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I am Alex,28 years old,in three days i will finally marry Andrea,21.After two years of engagement i can’t wait to make love to her.She is a virgin, not pretty but the body is fantastic,long slender legs and incredibly perky tits.She is a teacher from a very conservative background,vegan,shy and prude.My beloved wife keeps fit with daily yoga practice.All things that turn me on,unfortunately she think that sex is exclusively for re procreation,so,no more then twice a month.
She only accepted me at the conditions i never push her in any way, always inter course under the sheets,in complete darkness and rigorously in missionary position only.Last diktat was keeping her sensitive breast exclusively for lactating.All this did not sound promising but i plan to change her position at a latter time.Today,once again,she refused to french kiss me as she does not like saliva exchange.She got angry at me for buying bridal lingerie,a very sexy dressing gown,white suspenders and a corset that would stop just under her firm and perky tits. .She told me that those things are for prostitutes.Never mind,it will get better.At times i ask my self why i want to marry this woman,the answer is always the same”She turn me on crazily,i enjoy better masturbating thinking of Andrea then fucking another girl.Well…let’s say that when i fucked a different pussy i did think of Andrea to trigger my climax.Tonite we are going to a company party.My boss George,a realy arrogant asshole,will celebrate the opening of a new production plant.Luckily,in the midst of the 200 guests i have not seen him,yet.I had a few glasses, my bride only one,as usual.I spot George a dozen meters away and i initiate the polite evacuation procedure,gently moving my bride away from unnecessary,unpleasant contacts.All done without anybody noticing it.The operation is successfully completed, i suggest to go home and DANG!George almost jump in front of us.With a smooth voice he ask how we are and i introduce him to Andrea,who has the pleasure of not knowing him.George pays more attention to me then he did in the five years i worked in his office.Then i realize that i am the excuse to hang around,he is talking to me while is perving at the tits of my joung bride.Andrea is a bit naive and does not understand what is going on.George is shameless,he takes a good look at my wife tits then looks at me, he raise his eyebrows as to say”Wow,nice tits” He knows his ways with people,he pretend very well to be interested in anything that his interlocutor likes.So he let my unsuspecting wife talk for ages,i am one of his accountants,i have witnessed his negotiations,i know how he moves.I know he is listening to my unsuspecting wife just to collect data about her.When George listen to you, is because is after something you got,he listen to recon.He is rich because is smart and without scruples,he hits people when are down,a usurer.I dislike him a lot but he pays me well enough to stay.George say to me”You are very lucky to marry such an intelligent person”He smirks at me and smile to Andrea.Adulation is a tremendous weapon if is used properly and my wife falls for it “Please,George,join us this Sunday,we would be happy to have you at our wedding “I am about to explode,my ingenuous wife is letting a predator in our private life,in our selected circle of friends.I break in to try to stop this happening and i say”Darling,please excuse George but i am sure he got very important matters to take care of,especially on such a short notes”George say”Unfortunately this weekend i must attend something else and therefore i will not be able to

honor your invitation”I feel very reliefed,then George add”Nevertheless i would love to have you you for dinner tomorrow nite,that would offer me the opportunity to make up for not attending your wedding and also giving my present”In the two seconds i take to think at an excuse to decline the invitation,my wife accept it.I do not want to go at George place and take the risk of him putting altering substances in our food.George did that before to soften up resilient negotiators.So i manage to have him coming at our home. Friday every body is congratulating me over my wedding but i can not stop thinking at dinner with George.I tried to alert my wife about how viscid George realy is but my naive bride only see the cover of pleasantness,so she dismiss my concern.I open the door and George say”Please,let me introduce you to Naomi,a person with incredible skills”Once we finish eating, George invite me to take a sit on a lounge near by the table but far enough to talk about business without been heard.My lovely wife and Naomi keep chatting at the dining table.Naomi is a yoga fanatic and teach meditation and relaxation connected with physical activity.My wife is very interested to those matters.After a while i thank George and Naomi for the nice evening and i wait for Andrea to get up and say goodbye to our guests but she does not move..George ask”All good?”And Naomi answer”Absolutely”Then George looks at my wife and say”Andrea,as a teacher you live in an almost perfect world,where political correctness rules.As a “‘businessman’” i live in a far from perfect world,where the winner rules.Winning it mean getting whatever you want,no necessarily legally.If i get busted,i become a looser.Tonite you will be the student and i will teach you how to win against, apparently, impossible odds,legally,almost.”I freeze,this is a war declaration.I got no idea of what is ahead.George make a phone call and 30 seconds later the door bell rings,i open and Taro and Modro, the two,huge,black bodyguards of George, enter my home.I start to panic canlı bahis siteleri and i look at my vulnerable wife but she seem calm.George nods and one guy lies down my young bride on the table.I move to stop it but Taro quickly grab my balls and i come to a halt.My shy wife is still calm and relaxed.Naomi spreads Andrea’s thighs and licks the virgin pussy for ten minutes then turn to George and say”Wet enough,”Incredibly my prude wife is not complaining,George penetrate my virgin bride with his six inches cock.My boss deflower my shy bride in front of my eyes and she let him have his way without even attempting to stop him.I am horrified but i can not move or i wood loose my balls.George insert his cock all the way in my delicate bride love channel,completely takes her virginity.Andrea just look at the ceiling and does not move,she seem to be comfortable with what is happening. I implore him not to cum inside the warm pussy as Andrea is in the most fertile time of the month.George say”Don’t worry,i won’t”He actually stop fucking.I am beside my self,my virgin bride just got deflowered by my boss without a saying a word.I know for a fact that she has not been given any stuff,she only had water but her behavior is shocking.George nod to Modro and he start to penetrate my vulnerable wife with his nine inches cock.Finally Andrea shows some kind of reaction as the hard snake makes his way in the warm vagina.My white wife keeps her composure as the bulbous cock disappear in between the stretched labias.Modro push his venous trunk further in,penetrating the white pussy one more inch at a time.My vulnerable wife just takes it without even trying to stop the invasion of her intimacy,tho her eyebrows raise considerably.Also the thick dong takes her breath away every time it goes up the young pussy.Now evident signs of pain start to show on my lovely wife face.Modro thrust his enormous prick in,further and further.My darling attempt to gently moving away from him but the long dick skewers her harder.Modro hold her legs up to insert all the length of his manhood.My delicate wife start to sob very quietly,i am very surprised by her capability to cop with the intrusion.I just can not understand how Andrea can let all this happening without even attempting to stop it.She is such a shy and prude lady,also was a virgin before tonite.I am also surprised that nobody has unbuttoned my wife blouse.George was taken by my wife breast and has totally over look them,still untouched.Then my puritan wife regain a almost normal breathing and the distressed moves stop.I can’t believe my hears but my shy bride started to moan.She is going at the unison with Taro.She is accommodating his thrusts by spreading her legs to the max.Andrea’s moans intensify until she reach her first vaginal orgasm.She is completely spend and Taro keeps fucking her.She is obviously not enjoying it anymore but Taro is relentless.A minute later my prude wife is moaning again.I get very worried as i can see Taro increasing his pace,getting his load ready for deployment.Instead George stops him,the big dong sleeps out of my exited wife pussy and get replaced by a bigger one.This is the third dick in my bride in the last half hour.Taro get some pain reaction from my vulnerable wife as his eleven inches,black monster find his way in my delicate wife pussy.The huge knob streches the white vagina to a unimaginable point.His girth is like a can of beer.If he penetrate,my wife pussy will be ruined for sure.She will not feel anything when we will make love.The prick is already half way in and my wife is again going through what she just did with Modro.Taro’s dick is still a couple of inches out but my wife pussy is now well stretched and my bride start to moan again.Taro takes her completely,she is getting very exited,on the verge of another orgasm but George nods and Taro suddenly slows the thrusting to just tease the hungry pussy.
Naomi whispers something in my composed wife ear and also snap her fingers at Andrea’s face.My wife suddenly open her eyes wide and looks around with a horrified expression.She is frozen,shocked at what she see.Like if she just got teleported here.Then the surprise become anger as she attempt to push Taro off.Now i recognize the Andrea i am about to marry.She say”Get off me you brute,i will go to the police right away,you will pay for this!!”Every body listen to her silently,Taro increase the thrusting pace,his enormous dick takes my wife breath away once again.She say”I told you… to get..offff..meee”Taro now fill the wet pussy completely,he skewer my bride like a tender piece of meat.She put her palms on his chest and say”Stop..ahh..stooop..ahh”Taro takes his prick out of the wet pussy and insert it again,over and over,giving to my bride a feeling of emptiness and fulfillment.My prude wife voice is becoming very throaty.Her hands,instead of pushing Taro’s chest,are now feeling his pectorals.She say” ahhhlone”Her legs went around Taro’s hips and her arms around his neck.She accommodates his thrusting and moves towards him.I am without words,i am watching my prude wife giving her self completely to another man,willingly.To my shy wife Taro is the first man she make love to.The previous two dicks penetrated her but she could not realize it.My white bride is about to get her first real orgasm from a black man without even knowing his name.Andrea is moaning louder and her breathing is now very fast.George nod and Taro,again, slow the pace down to a tease.George come close to my panting wife and say”Well,well Andrea.I am glad to to see you like the party that i organised”Taro keeps fucking perabet giriş my lust blinded wife,slowly but deeply.Naomi is gently playing with Andrea’s clit and my wife is going insane so much she need to orgasm.George ask her”Do you want the party to stop or you want Taro to keep fucking you like a slut?”My over exited wife say”Don’t stop”George say”I want to hear it or we will leave now”And my shy wife finally say”I want Taro to fuck me like a slut”George smile and say”Ok,Taro will keep fucking if you keep talking to me and doing what i tell you”My delicate wife feel the pulsing snake invading her,tacking her most intimate part.George tell her”Last nite i did see an average looking woman with tits that,i assume,should be fantastic.Now i am going to find out if all this operation is been worth my expectations.Taro,sit on the lounge and place the slut on your laps facing me.”Then he say to me”Alex go to stand behind Taro and very slowly undo your prude wife blouse”Taro is impaling Andrea and George say”Tell us Andrea,tell us what you feeling,tell us what you would have never said to anybody,if you don’t get dirty enough Taro will stop fucking you”Ahh..i can feel the hard dick inside me..i can feel it filling my wet pussy all the way up to fertile womb.Ahh..please..keep fucking like thiiiis”George stand in front of my lust crazy wife and enjoy the down blouse that i am offering by separating the shirt from my wife chest.I can not forgive my self for being an active part of the perversion of my prude wife. Unfortunately her attitude frustrated me long enough to make me enjoying all this.I love undoing her shirt and giving my arrogant boss a down blouse of my shy bride.I bow a bit my prude wife to give George the sight of her perky tits hanging like a young caw.George wink to me and slide his hand inside the fully unbuttoned blouse.He cups the delicate tits from underneath and gently lift them as to check the weight and firmness.Then the fingers start to knead the gorgeous boobs.He say to my craving wife”Fantastic,just fantastic.Certainly you are not pretty but you got the best tits i ever come across.Talk,i want to hear you talking like the slut you are”Yes …i am a slut,…i want Taro to fuck me hard,any time he want…”George suddenly stop my wife and say”You whore,I DECIDE what happen,not Taro,you are MY slut,i am your boss and you will do every thing i say or the video of tonite party could end up in the wrong hands,clear?”My trembling wife say”Sure George,as you ask”But George slap my scared wife delicate tits and say”You stupid whore,i don’t ask,i order!!”My wife is overwhelmed with emotion and sexual desire.George say”Talk slut,tell me what you feel”My bride is lost in lust and fear”I do anything you tell me George,i am your slut.I waant Taro to fuuuck me ….with his harrgd snake…i can feel his cock in my hot pussy…i can feel it pulsing more and more”George say “Taro is about to cum.I would like to watch him cumming in your fertile womb and making you pregnant but you can choose yes or not”My dominated wife say”Sure George,i want to please in every way i can,make him fill my white,fertile pussy with black spunk.I want to get pregnant for you,i love you George”Taro floods my bride tender womb with his black semen.Feeling the throbbing snake releasing the warm,sticky load makes my wife exploding in a tremendous climax.Taro slide his dong out of my used bride.Her pussy is utterly ruined,a leacking cave,gaping obscenely.George say”How do you feel Andrea?”She answer”I am so sore every where,especially my clit and my nipples.They are so sensitive right after i orgasm.”George nod to Naomi and they sit at my delicate bride sides.Naomi spread my naive wife legs and start to harshly rub he sensitive clit.George say”Be a good girl Andrea,push out your perky tits so i can grab and squeeze them better and you Naomi whisper to Andrea what she should say”My sobbing wife arch her back to offer her firm tits to George and say”I am yours George,this caw tits are yours.Pinch my puffy nipples,pull them as much as you like.Do with me whatever it please you.”George say to my wife”I want to see you in lingerie and with a bold pussy,hurry up”Naomi follow Andrea and twenty minutes later my beloved wife reappear with her bridal veil and lingerie that i bought for her.Her lust for sex is completely gone.She regained her mental balance and trembling she say”George,i think it maybe better if you all leave”George looks at my wife and answer”Sure,guys let’s leave and go to e-mail the video of tonite party to all the wedding guests.My defeated wife say”Please George,stay here,stay as long as you like” My sobbing wife looks fantastic but George say”Gorgeous body but take this,it will make you look better”He give to my bride a small mask to hide the upper part of her face.Then laughing he adds”Now that the ugly parts are covered we can enjoy the good ones.”I see a couple of tears flowing down my humiliated wife face.George place my wife on his lap facing down.Then he say”Tell me Naomi,what happen to naughty girls?”Naomi answer”They get spanked,hard”George start to hit my exposed wife buttocks and thighs.Naomi say”The slut got a nice ass,i am sure she is a virgin there.Modro will fix that.”George fondle my bride inner thighs and ass at will.Naomi spread the firm buttocks to expose the virgin asshole.George massage all around it and fingers the wet pussy.Then he start to finger the tight ass hole with his thumb while he push for finger in the ruined pussy.He laughs showing me my young bride pussy,still gaping from the Taro use.George left hand goes to fondle my wife hanging tits while perabet güvenilir mi he fist fuck my bride love channel.He penetrate the pussy with his all hand up to the wrist,twisting it inside.My wife is suffering and George order her to describe what she is feeling.Sobbing she say”Yes George,fist my pussy,ruin my love channel.I want to be your slut”George get turned on by her talking and get Modro to fuck my bride ass.George order me to spread my bride ass cheeks to help Modro.George tell me to grab Modro prick and guide it in my bride virgin asshole.I never touched a dick other then mine but i am hypnotized by the black monster.I admit that i love feeling the hard snake pulsing in my hand.Naomi realize it and push my head on it.Now i t
aste Modro precum,the huge knob is filling my mouth.Naomi get me off the majestic black member and i insert it in my wife virgin asshole.She attempt to move but George hold her down by the hanging tits.She scream so Taro fills her mouth with his enormous cock.George is manhandling my bride young tits without mercy,he pull them,squeeze and twist over and over,leaving heavy blu’ marks on the delicate skin.Naomi say”The slut got the puffyest nipples ever, i can’t stop pinching them and they get so turgid.Perfect for hard sucking and nibbling.”George say”Naomi careful!You can hurt but don’t ruin those perky tits.Do whatever you want with the rest of her body.Abuse those boobs but don’t destroy them.”Now Modro sits on the lounge and impale my wife ass.George stand in front of my wife and she slowly wanks him while rubs his cock on her mistreated tits.Soon the nipples are covered with George precum.My bride say “Yes George,yess..enjoy my puffy nipples.Squeeze my sore tits as much as you like.”George is getting very exited and start to slap my bride gorgeous knockers.Surprisingly she seem to genuinely like getting smacked.She say”AAAH,yes,more please,more,slap my young tits,i can’t wait to be brutally milked”George stick his cock in my bride mouth and she give him a fantastic blow job.George sits down and my wife wrap her perky tits around his prick while he abuse her nipples.She say”Yes my love,use my tits,they are all for your enjoyment.Pinch my sensitive nipples as much as you like.Feel my warm tits around your cock.Take me George,fuck me please,i want to be your slut,your cow.”George say to her”Lick my prick slut,down to my balls,like this,yes.More down,more,there,yes lick my asshole.Kiss it,i want to feel your lips on my ass…ahhh.Yess like that,suck my sweaty asshole,kiss it,make love to it.Lick it clean,go inside with your tongue,ahhh yeaa,you are a real slut Andrea,take the mask off,i want to cum all over your face” My wife wanks George rubbing his cock on her face and say”Cum my love,cum on your slut face,cum in my mouth,i want you so much.I want your cum all over me,on my sore tits and nipples,on my clit.I love your cum George,i love you.”My insane wife smears George cum all over her body,swallowing some and fingering her pussy with what is left.George push her on Modro and he start to fuck her ass again.Naomi slide four finger the in the wet pussy and rub the clit with the thumb.My wife is now well accustomed to the double attention.Naomi start to play with the marked boobs with her spear hand.George tell me to make Taro hard.At first i am about to feel sick but in no time i get to like it and i get ordered to guide the warm monster in my bride love channel.The huge prick enter my wife ruined pussy without problems and Andrea is moaning within a minute.Modro announce that is closing to climaxing.George looks at Andrea and immediately she get Taro out of her pussy to make room for the pulsing cock.She say”Ahh..George look at me… how i spread my legs for this black snake.I can feel it so much,i feel my warm pussy squeezing this hard dick.I feel it pulsing harder and harderAhh… all the way up in my fertile womb and yaaa…is cumming..i feel the warmth of his black hungry pussy is milking every drop out of this monster.I am your slut George.”I have been sucking and pulling Taro’s cock and now i guide it in my bride pussy.Taro is approaching orgasm.I am about to come too so i wank on but Naomi move my hands away from my dick and slowly tease me while we all watch Taro getting ready to fill my bride again.Andrea is in heaven,she is moaning shamelessly and say”Yes Taro,go,fuck me harder,play with my tits,slap them,squeeze them.George like to see my young tits getting abused.I love him.I want to make him happy,i want him to look at me.I want him to like what he see.Hit me Taro,pull my sensitive nipples..haaa..yess that…don’t stop abusing my sore nipples .Pinch them,squeeze them as hard as you like.Twist my tits,i am a slut,i am George cow.Haaa… yesss.. cum inside me… my white womb is all there for your hard,black snake.My womb is ready for your cum,is waiting for your cum.Yaa…i can feel it inside me..keep cumming. Fill me with your spunk,i am a slut.I want black cum in my white and warm womb,is tender and soft.Is ready for you,waiting for you.Cum inside me,make me pregnant.”I am about to cum too but Naomi suddenly stop touching me,hits my exited balls and ruin my orgasm in her mouth.George overlook every thing and Andrea say to him”I can’t wait to be dripping milk from my perky tits.Please George let me be your pregnant slut,i want to be your milking caw.I will do anything you want,Anything.”George say to me and to my wife”Ok,you both will be sluts of mine.In public you both will behave as if tonite never happened.Andrea,when you go out you will always wear suspenders,4 centimeters hills,skirts just above the knees and buttoned blouses.I will call you when i want to use you.Now go to the police and say that you have been sexually attacked by a gang.Say that you got blindfolded before you could see anybody’s face.That will justifies what will come in nine months.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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