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Black Pimps sex slaves -Maria Proco
Black penises were a part of psychological landscape of the white sex slaves life in the black pimps brothels. All the slaves were being forced to worship the big, black dick at least 50 times a day.Can you imagine how many times these girls must have been ****d if they were turned into whores when they were just 18 — hundreds of thousands of times by age 40.Over and over she had to take one cock after another in her vagina,ars and mouth.When they had done the deed, more men showed up in and took their place in line….. She was unable to rest for even a moment,her pussy was loose and constantly packed with semen ,they were insistent and demanding for 18 hours long. The clients made her experience the dirtiest unspeakable sex acts they knew. By the time the black client left, he had violated her in the deepest parts of her being.They are just a walking corpse after that much ****.You probably cannot understand the depth of harm that is done to a good educated white girl who is beaten and ****d and tortured and so totally controlled and sexually destroyed that she has no self left.The pleasure the blacks took from degrading her as a woman and especially a white woman was always very apparent.They had slammed her into a world of degrading,only suicide will erase her memories.

Some women will be traded as much as seven to 10 times between pimps.Make no mistake. This is inhuman slavery. The pimps are a****ls, but they are smart. The whole operation is run with a kind of military-style precision that’s scarcely believable,some of the women are just outright k**napped. The most light-skinned and white girls will be shipped as far away as Cape Town after been brutilized and gang****d for months by the black pimps practice of sending her out to be a whore.They are trained to serve 50 negroes a day for the rest of their life.The pimps have honed their methods over at least three generations. they pulled her hair, withheld food and told her that she had to practice sex acts on him so she would perform well with the clients.The pimps will dehumanize them breaking down their self-esteem so that they do not think anymore.It is the “proving ground” where women are tried out as prostitutes before being moved to South America.

They use all their perverted imaginations on these poor victims . These fine specimen of the white race are fully trained to use all three orifices to service a blackman’s cock.No respectable man would ever consider a liaison with a woman defiled by thousands and thousands of ghetto niggers.They had been defiled in the most significant manner possible and mostly in front of a camera who recorded all the perversities done on them for sale on the internet. They are doomed for life.During their 18 hour barshift they are forced to dress and act like the most perverted whore and continue forced to make all these niggers as horny as possible. There were times when their body hosted the cocks of three clients as they repeated the experience of being used as a mouthwhore , ****d and sodomised. The pimps use a combination of threats, illegal bahis mistreatment, unkept promises.

In the black pimps world , any white woman can be transformed into a purring sex kitten by the complete physical and psychological destruction. The sidewalks of our brothels are lined with local blackmen ,they just sit there staring at your daughters and wife ,selecting one of them like fuckmeat .There is nothing they can do without making things worse and they realize that.They have always a black hand on their ass and a couple of fingers being forced into their tight little vaginas. From time to time they were pulled down and forced to kiss one of the drunken clients even pulled into their laps and made to feed their young breasts into the customer’s mouths.Some of them will bent one of your daughters over and fucked her right there in front of her sisters and mother.He seemed to be going out of his way to make it as humiliating for her as he possibly could.There weren’t any assignments. They just pointed out the fuckdoll that they wanted and led them away to the ****rooms. Women who survived months of brutal training will act without thinking and follow any request or command no matter how sick or pervert it is.They learn to dress like whores ,to think like whores and to act like whores for every black who want their holes or titts or mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The clients really know about the force and torture tactics involved to make girls available for their use but they do not care of the misery of the girls,they are all aware that the sexslave they use are beaten and ‘trained’ and terrorized so she will have sex with many men each day which cause excruciating physical damage.The indifference is based on the years of racist revenge which reign among these ‘customer-r****ts’ for what whites have done to their grandmothers in the past.They will all committing such an unthinkable act of sexual torture on a helpless girl without regret. To terrorize the girls, the brothel owners make them watch the whipping ,branding and torture of a “girl who had fought customers.”.All these black clients like to forcing themself on a fighting imprisoned sex slave by putting the girl on the soaked mattress, tongue stretched out of her mouth to **** her in all her holes.

The clients in those brothels are eager to debase the white woman and use them for their ancient lusts.Their will failing, and body abused and exhausted their heart pounding with terror, they can only plead with the nigger as he begins his conquest of their body and dignity.After a while, they became accustomed to the degrading routine of a black pimps whores life. Each morning her pimp would take her to the ?BLACKS ONLY?, where she would be handed over to those who had paid in advance to use her first . Afterwards, she was returned to the gangbang room. There, she would be gang ****d by a further group of clients, in full view of several hundred blacks. Shaken and exhausted by endless nightmares, aware of how unprepared they are to be a sexslave far away from the safety of her house and family. illegal bahis siteleri Inside the rotted brothel of some obscure nigger ghetto, they finally understands the depths of the nigger’s sick fascination with the total domination and humiliation of sweet white women, good educated and shy ,who are forced to act as sluts as a revenge of the years of racisme.

The brothel room was under the constant scrutiny of several hidden cameras, and tiny microphones picked up every sound they made. With each passing day, they found it more difficult not to surrender to despair. They all were like little trained rabbits , all sense of decency and humanity had been erased from them. They were beaten, humiliated, fucked over and forced to perform the most painfully degrading acts with a large groups of blacks. The whole object is to produce anxious little fuck-bunnys ,entirely controlled by their all-consuming fear ,who are so deeply traumatised that they are willing to do everything, motivated and fucking hard, performing the most obscene, depraved and degrading sexual acts shamelessly and without hesitation .They like that there new apprenty whores pose on a very exciting and suggestive way, and forced them to smile like an obedient sex slave ready to do whatever the customer wants.Never in their wildest nightmares, had they ever imagined anything this horrible would happen to them.They beg each and evey nigger to take them in all their holes ,otherwhise they never get the quota done .

The features of the negroes lit up and they looked with gathering interest at the new arrivals. All had eight or nine, thickly girthed inches hanging down between powerful thighs… inches which would stiffen up to twelve inches or so. Showing respect had its own meaning for these black pimps. They forced the newcomers to line up each for every seated pimp stretched confortably in a soft armchair .On their knees one after the other they are forced to crawl forward, and insinuate them self up the pimps strong limbs,crushing their breasts to them. When their mouth came to the monster dicks they must swallow and suck it in full length with slavish fervour whilst cradling the large ‘banana’ of black male flesh with their tits. With lustful cruelty these monsters tapped on the head which means that the sex slave must give her place on the next in line and craw to the backside pushing her splendid, full breasts thrust forward as she clasped her hands at the back of her head and with her tongue in sobbing pose to form a never ending sucking and swallowing platoon.Each half hour the pimps changed from seat..They splattered the girls’ tits, thighs, and faces with their wad. It was a mass of grunting, moaning, tearing, gasping, sobbing movement.Big, rough, muscular, dirty hands were clamped over their mouths other hands were at their hanging breasts, pinching and twisting and squeezing and yanking and jerking their nipples in rhythm with their rutting.They had no protection for the huge black pricks that jammed into each and every hole available. They hardly even knew that their mouths canlı bahis siteleri were filled with more spongelike, expanding padding, so distraught they had to be by the way the men would slobber in their ears or sloppily lick their up-turned faces. And then they choked, jerking, as a negro came inside one of their holes.

The process involved getting mounted every 15 minutes by a different rough hard brutalblack thing is ripping them apart.The unimaginable world of the black pimps were they are naked, ****d, and humiliated beyond repair.. ‘rendered’ only for sexual use: rendering-plant fuck where the body is slaughtered for sex so that negroes can get their white **** fuck.can you imagen !!!!continuous mounted by one black after another for 18hours a day— perhaps for many days non stop when she is placed in the gangbangroom.Being caged and ****d continuously in order to make her ‘bestial’ enough to take the b********y of many blacks in a row to become a free-for-alls, delivered to the poorest and drunken ghetto negroes full of crazed frenzies of lust ,fully pimped and only thinking on their quota of 50 negroes a day 7 on 7,that and of course being coerced and controlled by the black pimps.

These women experience long- lasting psychological and emotional problems, include depression and anxiety over possible pregnancy, loss of esteem by family and friends,and constant dehumenalization by the BLACKS. All they could sense was the stark fear of being faced by naked, sweating, foul-smelling BLACK men; the look on the r****ts’ faces as they laughed and leered; the shock of slappings and beatings; and finally the tearing pain as violation after violation took place in the most forceful and crude manner. The sexual enslavement in the black pimps brothels is beyond any imagination.Sex slaves are treated like garbage being forced to endure the ‘turnstile’ sex of 5 men an hour .Imagine the tremendous emotional damage resulting from this — in addition to the inflammation and swelling and pain from so much sex. How disgusting it is to serve one black after another. Each time their pimp called they have 5 minutes to make them as beautifull as possible and must present themselfs as fuckdolls with the bigest smile on their face as if they were very happy to serve him . THEY HATE IT ALL.They had come to think of them as devils or demons. They were required to circulate among the customers completely naked or dressed like a slut and the negroes were free to feel their tits, cunt and ass as they wished. They worked from 12 a clock to sunrise.

They cannot escape ,it is either serve niggers with all their holes or serve dogs and horses and get whipped and punished until they complie with the daily quota.It is hell on earth for these pampered whities. When a black man has white fuckpets unable to resist anything no matter how depraved, it gives him some very bizarre ideas! Every depraved thing those psychos could think of, they did. They were inhuman. Together, they pushed each other to deeper depths of sadism than should exist anywhere in the world. They do all humiliated poses as they have been trained to.They must show that they are no longer ladies but fuckmeat for “blacks only “.The pimp is watching and they will be heavely punished if they do not act as a slutty whore.They are al broken and know that the best thing to do is to comply .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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