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A Bedtime Fable #2
The phone rang early the next morning. It was Lady Shelby she wanted me over as quick as possible! She told me not to bother with bathing she had many dresses to hem that day. I washed the sleep out of my eyes, put on my jeans and a t-shirt, not knowing what to expect that day! I was dressed up in a ladies dress and just had my young cock sucked the day before by a beautiful well respected lady in our community. What next? I ask myself. I was still on fire from what happened the day before and felt my young cock grow hard and my hands shook as I started the car! I told my mother Miss Shelby had some yard work for me to do today! It was a hot summer day in the South and a light wind stirred as I got out of the car at her house early that morning! She meet me at the door with a light smile and told me to hurry up and come inside! Once inside her old victorian house she ordered me up stairs to the third floor. I could here the rush of water and the click
of her heels as I climbed the stairs with her right behind me! Once in the third floor chamber I began to get a little nervious at what I saw. There was a large ball and claw bath tub full of hot water, a razor strap tipobet and straight razor lay nearby on a basin. There was a small brass bed with a whip laying on it along with shackels and chains. Beautiful frilly ladies clothes were hanging in the closet along with a lot of dresses. In the corner was a sewing machine! Lady shelby ordered me to strip out of my clothes and I did so! She then told me “Today you become my girl” do you understand Dainty Dana! I didn’t know what to say but muttered a weak yes. She told me to step into the tub and sit down! Lady Shelby was still in her night gown and the sight of her was beginning to turn me on! She took off her gown and when it hit the floor she was completely nude! The sight of her mature firm body was driving me insane! She had a nice set of tits that were
pointed and slightly sagging. She told me she wore a C-cup! Her body was curved like a well formed women in her early 50’s. Her underarms were hairy and I found this to be a big turn on for me! She had long legs and a full black bush around her plump pussy! I was very horny and she told me to relax! I could not believe where I was at and what I was doing! This Lady sang tipobet güvenilir mi in the church choir with my mother!!! Her hair was still up in a bun and her lips were cherry red! I could see a twinkle in her eye’s as she began to bath me. Once I was clean she sharpened the straight razor and beagn to completely shave my young horny body! When she got down to my cock it was dripping with pre-cum and she began to suck it again to get it even harder. She told me this would make it easier to shave and for me to stand still! I shook as the sharp razor cut the hair from my stiff cock! She told me we would pluck the hairs off my balls later and it would be a fun game
for us to play together! She told me I was to tell no one about our little arrangement or she would tell my mother I was trying to fuck her! I told her I would do as I was told and be a good little boy for her. She rinsed my body with cold water and ordered me to dry off. Lady Shelby had three beautiful daughters, one I was very fond of her name was Carrie and we sometimes rode to college together. She brought in some panties, a bra, some stockings and a garter belt. She told me to put them on! tipobet giriş I skook with fear and delight as I did so. After I put them on she stuffed the bra with some socks to give me some boobs. She told me I was wearing Carrie’s panties! My knees grew weak and I jacked off in them immediately! I let out a groan and fell to my knees as my horny cock shot a hot load of creamy cum into Carrie’s panties. It ran down my leg onto Lady Shelby’s cool hard wood floor. You have done it now she screamed! She ordered me up! I was shaking so
bad I could hardly stand! She took me to the bed and chained me to the foot rail. She then pulled off Carrie’s cum soaked panties and took the whip to my tender white ass! It was burning as I fell over the bed rail in pain, cum still dripping from my now limp fresh shaved cock! Lady Shelby unchained me and layed me on the bed she began sucking my cock hard again! She undone her hair and let it fall! She kissed my lips and whispered in my ear ” you are now my little fuck toy “Dainty Dana” Do you understand? I shook my head in agreement as I passed out from the pain! When I awoke the bed was squeeking as she stradled my young 6 inch cock and was fucking me silly!!! When I jacked off in her tight hairy pussy I melted into her servitude of pleasure and pain! The rest of that day I tried on many dresses for her and she altered them just as my life had been altered forever!

More Later!

Wet Dreams!

Dainty Dana

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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