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I remember the exact day Alice moved in next door. It was my eighteenth birthday. The moving van had already left, but she was still carrying items in from her car. She appeared to be in her mid-thirties, a few extra pounds, but all in the right places… damn I love a full bodied woman.

On the pretense of taking out the trash, I went out front to get a better look. This “older” woman had stirred my interest.

“Hi,” I said, “I’m Jake, could you use a hand?”

“Hi,” she said smiling “I’m Alice and yes I could.”

“You lead the way,” I said, taking the opportunity to examine her ample ass as we carried her things into the house. I only hoped she didn’t notice the erection that I was trying to keep in check.

“Something to drink,” she smiled her eyes moving up to meet mine.

“What do you have,” I asked a little red faced, apparently she had noticed.

“It’s either water or Arizona tea,” she said, filling a plastic cup with ice.

“I’ll take the tea,” I replied, stealing a look at what appeared to be a blouse full of titties.

Over the next several months she would have me come over and do odd jobs for her, like hanging pictures, casino siteleri mowing the lawn etc. Though I declined, she always insisted that she pay me. Afterward, we would sit and talk. Her husband’s insurance had left her very comfortable after his accident, so she was in no hurry to find a job.

I had just finished mowing my backyard, or should I say my parent’s backyard, when I heard Alice’s back door close. I walked quietly over to the wood slat fence and peeked through a knothole. Alice was standing by a lounge chair unbuttoning her robe. “This will be good,” I thought. She let the robe drop and stood there in nothing but her sunglasses and sandals.

Her breasts were big and full with only a slight sag. I looked down from her slightly protruding stomach to a thatch of thick but nicely trimmed pubic hair. My dick was hard as a rock.

She laid down on a lounge chair her tits barely flattening, nipples pointing skyward. I pulled out my cock and begin to stroke it slowly. I could barely see her top hairs where the curve of her thighs met her belly.

I was building toward a climax and then…what the hell, my cell phone.

Alice must have heard it slot oyna too because see looked over at the fence, smiling slightly. I fumbled trying to silence the phone as she turned over exposing her ass to my view. Oh my God, that big smooth wonderful ass. “Like manna from heaven,” I thought.

I came so hard I actually fell against the fence. Damn, if she hadn’t heard my cell phone, she certainly had to of heard that.

Purposely avoiding Alice for the next couple of weeks, I was too embarrassed to face her. She probably thought I was some kind of pervert.

Finally, she caught me at my car, I think she had been watching, waiting for her chance. I just stood there expecting to be admonished, my eyes downcast like some kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

“Jake, we need to talk,” she said, opening her front door and motioning for me to enter.

“Alice,” I said, as she took my hand leading me to the couch. “Alice I would like to apologize.” Shh, she cut me off by placing a finger across her lips as she sat on the couch in front of me. Then she reached up, slid my zipper down pulling out my semi-erect penis. Staring at it for a second she popped the head canlı casino siteleri into her mouth and started to stroke it very tenderly. I felt my balls begin to tighten.

“Wait,” I stammered lifting her up as she pulled her dress over head and stood there braless. I turned her, pushing her down so that her head and shoulders rested on the couch, only her panties covered her behind. Hooking my fingers in the waistband I slowly pulled them down over her thighs, watching mesmerized as the globes of her big glorious ass appeared before me.

I could hardly contain my excitement. Grabbing both hips I buried my head between her cheeks licking and sucking like a kid in a candy store. She moaned and slumped forward as I ran my tongue up and down the crack of her ass, stopping long enough to torture her clit.

Only when she started to babble like she was speaking in tongues, did I stop. Taking my cock in hand I aimed it right at her hot, moist love channel and plunged it in up to my balls. I fucked her like a man possessed.

“Oh God…Oh my, God, I’m com…ming.” Alice moan as her body started to convulse. My mind snapped, my cock exploded, sending loads of my hot semen deep into her womb. “Oh Alice, my sweet wonderful Alice,”

We both sank to the carpet, I kissed her lips, the lips of a woman old enough to be my mother. I had never felt so at peace with the world.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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