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Arabian Bromance Pt.1I have never been a true believer… to me, it seems the rich and powerful use religion to keep the masses of people under control… there is too much hypocrisy in every religion… the true believers seem to have their own agenda regardless of their God’s teachings.Take Islam, for example, homosexuality is strictly forbidden and condemned, yet I saw and heard of many same-sex relationships while working in Saudi Arabia… and after my arrest and conviction on d**g charges, I experienced first-hand one of those frowned-upon ‘bromances.’I had suffered a relatively minor injury at work, but the pain and discomfort was enough for me to search out more effective painkillers than what was available over-the-counter.A Saudi co-worker hooked me up with a friend-of-a-friend-type thing who furnished me with ‘the good stuff,’ and by the time I was ready to return to America, I was addicted and tried to smuggle a couple large bottle of pills onto the airplane-well, I was arrested and taken to trial the next day.No one spoke English the whole time… my demands to meet with the American Consulate fell on deaf ears… I wasn’t given a lawyer… the courtroom proceeding took less than two-minutes… the prosecutor said a few Arabic words-the judge said a few Arabic words then pounded his gavel-I was then handcuffed and whisked away to prison… it was a mockery of justice-a sham trial!!It all happened so fast it made me wonder if it had been prearranged. My head was dizzy with outrage, but there was nothing I could do or say.At the prison, I was strip-searched, and scrubbed down in the shower room. The guards all seemed to take my presence with a certain glee. They took liberties with me I didn’t see them take with other prisoners.One man, who I assumed was a doctor, wore a latex glove and first examined my mouth. I have good teeth and that was what I thought he was looking at, but when he forced his large middle finger in my mouth, he said in broken English, “Close your lips around my finger!”For the life of me I had no idea what this exercise would accomplish, but I obeyed him, and when he slowly moved his finger in-and-out from between my lips, it occurred to me this was an extremely lewd and suggestive act.I furiously blushed and when the doctor and two guards laughed so hard I thought they would split their sides, I realized the humiliation was intentional.Next, the two guards forced me to bend over… they kicked my legs so wide apart I would have fallen if they’d let go of me. The doctor stood in front of me and made a grand show of coating the same middle finger with some sort of oil.He then disappeared behind me and I felt the finger press against my anus. I struggled in the arms of the guards, but of course, they were too strong for me. I am only 5’7” and a hundred-and-thirty pounds… there are not many men smaller than me.Suddenly, he pushed the finger all the way inside my hole, I screamed at the humiliation and pain… the men laughed again. I could feel the palm of his hand flat on my buttocks, his finger was indeed, all the way inside my asshole.I took a deep breath and waited. Instead of removing the finger from me, he seemed to be swirling it around inside me… then he slowly removed it to the tip and plunged it back inside me.I couldn’t help myself—I sprung a boner which caused all the men to laugh again.One of the guards magically produced a tape measure and measured my erection. I looked down and knew what I’d see-three-and-a-half inches… they burst into laughter one more time and my face felt like it was on fire from the embarrassment.Once they had their fun with me, I was given a pair of short briefs to wear which were pink… at first I thought once again they were trying to humiliate me, but then I noticed the other prisoners were given similar colored-briefs… I figured the briefs turned pink when they were washed with the red overalls the prisoners wore.I slipped into them and discovered they were too tight, and just barely concealed my, uh, ‘package’… I protested I needed another size, but my complaints were ignored.I stepped into the red overalls and pulled-up the zipper in front. They were made of a heavy, and scratchy fabric that irritated my skin, but I was grateful they hid my extremely white flesh from these Arab men’s beady eyes.They led me down a long row of cells on both sides… I could see two men in each small cell. A metal bed hung suspended on the walls, and a metal toilet in the far corner-a very spartan existence… no frills-no amenities.The prisoners were dark-skinned, and dangerous-looking. My heart began pounding as I pictured myself being locked-up with one of these men. I hadn’t had the time to give prison-life much thought, but the stark reality of the tiny cells brought my predicament sharply into focus.Men locked in cells on both sides of me shouted Arabic obscenities that scared the hell out of me. Having worked with many Saudi’s, I understood most of what they were yelling: “Ya qooq” (you pussy) – “Ya coos” (you cunt) – “”Moss ayri” (suck my dick) – “Ya khawal” (you faggot) – “Badi aneek kosik” (I want to fuck your pussy)… it didn’t take long for my body to begin to violently tremble and shake.And then the unthinkable came to mind: there was a good chance I would be forced into sex tonight with another man… my stomach became queasy… I felt like throwing up… I don’t care if some men are gay, but I’d never personally been ‘into’ that lifestyle.I breathed a sigh of relief when we passed the last of the cells; we continued walking… we finally stopped at the end of the hallway, and on the right-hand side was the communal shower room.We turned left and stood in front of a large, heavy iron door. The guard put a key in the latch and opened it and motioned for me to go inside.The moment I was inside, the heavy door clanged shut behind me. I tried to focus as I my eyes scanned all around me. It wasn’t like the other cells-there were no bars; this one was totally enclosed and much larger. It contained some creature comforts that almost made it appear to be a small apartment.Instead of the metal beds suspended from the walls, there was a queen-size mattress on the floor on the far left-hand side. I saw a bathtub with a shower attachment, and saw a weight bench with barbells.Then I noticed the big, dark-complected man sitting on what appeared to be a loveseat… he was reading a newspaper and wore only boxer shorts. He had briefly looked at me when I entered the cell but went right back to reading the newspaper.My first thought was ‘This can’t be right’… ‘Where will I sleep?’… ‘What am I doing in here and not one of the regular prison cells?’I heard the man set down the paper and then he spoke to me, “Little one, remove your boots and socks and come sit beside me!”His English surprised me. He seemed different from the other prisoners; more cultured and refined.I froze in place. I became acutely aware of his powerful biceps and chest. He was ruggedly handsome, probably ten-fifteen years older than me. He was maybe 6’1″ and two-hundred pounds.”Do not make me repeat myself… ” he scolded me with a frown, “… your life here will be mostly pain-free-as long as you obey me… now take off your boots and socks and sit beside me!”My mind screamed and my body shook and quivered with abject fear-OH MY GOD-WHAT DO I DO NOW?I stupidly turned and tried to open the heavy metal door and, of course, it was locked. I cried out: “GUARD-GUARD-GUARD” but no one came to my rescue.The man spoke again. “You have now earned yourself a very painful spanking-take-off the boots and socks and get over here!”I stared at him-he was deadly serious! His threatening words were enough to make me bend over and do as he had ordered. I tucked the socks into the boots and placed the boots where he had pointed. I grudgingly walked to the loveseat and sat beside him.He was a big man, and there wasn’t room enough for the both of us… our legs pressed firmly against one another. He
immediately put his large arm over my shoulders and hugged me tighter to him.Sharp jolts of fear raced up-and-down my spine; my heart began pounding, and a lump formed in my throat. I knew for sure my worst fears were about to come true and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it… if I fought him, he’d beat the living crap out of me!With the slightest of smiles on his face, he said, “Do not be afraid, little one, I will break you in slowly… “That’s when the hairs on the back of my neck stood straight-‘I will break you in slowly’? I knew damn-well what he meant by that, and what it meant for my future. I had to give it one last try.”Uh, s-sir, t-there must be some kind of mistake… ” I stammered, “… I, uh, I’m not gay or anything-I’ve never been with a man in that way!”He replied without a trace of a smile, “I understand, little one, but you are here for my pleasure-not yours… however, if you give yourself to me freely, I believe you will find great fulfillment in your submission!”HUH? WHAT? His words hit me hard-I now knew for sure there was no way out of this terrible situation!He shocked me by kissing my cheek then whispering, “You are even more beautiful than I remember from the market… yes, you will do just fine.”Market? He saw me at a market? Did he arrange for me to be arrested and sent here? Who is this man?His shorts began tenting-outward and I was gripped with a very real fear. OH MY GOD-this big and strong Arab man was going to make me do things for him-things I never imagined doing with a man in my life!He reached over with his right-hand and lowered the zipper of my overalls-I instinctively put my hand on his to stop him.Before I knew what happened, he clutched my throat with a powerful hand and squeezed until I saw stars dancing before my yes.”You belong to me now, little one… I will do with you as I please… if you cooperate, you will learn to enjoy obeying my commands… if not, you will suffer unimaginable pain… either way, you will eventually do everything I tell you so you may as well make it easy on yourself and obey me now rather than later!”I coughed when he released his stranglehold on my neck; I choked back sobs, and fought the tears in my eyes. It wasn’t much of a choice… suffer unbelievable pain, or perform sexual acts for this man!”You will always address me as ‘Sahib’… when I tell you to do something you will happily say ‘Yes, Sahib’… do you understand me, little one?”My first test. “Y-Yes, Sahib,” I quickly replied.I didn’t try to stop him this time when his hand pulled down my zipper opening the front of my overalls. He caressed and fondled my breasts; his fingers pinched my nipples so hard I gave off a tiny yelp of pain.”Remove your garments!” he ordered. “Until you earn the right to wear clothing-you will remain maraş escort naked in here!”THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENING!! I had never experienced such utterly helpless despair in my entire life!”Y-Yes, Sahib,” I said; faced with the prospect of sex with a man, and the painful alternative if I didn’t obey him, I numbly stripped-off the scratchy overalls then reluctantly pushed the briefs down my legs… I sat beside him extremely aware of my nudity.Becoming a man’s bitch-boy had never entered my mind, but now, the decision was easy… I would do things for him to avoid extreme pain-not because I wanted to.I had never felt so weak and helpless as I sat naked next to the big man. His hands roamed freely over my body… at one point, his hand dove between my legs and cupped my penis and balls… he squeezed my balls until I cried out in pain… he chuckled and kissed my cheek.I didn’t know what he found so funny… there was nothing at all funny about having to let this man have his way with me.”Knowing you would be here today, I refrained from pleasure the past couple days… you will learn very quickly what I like and do not like!”He knew I would be here today? How is that possible? Did he set me up?”W-Who are you?” I asked in a small voice.This time, he squeezed my balls so hard I screamed out in agony.”NO QUESTIONS!!” he shouted. He released my balls then tenderly massaged them.It seemed if I was obedient, he would treat me with kindness… if I upset him, I would suffer great pain.”All you need to know is you have been brought here to serve as my, uh, how do you say in English-‘girlfriend’… ” he said calmly, like it was the most natural explanation in the world.I was ‘brought’ here to serve as his ‘girlfriend’? OH MY GOD!! Once again, sharp jolts of unmitigated fear shot throughout my trembling body.He suddenly hooked his thumbs into his shorts and pushed them to his knees.I watched in horror as the biggest cock I’d ever seen sprang into view and jutted straight-up from his crotch… it was at least twice the length and girth of my own.He chuckled at my reaction and said, “Do not worry, little one-in a very short period of time, you will come to love and admire my Arab manhood!”My body broke out in goose-pimples… I was deathly afraid he might be right… that he could be able, thru sheer force of will, turn me from a pussy-loving male into his cock-worshipping little bitch and there wasn’t anything I could do about it.”What hand do you use when you masturbate?” he asked me.I winced at his question… this was something men did not discuss with one another… but I knew I had to answer the question or suffer the consequences.”M-My left hand… ” I said softly.His eyes narrowed and I already knew this to be a bad sign.”You disrespect me so soon, little one?” his tone was angry.I wracked my brain to figure out what he wanted me to say…”I-I’m s-sorry, Sahib-please forgive me, Sahib-I use my left hand when I masturbate, Sahib!” I blurted out.The smile returned to his face… he kissed my cheek and stroked my hair.”Good girl,” he said. “Take my manly Arab cock in your left hand and hold my balls in your right hand!”I listened carefully to his instructions, and also noted he’d said, “Good girl.””Y-Yes, Sahib,” I said and obeyed his command.”Hold my manly Arab cock tighter-yes, that’s good… now move your hand slowly up and down… yes, good girl… massage my balls-gently roll them around with your fingers… yes, very good!”He sat back enjoying my hands. He occasionally kissed my cheek, and stroked my shoulders. I found I enjoyed his tender side… I reminded myself if I obeyed him and made him happy he wouldn’t hurt me… who cares if he refers to me as a ‘girl’ if it meant my survival?”Focus on my manly Arab cock when you serve me!” he commanded.”Yes, Sahib,” I promptly responded and fixed my gaze on his long and thick erection.He had me stroke him slowly for many minutes. His large scrotum in my small hand seemed to grow heavier with each passing minute.He caressed my flesh… I enjoyed his soft touches… and when he thrust his tongue into my ear my own prick sprung a boner.He squeezed my hard prick and said, “Good girl-I knew you would enjoy my manly Arab cock!”I blushed furiously but said nothing. I knew any protestations would result in pain.”Tell me, girl, do you love serving my manly Arab cock?” he asked.OH MY GOD-WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO SAY NOW?I hesitated too long-his hand gripped my throat, but before he could choke the life out of me I frantically cried out:”YES, SAHIB-I LOVE SERVING YOUR MANLY ARAB COCK-PLEASE LET ME SERVE YOUR MANLY ARAB COCK!!”He released my throat, squeezed my prick and simply said, “Good girl!””FASTER!” he finally commanded.”Yes, Sahib,” I said and instantly obeyed him.I felt pre-cum leaking from my own prick as my hand vigorously tried to bring him to climax. I told myself ‘This isn’t so bad’ and found myself wondering how much cum he would shoot from those huge, swollen balls?”You will be required to drink my seed-to swallow every drop I give you-wet your lips, girl, and place them over my manly Arab cock!” he ordered.Out of self-preservation I instinctively said, “Yes, Sahib” but my mind was
a whirling dervish of doubt, fear and revulsion.Deep down I knew eventually I would have to do this-one side of my brain understood he’d have me take his manly Arab cock into my mouth and the logical conclusion to that would be swallowing his spunk, but…It doesn’t mean you have to like it, I told myself. The reason you’re doing any of this is to avoid from having him beat the living crap out of you-just do it-swallow his load-maybe it won’t be so bad.I wet my lips, lowered my head, opened my mouth as wide as I could and slid my lips over his plum-sized cockhead. The warmth and aroma from his manly Arab crotch was intoxicating… I found my mind lost in a hazy fog; my prick jumped and twitched.My instincts took over… I squeezed his manly Arab cock harder and stoked him as fast as I could… I was masturbating him to cum in my mouth. I couldn’t help but run my tongue over his rubbery glans. When he groaned above me, curiously, it excited me and I lapped up his pre-cum; my tongue in non-stop motion bathing his manly Arab cockhead with my saliva.I knew what it meant when his balls contracted in my hand-I planted my tongue directly on his slit-his hips began to buck and jerk and it was all I could do to keep his manly Arab cock in my mouth-a split second before I tasted his first stream of cum, he squeezed and tugged on my prick and I my balls exploded, shooting ropes of cum in the air that landed on my thighs.And then I tasted cum for the first time in my life… with every powerful jet of sperm and semen he ejaculated, he shouted: “ALLAH-AKBAR-ALLAH-AKBAR!!”My climax distracted me-I groaned into his crotch as my body madly contorted and it caused me to miss swallowing the first two spurts from his manly Arab cockhead-his thick cum ran down my chin… we both thrashed about as our balls shot streams of sperm and semen up thru our pulsating cocks and I steadied myself and swallowed his remaining three-four explosions.When our bodies came to rest he violently yanked my hair, jerking my head upwards until I was staring directly into his dark brown eyes… he had a menacing scowl on his face.”You choose to disrespect me again, little one?” he asked softly, pointing to the pools of semen in his pubic hair that had escaped my mouth.I panicked and said, “B-But Sahib-there was so much of it-I’m sorry-I’m so sorry, Sahib!!”His eyes narrowed sending chills of fear racing up my spine.”You will learn, little one, when an Arab man honors you with his seed-you will eagerly and gratefully drink every drop!” he said then pushed my face to his crotch and added: “Use your lips and tongue to clean me-NEVER LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN!!””YES, SAHIB-I’M SORRY, SAHIB!” I blurted-out then went about the task of cleaning his spilled juices from his pubic hair, then finally, from his now-deflated manly Arab cock.When he was satisfied I’d cleaned him properly, he once again took a fistful of my longish blonde hair, but this time, gently lifted my head from his crotch.”STAND!” he commanded.”Yes, Sahib!” I quickly answered.My legs were still wobbly from my climax, but I managed to steady myself in time for him to effortlessly pull me across his strong thighs until I was laying on my stomach, and I realized what was about to happen.I had never been spanked in my life. My parent’s would give me ‘time-outs’ for misbehavior; they didn’t believe in physical punishment. I didn’t know what to expect, or how painful a spanking could be.I felt his huge paw-of-a-hand stroking my buttocks. He gently squeezed my globes, occasionally giving each cheek a stinging pinch. His hand left my flesh and I heard a whoosh of air then SMACK!It startled more than hurt… SMACK… that one hurt… SMACK—SMACK—SMACK—SMACK…My buttocks began to burn… I tried to shift and squirm but he held me firmly across his knees.SMACK—SMACK—SMACK—SMACK—SMACK—SMACK—SMACK—SMACK…OH MY GOD-I’D NEVER FELT SUCH PAIN!!SMACK-SMACK… my lips began to quiver-tears filled my eyes… I pleaded with myself not to cry—DON’T SHOW HIM WEAKNESS, screamed my mind.Suddenly I felt it against my belly… I didn’t know what it was at first but quickly realized he had another erection and it was pressing hard on my stomach.SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK… SMACK…And I cried like a small c***d… rivers of tears flowed freely down my cheeks… I choked and sobbed and begged him to stop…SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK!!He stopped… he opened his legs and helped me gently to the floor… he guided me into a kneeling position between his legs. I stared at his manly Arab cock until he took it by the base and pointed it at my mouth.I was still gently sobbing as I took hold of it, opened my lips and sucked the glans into my mouth.He caressed and fondled my hair and neck while offering me a litany of non-stop instructions on how to lick and suck him. I listened carefully, and obeyed every command. His balls grew very heavy in my hand, and when I felt them contract I was ready for his manly Arab seed this time.I listened to him shout “ALLAH-AKBAR-ALLAH-AKBAR-ALLAH-AKBAR” all the while gulping down load-after-load of his hot and creamy, manly Arab cum.It occurred to me I’d heard that phrase before… it was said the hijackers on 911 shouted “ALLAH AKBAR” at the moment they crashed the planes into the buildings… ‘ALLAH AKBAR’ means ‘GOD IS GREAT.’I couldn’t understand that if ‘God is Great’-why has He locked me in a prison cell with a dangerous man?When his body finally came to rest, I experienced a warm glow at having swallowed every drop he had offered me… and my heart swelled with pride when he kissed my forehead and whispered, “That was wonderful, little escort maraş one-you will make an excellent bala’a il a’air (cocksucker) and sharmuta (whore)!”A moment of sadness washed over me when I admitted to myself his words filled me with contentment… how thrilled I was with his praise… and glancing down at my own erection, I was overcome with shame and guilt at how easily I became excited by servicing another man’s penis.He ordered me to stay on my knees between his powerful thighs; he wanted to finish reading his newspaper. I was instructed to fill my mouth with his flaccid penis, and balance his scrotum with my two hands.”Keep your lips and tongue still and breathe deeply thru your nose, little one!” he commanded me, “… and if I feel your teeth-I will take you over my knees again!”Once I was in position, my mouth stuffed full with his warm and manly Arab cock, and his heavy balls cradled in my hands, he stroked my hair and said, “Good girl, this is how you will demonstrate your love and devotion to me!”This simple act is not as easy as it sounds. First off, ones natural reaction is to rebel against such an outrageous demand-I had to summon every ounce of determination and will-power to allow him to subjugate me in this manner… secondly, I had to focus 100% of my attention on making sure my lips and tongue remained perfectly still while my teeth came no where near his sensitive cock flesh-this quickly became very uncomfortable for my open jaw…Thirdly, his manly Arab odor filled my nostrils with every breath I took-OH MY GOD-I discovered the manly Arab odor emanating from his crotch was so intoxicating, so rich in erotic aroma, my erection throbbed and began to leak pre-cum… I found myself inhaling as much of his manly Arab aroma as I could… my head began spinning-I was dizzy with lust and desire-my balls became painfully swollen…WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME? screamed my brain.In the past, I would have taken my hard-on and stroked it furiously until I shot a huge load and emptied my aching balls-not now though… I knew the high price I would pay for acting on my own without his permission.From time-to-time he patted and stroked my head… I half expected to hear him say, “Good doggy—good doggy!”After thirty minutes or so, I heard a strange sound… I was lost so deeply in a thick fog of lust and desire it startled me… then I heard it again-it was me! I was u*********sly moaning in
to his hot flesh… my mind completely devoid of thought… all I was experiencing was a pure, unadulterated a****listic need for sexual release.And then joy-of-all-joys-his manly Arab cock began to quickly grow in my mouth. I can’t describe how happy I was when he achieved a full erection and said to me, “You may suck my manly Arab cock now, little one!”I pulled my mouth from his manly Arab cock for a brief second so I could say, “Yes, Sahib-thank you so very much, Sahib!”I thought I heard him chuckle.Then I took as much of his wonderfully hot cock-flesh into my mouth as possible. I worked on him using all the tools he’d taught me earlier… my need for relief was so great I prayed to God he would tell me to masturbate while I sucked him but he remained silent.To forget about my throbbing prick and aching balls, I gave his manly Arab cock my undivided attention. I swooned when pre-cum oozed from his slit and I lapped it up like a man dying of thirst-GOD, HOW I LOVED HIS TASTE!!I sucked-in half his manly Arab cock while my hand vigorously frigged his shaft. I rolled his large, egg-shaped balls in my small hand, hoping they would contract soon so he could fill my mouth with his manly Arab seed.My breathing intensified as my head frantically bobbed up-and-down on his manly Arab cock-shaft… my hand moved faster and harder-I felt every ridge and vein on his manly steel pole.His balls began to rise-his hips thrust more of his manly Arab cock into my greedily sucking mouth. I readied myself for his explosion… he placed a strong hand on my head and held me firmly in place as he gave one last, violent thrust between my widely stretched lips then his rich and creamy Arab seed began filling my mouth.He cried out: “ALLAH-AKBAR-ALLAH-AKBAR-ALLAH-AKBAR-ALLAH-AKBAR… “I can’t describe how proud I felt when his body finally came to rest, and I had successfully swallowed his entire discharge-I could not believe how wonderful he tasted.Without him saying a word, I licked his rapidly deflating manly Arab cock clean and awaited further instructions. My mind was blank… in a zone I’d never been before… when he spoke I thought he had the most beautiful voice I’d ever heard.”You did very well, little one, you have earned a reward… come up here and place your knees on either side of my legs!” he said.With a smile on my face and a voice I barely recognized, I replied, “Yes, Sahib-thank you, Sahib!”His command was more difficult than it sounded. His legs were big and powerful, in order to place my knees on both sides, my legs were stretched wider apart than I thought possible.I had to place my hands on his broad shoulders for balance-I prayed he wasn’t angry for not seeking permission to touch him. Our faces were mere inches apart. He presented his long middle finger to my lips.”Get my finger wet, little one… the wetter you make it-the better it will be for you!” he said.His command was simple; my tongue and the roof of my mouth were still coated with his discharge; my tongue lathered his entire finger with a mixture of my saliva and his creamy, Arab seed.Once he was satisfied, he removed the finger from my mouth then slipped it underneath us until I felt it pressing against my exposed anus. Only then did I understand his intention.My body violently shivered at the thought of his finger entering me ‘back there’ like the doctor had done earlier.”Look into my eyes, little one-gaze deeply into my eyes!” he commanded.”Y-Yes, Sahib,” I replied.I stared into his dark chocolate eyes. I found solace in those eyes… comfort and warmth. My nervousness subsided; my breathing became slightly irregular, not out of fear, but from the throbbing of my erection, and the pressure in my balls.”Lower yourself onto my finger, my pretty little girl!” he ordered.”Y-Y-Yes, Sahib!” I said.It took some effort but I was able to feel the finger pop thru my small opening; I paused to get accustomed to it inside me, then slowly lowered myself until I felt the palm of his hand flat on my buttocks.I exhaled and waited; the pain was minimal-that surprised me-my asshole had never been used as an entrance before and I figured it would hurt like hell.”Now my pretty little girlfriend, slide your pussy up-and-down my finger,” he said softly as I held his gaze.MY PUSSY? OH MY GOD!”Y-Yes, Sahib,” I responded and immediately used my knees to lift me up until just the tip of his finger was inside me and then lowered my hips one more time.I found a rhythm he seemed to accept as I stared into his rich and beautiful eyes; I fought an overwhelming urge to lean forward and kiss him on his lips.What is wrong with me? I wondered.”I want you to imagine you are sliding up-and-down my manly Arab cock-will you do that for me, my precious little girl?” he asked softly.I already was… what the hell is wrong with me?”Y-Yes, Sahib!” I obediently replied.I began a more vigorous fucking and soon discovered one of the great, but secret joys in life-I found if I pushed down far and hard enough, the tip of his finger bumped my prostate which in turn gave me an incredible sensation that reverberated thru-out not only my hard prick, but sent shivers of pleasure racing up and down my spine. I fucked him faster and harder.My enthusiasm brought a smile to his face. I smiled back at him; my lust-fueled gaze lost in his dark chocolate eyes.I was waiting to feel his fingers wrap themselves around my pulsating dick and bring me to climax, but he made no such move. Since he wasn’t doing it, my mind silently pleaded with him to allow me to masturbate, but he said nothing; I felt his eyes staring into my soul.The familiar churning in my balls made me increase my tempo… I needed to cum so badly I threw aside all decorum and self-respect and furiously fucked his manly Arab cock-err, I mean his finger.I knew I was getting close. I figured out his game-he was going to make me climax without the use of either of our hands so I made sure his fingertip bumped my prostate on each downward thrust… oh-god-oh-god-oh-god-OH-GOD-OH-GOD-OH-GOD…”Tell me you love me, little one!” he said loud enough to break my reverie.I pushed down on his finger so hard I hoped I hadn’t punctured something… and my balls erupted like never before…”OH-GOD—OH-GOD-YES-YES-YESSSS-I-LOVE-YOU-SAHIB-I-LOVE-YOU-SAHIB-I-LOVE-YOUUUUUUUUUUU… “When it was over he held me close to him, stroking my back and shoulders. I clung to him like I would never let him go. He had allowed me two orgasms since we met… the two most powerful and intense orgasms of my life. What the hell is wrong with me?I almost fell asleep in his strong arms. There was a pounding on the cell door and a voice shouted something in Arabic.Had others heard me screaming? How embarrassing-did I do something wrong?”Little one, it is suppertime… go retrieve the trays from the window and take them to the table!” he said. “But first, you must clean your juices from my chest!””Y-Yes, Sahib,” I said. My cum had covered his chest and belly, and I licked the cold ejaculate off him until I was sure I had gotten it all.There was, indeed, a short small metal window on the right-side of the cell door; I lifted it and found two trays with hot food. I carried the trays to a small table in the corner, and waited for Sahib’s command to sit in one of the folding chairs.Sitting on my scorched buttocks was a problem, but I shifted far enough to one side to make it bearable. I hadn’t realized how hungry I was; the food was delicious. It occurred to me the other prisoners probably didn’t eat this well. WHO IS THIS MAN?When we finished dinner, he had me place the trays back in the metal window and clean the table; he then sat on the loveseat with a book. He had me on my knees between his legs, and like before, my only job was to hold his penis in my mouth and cradle his scrotum in my hands. There was something about this simple act I found peaceful… even nurturing.I was in this position a good two-hours while he read his book… and as before, the aroma from his manly Arab crotch made me dizzy and fill
ed me with a lust so powerful, I wondered if it was possible to climax just from smelling him.He seemed to have control over his penis. It remained flaccid for a long time in the wet and warm confines of my mouth, and when it did finally grow, it remained semi-erect until he was finished reading.However, once he set the book down and sat maraş escort bayan back on the seat, his manly Arab cock grew to full erection.”Suck my cock, my little white girlfriend!” he commanded.”Yes, Sahib!” I said and went about pleasuring him one more time.Once I finished him off (and I’d swallowed every drop again!), my balls were aching, and my prick jutted straight-out from my groin. He looked at a small clock in the corner of the cell, stood, and retrieved what appeared to be two rolled-up cloth mats and unrolled them on the floor.”Do as I do-say as I say!” he commanded then went to his hands and knees on the mat. He leaned forward until his forehead was touching the floor.”Yes, Sahib,” I said and followed his movements.He said something in Arabic and I repeated it. This appeared to be some sort of daily ritual so I did my best to remember the words he spoke. This went on for five-minutes until he startled me by shouting the same thing he shouted during orgasm: “ALLAH AKKBAR!””ALLAH AKBAR!” I shouted as well.He showed me how to roll-up the mats and put them away.”Use the toilet before we go to bed!” he instructed.”Yes, Sahib,” I said and stood before the porcelain bowl.”STOP!” he shouted. “Girls do not stand when they pee… “I felt my face flush a bright red as I stammered, “I-I’m sorry, Sahib” and I lowered the seat and sat down and pissed like a girl.”You will now assist me-get on your knees!” he said sharply.I wondered if I would ever get used to hearing a man tell me “Get on your knees!?”He stood before the bowl, looked down at me and said, “Lower my shorts… then hold my manly Arab cock while I relieve myself!”OH MY GOD-HOW DEMEANING IS THIS??I did as I was told, and to be honest, it wasn’t so bad… it was kind of a challenge to make sure I aimed his manly Arab cock so he wouldn’t miss the bowl.When his steady stream slowed then stopped he said, “Lick the tip clean!”I did not hesitate; I told myself “It’s really only water… ” and licked the final drop of urine from his slit.He had me remove his shorts before he laid on his back on the bed. When I saw him spreading his legs wide, I knew what his next command would be.”Kneel between my legs!””Yes, Sahib,” I said and quickly scrambled onto the mattress between his muscular thighs.I was lowering my head to his groin when he said, “Not so fast, girl!” and he drew back his legs to his chest and I found myself staring at his brown, puckered anus.”Lick my asshole, little one!” he commanded.HUH? WHAT? DO PEOPLE REALLY DO THAT?I hesitated too long. He bolted upright, sat on the edge of the bed; his powerful arms pulled me until I found myself laying across his lap.OH-MY-GOD—NO-PLEASE NO-NOT AGAIN!! my mind silently screamed.And I heard the whoosh of air and felt his powerful hand on my buttocks… SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK…I don’t remember the last time I openly cried and sobbed for that length of time. I felt small and weak and humiliated—like a schoolgirl receiving a spanking in front of her classmates.He gently massaged my bruised and battered buttocks while he spoke softly to me.”Do you understand why I punished you, little one?””I-I-I disrespected you, Sahib-I’m so sorry, Sahib-I’m sorry… ” I said thru choking sobs.”What is your duty as my girlfriend?” he asked me.”T-To obey your every command!” I said.”I may not allow you the privilege of licking my asshole-what do you say to that, little one?”OH MY GOD-HE WANTS ME TO BEG HIM TO LICK HIS ASSHOLE!!”S-Sahib, please-please allow me to lick your asshole-I will do whatever you tell me, Sahib-please-pleeeezzzz… “”Good girl,” he said softly. “When you get my anus nice and wet, I may allow you to tongue-fuck my asshole!””That would be nice, Sahib-thank you, Sahib!””I want to feel your tongue licking my anus-I want you to lick between my buttocks, my pretty little girlfriend!””Yes, Sahib-thank you for allowing me to lick your manly Arab asshole, Sahib!”I coated his anus with saliva. I ran my tongue back-and-forth over his perineum and awaited his further command.”Push your tongue inside my asshole, girl-lick the walls of my asshole!””Yes, Sahib-thank you for allowing me to lick your manly Arab asshole, Sahib!”It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be… it’s really only flesh, after all. The walls of his asshole were another matter-they felt like sandpaper to my sensitive tongue… kind of rough and bumpy!”Push your tongue in-and-out of my asshole, girl-tongue-fuck my asshole!””Yes, Sahib-thank you, Sahib!”When I began, his Arab manhood was laying limp against my forehead; but as I worked my tongue in and out of him, his excitement grew until he was once again fully erect.After several minutes I heard him say: “Make love to my manly Arab cock and balls, girlfriend!”He sensed my confusion and clarified: “When I order you to ‘suck my cock’ I expect you to perform with immediate urgency-your only goal is to suck the manly seed from my balls as quickly as you can… when we are in bed, and have more time, I will command you ‘to make love to my cock’-you will cover it with kisses, lick every inch of it-lick my scrotum and kiss my balls-you will take each ball into your mouth and lovingly caress them with your tongue… when you ‘make love’ to my cock and balls you will worship them as your God-you will demonstrate to me nothing in the world is more important than pleasuring my cock and balls-do you understand me, little one?””Y-Yes, Sahib-I understand you, Sahib!””Good girl… now make love to my manly Arab cock and balls!””Yes, Sahib-thank you, Sahib!”It was more than thirty-minutes later when he abruptly ordered me to “suck my manly Arab cock”… I was so excited, my prick oozing pre-cum, my balls hurting for release, that I went at his manly Arab cock with such fervor and gusto I think I took him by surprise… when he shouted “ALLAH AKBAR” and filled my mouth with stream after stream of hot and manly Arab seed, he collapsed backwards, gasping mightily for air.I remained kneeling between his legs, too afraid to move until he gave me the command. He had me lay on my back, and pull my legs to my chest.”Push apart your knees!” he ordered.I was aware of the cool breeze on my exposed anus. He pushed his middle finger into my mouth and I coated it with semen and saliva.He pushed the finger into my asshole so hard it took only five-six rapid thrusts until I shouted “ALLAH AKBAR” and “I LOVE YOU, SAHIB” while a deluge of sperm and semen shot from my prick into mid-air before landing on my chest.Afterwards, he lay on his back, and had me rest my head on his chest. I fell asleep to the gentle movements of his chest rising and falling… his heartbeat on my cheek was both comforting and reassuring.It was around sunrise when the cell door opened, and in walked two guards with an important-looking man dressed in an expensive suit.In perfect English the man said, “You can get dressed, son, I’m taking you out of here-you’re going home to America!”OH MY GOD-I’d never felt such joy in my life. I hurried into the briefs and overalls aware of Sahib’s burning eyes as he lay back on the bed watching me.Before leaving, I took one long last look at him… the smile across his handsome face as he stared into my eyes… when he lowered his eyes my eyes followed… I gazed at his manly Arab erection and was overtaken with a deep yearning to rush to him and kneel between his legs…I heard him say, “Make love to my manly Arab cock, little one!”I looked first at the man in the suit then at Sahib’s manly Arab cock… what should I do? I wondered.I felt a gentle shaking… my eyes suddenly popped open… I became awa
re it was morning… then I heard him again.”Make love to my manly Arab cock, little one… this is how we will begin every morning.”Momentarily confused, my head snapped around and looked at the cell door, it was closed… there were no guards, and no man in a suit… Sahib and I were alone together in bed.My breathing quickened when I saw his majestic erection standing proudly upright… I knew what had to be done… I scrambled between his legs before he became angry with my hesitation… he pulled his knees back exposing his brown hole-I buried my face ‘down there’ and licked his anus then pushed my tongue inside his asshole…By the time I was swallowing his manly Arab seed, I had tongue-fucked his asshole, sucked on his big balls, and made love to his glorious hard-on…”You performed very well, little one,” he said. “You have earned your reward!”My stiff prick throbbed when I heard his words… I knew what my ‘reward’ would be… he had me kneel on all-fours at the end of the bed… he stood behind me after I coated his finger with my saliva and his cum… he had me rest of head and shoulders on the mattress then said, “Reach back and open yourself for me-show me your pussy, my pretty little girlfriend!”I pulled apart my buttocks so he could see the most intimate part of my anatomy. My erection twitched and jumped when he slowly pushed his finger inside me… I remained still awaiting his next movement or command… then I felt a second finger working is way inside me… OH MY GOD-IT HURT!!I tried to pull away from him but he was too strong for me… he worked both fingers all the way inside me… my hole was being stretched to the limit-I gasped and sucked air-I concentrated on not moving a muscle as he slowly worked the fingers back-and-forth…The pain gradually subsided… my sphincter loosened then gripped the invading fingers… my balls were on the verge of exploding and I felt him encircle them with thumb and forefinger and push them lower in my scrotum.I whimpered in frustration as my climax was denied.”You must earn your pleasure, my sweet little girl… ” he said. “Now fuck your tight pussy on my hard Arab cock!”I couldn’t help but fantasize it was his manly Arab cock inside me and not his fingers. I slowly pushed back impaling myself… I hesitated long enough to catch my breath then began a steady back-and-forth fucking motion.”Yes, my little sharmuta (whore)… show your Sahib how much you want him inside you!” he said mockingly.I couldn’t help myself, I began fucking his fingers faster and harder… I abandoned any pretense of modesty-I wanted to cum-no, NEEDED to cum!I couldn’t shake the image in my mind of his hard, manly Arab cock-OH GOD how I wished it were inside me-maybe he is right-maybe I am a whore meant to serve his manly Arab cock!!And then it happened-his fingers found my ‘magical spot’-I violently thrust back at him and screamed “ALLAH AKBAR—ALLAH AKBAR-ALLAH AKBAR” as his fingers massaged my prostate and my balls emptied themselves onto the silk sheet.His fingers made a small POP! when he pulled them from my asshole. When I caught my breath, I used my tongue to dutifully clean my sperm and semen from the sheet.A curious feeling overtook me-I was neither humiliated or self-conscious of my lewd and obscene behavior before Sahib’s eyes.Why should I be embarrassed-Sahib is the one forcing me into these acts of perversion, is he not?END of Part 1

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