you.”

He moaned loudly and kissed my neck. I gasped at the pure heat that swelled in my loins as he kissed me. It felt so good to feel his powerful arms around me, his rough lips gently kissing and sucking at my neck. “Oh, God, little girl!” he moaned softly, his hands roaming my back. He cupped the small of my back and pressed my backside firmly against his hardening organ.

I let out a quiet sigh of pleasure. I didn’t want anything to end this, not ever. I wanted to do this for Daddy, and I wanted him to do what he wanted to me. It felt so good, yielding to Daddy’s passion and my own, yes my own passion, late in blooming. I had never felt such desire, such lust in my life. Oh, sure, I had experimented in masturbating or “playing with myself”, but it never brought much pleasure to me and certainly never had the crest of pleasure such as the girls at school had described.

Daddy’s lips insistently kissed at my neck. I felt a wave of abandon and fervor wash over me as I felt my pussy gush a little bit, moistening my panties even more. “Oh, Daddy,” I moaned, and I pressed his head even closer, “Oh, Daddy, please don’t stop!” I begged.

“Oh kitten, ohhhh little girl, it’s been so long!” Daddy cried out, his hands just beginning to roam the length of my body, “Oh my Cady, sooooooooo long!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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